Reset Administrator Password Of Windows 7/8/10 all version support

Published on Nov 27, 2017 92,528 views

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  • Biz
    Biz Год назад You are a life saver sir. Great job on the video. Awesome job keep it up. Thank you once again.
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    Sen Systems Год назад Thanks for your motivation Sir,😊👍👍👍
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    newenglandoct2011 9 месяцев назад Watched another guy's video and it worked great ....... thanks for your efforts, though!
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    Sen Systems 9 месяцев назад Thanks sir, you would like please share your friend's
  • Rebeca & John
    Rebeca & John 10 месяцев назад Was doing just fine till I opened the detail problem and there was NO choice if "x:windowssystem...." only the top one of microsoft...HELP
    TOMAS TUBE 1 месяц назад i am using two OS and now i forget the password of my windows OS....so help me with it
  • Renee
    Renee Год назад Outstanding!!! It worked 🤗✌🏽thank you✅✅✅
  • Sen Systems
    Sen Systems Год назад +Renee G thanks pa
  • Gulistan Ramadan
    Gulistan Ramadan Год назад Thanks a lot ... this way it was really helpful.. though in the end I just add a new user so it did work thanks to you .. 👍🏻
  • Sen Systems
    Sen Systems Год назад Thanks for your motivation G👍👍
  • Jean Golden
    Jean Golden Год назад Gulistan Ramadan I can't boot up to start up repair without password
  • heeydani16
    heeydani16 Год назад That second link doesn't come up for me, what do I do
  • Drew Pittman
    Drew Pittman 10 месяцев назад Thank you for this video . It worked!
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    edwin duta 11 месяцев назад it worked thank you so much
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  • don johnson
    don johnson Год назад Great work, many Thanks!. So easy. Win XP, safe mode, cmd, cd.., cd windows/sys32, net user (name) (new pw).without guarantee.
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    ThennS southkI Год назад Hii sensystems very thanks👍👍👍 great jobb
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  • Ziyan Saud
    Ziyan Saud 9 месяцев назад HI my cmd is not opening as admin so the command ''control userpasswords2" does not work. Please help
  • Sen Systems
    Sen Systems 9 месяцев назад Right click the command and run administrator
  • Networking Bit
    Networking Bit Год назад thanks sir.share this
  • Networking Bit
    Networking Bit Год назад sensystem I can not do this in windows 10.
  • Sen Systems
    Sen Systems Год назад Networking Bit ,,,
  • Crystal Vincent
    Crystal Vincent 6 месяцев назад Nothing has worked f8 and followed every step
  • jason right
    jason right 5 месяцев назад I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out forgot login password on laptop try WinPasswordReset9.blogspot.com ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.?
  • archer bob
    archer bob Год назад Doesn't hitting shift 5 times enable the sticky key feature?
  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Its worked 👍👍
  • Sen Systems
    Sen Systems 8 месяцев назад +Santhosh Kumar thanks sir Any mistakes plz command
  • icomdy3kyle
    icomdy3kyle Год назад is this just for wi dows 7.how about wi dows 10?
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    stephen jackson Год назад Awesome!!!!!!!
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    Kani Mozhi 10 месяцев назад Hi sen system vry great job and successful job
  • Bonnie Ormes
    Bonnie Ormes Год назад It showed the recovery page but in Spanish after launching startup repair and when I l press enter it goes back to error recovery