Our life in Canada - Winter

Published on Feb 16, 2016 464,942 views

Normal day in Ottawa with some snow and the Roomie.

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar Год назад If u want to be respected in some other coyntry, go to Canada🇨🇦. They respect each culture and tradition of the world. Canadians have big hearts❤
  • Wasal Khan
    Wasal Khan 6 месяцев назад Alok Kumar thx kumar bhai I’m going now
  • Maria Ayala
    Maria Ayala 6 месяцев назад its true! We love all the different kind of people from different ethnicities and races here <333 we have celebrations for each community and you are all welcomed!!
  • Anne Barnett
    Anne Barnett 6 месяцев назад Almost every one in Canada is from somewhere else so nobody acts like they own the place.
  • greg patel
    greg patel 5 месяцев назад Very true..canada is best place for immigrants...very very friendly ppl
  • MRMR
    MRMR 5 месяцев назад Most Canadians respect other people and other cultures but we have the idiots that are racist as does every country. But as a whole we respect others and expect respect back.
  • Gencturk92
    Gencturk92 5 месяцев назад where in canada would you go ? toronto, calgary or vancouver ?
  • greg patel
    greg patel 5 месяцев назад @Gencturk92 all three are equally good..i personally prefer toronto although i m living in calgary now which itself is beautiful place
  • Gencturk92
    Gencturk92 5 месяцев назад yeah calgary's nice but doesnt seem much attractions there. i just want to see banff and jasper one day
  • Ann Maria
    Ann Maria 4 месяца назад I am also going to Canada.. And I am really happy... And excited about it..
  • San Flower
    San Flower 3 месяца назад Not true
  • Monst Monst
    Monst Monst 3 месяца назад Alok Kumar ❤
  • Osher Khanaukar
    Osher Khanaukar 1 месяц назад I wish I could move there =/
  • Ramon Moses Paras
    Ramon Moses Paras 1 месяц назад Very well said, cause I came to a country where in discrimination is a natural thing...
  • Carole Dufort
    Carole Dufort Год назад Welcome to you guys who just moved to Canada. Actually, we have more or less 5 months of colder weather. But it's the price to pay to not have snakes, tornadoes, lack of water, horrible heat. Canada is a beautiful and welcoming country and no, we are not racist at all. However, with the ISIS attacks, we are becoming a bit worried about muslims people. But we welcome them just the same since we are aware that all muslims are not all terrorists. For those who made it here. best of luck in your new life, and welcome again!!!
  • Fariha  Orchiii
    Fariha Orchiii 6 месяцев назад Hi
  • mr malik
    mr malik 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah you are right but some unknow use muslime name as a terresist ..as i am muslime and i am not able to kill just a single animle ..but how you comment its a positive Like you lve us same is the case we love youra people mostly canda ,austraila amd germany becuse they welcome us from core of there heart as i lestion like this but i never visted you country hope to come in next year for higher study ...
  • Griffith
    Griffith 6 месяцев назад in islam its a sin to kill someone unless if its against them. islam is religion of peace. the islamic terorrist is just a scum
  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 5 месяцев назад Well, we DO have tornadoes !
  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 5 месяцев назад @mr malik Yes, Malik, please come to Canada ! You would be very welcome ! Bless you !
  • mr malik
    mr malik 5 месяцев назад @Chris Cullen28 😊 thanks bro
  • Ayesha Deensha
    Ayesha Deensha 5 месяцев назад Sure ..... definitely v vl cm soon .....
  • mr malik
    mr malik 5 месяцев назад @Ayesha Deensha kb jwo ge
  • Sanjay dath
    Sanjay dath 4 месяца назад l love canada..am from kerala
  • Sharmi Raj
    Sharmi Raj 4 месяца назад @Chris Cullen28 hi sir we love canada n wanna come there but how we can come ..
  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 4 месяца назад @Sharmi Raj Sharmi, contact the Canadian Embassy in your country and tell them you want to emigrate to Canada and they will give you the information you need. Good luck !
  • Sharmi Raj
    Sharmi Raj 4 месяца назад @Chris Cullen28 thankyou
  • Nakaweesa Rosemary
    Nakaweesa Rosemary 3 месяца назад I want to come to Canada, any one who can help me find the way
  • Kman
    Kman 3 месяца назад Carole, I liked your comment, As a Muslim I would love to talk to you , show you how real muslims are who are peace loving, caring and want Canada to remain what it is a beautiful country for all
  • Nakaweesa Rosemary
    Nakaweesa Rosemary 3 месяца назад @Kman , but most of them 💯 percent, just pretends to be Moslems , coz in Qur'an,there is no verse which says that someone of not your country or of not of the same colour u should treat him or her like rubbish, maybe Canadian Moslems are little different, but in arab countries, they treat foreigners mostly black people like rubbish, me sensere speaking l have evidence coz l have stayed in Arab countries now five years, but they have never treated me good, Even other blacks
  • Nakaweesa Rosemary
    Nakaweesa Rosemary 3 месяца назад Carole Dufort. How do u get connection come to Canada, coz me lam really interested, but l don't have a way , pliz help me find a way reach Canada, l will be grateful, thanks
  • Samuel Demers
    Samuel Demers 2 года назад ok here is some fact about how cold Canada really is during winter. ive heard alot of bullshit around and id like to make it clear. note that this is from some one who lived in Quebec city and Gatineau all his life. 1. A average day during winter will be around -15C and -20C. 2. What we consider a cold day will be around - 30C 3. And finaly what we consider a very cold day will be around - 40C ( we usualy have 2 week-end of those every winter) so there you have it, this should give you a general idea on how canadian winters are. some provinces are colder then other like Quebec, Winnipeg etc... and ofc its much colder in the north^^. pls not that here in canada it is mesured in celsius. not in Fahrenheit like the americans. it is very different and you should make the conversion if you dont know them. p.s: i am sorry for english im a french canadian =).
  • buba A
    buba A 2 года назад Samuel Demers that's scary 😓😓
  • Ioannis Grigoriou
    Ioannis Grigoriou 2 года назад Hi there could I add you on skype? I am a Greek Canadian and I am planning on moving to Canada so I would need some information and you seem like the right guy :) Many thanks mr Samuel!
  • Samuel Demers
    Samuel Demers 2 года назад is there any question you think i cant answer via the youtube comment section? if you have questions about moving to Canada i will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. i really dislike Skype and would prefer not having to download it again.
  • Ioannis Grigoriou
    Ioannis Grigoriou 2 года назад well messenger viber or whatsup would do its not the same its easier when there is direct contact
  • 300horsepower
    300horsepower 2 года назад Holy cow that's cold and I thought 30 F was cold. I would like to visit Canada. What is the temperature on summer? Greetings from California.
  • pilote111
    pilote111 2 года назад from june to september it's around 25° C to 30° C which makes 77° F to 86° F on average... more or less
  • JanaWehbe
    JanaWehbe Год назад Samuel Demers hi Samuel i wanna ask you how can i go live and work in Québec if it's not accepting any new people? Do you have any idea?
  • Samuel Demers
    Samuel Demers Год назад Canada/Québec is always accepting new people. im pretty sure you can find all the information you need on the government of Canada official web site.
  • JanaWehbe
    JanaWehbe Год назад Samuel Demers ok merci bcp!
  • j12torts
    j12torts Год назад Hows the weather in Vancouver like mid January? Does it snow there too?
  • East coast Driving
    East coast Driving Год назад Vancouver is considered to be the Southern California of Canada for a reason. It rarely sees any significant snowfall and has the warmest average temperatures in Winter.
  • Manju Madabal
    Manju Madabal Год назад Samuel Demers how much would a 2400 sq ft of land cost in residential neighbour hood. Greetings from Bengaluru
  • Lxrd Pxths
    Lxrd Pxths Год назад Out here in the province of Alberta, CA our winters are usually super cold here
  • Itachi The Last
    Itachi The Last Год назад I live in Ottawa and this week is considered the coldest of the winter at -25C. I've only seen one day of -40C in my 18 years here. Average winter day is -5C to -20C.
  • S. Reina
    S. Reina 11 месяцев назад Thanks
  • Portgas D. Ace
    Portgas D. Ace 7 месяцев назад careful, it is true that winters are in average -20C but it feels a lot colder with humidity.
  • Rajat Pradhan
    Rajat Pradhan 2 года назад very nice canada is my dream country
  • ziad kayal
    ziad kayal Год назад Rajat Pradhan I am gonna live there in 10 days😬😬😬
  • CrystalRose 986
    CrystalRose 986 11 месяцев назад Rajat Pradhan Same
  • Rajkrishna Singh
    Rajkrishna Singh 2 месяца назад Metro bro
  • Nimish Sabu
    Nimish Sabu 7 часов назад Why hindus going there. U people have india, stay in india
  • achan kunju maliyekal
    achan kunju maliyekal 2 года назад Wowww...Beautiful place..We wish to be there very soon.
  • Ani Nair
    Ani Nair Год назад achan kunju maliyekal how can i move to there any tips
  • Gabrielle Eusebio
    Gabrielle Eusebio 2 года назад (изменено) Just got our visa!!!! me and my family will be living in canada in a few months!!! i'm so excited!!! the only thing i'm concern about is the weather because here in the philippines the coldest here might be in 16 celsius!! (and for me that is freaking cold already) and it never snowed here and it's always hot! my aunt told me that (in where we'll move) it reaches -40!!!! anyways i'm still excited because me and my family will experience snow for the first time! and many say that canadians are nice people ☺️
  • JanaWehbe
    JanaWehbe Год назад Gabrielle Eusebio hello i wanna go with my family as well can you help me and give me a few tips on how and where to apply?
  • Nicole
    Nicole Год назад Gabrielle Eusebio hello, I'm a filipina as well!! I agree it's terribly hot and humid here but I'm planning to study in Canada in the future. I'm curious about your adjustment period..
  • harkmi3
    harkmi3 Год назад Gabrielle Eusebio Welcome to Canada! The winter's aren't too bad, especially for younger people. Hope your adjustment to the new country is going well!
  • junot Razakarison
    junot Razakarison Год назад hey! i want to ask a question for you! how do i do to live in canada? i dont know how to get a job and visa?
  • xquizit
    xquizit Год назад www.canadavisa.com
  • I'm Just Here
    I'm Just Here Год назад Gabrielle Eusebio good luck! Enjoying snow is a choice, lol. At least that's what I tell people who are concerned about winters here. Embrace it. Take up some winter activities and you'll start to look forward to the season changes instead of dreading them.
  • Robert Kirby
    Robert Kirby 3 недели назад Embrace all that is a Canadian winter and it will embrace you. The time will come when you will yearn for our Canadian winter just to be snuggled near a real fireplace.
  • Momad Skkar
    Momad Skkar 6 месяцев назад (изменено) I live in Saudi Arabia we have snow like you but brown snow we call it sand 😂😂
  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 5 месяцев назад But you can't eat it or make sand men or sand balls !
  • reza beladi
    reza beladi 3 месяца назад hi mohammad,i'm iranian.Brown snow😂😂
  • justin prabhu
    justin prabhu 2 месяца назад I love Saudi Arabia
  • reza beladi
    reza beladi 2 месяца назад انا عاشق المکه والمدینه النبی للحج تمتع. sorry my friend,I can´t writting arabic.
  • reza beladi
    reza beladi 2 месяца назад انا ایرانی یا اخی کیف حالک
  • SwagerMaster
    SwagerMaster 2 месяца назад im from iraq we have the brown snow 2 XD
  • Joanie Dallaire
    Joanie Dallaire 2 месяца назад LOL! Did you know that we put sand on the roads to unfreeze it? This way, we always got brown snow as well! 😂
  • Di Dxpeo
    Di Dxpeo 2 месяца назад Well, dear mid-eastern friends, at least you have brown water in the ground which worth a lot money, it attracted mafias like the USA too, feel sorry for you.
  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird 2 года назад never realized the true beauty of winter til I left it behind for the sunshine. trust me the sun gets old after awhile....makes me wish for winter
  • SausageIsKing
    SausageIsKing 2 года назад So true, didn't see winter for years now. missing it so much
  • nathan Al brezhon
    nathan Al brezhon 2 года назад +TwentyOneCrybabies attheDisco same I m from marseille south east of france it's 40°c right now
  • The Dummyblondes
    The Dummyblondes 2 года назад moving out there with the family in a couple of years. Can't wait 😆
  • Syed Zain
    Syed Zain 2 года назад take me with ya plss i wanna go there 2
    PICHUCHI L 2 года назад The Dummyblondes take me to
  • Kylie Morgan
    Kylie Morgan Год назад Same hahah
  • Moon light 4you
    Moon light 4you Год назад come in pk
    QUEEN M Год назад Same...in 6 months..can’t wait
  • Himachali Program
    Himachali Program Год назад https://youtu.be/t4NZzUq9QaU
  • mawazo selemani
    mawazo selemani 10 месяцев назад The Dummyblondes ..when is summer season there?
  • Matthew Arsenault
    Matthew Arsenault 10 месяцев назад mawazo selemani I don't know what you consider summer but basically 6 months between 10 + 30 degrees Celsius
  • Palacsinta Csatornája
    Palacsinta Csatornája 7 месяцев назад Same :D
  • special Steven
    special Steven Год назад Omg can someone just take me to the snow❤❤😍
    AKRAM 2 года назад my dream country
  • z3nkin
    z3nkin 7 месяцев назад AKRAM I bet you're Indian.
    SUN SHINEE Год назад Seems romantic..but I can't imagine to live in such harsh weather for more than a week.
  • Ahmad Zaki
    Ahmad Zaki 2 года назад I'm from Malaysia..wish someday,i'll be there with someone that i love
  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar Год назад Canada, best country for immigrants. Love u all Canadians😗
  • GodlyBlessedLiibaan God is Good
    GodlyBlessedLiibaan God is Good 2 года назад ♡Beautiful Video♡ Robin♡Thank You for Sharing♡God bless You My Brother Robin♡From Liban Ahmed Mohamed♡♡
  • Kevin Babb
    Kevin Babb 2 года назад Saw Rivers in the Byward Market. I'm still wearing the red & black woollen lumberjack shirt my father bought there right after he got off the plane from London in 1944! First item he bought, on arrival, and it's so comfortable here in Winnipeg, during the Fall.
  • Talayra Thalia
    Talayra Thalia 2 года назад ""Losing you (say my name) - 67th remix / 2nd : James Bay - Let it go (Bearson remix)"" sorry i finally find it in the comments..
  • Mahmoud Ela
    Mahmoud Ela 2 года назад Talayra Thalia thanks
    REDWAN AHMED 5 месяцев назад Love from BANGLADESH.. And i am coming to CANADA..
  • Naz
    Naz 2 года назад Great video! I love Canadian winters ❄⛄
  • Ali Faraz
    Ali Faraz Год назад Naz u beautiful
  • Askejm
    Askejm 2 месяца назад My life in Denmark - Winter Rain rain rain rain rain cold cold SNOWW!! SNOW! oh it just becomes water as soon as it touches the ground