8 Ways Police STOP Dangerous Cars

Published on Nov 2, 2017 14,937,595 views

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Bad Guys Beware.These car stoppers are to be feared…….
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  • Mint Lynx
    Mint Lynx Год назад A good name for some of those barriers would be truck decapitator, given it can literally RIP the cabs off of trucks on impact.
  • Hazem Nassar
    Hazem Nassar 1 месяц назад Mint Lynx I get it
  • Paul Knight
    Paul Knight 1 месяц назад MORE LEGAL WAYS TO KILL US! COWARDS.
  • pancho mendez
    pancho mendez 1 месяц назад or truck killer
  • Ralph Dominic Villalobos
    Ralph Dominic Villalobos 1 месяц назад lol. And the whole body of the driver gets blown the fuck off. Fatality!!!!
  • Triceperyc
    Triceperyc 2 месяца назад Mint Lynx truck despacitor
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 месяца назад Mint Lynx thats a cool name
  • Aaron Warren
    Aaron Warren 2 месяца назад Mint Lynx b@ngb
  • Epic LucasXD
    Epic LucasXD 2 месяца назад Think about the driver
    PR NOTHALL 3 месяца назад Detruckitator .....sounds nasty
  • ArmymanGeorge
    ArmymanGeorge 4 месяца назад Lol
  • Claire King
    Claire King 4 месяца назад I agree
  • Maximilien Raymond
    Maximilien Raymond 5 месяцев назад Mint Lynx q
  • Dragon master
    Dragon master 5 месяцев назад What about tanks?
  • Jamie Hedgepeth
    Jamie Hedgepeth 6 месяцев назад I love you so so so so so much
  • Steve Sauls
    Steve Sauls 7 месяцев назад @Beryllium I think my Corvette might slip under the first two. I say MIGHT.
  • 3li gaming
    3li gaming 7 месяцев назад Mint Lynx 🅾️🅾️🅾️
  • UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick
    UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick 7 месяцев назад Along with the Drivers. Hope the Authorities who use these, are up for Murder charges . . .
  • BEC Plumbing
    BEC Plumbing 8 месяцев назад Did it kill the 👨 in the truck
  • Antoine Michot
    Antoine Michot 8 месяцев назад For the 2 armes the low RIDERS its THE solution idrolique custom cars '
  • Kevin Somosot
    Kevin Somosot 8 месяцев назад And if Euro NCAP tests DAF trucks(well not talking about defense tests, but crash tests) they will score 1/5 for the safety!
  • Kevin Somosot
    Kevin Somosot 8 месяцев назад How can the driver survive(for non-terrorists and also when unintentionally activated/gets hacked)?
  • David C
    David C 8 месяцев назад Jay Smith yea, it did
  • ah long
    ah long 8 месяцев назад WTF, the number one was kind of useless if the are were open cause the tresspassing can just go around the nest
  • Jason D. Blake
    Jason D. Blake 8 месяцев назад Yep, te family can also sue the company or user for killing their family member by claiming he lost control of the car.
  • benjamin tyler manry
    benjamin tyler manry 9 месяцев назад True that
  • John Slugger
    John Slugger 9 месяцев назад None. The best car stopper is a 12 gauge loaded with OO buck. Stops those Democrats fast! Sorry, did you not know that 94% of all violent criminals NOW in jail where once registered Democrats before they become Felons and lost their right to vote. Yes true, Google it. Other fun statistics: Suicide? Democrats 93% more likely. Rape? Democrats 87% more likely. Armed robbery? Democrats 94% more likely. Bank robbers? Democrats 92% more likely. Wife beating? Democrats 88% more likely. Sex crimes? Democrats 96% more likely. Gang membership? Democrats 76% more likely. Failing a lie detector test? Democrats 85% more likely. Failing a drug test? Democrats 74% more likely. Spousal murder? Democrats 91% more likely. What do Democrats like Rosie say about this? "Growing up in poverty made them do it" Well there you have it, thanks Rosie for making a logical argument that actually makes sense this time. Have fun with your follow democratic friends people since they are more likely to steal from you and kill you than a republican raised with a higher set of standards
  • MrDude88
    MrDude88 9 месяцев назад I fucking love that net!!! I’m sure if you get injure from it, the city that deploys the use of the net is protected by the state.
  • Steve Wolfe
    Steve Wolfe 9 месяцев назад @Tyler Hall yed
    FORNITE PRO 9 месяцев назад Mint Lynx pookkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Dum &dummer
    Dum &dummer 9 месяцев назад Rude
  • Tactical Aioli
    Tactical Aioli 9 месяцев назад staged
  • Brouder Pri
    Brouder Pri 10 месяцев назад seit 1876 warum setzen den die nicht die Erfinder hinters Steuer?
  • Brouder Pri
    Brouder Pri 10 месяцев назад SJ Stewart haben die ein Gehirn oder nur eine Masse darin das der Hals nicht Austrocknet??
  • Allison Brock
    Allison Brock 10 месяцев назад Mint Lynx 👿
  • Jeremiah Wells
    Jeremiah Wells 10 месяцев назад Why are u telling people bitch now they know joe not to get caught jackass
  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 10 месяцев назад I Like
  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 10 месяцев назад I Liek
  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 10 месяцев назад I Li
  • QWERTY1980
    QWERTY1980 10 месяцев назад Lavender-Rose Fox such a snowflake dumbass
  • Neas
    Neas 11 месяцев назад Cop beter have inshurerance
  • Christopher's channel nack
    Christopher's channel nack Год назад And you can go around it
  • Black Knight
    Black Knight Год назад Mint Lynx do u think a tank could get through these
  • beta naga
    beta naga Год назад Mint Lynx vu
    SPIN XD Год назад that is true
  • marichari monroig
    marichari monroig Год назад Mint Lynx '
  • Kabbag3gam3r
    Kabbag3gam3r Год назад Over 50 mph
  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Год назад (изменено) I would think that if you find yourself in a situation where you hit one of the barriers at speed, you fucked up long before that happened, and it was necessary at that point. However, if anyone uses such a thing when not necessary or killed anyone because of confusion or reasons beyond their control, the family would be set for life. "Joyriding" is a nice word for grand theft auto... When do you know the difference? How do you really know if they intended to return it or not? There's reasons I am not a cop :P
  • SJ Stewart
    SJ Stewart Год назад Cataclysmic Cloey the nets that wrap around the tires are safe too because it stops the car, not destroy it completely. And most of these are designed for secured or heavily secured area's so cut YOUR bullshit and use your fucking brain
  • Charlie Marshall
    Charlie Marshall Год назад Mint Lynx so true
  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Год назад On large vehicles, it doesn't take a lot to eject the cabin, which, strangely, actually makes them safer.
    MR. RABBITS Год назад Lol
  • Fendi Zakaria91
    Fendi Zakaria91 Год назад I past by comment..I think non of these amazed ppl..
  • Boco Corwin
    Boco Corwin Год назад Mint Lynx Well, we legally and brutally murdered those three 16yo kids joyriding - congratulations, fellow bluebloods! No one will understand our struggle...
  • Rhea Parami
    Rhea Parami Год назад good job
  • Ologyny Official
    Ologyny Official Год назад Mint Lynx I agree! I also think you subconsciously made a really good pun: you said "..it can literally RIP of the cabs of trucks." The RIP part is like Rest In Peace. Because, It murders trucks. Lol.
  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel Год назад Or sling shot it launched that car real well
  • since1876
    since1876 Год назад MrFantasticr24 for someone complaining about people not thinking, you REALLY don't think very much. You said you haven't seen them. Guess why! BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT COMMON!! Duh. They're for military use. If you're driving through the gates of a military compound or onto white house property then you will see these. Otherwise you'll see spike traps. Moron. Police don't try to kill people, despite popular belief from retards.
  • since1876
    since1876 Год назад Spike traps are the worst you'll ever see outside of military use. You people are morons complaining about this. Go find something worth bitching about.
  • justin o'shields
    justin o'shields Год назад Mint Lynx i
  • Evan Ashe Roblox,Vlogs and more !
    Evan Ashe Roblox,Vlogs and more ! Год назад Mint Lynx I bet it would be easy to play chess while trucks are trying to get in your house
  • ThePug
    ThePug Год назад The title should be '8 Dangerous ways police stop cars'
  • Nichole Baker
    Nichole Baker Год назад Mint Lynx iiii
  • arsh dhadli
    arsh dhadli Год назад Xxn
  • Search Proof Patreon Channel
    Search Proof Patreon Channel Год назад Mint Lynx. And Rip Off The Engene
  • Aafia Muneer
    Aafia Muneer Год назад Mint Lynx CFC
  • HiGhSchOoL REJECT ___
    HiGhSchOoL REJECT ___ Год назад Why does this guy have so many liles
    LOIC GOURDET Год назад Mint Lynx i
  • Daniel Felsch
    Daniel Felsch Год назад Mint Lynx j
  • Michael Matta
    Michael Matta Год назад Mint Lynx
  • Hi
    Hi Год назад Mint Lynx g
  • Koen Rampersad
    Koen Rampersad Год назад nice
  • Matthew Reger
    Matthew Reger Год назад Which one?
  • Oblivion
    Oblivion Год назад Mint Lynx The “Truckapitator”
    EMISOCCER Год назад I hate you
  • Viper90087
    Viper90087 Год назад Driver decapitator
  • Alexander Lysberg
    Alexander Lysberg Год назад Fact. The bracing position in airplanes are designed to kill you so you can't sue them.
  • Flash 747551
    Flash 747551 Год назад Mint Lynx ya
  • snipkill8756
    snipkill8756 Год назад Mint Lynx uh
  • Thanos 22
    Thanos 22 Год назад Mint Lynx Lol. Everytime he says "it stops" all my mind says "it kills"
  • Adithya Buddaraju
    Adithya Buddaraju Год назад Cabble Barrier
  • 1000101
    1000101 Год назад Stop...Or we'll fucking shred your vehicle and kill you! The wheel net looked safe but everything else looked like a near 100% mortality rate. Seriously, how can these be legal outside of military applications?
  • JappleRB
    JappleRB Год назад Mint Lynx č
  • Hjortsater
    Hjortsater Год назад Mint Lynx 2.7 thousandth like
  • Mitesh Patel
    Mitesh Patel Год назад Mint Lynx a
  • carloss Loss
    carloss Loss Год назад Too many commercials
  • Will RC
    Will RC Год назад Mint Lynx what if the first truck had a brick on the gas and was used to hit and raise the net so other smaller vehicles could go through???
  • Tedi Triyanto
    Tedi Triyanto Год назад Mint Lynx
  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy Год назад Mint Lynx it can also give rip to people
  • Dark NinjaGaming
    Dark NinjaGaming Год назад De"cab"itator
  • _Lynx_
    _Lynx_ Год назад Oh hey I found another...
  • Tanmay Sure
    Tanmay Sure Год назад Mint Lynx C Wow there is nothing I can do nothing I can doStudy specialist WWDC Gurdy daddy bear with Debbie Debbie Debbie Debbie did Japji 1+1+1+”
  • Pillow man
    Pillow man Год назад Good ideas for police man
  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones Год назад Mint Lynx well done on being pinned
  • Rubi
    Rubi Год назад Mint Lynx I wonder how many people die a year to that
  • Dustin Montgomery
    Dustin Montgomery Год назад decabitator
  • John British
    John British Год назад Mint Lynx good bye head
  • GJN CNC Metaalbewerking
    GJN CNC Metaalbewerking Год назад Cnc
  • SwollenRhino
    SwollenRhino Год назад Oh no's a gate, go over the lawn!
  • TheToothfairie
    TheToothfairie Год назад @Mint Lynx - looks like none of these trucks have engines - just test vehicles
  • max ayad ali
    max ayad ali Год назад Mint Lynx I
  • Merketroid
    Merketroid Год назад Jay Smith I know, such fake crap. The hoods are just sitting there all bolts removed. No motor in the trucks either.
  • SierzantYelonek
    SierzantYelonek Год назад 2 steel pipes at 45 degree infront of a truck and it could slip under/through this net barrier
  • reign hard
    reign hard Год назад I would've named it TruckFucker
  • Tibor Sallai
    Tibor Sallai Год назад That's the whole point. Less paperwork....
  • Tibor Sallai
    Tibor Sallai Год назад Wrong place pal, you're dead. Great.
  • random imperial guard
    random imperial guard Год назад DIY Tech in hell
  • random imperial guard
    random imperial guard Год назад swankmosquito in russa they drive tanks
  • Donna Heslin
    Donna Heslin Год назад Mint Lynx p
  • Delimon007
    Delimon007 Год назад Yea as stated in the video most of this stuff is legitimately for military use, only some of it was made available to higher security areas and people who have the $$$$$ to pay for it.
  • Ian Roach
    Ian Roach Год назад Mint Lynx really good insurance they wont need it they will be dead
  • simplicity
    simplicity Год назад HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH HEHEHEH
  • Zara Ahmed
    Zara Ahmed Год назад Mint Lynx HAHAHAHHAHA
  • Beryllium
    Beryllium Год назад wont stop helicopter
  • Kristófer Thomasson
    Kristófer Thomasson Год назад Mint Lynx lol
  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer Год назад Mint Lynx ko
  • NextGenHeroes
    NextGenHeroes Год назад Mint Lynx so many of you honestly aren't thinking very much. Not every person who's speeding has to be a killer or bank robber. What if it's a person being held at gun point, what if the person is under the influence, what if the person is having a heart attack and lost control of the wheel. There's many situations that could be at play here. I don't think a person deserves to potentially be killed because of that. Even if they did Rob a bank. If not a single person was harmed and the criminal just made a run from it, you're saying they deserve to die? Lmao, that's ridiculous. As for those who are asking why they would run into it. I've never seen barriers like this in my life. I'm sure many others havent. They don't look all that sturdy and look as if you could ram right through them. Obviously you can't but without prior knowledge a criminal would likely chance it.
    BOYAHH FIRE Год назад Mint Lynx ahh stupid
  • Jennifer Jackson
    Jennifer Jackson Год назад Mint Lynx
    CHRISTECHPLAYZ Год назад Mint Lynx .
  • Fun for Lols
    Fun for Lols Год назад Mint Lynx I
  • Games Only
    Games Only Год назад Yup dude
  • WarBacca 101
    WarBacca 101 Год назад Yeah, was not expecting the result it gave 😱
  • GamerBoi_Arod _8274
    GamerBoi_Arod _8274 Год назад Mint Lynx l
  • Laura Grahl
    Laura Grahl Год назад The title should be how to kill people in their cars 👿👿👿☠️☠️☠️☠️
  • Siward Beorn
    Siward Beorn Год назад Exactly making it totally unlawfull!! peace love an light peeps
  • Emaraldeye Holl
    Emaraldeye Holl Год назад Yeah
  • Marty Fourre
    Marty Fourre Год назад those spikes should be illegal, because if you are in a truck and u hit one of those spikes, YOU ARE DED NOT BIG SUPRISE
  • Aiden Shannon
    Aiden Shannon Год назад Mint Lynx k
  • Soldier Main
    Soldier Main Год назад I think the Tag thingy is not a decapitator thogh
  • Avery Rodgers
    Avery Rodgers Год назад Mint Lynx that would cut your head off.
  • NK_savage101 Fortnite
    NK_savage101 Fortnite Год назад BlueDragon Gamer well say in a real situation a person would die
  • BlueDragon Gamer
    BlueDragon Gamer Год назад Mint Lynx There was no drivers in the trucks it was a dummy doll
  • NK_savage101 Fortnite
    NK_savage101 Fortnite Год назад The stinger will "hopefully" stop the intruder xp
  • NK_savage101 Fortnite
    NK_savage101 Fortnite Год назад And the Heald HT1 raptor
  • NK_savage101 Fortnite
    NK_savage101 Fortnite Год назад The Mrt and cable barriers,and the wedges could kill a person in the car trespassing
  • Greg Henderson
    Greg Henderson Год назад Killers
  • clit.
    clit. Год назад Mint Lynx for the first one you need good brakes or just drift around it
  • UFJ
    UFJ Год назад Mint Lynx ffff
  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall Год назад Are you trying to get them or kill them?
  • Dare Angel
    Dare Angel Год назад Mint Lynx It can even rip your head off
  • SxSirdoom
    SxSirdoom Год назад Mint Lynx kkkk
  • DIY Tech
    DIY Tech Год назад I was the driver of that white truck. M safe though
  • Beans On Butter
    Beans On Butter Год назад HeHe , I get it
  • Alien_Industries
    Alien_Industries Год назад Mint Lynx ummm so do the police use the "Truck Decapitator" (patent pending), if so thats pretty much the last resort im hoping....what if just hypothetical here, what if an old grandmother got in the wrong truck and was a little hard on hearing, what if they used that then?, hypothetically speaking.
  • Emerald Jack
    Emerald Jack Год назад Mint Lynx lol
  • Nova Caboose
    Nova Caboose Год назад and kill the driver inside causing the company that made it go bankrupt or lose customers
  • SpiralPowerGaming
    SpiralPowerGaming Год назад I saw it and thought "jesus, he'd be dead"
  • Guitar James
    Guitar James Год назад H
  • Guitar James
    Guitar James Год назад Mint Lynx ccd
  • Maanit Sachdeva
    Maanit Sachdeva Год назад Mint Lynx ftgfdbfbgvfcbgjj
  • Josh Fryer
    Josh Fryer Год назад Mint Lynx I
  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis Год назад To be fair, if you see one of these things and have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting one then you probably shouldn't have been there anyway. Things like this are usually deployed around high security areas like banks, data storage facilities, military compounds, research facilities, etc.
  • Who am I
    Who am I Год назад Mint Lynx the problem with them barriers, if a truck hits it at that speed you would need to replace it which no doubt costs a couple million
  • Lisa Vang
    Lisa Vang Год назад Mint Lynx I hate this video and had sex sex
  • FielderKnight
    FielderKnight Год назад Yeah literally
  • ryan ealey
    ryan ealey Год назад yeah and also kill the driver or murder the driver, isnt that what police are meant to prevent. police will continue to amaze me (not in a good way either)
  • Eli Aikman
    Eli Aikman Год назад Mint Lynx k
  • Elias Lindh
    Elias Lindh Год назад Mint Lynx o
  • Cloaked Kody
    Cloaked Kody Год назад it looks like a lambo can fit under it.
  • Mark Dynes
    Mark Dynes Год назад They should try it on furrary
  • AgentDexter47
    AgentDexter47 Год назад It could do well in stopping Islamic trucks of love and peace
  • Nathan Explosion \m/
    Nathan Explosion \m/ Год назад Sounds like the new Death Metal band from hell. 😂🤘🏽
  • Harold Lewis
    Harold Lewis Год назад Them barriers are just amazing can stop them 50 ton vehicles. Simply amazing.
  • im a person lel
    im a person lel Год назад The
  • Steir Qwe
    Steir Qwe Год назад Well to be honest same thing happens when truck hitting pretty much anything, that can be compared to it in terms of weight. I guess truck constructors should be ones who must take care of driver safety and invent some mechanisms to protect cabs better.
  • DikoMan
    DikoMan Год назад Mint Lynx or muslim stopper.
  • mywaifunow
    mywaifunow Год назад ninjaghost420 AP no one drives a tank around and especially not into areas where a lot of these are needed
  • Ted
    Ted Год назад Can't believe this comment has 602 likes....😑😑😑😑
  • 1969 Ford Bronco Hunter
    1969 Ford Bronco Hunter Год назад ya uh... make sure you don't kill the criminal?
  • Jnathan Nger
    Jnathan Nger Год назад lol yeah "non lethal"
  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions Год назад Also killing any driver, that's NOT A GOOD THING. Stopping ppl to get them is better.
  • George Ashford III
    George Ashford III Год назад Mint Lynx your music is from color switch
  • I Smell NIGGERS
    I Smell NIGGERS Год назад These things wouldn't stop a tank tho
  • Zdragov
    Zdragov Год назад Mint Lynx What about hydraulic suspension?
  • Stand Tall
    Stand Tall Год назад for some reason i think this people is trying to advertize to us
  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu Год назад FlamQ Dbltap oh shit u right I didn't see it lmao
  • Judess 69er
    Judess 69er Год назад (изменено) pfft id hate to be a bystander when a fucking truck hits one of those barriers -.-' think about how many people will be injured by the debris the vehicle basically turns into a fucking grenade definitely the best ones by-far are the Pit-Bul, Starchase and the Grappler Bumper lol i had such a good chuckle at the Grappler Bumper XD that's like taking a page from the old Western Sheriffs handbook tho would be hilarious just to pour some salt on the wound if an old western chase song came on just as they launch the Grapple XD
  • Lavender-Rose Fox
    Lavender-Rose Fox Год назад yes and kill the occupants and what if the reason why the vehicle as travelling that quick was due to failed brakes
  • Carba 99
    Carba 99 Год назад But you see the fucking trap,go off the road if u can or exit the vehicle and run
  • Elmer Lowe
    Elmer Lowe Год назад yes
  • FlamQ Dbltap
    FlamQ Dbltap Год назад Tony Cantu ripped engine out..that’s the big piece that rolled out to right side of truck
  • Justin Jacobson
    Justin Jacobson Год назад Hardi Keywan you mean... DeCabitator
  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu Год назад Mint Lynx to be fair it didn't have an engine in it but still it'll stop it lmao
  • Trace Anthony
    Trace Anthony Год назад Jay Smith yep at 1:34
  • Cataclysmic Cloey
    Cataclysmic Cloey Год назад Mint Lynx i damn well know all the barriers anything that can stick inside the car or damage the car will kill the person the only thing that seems safe is the little sticky thing that they launched at the car and that's it the rest of this is just bullshit
  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Год назад did it rip the motor out too?
  • Giuli Bario
    Giuli Bario Год назад I thin it would be used in case that the truck kills more people
  • Wheels Lifts
    Wheels Lifts Год назад probably only to be used at high security areas that they have an excuse if someone dies.
  • Hardi Keywan
    Hardi Keywan Год назад Mint Lynx i was just about to name it decapitador but then i saw your comment
  • Mickxal
    Mickxal Год назад Mint Lynx also making sure the driver can never sue them.
  • OfficialCrk
    OfficialCrk Год назад But they can't stop the train in gta 5
  • pancho mendez
    pancho mendez 1 месяц назад but it could kill the train driver
  • Grawsin Web
    Grawsin Web 1 месяц назад it probably can. But probably not 50 50 chance.
  • Ryan Snider
    Ryan Snider 1 месяц назад I stopped the train once. You just have to wait until it goes to the refinery on the west side of the island. Technically, it stops itself, but still.
  • david quinn
    david quinn 2 месяца назад innit
  • Shithole Britain
    Shithole Britain 2 месяца назад You’re right Btw 100th comment
  • shnake attack
    shnake attack 2 месяца назад @UnReaL it has 2000
  • FaZe Gibby
    FaZe Gibby 2 месяца назад Yep
  • Pratik Warudkar
    Pratik Warudkar 2 месяца назад CJ.....laughs at it.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 месяца назад Yup they can't
  • Crowd Media Marketing
    Crowd Media Marketing 2 месяца назад wtf, once i scroll down on the comment :"D
  • Hockey-boy02
    Hockey-boy02 2 месяца назад OfficialCrk lmao 😂 😂
  • Rusty Sussen
    Rusty Sussen 3 месяца назад Dude I dont even think you can modify that sum bitch still
  • Am I bEiNg BaMBoOzLeD
    Am I bEiNg BaMBoOzLeD 3 месяца назад hah nothing could beat my nokia
  • Eric Guan
    Eric Guan 3 месяца назад lmfao
  • ian strnad
    ian strnad 4 месяца назад yes this is true
  • Trap
    Trap 4 месяца назад OfficialCrk true
    TURCANO 5 месяцев назад That is so weird
  • 查理
    查理 6 месяцев назад OfficialCrk 确实如此
  • oneNo Love
    oneNo Love 6 месяцев назад Nuthing can
  • Ghosty Guy
    Ghosty Guy 6 месяцев назад Lol
  • TsmX Pramish
    TsmX Pramish 7 месяцев назад True
  • troll face
    troll face 7 месяцев назад Good point...
  • Prinz Sunny
    Prinz Sunny 7 месяцев назад The only thing that can stop the train is it's self
  • Waffenträger auf E100
    Waffenträger auf E100 7 месяцев назад @UnReaL look at it now..
  • Ben
    Ben 7 месяцев назад @UnReaL It already got over 2K
  • Ben
    Ben 7 месяцев назад So tru
  • Dark Dragon Gaming
    Dark Dragon Gaming 7 месяцев назад Actually i stopped that train in gta twice online on xbox 360 with a sticky bomb in the right place but i think rockstar patched it xD
  • Dark Dragon Gaming
    Dark Dragon Gaming 7 месяцев назад Gta 5 train would obliterate all of these stupid things
  • Ilene 7100
    Ilene 7100 8 месяцев назад Nothing can...
  • Heiða Ólafsdóttir
    Heiða Ólafsdóttir 8 месяцев назад U play way too much gta5!!!
  • Scott Cupp
    Scott Cupp 8 месяцев назад Couldn't stop a train period..
  • Mario GoDz
    Mario GoDz 8 месяцев назад So true
  • Crazyhotrod 1555
    Crazyhotrod 1555 8 месяцев назад Or brick rigs
    RUDY DUDES 8 месяцев назад I think u r aspecting urself in GTA 5 , Man it's a real world 🌍🌍🌏🌏🌎🌎🌐🌐🗾🗾
  • zu888 zu888
    zu888 zu888 8 месяцев назад Haha
  • Mυhαmmαδ Hαmζα
    Mυhαmmαδ Hαmζα 8 месяцев назад LOL😂😂😂😂 XD
  • Endre Tolnai
    Endre Tolnai 8 месяцев назад Just eleminate electricity...it is easier to stop a train because it has fixed road...
  • SilentYT
    SilentYT 9 месяцев назад Ahahahaha
  • tama tonga
    tama tonga 9 месяцев назад Allot of those devices can easy derail a train.
  • anita desousa
    anita desousa 9 месяцев назад you are the best
  • anita desousa
    anita desousa 9 месяцев назад you are talking all mad
  • jose gaming2030
    jose gaming2030 9 месяцев назад But can you do this
  • frank kaffy
    frank kaffy 9 месяцев назад That is so true i have tried for years
  • SGT.Madness Gamekiller
    SGT.Madness Gamekiller 9 месяцев назад Yea it. Will leave little damage
  • xXItzFire FamXx
    xXItzFire FamXx 9 месяцев назад Lol
  • Emperor Rafiki124
    Emperor Rafiki124 9 месяцев назад True
  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 9 месяцев назад True
  • The Flux Champion
    The Flux Champion 9 месяцев назад @UnReaL and it got 1K likes.
  • The Flux Champion
    The Flux Champion 9 месяцев назад Uhuh
  • Querexyツ
    Querexyツ 10 месяцев назад Thanos can’t even with a snap on his fingers
  • 2016 Lamborghini Aventador
    2016 Lamborghini Aventador 10 месяцев назад Vanoss stopped the train once
  • 2016 Lamborghini Aventador
    2016 Lamborghini Aventador 10 месяцев назад Bet...
  • Fashionistas By Ruthy
    Fashionistas By Ruthy Год назад OfficialCrk your right
  • MOS3
    MOS3 Год назад Im sure the HT1 raptor could, actually
  • Wayne Otieno
    Wayne Otieno Год назад Even if they combined
  • ThisPowWowYT
    ThisPowWowYT Год назад YES XD
  • Cringey Cookies
    Cringey Cookies Год назад UnReaL already did
  • DA MAN667
    DA MAN667 Год назад Lol
  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Год назад Lmao
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    theMNIOBM Год назад 😂
  • wyett Eguizabal
    wyett Eguizabal Год назад Haha
  • Destroyer220206
    Destroyer220206 Год назад OfficialCrk ha ha ha 😂
  • Emeraldwolf 141
    Emeraldwolf 141 Год назад EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oddessy ツ
    Oddessy ツ Год назад UnReaL it now has that many
  • noobiii
    noobiii Год назад u could just run over them then they pop back up
  • noobiii
    noobiii Год назад the nokia is hard as crap so ye i agree btw bushes were destructible in gta III
  • Michael cullens
    Michael cullens Год назад I bet you if there was a Nokia in gta 5 that would stop the train
    DA BOSS PLAYZ Год назад OfficialCrk why dont they just grow gta5 bushes around it
  • noobiii
    noobiii Год назад its bc the train is dense and weighs a lot
  • Charles
    Charles Год назад UnReaL got news for ya
  • Bunnyman999
    Bunnyman999 Год назад That meme is dead, if you even want to call it a "meme"
  • Martin Ramos
    Martin Ramos Год назад You don't want big smoke hearing you now
  • BlueDime Roblox and more
    BlueDime Roblox and more Год назад OfficialCrk my friend has
  • Native People
    Native People Год назад That train was sick
  • Bulletz4BreakfastYum
    Bulletz4BreakfastYum Год назад Nothing can :P
  • RmX
    RmX Год назад have you tried spawn another train? There's only 1 way I know works 100% of the time, just destroy it with a rocket launcher.
  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union Год назад OfficialCrk LOL
  • funny videos
    funny videos Год назад OfficialCrk
  • Luna Peter
    Luna Peter Год назад U r right my friend
  • Delight & Co
    Delight & Co Год назад SAVAGE
  • Mary Anne Villacorta
    Mary Anne Villacorta Год назад lol
  • Arpit Sharma
    Arpit Sharma Год назад .. ...
  • TotalAnarkey
    TotalAnarkey Год назад Vanoss did it
  • ice_heg
    ice_heg Год назад hahahahaha
    MERRIT Год назад Smoke please accept it but we cant stop the damn train
  • Rip Rope
    Rip Rope Год назад OfficialCrk lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • PG ColaTyp
    PG ColaTyp Год назад Right Lol
  • GhastlyLeon YT
    GhastlyLeon YT Год назад Lol yea
  • Misty Smith
    Misty Smith Год назад nothing can stop the train
  • Octombrie
    Octombrie Год назад lol :)))
  • Martin Grant
    Martin Grant Год назад Ok
  • Creative Destruction GODz
    Creative Destruction GODz Год назад OfficialCrk hahaha lol
  • Dylan's DIY Workshop
    Dylan's DIY Workshop Год назад That's what I was thinking lol
  • sasgay uchiha
    sasgay uchiha Год назад no one can, man
  • The gta gamer 2904
    The gta gamer 2904 Год назад OfficialCrk ya it can't good point
  • billy bram
    billy bram Год назад Ikr
  • Ze Diesel
    Ze Diesel Год назад Or tf2
  • White Rice Plays
    White Rice Plays Год назад A samsung galaxy note could
  • Brandon Nicklas
    Brandon Nicklas Год назад dude you savage
  • Scott Intro
    Scott Intro Год назад so fucking true
  • Scott Intro
    Scott Intro Год назад indeed
  • UnReaL
    UnReaL Год назад This comment deserves 1000 likes
  • Ped X
    Ped X Год назад yep lol 😂😂
  • BATRKS باتركس
    BATRKS باتركس Год назад OfficialCrk yeah👍🏼
  • Nav Neet
    Nav Neet 2 месяца назад 0:36 is it for stopping vehicle's or killing people?🤔
  • Richard F.
    Richard F. Неделю назад Killing most likely the police doesnt care about lives they care about reputation and fucking with little folk insitead of catching the real crime
  • Ace Maurito
    Ace Maurito Неделю назад Probably killing a Car Bomb along with the driver .... waith did i say killing? if you want to see killing go to my channel
  • Red Wolf Gamer X
    Red Wolf Gamer X Неделю назад @Nav Neet You need to stop if you not want to die.
  • Brad Orsos
    Brad Orsos 2 недели назад It would be there fault if the person dies
  • Fire Baller
    Fire Baller 3 недели назад Both
  • Space Rider21
    Space Rider21 4 недели назад Yes
  • Marat Bedoev
    Marat Bedoev 1 месяц назад Both
  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 1 месяц назад Stopping vehicles. Death is an unintentional consequence.
  • Sub_For_No_Reason Pls
    Sub_For_No_Reason Pls 2 месяца назад Killing
  • Lakeside 60
    Lakeside 60 2 месяца назад Same with 3:15
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 месяца назад Both but mainly killing people
  • Jumping James
    Jumping James 2 месяца назад I swear most of these are meant to kill people
  • King of Gamers
    King of Gamers 2 месяца назад It’s mainly killing
  • 1969 Ford Bronco Hunter
    1969 Ford Bronco Hunter 2 месяца назад Killing most likely
  • Riki Lam
    Riki Lam 10 месяцев назад Dom Toretto will find a way around these.
    ASHCROFT 3 месяца назад @Life on Hoth ayyy
  • Ruang Nada
    Ruang Nada 3 месяца назад Hahaha
    ASHCROFT 4 месяца назад Ayyyy
  • Riana Le Roux
    Riana Le Roux 5 месяцев назад Savage
  • Dr.Angela Ziegler
    Dr.Angela Ziegler 5 месяцев назад jusr hop over
  • Life on Hoth
    Life on Hoth 7 месяцев назад Haha, a carefully timed bump from the rear hydraulics during a wheelie and it's all good :P
  • Wild boy
    Wild boy 7 месяцев назад Yeah hes gona used a nitro boost
  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep 8 месяцев назад All you have to be is about 4' off the ground, so Dom and the F&F team will all make it.
  • Hossain Zunaid
    Hossain Zunaid 9 месяцев назад hahaha
  • Michael Browder
    Michael Browder 9 месяцев назад 0:37 okay, it's a good concept but that looks like death to me. Anyone else seeing that
  • Light Wing
    Light Wing 1 месяц назад I think it's great people are making tech that can stop cars, but you shouldn't make tech that will kill the driver.
  • Mikse H
    Mikse H 2 месяца назад These are made To stop terrorist
  • Salvador Muniz
    Salvador Muniz 2 месяца назад Well the title did only say how to stop dangerous cars.. which it does
  • David Judah
    David Judah 8 месяцев назад They are the criminals that have to be stopped they are the ones who abuse and kill us
  • chibani
    chibani 8 месяцев назад this kills EVERYBODY* *everybody stupid enough to drive at 50MPH in a CHECKPOINT a Static Pole won't kill you 90% of the time (since you're driving at legal and responsible speed) you driving at high speed in Residential Area will kill you or a pedestrian almost certainly... safety net or not
  • Mike M
    Mike M 8 месяцев назад I'm thinking that was remote controlled with no one in the truck. ..I hope.
  • Michael Browder
    Michael Browder 8 месяцев назад @DG Services i don't doubt that. But you said "some" people, this kills EVERYBODY.
  • DG Services
    DG Services 8 месяцев назад Michael Browder some people need killing. Is this your first day?
  • Logan Holt
    Logan Holt 8 месяцев назад A lot of locations that have the net are government installations. It’s so violent Bc if you go flying through the gate or entry point without stopping, generally your goal is violent also. Make sense?
  • Dem Shadowwolf
    Dem Shadowwolf 9 месяцев назад if you are driving a 15k Lb truck at 50mph and IGNORE the net, you probably are going to die even if it DIDN'T rip you apart
  • Zrs2
    Zrs2 7 месяцев назад Most people-but these would kill most people not stop them Me-it might kill em but it still stops the car the title doesn’t say they would survive...
  • Ronaldo Ferguson
    Ronaldo Ferguson 2 месяца назад Pyrocynical’s dad what
  • Ma da got the jail
    Ma da got the jail 2 месяца назад Christian Stanton Stop
  • Charlie McGuire
    Charlie McGuire 2 месяца назад r/ihadastroke
  • Christian Stanton
    Christian Stanton 2 месяца назад Get Wrecked!
  • rivahkillah
    rivahkillah 3 месяца назад It stops them by killing them 😂
  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 10 месяцев назад Now I have no chance of robbing the bank when I grow up 😔
  • Ram Prasad Rocky
    Ram Prasad Rocky 2 месяца назад u may have a chance to rob but no chance to escape through land
  • Rozer Gogna
    Rozer Gogna 2 месяца назад Bruh you good bruh
  • Yareth Gaming
    Yareth Gaming 2 месяца назад in soviet Russia bank robs you(actually thats not only in soviet Russia its everywhere and its true)
  • BobHotdog
    BobHotdog 2 месяца назад ...
    ASHCROFT 4 месяца назад Ploper Dung u can use a bike
  • connor stuart
    connor stuart 4 месяца назад FBI OPEN UP!
  • xXGamersRules Xx
    xXGamersRules Xx 4 месяца назад *FBI joined chat*
  • WindlyGod
    WindlyGod 5 месяцев назад FBI OPEN UP
  • Lazyboy
    Lazyboy 5 месяцев назад @Christs Revenge ....are you gay ?
  • Eujt GT
    Eujt GT 6 месяцев назад Buy a bike
  • Rock Krawler
    Rock Krawler 7 месяцев назад Keep on dreaming because you're not going to be successful because you'll DIE p.s only one life in this world so don't do it
  • Rock Krawler
    Rock Krawler 7 месяцев назад @Mooch Buster not really
  • Christs Revenge
    Christs Revenge 8 месяцев назад Uber Virsacii. 😂😂😎
  • Uber Virsacii
    Uber Virsacii 8 месяцев назад In capitalist America bank robs you no seriously
  • T306 41
    T306 41 8 месяцев назад NEVER!!!!!!!!!
  • Christs Revenge
    Christs Revenge 8 месяцев назад That is our agenda yes. You will all be chipped after you fight, endure and die in our upcoming world war. Shouldn't say you will all be chipped as most of you will be dead sorry. We are close and we are giving birth to our great isreal empire with Jerusalem as its capital. All bow to your masters the elders of Zion.
  • bratha nice
    bratha nice 8 месяцев назад Years to come banks will be somehow obsolete, things are getting digitalized way too fast
  • Buddy
    Buddy 8 месяцев назад That's why you don't rob banks. Rob local jewelry stores
  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell 9 месяцев назад Stay strong kid and never give up on your dream. Just to fore warn you that if you ever rob a bank you will enjoy 3 hots and a cot for many years!
  • Mooch Buster
    Mooch Buster 9 месяцев назад Just use the train in GTA 5 Buddy it's indestructible!
  • Ray Chi
    Ray Chi 9 месяцев назад Keep on dreaming
  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 9 месяцев назад @viethuong vothai lol
  • viethuong vothai
    viethuong vothai 9 месяцев назад Ploper Dung bad boi btw, you are Vietnamese, right?
  • Oh my gosh Is that bread?
    Oh my gosh Is that bread? 9 месяцев назад Ploper Dung bruh
  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 9 месяцев назад @Lord Jeebus lol
  • FoxgoesMoOoOoOoO Bruh
    FoxgoesMoOoOoOoO Bruh 9 месяцев назад Ploper Dung wth
  • Christopher Domingo
    Christopher Domingo 1 месяц назад (изменено) Terrorists be like: nothing's gonna stop me! I'm on a goddamned truck! Net be like: HELLO MOTHERFUCKER!
  • Fire Baller
    Fire Baller 3 недели назад Drives around it Police: dammit
  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 9 месяцев назад 4:30 starchase tracker 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👽💬💻🏙💨📡
  • kingkiller 1234
    kingkiller 1234 2 месяца назад thanks
  • CrimsonT
    CrimsonT Год назад (изменено) 6:20 when your crush gives you a kiss
  • Fire Baller
    Fire Baller 3 недели назад yes 😂
  • SwaySensorYT
    SwaySensorYT 1 месяц назад Keep it PG 😂
  • BlaZe_Candonot
    BlaZe_Candonot 1 месяц назад usman khalid aa
  • The Whoosher
    The Whoosher 2 месяца назад CrimsonT ah yes I too rip them limb from limb
    SPARKY 2 месяца назад (изменено) MEGA ULTRA YOUTUBE LEGEND
  • Obedient Octopus
    Obedient Octopus 2 месяца назад Mega ultra legend
  • usman khalid
    usman khalid 2 месяца назад Ultra legend 😂😂😂😂
  • Pacific Life's Youtube
    Pacific Life's Youtube 3 месяца назад legend
  • B33biker
    B33biker 3 месяца назад Just stop😂😂😂
  • Manish Kotian
    Manish Kotian 3 месяца назад Hahahaha😂😂😝😝😝😝
  • DaFireCreeper
    DaFireCreeper 2 месяца назад (изменено) 0:38 that's alot of damage Not sponsored by flex tape
    ÆCELEROID Tank 4 месяца назад 1:00 how about if they are going to the side?
  • Space Rider21
    Space Rider21 4 недели назад Driver: tryes to speed over speed bump Pitbull: ima bout to end this whole mans career
  • Mooch Buster
    Mooch Buster 9 месяцев назад If it was a supercar chase u would only need a little speed bump to slow things down 😂
  • Carlos Orduna
    Carlos Orduna Год назад Car stoppers more like life stoppers lol
  • Magnus
    Magnus 7 месяцев назад Dont go so fast?
  • Jonathon Starwalt
    Jonathon Starwalt 7 месяцев назад Yeah I could
  • Samuel B
    Samuel B 8 месяцев назад Good
  • John Martin
    John Martin 9 месяцев назад @andyangchannel right so they should die. Makes sense
  • the colour yellow
    the colour yellow 10 месяцев назад I luv your profile pic im a simpsons fan. Sorry for bothering you i just cant not tell you how cool it is. 🙂
  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 10 месяцев назад They just wont drive into it
  • James Bond
    James Bond 10 месяцев назад Hey if one is dumb enough to drive into the Barrier they need removed from the gene pool.
  • Yoced Decoy
    Yoced Decoy 11 месяцев назад for real holy shit. High chance of fatality. I mean to stop a driving rampage it's worth but I hardly believe a cop chase is worth death
  • C J
    C J Год назад I'll do ya one better, Heartstoppers 😂😂😂
  • andyangchannel
    andyangchannel Год назад Glitter Gun the person driving is suspect not an innocent dude.
  • Glamorious Trolls
    Glamorious Trolls Год назад bechIboy kim Eh, I actually thought that it was anywhere I have never heard of those dangerous “car stoppers” in my life but they look.. eh.. and also you are right.
  • Big man in a small body
    Big man in a small body Год назад i have an easy anwser. Follow the law and it wont happend to you. Its for people who dont understand to follow the law. If you follow the law your life will be good. Simple as that.
  • Glamorious Trolls
    Glamorious Trolls Год назад e x a c t l y this should be freaking banned!
  • Lynx
    Lynx Год назад Why do you say that. Your A diswheeled Person like the Video Said, you have impact thats why your Epilipse
  • 501isa
    501isa Год назад As in you will be the consistency of paint.
  • Music4life 123
    Music4life 123 Год назад So right
  • Carlos Orduna
    Carlos Orduna Год назад 501isa ?
  • 501isa
    501isa Год назад Paint comes to mind.
  • Glitter gun Maddison
    Glitter gun Maddison Год назад (изменено) the cab off the trucks came flying off amgine wat the person driving would be like
  • dende den
    dende den 2 месяца назад "trespassers better have some very good insurance" lol... is decapitation covered in you insurance....
  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 4 часа назад yep life insurance. But I think insurance company would insist this as a suicide tho'
  • carlos orozco
    carlos orozco 1 месяц назад @1:33 that's the quickest engine removal I've ever seen .
  • Samantha Willmer
    Samantha Willmer 2 дня назад the pitbull remeber me on a other vehIcke aresting device called x net
  • Zart
    Zart 9 месяцев назад 0:37 That person riding that truck is dead...
  • big smoke
    big smoke 4 месяца назад Zart thats gotta hurt
  • Mythic
    Mythic 5 месяцев назад -Al_Playz_Games - Yes I’m sure they do but what part is obvious it’s a joke?
  • IHaveNoLifeBut AtleastIDontListenToKPop
    IHaveNoLifeBut AtleastIDontListenToKPop 5 месяцев назад MINECRAFT PLAYER do you know what a joke is ?
  • IHaveNoLifeBut AtleastIDontListenToKPop
    IHaveNoLifeBut AtleastIDontListenToKPop 5 месяцев назад 1000 subs with no video challenge r/woosh
  • Treinspotter Ishaan Hendrikson
    Treinspotter Ishaan Hendrikson 5 месяцев назад Zart there was nobody There
  • Tydy Vidz
    Tydy Vidz 5 месяцев назад I dony thonk there was a person in there...
  • 10k subs no vid❼
    10k subs no vid❼ 7 месяцев назад No noone was in the truck they were pulling it
  • GuteAlteDMark
    GuteAlteDMark 7 месяцев назад One less terrorist in this world.
  • JanG
    JanG 8 месяцев назад Except that theres no person
  • Isaiah Hykes
    Isaiah Hykes 8 месяцев назад No
  • Mitch Route
    Mitch Route 8 месяцев назад yup - buh bye