What new features and capabilities can we expect from Windows 10?

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  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад For those confused by linus: Windows 10 free for the first year will mean that if you upgrade from windows 7 or 8.1 within the first year of windows 10 being launched you will have it completely free without paying anything for it, ever. It won't be a 1 year trial which is what it sounds like in this video.
  • Da Channel of Wisdom aka IPSoft Creations
    Da Channel of Wisdom aka IPSoft Creations 4 недели назад No. You can upgrade freely from an activated windows 7 or 8.1 copy to windows 10. Even now
  • RedDog
    RedDog Год назад FlighterLuid there are ways to use old activation keys. I had an old computer that I constantly switched between windows 10 and ubuntu
  • RedDog
    RedDog Год назад Chris Minors its still free more than a year later.
  • MetraByte
    MetraByte Год назад Chris Minors You don’t pay money. You “pay” your personal information
  • Drishya Nepal
    Drishya Nepal Год назад Chris Minors ii
  • DHMHTR Youp
    DHMHTR Youp Год назад Chris Minors I
  • king kinger!
    king kinger! Год назад Its still free
  • The Tragic Turtle
    The Tragic Turtle Год назад Chris Minors no it’s free for anyone who had had windows 7 or 8. If you decided to change your operating system to windows 10, it will cost you
  • Awesomeness2435 Productions
    Awesomeness2435 Productions Год назад Chris Minors but with ads
  • aaa
    aaa 2 года назад Chris Minors it's still free, just download windows 10 and use your windows 7 or 8 activation code to activate it
    GO DRIVING 2 года назад Chris Minors actions center in Windows 10 is annoying.
  • Fennecai
    Fennecai 4 года назад @Its7up GLaDOS.
  • Mirror Image
    Mirror Image 4 года назад @Its7up I don't know. It might not be entirely safe, but in the six or seven years I've been using a Linux-based OS, I've never once gotten an obvious virus or problem, and I've never used any anti-virus software. In general, when the NSA is tracking activity, they'll default to tracking browser and internet activity, because that's the easiest to access and provides them with the most information.. Only a select few people actually download anything worth monitoring on their computer itself. The real problem with NSA tracking isn't Microsoft, but Google. Literally every website I've visited has either a Google Adsense tracker or a Google Plus widgets tracker.
  • Harry Mcdowell
    Harry Mcdowell 4 года назад am just glad that there are people who think they are so important that the NSA whats to waste government funding on them... sometimes i think they are made just for my entertainment... I jack off in front of my kinect and PlayStation camera just in case the NSA decides to watch my boring ass life that day LULULULULULULULULULULUL
  • Nate Fuller
    Nate Fuller 4 года назад @Chris Minors I'm taking your word - thanks for the clarification!
  • NightBladeDK
    NightBladeDK 4 года назад @EnderPvP999 7 then 10.
  • EnderPvP999
    EnderPvP999 4 года назад @NightBladeDK Reinstall what? Windows 10?
  • NightBladeDK
    NightBladeDK 4 года назад @EnderPvP999 ill reinstall once i upgrade hardware.
  • EnderPvP999
    EnderPvP999 4 года назад @NightBladeDK You installed before bug fixes.
  • NightBladeDK
    NightBladeDK 4 года назад @EnderPvP999 im at 10074 from 9924. java 64bit shits on me. I can only run 32bit from a bat.
  • EnderPvP999
    EnderPvP999 4 года назад @NightBladeDK Really? I have Windows Tech Preview Build 10061. ALL VERSIONS OF JAVA WORK FOR ME.
  • NightBladeDK
    NightBladeDK 4 года назад @EnderPvP999 If your talking about java, then no, the only way ive been able to run it is with a 32 bit version and launching from a bat.
  • EnderPvP999
    EnderPvP999 4 года назад @NightBladeDK It did a few months ago.
  • NightBladeDK
    NightBladeDK 4 года назад Having used windows 10 tech, now home preview, having moved from windows 7, I enjoy it undoubtedly. It has fixed windows 7 (on regards of ssd configuration). I have 0 regrets, actually i can't say that until java 64 bit has support for windows 10.
  • Peter Wilkinson
    Peter Wilkinson 4 года назад @Edwin well they did it for microsoft owned skype  ( http://www.engadget.com/2013/06/06/washington-post-nsa-fbi-tapping-directly-into-servers-of-9-lea/ ).  Or nsa installing backdoors on retail harddrives. "by making WD and Seagate embed its spying back-doors straight into the hard-drive firmware" (http://www.techpowerup.com/209925/nsa-hides-spying-backdoors-into-hard-drive-firmware.html ) Not really Paranoia...
  • Matthew H
    Matthew H 4 года назад @Morno007 Yeah but i still fresh boot my pc at least every 6 months so after i go thru 3 or 4 drives with win 10 on them eventually i will have to buy the disk it probably b a couple years but I'll still have to do it at some point
  • Robban L
    Robban L 4 года назад @jacob jacksonsson For how much?
  • Antonio Camargo
    Antonio Camargo 4 года назад @Its7up Linux Qubes distro. Everthing is run from virtual machines.
  • Earnest Bunbury
    Earnest Bunbury 4 года назад @EnderPvP999 lol
  • EnderPvP999
    EnderPvP999 4 года назад I will be releasing a free Windows 10 ISO after the release. Shhhhhhhhh...
  • Morno007
    Morno007 4 года назад @Matthew H there will not be a 10.1 or 11.1 or 11 windows is trying to only get users to call it windows so no more ultimate editions etc etc. they want to keep ur os current for as long as possible.. they want to make windows a service not a os you buy but a service that you subscribe to. i dont know what that means in the long run no one can only can speculate. Microsoft dont want to give away any major spoilers at this time. i have tried to contact them but no responce
  • davevti9
    davevti9 4 года назад @Chris Minors  thanks for clearing that up.
  • Matthew H
    Matthew H 4 года назад @andrewszombie soo what ur saying is put the upgrade on multiple drives cause i do that somtimes but still eventually im gonna have to get the disk it might take years windows 11 or 11.1 might b out by then and i might not like them but lets say i didn't have 3 spear drives a couple normal 1 tb hdd's r still gonna run about the same price as the win 10 disk im basing that off previous win product prices but yeah i was already gonna put it on multiple drives its like having extra lives on a video game character but for ur pc
  • kninez
    kninez 4 года назад @Chris Minors I"m pretty sure it sounded like it is.........He said you will be able to upgrade for free for one year.....He never said you will need to pay after.....but then he said that "if you are building a new rig, you will either need to buy a previous version then upgrade or buy windows 10 when it comes out"..........It sounded pretty clear and accurate to me.
  • andrewszombie
    andrewszombie 4 года назад @Matthew H You buy multiple drives
  • Matthew H
    Matthew H 4 года назад @Chris Minors that is awesome but im still gonna have to get the disk eventually cause every so often i like to do a fresh install it be cool if windows came with a reset to factory settings option
  • MrViral20
    MrViral20 4 года назад (brain exploded)
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @MrViral20 The whole point of my original comment is that the upgrade won't "expire" after a year and neither will you have to pay for it before or after that year provided you get the upgrade within that first year.
  • Craig Stock
    Craig Stock 4 года назад It doesn't last for only a year, once you upgrade to windows 10 during the free year, it's free for life...probably, your license key also gets updated so, you can run off a restore disc at any time (even after the year is over)...
  • MrViral20
    MrViral20 4 года назад @Chris Minors But see this is what I don't get, I understand that windows 10 is free and that's cool and all, but why upgrade yourself to an OS that will only last you for a year?....if you have a fully activated 7 or windows 8 then I really don't see the point in upgrading, just wait for it to be fully released, and iron out the bugs, cause there are gonna be a shit ton of them, this is Microsoft we're talking about....
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @DARTH VIRAL @Craig Stock You'd be able to reinstall Windows 7/8/8.1, then update that to Windows 10 for sure, not sure about straight up reinstalling Windows 10.
  • Craig Stock
    Craig Stock 4 года назад @DARTH VIRAL  I believe you would be able to make a restore disc of windows 10, once you do the upgrade....perhaps someone else can comment but i am pretty sure about that...
  • Hambone
    Hambone 4 года назад @FlighterLuid What I want to know is whether or not we'll be able to swipe our hard drives and re-install 10? I do that with 7 maybe once a year. Just to keep things fresh. I might have to just make a system restore or something on a flash drive or external disc. That works, right?
  • Craig Stock
    Craig Stock 4 года назад @Hidoni Chris is absolutely correct...as long as you do the upgrade within the 1 year free period offer, you will have it free for the life of your computer, you will get all updates and everything...you do NOT pay a fee after the year is over...Of course, should you wait past the 1 year freebie offer, then it would cost you to upgrade to it, so if you plan on doing, make sure you do it during the free year...
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Hidoni I can assure you it is the opposite way around to that :)
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Hidoni Correct, for one year it is a free upgrade. After that one year it no longer becomes free.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ﮛⱻỘᶉᶒḝϿ ōɱǹȅɋ The only thing I can say is that you're welcome to try getting a physical copy but personally I doubt you'd be able to.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ネーナ・トリニティ I don't know the release date yet, only that it is coming out later this year. So the cut off point will be around summer of 2016 if it launches on time. I know the technical preview is being stopped on the 15th of April so I imagine it will be then that we'll have a solid release date.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ﮛⱻỘᶉᶒḝϿ ōɱǹȅɋ I think it's all going to be done digitally. And since the box has very little to do with the system after it's been installed I wouldn't think so.
  • ネーナ・トリニティ
    ネーナ・トリニティ 4 года назад @Chris Minors Hmm I see so you know when the deadline for last month to upgrade?
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ネーナ・トリニティ Your laptop will get the free upgrade, since it's installed on your system you own it and it will mean that you will be upgraded for free
  • ネーナ・トリニティ
    ネーナ・トリニティ 4 года назад @Chris Minors So my laptop with pre-installed 8.1 wont get free update? =O
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ネーナ・トリニティ Correct, and only if you don't buy it within that year will you have to pay for it.
  • ネーナ・トリニティ
    ネーナ・トリニティ 4 года назад @Chris Minors So after its actually released its free for a year?
  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes 4 года назад Oh and also you only get Windows 10, not Windows 10 Proffesional, not sure what they'll take off to add only to Pro yet though!
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @ネーナ・トリニティ My meaning is that there isn't a trial in any way shape or form. You'll have it in it's complete form straight from the start. The only time limitation is that it will only be free to purchase for one year. After that you'll have to pay for it if you don't already have it. :)
  • ネーナ・トリニティ
    ネーナ・トリニティ 4 года назад @Chris Minors Wait dont you mean before the trail is over? Or can we actually wait until its done? :O
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Jeffrey Baughman I stand corrected then it seems :)
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @John Sprngs That is only available for the Chinese market unfortunately.
  • John Sprngs
    John Sprngs 4 года назад Apparently even if you have an illegal version of 7 or 8
  • JellyfishTesticles
    JellyfishTesticles 4 года назад @Chris Minors thank you, i was confused by that from the beginning
  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes 4 года назад Oh, yay now I don't have to worry an annoyong black screen saying: No Operating System lol
  • Lucas Reis
    Lucas Reis 4 года назад u r right. XD
    ZOMAHAWKE Gamer 4 года назад for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????!!!!!!!!!!
  • Natural Gamer
    Natural Gamer 4 года назад @Chris Minors  I'm starting to like Microsoft now.
  • Mastercrz
    Mastercrz 4 года назад @Review My Cucumber USA its not actually that strange. Back in the day Microsoft actually gave Windows for free with every PC anyone bought. This stratigic made windows the most used (till today) OS. 
  • Liam Parsons
    Liam Parsons 4 года назад @Chris Minors Thanks for making that clear i was a bit confused when he said it lol :)
  • LouisAndPillz
    LouisAndPillz 4 года назад @Review My Cucumber USA The idea of Microsoft actually giving away an operating system for free with no obvious tricks or scams is so amazingly confusing to people that they instantly think "oh, it's a one year trial". I mean, I know that M$ is doing this specifically so they can learn a shitton about us and our computer, just like Google does, and M$ really wants to push it's app system, but most people don't see that, or they don't think it's enough for M$ to give it away for free.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Review My Cucumber USA To be honest I'm as surprised as you are. I think the reason is that a lot of people haven't been saying it clearly enough, as you probably just saw in the video above.
  • アストロサンダー
    アストロサンダー 4 года назад @Edwin Source? Why wouldn't it? Hows that for a source.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Edward Stark I'm sorry I cannot help you there, I've never come across Windows Embedded or DreamSpark before.
  • Sonay Yalım
    Sonay Yalım 4 года назад @Randy Randerson I didn't say every device is backdoored. NSA has got their hands on some firmwares, google it. We don't know every company they got their hands on but you can extrapolate that is the goal. Everybody knows where Snowden is, it is not a secret. How couldn't they get him in the first place? Snowden was an inside man, he knew how to avoid them.
  • Edward
    Edward 4 года назад @Chris Minors Do you know if I'll be able to upgrade for free from the Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro from the microsoft DreamSpark website?
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @HughMungoose Nothing definitive has been said at this point regarding the finer details of the points you've given. I'm sure they will come to light either shortly before release or within that first year.
  • Psychlone
    Psychlone 4 года назад Are there definitive answers (not guesses based on what happened in the past) to these questions after I upgrade to 10 for free, then after the 1 year period: 1: My drive got nuked by a virus and I need to format? 2: My cat took a pee on my computer and I need all new components? (and a new cat?) 3: If either of the above happens and I don't have my 7, 8, 8.1 disc/key/backup?
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Zxio Try going through the microsoft website instead of the windows 8 store then.
  • Zxio
    Zxio 4 года назад It just says it cant connect to the store and i have done an update check nothing new
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Zxio What error is it coming up with if any? In order to update to 8.1 you need all updates for 8 installed. Try running an update check and see if there is anything new you don't have installed then try it again.
  • Zxio
    Zxio 4 года назад I tried loading the store to download it but for some reason it wasn't working i looked up fixws but they didn't work. Any help?
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Zxio I doubt they'd stop you but I for one wouldn't risk it. It's a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and it is a better OS than 8 as well, then you'll be guaranteed to be able to upgrade to 10.
  • Joseph Grutt
    Joseph Grutt 4 года назад @Zxio If you have 8, you should download the upgrade to 8.1.  IMO, it makes having Windows 8 worthwhile.
  • Zxio
    Zxio 4 года назад I never got round to downloading 8.1 i still have 8 will i still get it?
  • Du Duu
    Du Duu 4 года назад @Chris Minors that would be awsome
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Du Duu I imagine they'll give you a product key for Windows 10 meaning that if you reformatted and re-installed you could use that key to re-activate your copy.
  • Du Duu
    Du Duu 4 года назад what if i decided i wanted to format my computer a year later after i got windows 10. how can i reinstal windows 10
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @Sonay Yalım Really? EVERYTHING is backdoored? How do people like snowden not get instantly found out? oh yeah not all hardware is backdoored
  • MrLinkvi link
    MrLinkvi link 4 года назад @FlighterLuid you can change a oem to a new motherboard if you tell Microsoft the one you had is broken, if you tell them the truth or not that's up to you
  • Kirn
    Kirn 4 года назад @Chris Minors I thought he f*cked up with the upgrade scenario xD
  • Sonay Yalım
    Sonay Yalım 4 года назад @Randy Randerson As if that would matter anyway. NSA has gone far enough to backdoor your harddisk firmware in the factory. The big brother is really big. The biggest software companies being US based and NSA has the authority to issue gag orders, you are already fucked. People need to fight them politically, not in a passive aggressive way such as not using Windows.
  • LukeDude759
    LukeDude759 4 года назад I always thought "Oh, a 1-year trial. Yay, I guess..." Now I'm like "HOLY SHIT YES THANK YOU" I'm still going to wait to see the reviews for it, though. After 8, you can never be too careful.
  • Joseph Grutt
    Joseph Grutt 4 года назад @Chris Minors Oh sorry, I thought I read that differently.  Then, yup, we're on the same page.
  • KevTheHunter1
    KevTheHunter1 4 года назад Thanks for the clarification. I was sure that's what he meant, like how games are free for a day and you get to keep it forever. But I wasn't sure. Thanks again :)
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Joseph Grutt Hold on, I think we've gotten each other confused here. What you've just described there is the same as I have been saying all along. Haha, this happens far too much XD
  • Joseph Grutt
    Joseph Grutt 4 года назад @Chris Minors I saw the one article, which included the quote I repeated, in it's entirety.  I found another article you linked: http://www.pcgamer.com/microsoft-windows-10-will-not-be-sold-as-a-subscription/ This one includes the following: "You will not pay for it. After that year is up, nothing will happen to your Windows 10 license."  This line clearly indicates you won't have to pay anything as long as you do the upgrade within the first year. I plan on upgrading the OS on all my machines to 10.  I've enjoyed what I've seen so far from the tech preview.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Joseph Grutt I have posted two articles that back me up and explain the quotes that I have used. I would encourage you to read them as they are quite good articles. I hope they help you through any misunderstanding. Have a great day!
  • Joseph Grutt
    Joseph Grutt 4 года назад @Chris Minors "The free upgrade will be available throughout the first year of Windows 10's life." That line continues the implication that the OS will be yours to keep as long as you get it within the first year.  I'm not even sure where you found the line you quoted.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @TeamHC http://www.pcgamer.com/windows-10-upgrade-free-for-owners-of-windows-7-and-81/ This article reaffirms my statement. The screen capture from the Microsoft event also says "Free upgrade for the first year" implying within the first year of it's lifespan. I hope this helps.
  • Charm
    Charm 4 года назад He said one year After windows 10 is released not within unless he completely said it wrong. It makes more sense making people wait the year before upgrading instead of rushing people to upgrade within a year. The first solution is obviously going to be much better for company. I don't understand where you got within. 
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Panaite Vlad And the same to you.
  • Panaite Vlad
    Panaite Vlad 4 года назад @Chris Minors Thank you verry much for you quick reply.I think i ll wait to see the full product and how well its made.Have a good day.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Panaite Vlad I'll be the first to say that I don't know for sure. But from the information I do have it works the same way as any other windows OS does. In that the upgrade is optional I would make an educated guess that your key for windows 10 and windows 8.1 would be different and that if you wanted to, you could re-install windows 8.1 if you decided that you didn't like windows 10. I'm currently on the tech preview and I am free to re-install windows 8.1 if I want to. Although having said that it is possible that that option is only there since Windows 10 isn't officially completed yet. I hope I have helped you but all that I know is what has already been announced publicly and so you can check by a quick google.
  • Panaite Vlad
    Panaite Vlad 4 года назад @Chris Minors Hi, i have a windows 8.1 x 64 pro n key that works on 2 computers.If i want to try windows 10 on one of the computers will the other computer still work if i decide to reinstall it on that pc? Example: PC X and PC Y has the same windows 8.1 key. I upgrade to windows 10 the PC Y If i will ever reinstall windows 8.1 on PC X it will work? or i will be stuck with windows 10 forever. I am afraid of the upgrade cuz i dont know how well windows 10 is. Windows 8.1 for gaming is awsome. Thank you.
  • Steyn van der Heijden
    Steyn van der Heijden 4 года назад Windows 10 is known to be paid for anyway... regardless of the OS that is already on the pc...
  • cpdion
    cpdion 4 года назад @Kornelius Heydrich Maybe Microsoft will put a message on their screen when they log on their computer saying that they can get Windows 10 for free or something like that. I feel bad for anyone that somehow does miss out on this opportunity.
  • Kornelius Heydrich
    Kornelius Heydrich 4 года назад @cpdion Yea I know but I got a feeling some how people with win 8 or 7 already are going to somehow miss this deal
  • PowWowChicken
    PowWowChicken 4 года назад @Edwin Snowden leaks, they are facts and you should keep up with the times and stop being such a stereotype.
  • cpdion
    cpdion 4 года назад @Kornelius Heydrich it didnt even happen yet.
  • Joshua
    Joshua 4 года назад i was not confused by linux. oh, poop. i always confuse linus with linux. When i see linustechtips, i read: linuxtechtips XD Please don't tell my that i am the only one with this weird thing happening.
  • Kornelius Heydrich
    Kornelius Heydrich 4 года назад I feel so sad for those who missed the one year limited deal lol
  • FallenHeavens
    FallenHeavens 4 года назад I actually had to talk to a Microsoft Sales Representative to have them clear this up.
  • cpdion
    cpdion 4 года назад thanks! 
  • Kyan D.
    Kyan D. 4 года назад Hm, thats kinda weird, i guess they need the money
  • Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube 4 года назад yes the process to upgrade will be free for 1 year from release. If after 1 year... you will pay for the os just like any other windows upgrade.
  • Kyan D.
    Kyan D. 4 года назад okay just to be clear, if i have windows 7 and upgrade to windows 10 on release, its free?
  • Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube 4 года назад wow....that's a very "uninformed statement'
  • Rhyan Eddy
    Rhyan Eddy 4 года назад @jacob jacksonsson "if you even need to use anti-virus you don't know what you're doing" If you think saying this means you know what you're doing. You don't know what you're doing. ;) I'm a server technician and data administrator, we >require< an Anti-virus and Anti-malware for the protection and feature suites. Please don't try to sound smart.
  • Earnest Bunbury
    Earnest Bunbury 4 года назад If your current OS is 32 bit, and the fact that this may be installed as an update (win 10 from 8.1 or 7 via the Windows Update app) then having 32 bit on your system at time of release may not be a good thing.
  • Halcyonacoustic
    Halcyonacoustic 4 года назад @TalesOfWar I for one am glad Windows Defender is built separately from the operating system. The one I use (Panda Cloud Antivirus) I picked specifically because it's extremely resource efficient, and a non-removable microsoft antivirus would make that efficiency useless.
  • Anthrax45
    Anthrax45 4 года назад @Andrew Sederholm 32 bit? What do you take me as a peasant? 
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Two random Dudes I think it'll be a like for like exchange, if you upgrade from 32 home basic it only makes sense they'd give you the same version for 10
  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 года назад Huh,thanks!
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @Aspectrum You really think they track the majority of the internet for terorists? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA You're funny. http://abcnews.go.com/News/fbi-losing-battle-stop-isis-radicalization-online/story?id=29241652
  • LD321
    LD321 4 года назад @Randy Randerson dude stop acting like the NSA has some giant room showing every single persons live video camera and crap from there laptop it's not like your special the chances of the government going into your pc specifically is low and even if you did i wouldn't be concerned unless some NSA worker starts trolling me through my webcam and starts controlling my pc. And it's not a secret that the governement can see what your'e doing if they wanted too and i'm sure that countrys like russia and china also have the ability to hack into their people's devices but they are likely not looking into your camera because looking through your specific webcam would be a waste of their time and money and im sure they'd rather go play golf or hack into a suspected terrorist webcam then your's and i you do think that they are watching you your just paranoid.
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @abe mcc Have fun when they change the laws to infringe on your lifestyle and they already have the evidence to prosecute you, or continue to copy Russia by making eveyone a criminal then selectively prosecuting who they don't like.
  • Josef Brink Westergaard
    Josef Brink Westergaard 4 года назад thanks for making it clear :) Was about to go google it.
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @PatrykZ94 not preinstalled though. Like i said, you could just buy a copy in germany (dont know where else as it was said to be only germany). So, no preinstalled crapware.. Do you guys know by any chance what the situation is with win10, cause apparently they have changed their OEM terms a few times. 
  • Abraham
    Abraham 4 года назад @Randy Randerson You're talking about Privacy huh? Well, I might've cared about what you had to say if I cared as much about Privacy as you do. Look, I have nothing to hide from the NSA or the government. I don't care if they know what websites I visit, what I download from those websites, and what I post on those websites. I also don't care if they have my banking and credit card info. and I don't care if they know what I purchase with my credit card. as long as the government is the one keeping my info and not some cyber criminal, I am completely fine with it. Why? because, like I said, I have nothing to hide from them. Now take your tin foil hat off, and stop being so freaking paranoid.
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @abe mcc Keep letting it expand until it infringes on your rights (like it already is). Good job on being part of the problem.
  • timpster
    timpster 4 года назад @Kevin Sheppard "root access to do anything malicious" so... oh just an example... deleting the whole home directory isn't malicious?
  • PatrykZ94
    PatrykZ94 4 года назад @FlighterLuid @fetB Just to clear things off. An OEM licence is bound to the computer (Motherboard to be precise) it is installed on. You can reinstall it on the same computer but you cannot install it on a different one. The OEM key is either printed on a label somewhere on the computer (on laptops it is usually at the bottom) if you have Windows 7 or earlier, and for Windows 8 its even easier because the key is stored in the BIOS and when you are reinstalling Windows 8 it just detects the key and installs the right version for you. You can download the ISO from some websites including directly from Microsoft without the key. I would actually recommed people to reinstall their OEM Windows because you will get a clean system without all the crapware that comes with the pre-installed one. And it is completely legal to do so.
  • Abraham
    Abraham 4 года назад @Randy Randerson Good thing i don't care about the NSA/goverment having backdoors in Windows. :P
  • Treknology
    Treknology 4 года назад @Randy Randerson  There was a hardware/firmware back door on the PC/AT and most clones with BIOS altered by the minimum amount to get around copyright. I saw "modified" version of LapLink that could install itself on the target machine WITHOUT the target having to be pre-configured. This meant that if your 286 was left running, which most people did because the power consumption was so "low" in those days, an auto-answer modem could be fed the right codes to go straight in through your serial port and read/write whatever it wanted. As this news spread throughout the BBS community, one either turned the modem off or deliberately configured it so that the only way it could answer was via software instruction. Whether or not this back door was known to the producers, there is a scene in "The X Files" where Scully's modem answers an incoming call and the computer winds up into full power mode. They may have thought it an interesting fictional device but, having seen it done for real, it wasn't fiction!
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @hub cap source?
  • Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube 4 года назад @Randy Randerson that backdoor has been present since windows xp 
  • GreyMatterProductions
    GreyMatterProductions 4 года назад Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! I'm upgrading the second it comes out. That's what I thought too. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Truth Filter For YouTube
    Truth Filter For YouTube 4 года назад @Edward Weagle this is why you should create backup image of the windows 10 os
  • Ed
    Ed 4 года назад So what if you have windows 7 or 8.1, upgrade to 10 after say 3-6 months after the bugs are worked out.  Then something happens a year later where you need to wipe and re-install windows 7 or 8.1, will you be able to upgrade it even though it is past the 1 year free by microsoft?
  • Phuque Youtube
    Phuque Youtube 4 года назад Thank you! Youre comment is soo much helpful for non-native english speakers!!!
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @HAMTIME It's a kernel operating system, both will be correct. Antivirus is a broad term used to describe an application which patches vulnerabilities in other applications and the OS itself. Also, Apple's Operating Systems (coming in first and second) and Linux (third) are the most vulnerable. http://thehackernews.com/2015/02/vulnerable-operating-system.html?m=1
  • Swifty Cinematics
    Swifty Cinematics 4 года назад @Chris Minors I think they are going to just do a windows update. They confirmed it
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @Helvecio Neto if thats the case, I have another reason to ditch windows
  • Helvecio Neto
    Helvecio Neto 4 года назад @fetB Wrong... OEM, as far as Microsoft EULA reads, means the license is tied to the machine, not to you... the machine crashes and burns, the license burns with it.
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @Hansen Elliott As far as I know (I'm not 100%) it's where you'll receive a key for Windows 10 after confirming you have either Windows 7 or 8.1 with Microsoft. At which point you'll just update (or install to a different partition) like you normally would with Windows OS's.
  • Youtube Li
    Youtube Li 4 года назад Does this mean that they will give me something like an ISO file (so I can dual boot between Windows 7 and 10), or will it completely remove the previous version of Windows from my computer?
  • Swifty Cinematics
    Swifty Cinematics 4 года назад No it means you can upgrade in one year for free and then keep it
  • BoomLiam
    BoomLiam 4 года назад @Streifer Did you read the comment you replied to? If you redeem your copy of Windows 10 within the first year of Windows 10 being released, you get Windows 10 for FREE upgrade FOREVER. NO trial.
  • Steed_Digital
    Steed_Digital 4 года назад @Streifer  do you even know how to clone your HDD/SSD? look into that, cause it makes everything you just said moot.
  • Streifer
    Streifer 4 года назад i rather buy it than get it free, since u can only get it free for a year i wont bother, since if i replace my HD that has my win 7 in it with the free upgrade of win 10 and it happen after a year of win 10 being a free upgrade i wont be able to obtain it and buy it either way, so for me ill just buy it and save me the trouble.
  • woolver42
    woolver42 4 года назад @Chris Minors Thanks.
  • TCVidz
    TCVidz 4 года назад @pokecoop As far as I'm aware (haven't tested in windows vista/7/8: only in XP), 32 bit OSs can run 16 bit programs, which makes them great for running (really) old software and games. I still think a modern, 64 bit OS with windows XP in a virtual machine is the best way to run old stuff, but I guess it depends on how much you're going to be using it.
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @Talon Jones What hasn't? I've said several things, I'm not sure which one you're talking about.
  • Cooper Smolek
    Cooper Smolek 4 года назад @Anthrax I honestly don't think there is a reason for 32-bit based OS's these days, RAM requirements are starting to go past 4 or even 6 GB
  • Dhruv Bhandari
    Dhruv Bhandari 4 года назад Ohh! Thanks..
  • Joseph P
    Joseph P 4 года назад @Anthrax If you have a windows license it can be used for either 32 bit or 64 bit. It has never been locked. Question is if windows 10 is coming with a 32 bit version.  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-faq-system-requirements-pc Since 32 bit is mentioned on there I would assume yes.
  • TyrotoxismResistant
    TyrotoxismResistant 4 года назад @Anthrax  Details about that are still yet to come. They haven't even announced the versions available yet.
  • Snoops
    Snoops 4 года назад Oh my god thank you I never could get a straight non confusing answer for this.
  • Anthrax45
    Anthrax45 4 года назад Will you be able to pick 32 or 64 bit? (That's my only question)
  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 года назад thank you
  • Tomato
    Tomato 4 года назад And it will be paid if you use "Enterprise" edition, which I do use :-(
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @XtremeDrake I think it's going to be similar to the way you upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. So you'd have to install W7/8.1 first then upgrade to Windows 10, or install Windows 10 using an ISO and a generic key then use "slmgr -ipk" to activate it.
  • XtremeDrake
    XtremeDrake 4 года назад I'm assuming if you upgrade to win 10 from 7 or 8, and if u reformat your pc after that 1 year free switchover period you won't be getting win 10 for free, or will u get an oem key when u switch in the first place? Anyone knows?
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @Originality Daniel thats teh thing. If you made the license upgrade before hardware upgrade, this might be an issue as the win7 key becomes invalid (or transferred within their registry or whatever) After it, it wont be a problem (given that legitimacy)
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @Originality Daniel You could do that, as long as it was within the 1yr period.
  • OriginalDan
    OriginalDan 4 года назад What if you replaced your motherboard, installed Windows 7 or 8 as normal then get the free Windows 10 upgrade? i can't see how they'd find a way to stop people from doing that.
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @AZOOZ Faki o.o i never had a bluescreen under 7 that wasnt due to overclocking
  • AZOOZ Faki
    AZOOZ Faki 4 года назад let's hope so cause i really want to upgrade my windows 7 those blue screens are killing me windows 7 sucks at memory management XP
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @AZOOZ Faki I don't know myself but I would assume so.
  • AZOOZ Faki
    AZOOZ Faki 4 года назад is it world wide ?
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @didgitalpunk It's free, that's the point ;)
  • didgitalpunk
    didgitalpunk 4 года назад @Chris Minors well I ain't buyin it! I want a dedicated PC OS, not that multiplatform shit they tried with windows 8, and not what they're selling as "the new best OS!" (remember when they tried that with windows 8 and pretty much all of internet said "haha, nice try microsoft, but we no likey"?)
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 4 года назад @dkapbboy Very sure, they want it to be the OS that pulls Windows 7 users away from windows 7.
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @HUGSaLOT Valkyrie Windows 10 will turn into an 'all-powerful' platform. It will be the last OS released by Microsoft, for phones, PCs, anything. After that it's only updates.
  • dkapbboy
    dkapbboy 4 года назад Are you sure its for Windows 7 users as well? 
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @fetB I can't remember, I may be thinking about something else, I haven't purchased an OEM key in a while. @woolver42 Windows 10 is not going to be subscription based. "There's no subscription model for updates or support or continuing to use the OS. Myerson's reference to Windows "as a service" simply meant that Microsoft plans to update the OS with smaller, more regular updates rather than the big, chunky updates of past Service Packs."
  • Chris Minors
  • woolver42
    woolver42 4 года назад I haven't yet seen any official source to spell it out like the OP. Office 365 is subscription based so I wouldn't be shocked if Win10 is going to be, too. Maybe the update will only be free for the first year after you gave them your credit card info. I'm happy with Win 7 and my current machine wouldn't be able to benefit from Win10 features anyways. So I'll wait and see.
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @FlighterLuid no reinstalling on a machine possible is not correct, afaik. I have a oem win7 (you can buy them in germany without being a builder) and reinstalled a few times without problems. 
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @HUGSaLOT Valkyrie Windows 10 is the last version of Windows...
  • HUGSaLOT Valkyrie
    HUGSaLOT Valkyrie 4 года назад But after 1 year Microsoft will have a new version of windows out by then anyway where it will need to be beta tested by the public.
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @HUGSaLOT Valkyrie All the misinformation is right there. IIRC: 1. The public that tests Windows 10 has to opt into the "fast" upgrade zone, like how Windows 10 TP does the preview builds right now. 2. Keylogging is only in Windows 10 TP, and just because you agree to having your stuff keylogged doesn't mean they are always using it, or are using it at all. 3. Why would you upgrade to Windows 10 at all if what you just said is true?
  • HUGSaLOT Valkyrie
    HUGSaLOT Valkyrie 4 года назад Yes but I don't recomend using windows 10 right away, might wanna wait till the last possible moment to upgrade to 10 for free before getting it. Since Microsoft laid off a HUGE portion of their quality assurance team last year, they are making the public beta test Windows 10 for them. And to do this they are using tracking and keylogging software in windows 10.  So fuck that shit.
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад @fetB OEM allows one installation on one machine. You cannot transfer OEM keys, nor can you reinstall Windows on a machine activated using an OEM key (unless you use Win8 system refresh or whatever it's called.) When you upgrade certain hardware, the key becomes invalid on the same install, I think it was if you upgrade the motherboard and/or CPU, I can't remember.
  • TalesOfWar
    TalesOfWar 4 года назад @Its7up I find it funny how Microsoft have their own AV software. Why not just make Windows more robust and handle that stuff at the OS level rather than requiring some extra crap on top of it all?
  • SangoProductions213
    SangoProductions213 4 года назад I was about to ask, but thanks
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @jacob jacksonsson An antivirus these days encompasses critical tools that patch vulnerabilities. They mostly protect against targeted attacks rather than actual viruses, say if you're running a server on a rig.
  • jacob jacksonsson
    jacob jacksonsson 4 года назад @Its7up technically true. But honestly if you even need to use anti-virus you don't know what you're doing
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @Javier Arroyo No argument being made. 
  • jacob jacksonsson
    jacob jacksonsson 4 года назад Yeah, if you buy a pre-made pc with legit win 7-8on it you can upgrade. If you are starting with no os you must buy 10 if you want it
  • fetB
    fetB 4 года назад @FlighterLuid hold on, does that mean when you change the hardware (upgrade) the win license become invalid? Afaik, OEM just means you cant install multiple at the same time, not that it becomes ivalid when changing the machine
  • jacob jacksonsson
    jacob jacksonsson 4 года назад I thought win. 8 got it forever
  • Javier Arroyo
    Javier Arroyo 4 года назад @Its7up shut up child
  • Robert S.
    Robert S. 4 года назад Thanks, that was somewhat confusing me.
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @1PKFilms Could be exploited by NSA. Has a centralized data distribution centre (AppStore basically), connected to the internet, able to download programs left and right, and also doesn't come with an inbuilt antivirus.
  • Admiral_Awesome
    Admiral_Awesome 4 года назад ahh thanks for the clarity. I heard about it for a while but wasn't sure if it was for 1 year or forever
  • 1PKFilms
    1PKFilms 4 года назад @Its7up Linux?!
  • Its7up
    Its7up 4 года назад @Randy Randerson If you can list one operating system that couldn't be exploited by NSA then I will do nothing.
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад @Edwin There's tons of info about MS and the NSA working together out there. We already know there are backdoors in windows 8 http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/08/22/nsa-windows-8-exploit/
  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever 4 года назад Good that someone explained. It actually sounds almost everywhere I've looked like it was a trial.
  • Wes Jr
    Wes Jr 4 года назад Thanks for clearing that up ☺ it confused a bit. Saved me the hassle of looking it up
  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 4 года назад Too bad it has built in backdoors for ms and the government
  • Earnest Bunbury
    Earnest Bunbury 4 года назад @Nickboy566's Channel Thanks! :-)
  • FlighterLuid
    FlighterLuid 4 года назад But the Windows 10 activation will only last on the computers you upgrade from Windows 7+8.1, you can't use your key from an old computer to a new one after the 1yr, kind of like how Windows OEM keys work.
  • Earnest Bunbury
    Earnest Bunbury 4 года назад true, tru, treu!
  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 3 года назад The reason why microsoft skipped windows 9: Because 7 ate 9. Sorry, had to.
  • Da Channel of Wisdom aka IPSoft Creations
    Da Channel of Wisdom aka IPSoft Creations 4 недели назад Practically windows 9 will not be compatible with any programs. Because windows 95 and 98 are registered as 9x. 9x also means 9. So programs are not designed to detect windows 9
  • [GD] Pythonbites
    [GD] Pythonbites 4 месяца назад go be death'd
    SONIC. EXE 7 месяцев назад @Alex B. 95-98-me is 4.x vesion Xp is 5.1 vesion VistA - eight point one is 6.x vesion TEN!!! is 10.x vesion
    SONIC. EXE 7 месяцев назад @George Velkov because win9x released
  • Crazyman109
    Crazyman109 11 месяцев назад Win xp
  • Riyo Septian Perdana
    Riyo Septian Perdana Год назад because of windows 9x
  • josh sanderson
    josh sanderson Год назад well no your wrong, remember Linus's video about the windows 9 that normal consumers cant get their hands on? wrong
  • Lil chapstick aka yung dimentia
    Lil chapstick aka yung dimentia Год назад That is the official reason they gave lmao
  • Kooldude183's Gaming Channel
    Kooldude183's Gaming Channel Год назад We should also say the same for the iPhone 9.
  • ajddavid452
    ajddavid452 Год назад actually the real reason is because how windows version detection works specifically for windows 95 and 98, because people are lazy they ombined both of them into "Windows 9", so when microsoft was testing windows 9, programs thought that windows 9 was either windows 95 or 98 making those programs unusable, the easiest way to fix it was to skip 9 and make it 10
  • Gauge
    Gauge 2 года назад in binary or whatever
  • Gauge
    Gauge 2 года назад wasn't that the true answer on the employee's shirts ages ago.
  • MemesTV
    MemesTV 2 года назад Or windows 8 (and 8.1) wanted to fuck off windows 9 and windows 9 lose the battle secretly
  • Ashil
    Ashil 2 года назад its because 9 is gay
  • Trenzinho da Alegria
    Trenzinho da Alegria 2 года назад Mac OSX is actually OS10 (X = 10). And I think that Microsoft is following this route of staying at 10 forever. And it will still be improved but the brand will remain the same and computers that already have it are going to be upgraded for free. (You still have to pay if you want to install it on a new machine because Windows becomes associated with the motherboard, you can change HDDs however you cannot change motherboards).
    DJ LETS SA 2 года назад windows 9 was released as win 8.1
  • David Linnik
    David Linnik 2 года назад Shiva Rampersaud эх
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 2 года назад (изменено) @The One And Maybe Only Tech Channel Yep.. That's the truth.. (Oh shit.. I just re-read that and it kinda sounded like sarcasm.... It wasn't.....)
  • Siam Alam
    Siam Alam 2 года назад omg my school teacher once asked me "can you tell why 9 is scared of 7". And I said "I don't know". He replied "It's because 7 ate 9". Then I laughed . Oh wow! you also know this thing.
  • The Doofus Channel
    The Doofus Channel 2 года назад I'm pretty sure that's actually an Easter Egg thing
  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 2 года назад buzz kill
  • Logan Cochran
    Logan Cochran 2 года назад The actual reason: Programs would actually think your running Windows 95/98
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 2 года назад I have both
  • MetroShock
    MetroShock 2 года назад +muhammad aswin no Microsoft specifically said "because 7 ate 9"
  • muhammad aswin
    muhammad aswin 2 года назад Windows 9 was availabe on Windows phone
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 2 года назад @Alex Ban 😂😂😂😂 I never realized that😂😂😂😂
  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 2 года назад That'd be a lot funnier if windows 8 was windows 2 and windows 10 was windows 4
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 3 года назад Damn that was corny
  • osru
    osru 3 года назад 7 IS 9.
  • scoobert doobert
    scoobert doobert 3 года назад 7,8,9
  • George Velkov
    George Velkov 3 года назад @Joseph Taylor Mac user confirmed?
  • SeggledFade
    SeggledFade 3 года назад It's actually due to some coding. The code below would give support to Windows 95 and Windows 98. But wouldn't work on Windows 9. That's probably why they skipped it. if(system.getVersion().startsWith("9")){
  • George Velkov
    George Velkov 3 года назад @Joseph Taylor​ Nope, everyone are saying that 8.1 was practically 9.
  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 3 года назад @George Velkov​ Youre clearly a Mac user
  • George Velkov
    George Velkov 3 года назад +Joseph Taylor windows 8.1 is basically Windows 9. Sorry, had to mention it.
  • Jose Cervantes
    Jose Cervantes 3 года назад yea win 7 was that good :)
  • NoName
    NoName 2 года назад Windows 10: So good you will finally install Linux.
  • Tina G
    Tina G 7 месяцев назад 😄😍 100% 🇷🇪🇸🇪🇹 𝐀𝐧𝐲 🇼🇮🇳🇩🇴🇼🇸 🇵🇦🇸🇸🇼🇴🇷🇩.𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐞: 𝐗𝐏 + 🇻🇮🇸🇹🇦 + 🇼🇮🇳7 + 𝟖 + 𝟏𝟎" > https://t.co/VRHaESjavL?KHvQVZSUbesa
  • SergioFLS
    SergioFLS 7 месяцев назад ay uss arrk btw
  • Gameming Tech Project
    Gameming Tech Project 8 месяцев назад LoL 2 years from now
  • Range Rover
    Range Rover Год назад Ethan J. Campbell [Froid L'esprit] I have an iPhone bruh 😎
  • mozardthebest
    mozardthebest Год назад Ethan J. Campbell [Froid L'esprit] Who cares if the internet runs on Linux? I'm not running the internet, I'm using a personal computer and Linux is shit at doing that effectively.
  • NoName
    NoName 2 года назад And your own government isn't? And na, I don't have a cellphone. Screw that noise.
  • Ticko
    Ticko 2 года назад nice poem bro
  • Master Xehanort
    Master Xehanort 2 года назад +8BitSloth Spy? I really don't care anyways Cuz what do they want with me anyways Give them some Overwatch tips or Smite tips And FYI They spy on you as well Your phone is probably hacked by the NSA and buddy I live in Singapore so The NSA can't reach me there
  • NoName
    NoName 2 года назад +Master Xehanort Well kiddo, I cannot help you don't understand how an OS works enough to know that the strangle hold Microsoft has on gaming with it's DirectX partnerships is one reason people want games to move to an open source platform. But if you're happy living with an OS that spys on you, has NSA backdoors, and shows you more ads than a shady porn website, then you're happy. The rest of us will be over here working with companies to get more software ported over so we can take Microsoft's microshaft out of our asses.
  • Master Ejura
    Master Ejura 2 года назад +Master Xehanort I haven't played a single game since I was 10, PC or otherwise. I instead spend that time doing homework, and YouTube and Quora are enough entertainment for me. And Linux actually runs 80% of the cloud's infrastructure. If you use a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then your data is being stored on Linux servers. For Microsoft Azure, they're actually moving away from Windows in favor of it. And Linux is safer for software developers, with it being the easiest to set up an IDE in. Your router is probably Linux or Unix. And your Android phone? The Linux kernel with Google libs and tools.
  • Master Xehanort
    Master Xehanort 2 года назад +DoomMan899 Excuse me I have a clean 5 o'clock shadow and a slender build and I run everyday at 7 to 9 everyday So you are wrong
  • Master Xehanort
    Master Xehanort 2 года назад +DoomMan899 I'll have you know that video games is life Linux are for fat neckbeards
  • austin konrad
    austin konrad 2 года назад not a gamer. It's far better than windows for what I use it for.
  • Master Xehanort
    Master Xehanort 2 года назад You mean that piece of shit OS that doesn't do shit for gaming Not thanks Keep your shitty OS to yourself
  • austin konrad
    austin konrad 2 года назад just switched to eos, loving.
  • CaptainApathetic
    CaptainApathetic 2 года назад Arch and Gentoo bby
  • Master Ejura
    Master Ejura 2 года назад Normally I'm pro-Linux, but the new Bash on Ubuntu on Windows feature is amazing.
  • Numbered
    Numbered 2 года назад I actually did that thanks to it being not as lightweight as windows 8
  • Drop Down
    Drop Down 3 года назад The only reason most of us upgraded to Win 10 is DX 12 and nothing else.
  • Mariann Mariann
    Mariann Mariann 4 месяца назад I did it for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Erik Askerov
    Erik Askerov Год назад (изменено) Audentes Fortuna Iuvat no I really like the UI and general look, windows 7 is ugly.
  • Random YT Channel
    Random YT Channel Год назад Directx 12 is crap... better get lower latency using Directx 11 on windows 7 pro 64bit .. that why windows 7 is over 199$ and windows 10 is free for the stupid ppl that are being fooled
  • Katsuragi
    Katsuragi 2 года назад There is a reason for that if you're generally playing Borderless window. Windows 8 and upwards actually understands when you're playing a game and gives control up of your GPU while you're gaming. (roughly said)
  • Sraigius
    Sraigius 2 года назад If you ask me, the games that used to perform slightly worse on Windows 7 with my rig (GTA 5, Far Cry 4, The Evil Within,Crysis 3), runs much better once Iupgraded to Windows 10, 4-5 FPS increase in ALL OF THOSE titles (except Crysis 3, the improve is a mere 3 fps more, but still, IT'S SOMETHING!!), so yaa, I think Windows 10 is a damn good OS (if you disable Cortana and all the other shady shit, and you sign in with a local account , and not with Xbox account).
  • Justin
    Justin 2 года назад +Harsh Thakur Surprisingly, I never ran into too many bugs. I actually quite enjoy Windows 10
  • Harsh Thakur
    Harsh Thakur 2 года назад +Meme Mix Window 10 is free only for a year. They reason people hate windows 10 is because although it has lot of new features, the OS itself buggy. It's not yet ready to deploy on production floor.
  • Joe Federico
    Joe Federico 2 года назад +Joe Federico not*
  • Joe Federico
    Joe Federico 2 года назад +Chris Frank (chrisfratz) why bot use a virtual machien
  • Chris
    Chris 2 года назад I'm hoping to go back to 7 just so I can play half-life 1 without the frame rate dropping into the single digits
  • MrGollum1996
    MrGollum1996 2 года назад +MrGollum1996 12*
  • MrGollum1996
    MrGollum1996 2 года назад i bought a new pc. it only was available with win10. thats my reason. not dx13
  • Elyad G.
    Elyad G. 2 года назад Don't Forget .FLAC Loseless audio
  • zxn6869
    zxn6869 3 года назад nothing run on d12 flawlessly yet so forget it
  • Keyon Maz
    Keyon Maz 3 года назад exactly
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @Ryυ Mα†øï I'm confused because if you use Windows 10, you'll have both DirectX 12 and Vulkan. And given the sheer impetus behind DirectX, it's practically guaranteed that it's still going to be a common API for gaming. Khronos Group needs to do a lot of convincing that their option is the better one, all whilst Microsoft pours millions into pushing DirectX. We might see adoption from engines that already have cross-platform targets, like Unity, but beyond that, especially AAA titles...I'm doubtful. Very much so.
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @Ryυ Mα†øï O.o Vulkan is cross-platform though.
  • danwithjesus
    danwithjesus 3 года назад +lies damnlies well...that's why i posted here...mentioning that windows 10 has no improvement over the boot time...in my case anyways...and that i bought win10 hoping for it being faster despite that my win8.1 was not activated for the whole time i had it on the same hardware 😃😊..
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @danwithjesus   Uhhhh...in that case you should be booting in seconds...so why do you care? :P
  • danwithjesus
    danwithjesus 3 года назад +lies damnlies Lol...i don't actually have the worst hardware...i have sata3...and an ssd...crosshair 5 formula z and kingston hyperx 3k 240gb.😉😊
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад +danwithjesus Then you heard wrong. I feel like a broken record here but...that's not how that works. You want faster boot times? Replace your mobo with one that has SATA3 connectors and get an SSD. Or a hybrid drive.
  • danwithjesus
    danwithjesus 3 года назад +lies damnlies Well...i have the same hardware as i had on Win8.1...but i heard that win10 will be faster...to my surprise....is the opposite...at least in my case...my windows is activated...ironic that win8.1 was not..
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @danwithjesus  Why in the world would upgrading your OS and not your hardware result in a faster boot time? That's...not how that works.
  • danwithjesus
    danwithjesus 3 года назад +jimmyking92 OK...i upgraded my windows from 8.1 to 10...is true that one reason is because of dx12 that my hardware can handle(future proof)....but i was hoping is also faster(i mean here boot up) and more reliable...it turns out is only for dx12 like you said...i'm not impressed with windows 10...besides i "see" it already had bad reviews about its privacy issue...
  • דורון פדר
    דורון פדר 3 года назад +jimmyking92 yes... and the fact that they release xbox games to win10
  • OuTDARed
    OuTDARed 3 года назад +jimmyking92 I did it because I was sick of 8
  • durai prasanth
    durai prasanth 3 года назад Ha Ha absolutely
  • mkfanforever58
    mkfanforever58 3 года назад @lies damnlies lol, I was about to say. Sorry that I didn't get the joke.
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @mkfanforever58 O.o It doesn't. That statement was sarcastic.
  • mkfanforever58
    mkfanforever58 3 года назад @mcfansrandomvids late reply, but I was wondering why it loaded porn faster than just regular videos.
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад @So Many Poops Plus, Microsoft gave it to everyone for free. They gave it to everyone who already owned Windows 7 or 8 free. World of difference.
  • Creamed Corns
    Creamed Corns 3 года назад @кондратиниус Why are people acting as if Windows 10 is the worst thing ever? Sure, it's not as good as Windows 7, but it sure beats the fuck out of Windows 8. Plus, Microsoft gave it to everyone for free. I really don't understand all of the hate behind it.
  • Kulagin
    Kulagin 3 года назад +jimmyking92 haha. I don't think so. Only PR victims switched to Windows 10 after it has been released because of DX, Cortana and other shit. Right after I've installed Windows 10, I've turned off Cortana, metro stuff and all windows 10 applications, and tonns of other useless advertised shit like Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. I've even deleted calc.exe of Windows 10 and got back my default calc.exe from Windows 7. How many games you've played on DX12? How many hours you're played on DX12? I've switched to windows 10 for my own reasons and these reasons haven't been adversited anywhere on the internet. I've switched to windows 10 in January 2016.
  • lies damnlies
    lies damnlies 3 года назад +jimmyking92 Two reasons. The other one is staying ahead of security issues. But yeah, other than that and DX 10...can't think of a thing. And maybe we'll all get lucky and Vulkan will become dominant. That'd be awesome.
  • Erics email
    Erics email 3 года назад direct x 12 is the one and only reason otherwise id be using 7 till 2020
  • MetaCubed
    MetaCubed 3 года назад +jimmyking92 yup
  • mcfansrandomvids
    mcfansrandomvids 3 года назад @Basement Dweller I don't think s/he cares
  • Montaro
    Montaro 3 года назад +Basement Dweller how typical of you
  • mcfansrandomvids
    mcfansrandomvids 3 года назад +mkfanforever58 Why NOT porn? xD (I'm gonna regret saying that wont I)
  • mkfanforever58
    mkfanforever58 3 года назад +YOLO Batman Why porn specifically? lol
  • Bag Man
    Bag Man 3 года назад i heard Win 10 and dx12 load porn faster than 7 or 8.
  • Jett Aniceto
    Jett Aniceto 3 года назад Me 2 also use spybot anti beacon
  • Jett Aniceto
    Jett Aniceto 3 года назад I did it for everything performance related
  • rashid alhusan
    rashid alhusan 3 года назад +Saturnia Regna i feel sorry for you.
  • Saturnia Regna
    Saturnia Regna 3 года назад +jimmyking92 Wrong. I did it for Cortana. She is the love of my life.
  • Boop2133
    Boop2133 3 года назад Where is windows 9 you ask? It is simple. Let me show you why. Windows 9 Nein Hitler Hitler had a fear of cats Cats Boots and cats and boots and cats The fattest cat in the world is 21 kilograms. 21 There is 21 sides on a dice Dice Dice rhymes with the word explosive device Hitler used explosive devices Explosive Explosive has 9 letters Microsoft has 9 letters 9+9=18 There can be 18 holes in a golf course Golf Golf rhymes with the word Rolf Rolf Rolf Harrison has only 1 nose Windows 9 is 1 after Windows 8 Is this why they skipped windows 9? Lets work it out Windows skipped he 9th version, you know what likes to skip? Kangaroos, Kangaroos are brown, Do you know what else is brown? Lather, Lather comes from cows, Cows say moo, Moo rhymes with the word new, Windows 10 is new, this means that windows 9 is old. We now have confirmed why there is no windows 9.
  • Moe
    Moe Год назад You got it from peladaphobian
  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge Год назад Boop2133 3
  • Chakky
    Chakky Год назад ?????
  • Meow? Meow.
    Meow? Meow. Год назад What kind of die has 21 sides?!
  • NEY Industries
    NEY Industries 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Windows Nein FTW! \0
  • dragan176
    dragan176 3 года назад +Sergei Kulagin The funny thing is exactly that he doesn't come to any sensible conclusion
  • Kenji Gunawan
    Kenji Gunawan 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Intelligence 404
  • Sourav Bagchi
    Sourav Bagchi 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Coding problem If windows version starts with 9 Windows 95, 98
  • Sam van der Kris
    Sam van der Kris 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 It's because 7 8 9. (OLD JOKE)
  • Kulagin
    Kulagin 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 I don't get it. "Let me show you why. Windows 9". It doesn't show or explain where is windows 9. As I understand there is no Windows 9 because seven ate nine or because Windows 8.1 it is Windows 9... But I still didn't get the joke or whatever that was when you said:"Let me show you why. Windows 9".
  • ostensible263
    ostensible263 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Lol. 2 minutes of time waste that I actually enjoyed.
  • B vn
    B vn 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 google all windows lol windows 1 , 2 ,3 and so on
  • alexmania1998
    alexmania1998 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 I don't get it.
  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 because 789
  • Mohammed Yousif
    Mohammed Yousif 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 it's probably the same reason why windows 99 didn't exist :)
  • Josh Meadows
    Josh Meadows 3 года назад I love cats:)
  • Kip Kennedy
    Kip Kennedy 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Can you somehow link the confederate flag and the illuminati with Windows ? Please please..
  • petacreepers23
    petacreepers23 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 excelent
  • Silv3rGunna
    Silv3rGunna 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 im glad you wasted more time writing this than me reading this.
  • Shehzad Azeem
    Shehzad Azeem 3 года назад oh man ....... nice
  • PhantomEagle
    PhantomEagle 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 Or. 7 8 9. Or Windows 8.1 is Windows 9. 8+1= 9
  • etmax1
    etmax1 3 года назад +greenbannanna123 :-) terrible spelling/grammar
  • H Koizumi
    H Koizumi 3 года назад @greenbannanna123 Because 7 8 9. Get it? Seven ate nine? Okay... I'll shut up...
  • TheTechn0mancer
    TheTechn0mancer 3 года назад how much time did that take you
  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 3 года назад Because of interference from Windows 98 code
  • Sweast
    Sweast 3 года назад Anyone else still running Windows 7 Ultimate?
  • Circle Master
    Circle Master 4 месяца назад XP here
  • Nischal Subedi
    Nischal Subedi 9 месяцев назад Me!
  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 9 месяцев назад Im running Windows 7 Premium
  • Thiện Nguyễn Nhật
    Thiện Nguyễn Nhật 10 месяцев назад me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nischal Subedi
    Nischal Subedi 10 месяцев назад Yup still on it!
  • daydodog
    daydodog 11 месяцев назад PFFT, not running Enterprise, what a noob.
  • DarkMaster125
    DarkMaster125 Год назад TheespaceCatt Well I am But! For 3 days I will Upgrade TO WINDOWS 10 CUZ ITS GREAT
  • Apolox Gamer
    Apolox Gamer Год назад windows xp XD
  • llama boy84
    llama boy84 Год назад No
  • ghost sd
    ghost sd Год назад 🖐🏼
  • QuikTv
    QuikTv Год назад Windows 7 pro
  • Luigi And Yoshi
    Luigi And Yoshi Год назад TheespaceCatt meh
  • Green as Leo
    Green as Leo Год назад TheespaceCatt I do and funny thing we tried to download windows 10 but it had a error so window 7 forever!
  • DarkBrave_
    DarkBrave_ Год назад UPGRADE TO WIN 10!
  • Huỳnh Thuận
    Huỳnh Thuận Год назад Me
  • Pranav appu
    Pranav appu Год назад Truth
  • Pranav appu
    Pranav appu Год назад Me.. 32-bit Win7 with Win10 on a virtualbox platform
  • Tao Tao
    Tao Tao Год назад Windows XP lmao
  • R3dPl4X
    R3dPl4X Год назад TheespaceCatt Windows 8.1 haha
  • PhotoJourney102 Mail
    PhotoJourney102 Mail 2 года назад Server 2012 R2 haha
  • Mark Alelen
    Mark Alelen 2 года назад I went from Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro :)
  • danielgartin6993
    danielgartin6993 2 года назад i have it in VMWare alongside Windows 10
  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle 2 года назад No I run Linux. No problems now. :)
  • Baiet Simpson
    Baiet Simpson 2 года назад Windows 7 pro
  • Mac E
    Mac E 2 года назад Win 7 Ultimate for the win, Win 10 spies on its users.
  • Anthony Dalamagas
    Anthony Dalamagas 2 года назад Me B-)
  • Maurice Rainey
    Maurice Rainey 2 года назад @Jennifer Cruz I love 8.1 to
  • Hibou-53 X
    Hibou-53 X 2 года назад Yes the best operathing system...64bits!
  • jinyi tao
    jinyi tao 2 года назад When ever I upgarde to windows 10, it will start crashing...So I stucj at windows 7 after a few trys...
  • Pierre Delplanque
    Pierre Delplanque 2 года назад Enterprise. But it's about the same anyway. I like the name :P
  • Rydon378
    Rydon378 2 года назад I just kept Windows 7 and installed Windows 10 on another drive.
  • Ludwig
    Ludwig 2 года назад I'll be running 7 up til 2020, at least Then I'll probably go to 8.1. Many games aren't compatible with 10, so fuck that.
  • Baiet Simpson
    Baiet Simpson 2 года назад I am going back to Windows 7 Ultimate soon
  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz 2 года назад @Maurice Rainey Windows 10 "loves" you much more.
  • Maurice Rainey
    Maurice Rainey 2 года назад +Gökhan Gürkan I love windows 10
  • Marius A
    Marius A 2 года назад +arcanus55 Yeah, I'll stay with win7 probably until 2020 while it's kept updated.
  • arcanus55
    arcanus55 2 года назад It's my last Windows OS. I'll never install another Windows operating system for personal use.
  • Harrison Jackson
    Harrison Jackson 2 года назад Professional but win 7 still and I love it
  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz 3 года назад My cat.
  • zxn6869
    zxn6869 3 года назад me
  • Edwardify
    Edwardify 3 года назад Windows 7 is the best by far!
  • camrjamer
    camrjamer 3 года назад I refuse to leave it :-) it's still the best OS by far
  • Edwardify
    Edwardify 3 года назад Of course !!! It's the best
  • Marius A
    Marius A 3 года назад Yes I'm sticking with Windows 7 Ultimate, no thanks Windows 10
  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz 3 года назад Gokhan it's not cool to misspell "because" and "cause". It's kiddish.
  • cuk
    cuk 3 года назад @Gökhan Gürkan millions, not billions. lol.
  • Crash
    Crash 3 года назад Windows 7 pro
  • Hand of Fate1315
    Hand of Fate1315 3 года назад My computer updated automatically.
  • Domestos Bleach
    Domestos Bleach 3 года назад Same over here, I can't even upgrade to win 10 since somebody( Sony) said vaio laptops will not be available for Windows 10
  • Forest Noise
    Forest Noise 3 года назад guys guys you made my day :))
  • Colox
    Colox 3 года назад +TheespaceCatt Me too!
  • Erox
    Erox 3 года назад +TheespaceCatt yes ...... we are ... by we , I mean nearly 60 percent of "above xp" users :) ........ worldwide :D
  • Merobieboy
    Merobieboy 3 года назад Fuck Win7.. Lets install Win8 or Win10 instead!
  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 года назад +PianoVideosJustForU (PVJFU) Exactly
  • PianoVideosJustForU
    PianoVideosJustForU 3 года назад @UltimatePotato Dude There's lots of features removed and some things run slower. Boot times don't matter to me, ethier keep your PC on or make a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer that) while it's booting.
  • UltimatePotato Dude
    UltimatePotato Dude 3 года назад @PianoVideosJustForU doesn't make any real difference to me, since everything works just like win 7. and just the much better boot times in 8.1 make me prefer it.
  • PianoVideosJustForU
    PianoVideosJustForU 3 года назад I already have that installed. Windows 8 still sucks.
  • UltimatePotato Dude
    UltimatePotato Dude 3 года назад +PianoVideosJustForU (PVJFU) Download the classic shell mod for 8.1. completely safe mod that makes 8.1 function just like windows 7 with no retarded mobile start menu. i have the boot times of 8.1 with the functionality of win 7
  • BoomerUniverse
    BoomerUniverse 3 года назад @Your Average Grammar Nazi Mine also, but Professional
  • IHateNumbers234
    IHateNumbers234 3 года назад My school.
  • PianoVideosJustForU
    PianoVideosJustForU 3 года назад +Theespace Catt I will be in 2017, my future rig will have Windows 7, currently stuck on 8.1 atm. :\
  • BoomerUniverse
    BoomerUniverse 3 года назад +Theespace Catt guilty
  • alexmania1998
    alexmania1998 3 года назад @Luka Gamer riiiight
  • Daedric Jarl
    Daedric Jarl 3 года назад +Theespace Catt yup
  • thetomatito2
    thetomatito2 3 года назад Windows xp 32bits here xD
  • Jezza
    Jezza 3 года назад Am the only one who likes and still uses Windows 7???
  • Johnny Gee Jr
    Johnny Gee Jr 7 месяцев назад so do I old micro is up to their old bull putting out crap and we have to fix it !!!
  • Gameming Tech Project
    Gameming Tech Project 8 месяцев назад Windows 7 still useable but Microsoft had stopped, update new features content already cuz have windows 10 from the letters generations of Microsoft Windows as well.
  • Toastee
    Toastee 9 месяцев назад windows 7 is good but I prefer 10. everything looks much nicer and there's almost no issues or lag, besides the normal issues you get on any operating system.
  • Sir Chao
    Sir Chao Год назад Jezza I still use windows 7
  • J Patel
    J Patel Год назад Jezza I use win xp pro
  • Deepak .D
    Deepak .D Год назад Jezza :3 i downgraded windows 10 to windows 7 because i dont like win 10
  • Random YT Channel
    Random YT Channel Год назад (изменено) people who want to use the Masterpiece called windows 7 64bit . its a little bit complicated but not imposible coming back from 8 or 10 u gotta delete all partition on your HDD before isntalling win 7 and must run on Legacy mode (not uefi one) the windows 7 DVD. the windows 7 dvd is easy to get n download. and to activate it use windows loader by daz or KMS piko
  • Random YT Channel
    Random YT Channel Год назад (изменено) No . only wise people uses windows 7. Pc gamer i7700K gtx1080ti samsung Evo960pro and 64gb ram.. for gaming world tournaments has windows 7 pro 64 bit.. u can check up and research.., windows 7 has the less latency for games. windows 7 do not have compatibility problems either. is 100% stable ull need a decent antivirus tho like Kaspersky and addBlocker like Ublock Origin
  • G G
    G G Год назад Jezza :3 You're not alone. Though I wish my Windows 7 was still here 😢 Now I use 8.
  • NKN
    NKN 3 года назад nope ur not
  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 3 года назад @Angad Dhawan I never have, I've been upgraded since July 29, 2015.
  • Angad Dhawan
    Angad Dhawan 3 года назад U will regret it!
  • Jezza
    Jezza 3 года назад Now I am using Windows 10, I got that digital entitlement thing.
  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 3 года назад @Siv 240p you can still get the full screen start on Windows 10.
  • Super Stalin
    Super Stalin 3 года назад I use 8.1 and its really good for me.I like the full screen menu.
  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 3 года назад +That Panda Named Glenn (Eso Panda Nombrado Glenn) I still like 7, I just like 10 more.
  • Ride On Time
    Ride On Time 3 года назад I dual boot xp and 7
  • Jezza
    Jezza 3 года назад @Zawad Munshi Ok, thanks for reassuring me that I wasn't the last and only one. 
  • Zawad Munshi
    Zawad Munshi 3 года назад No... My friend still uses win 7 and btw....the last version of Windows I used was VISTA..and it wasn't really that bad! I'm gonna go back to my 2006 HP laptop....
  • Puff Man Bob
    Puff Man Bob 3 года назад I personally like Windows 10 am I the only one? it doesn't lag at all for me, is it just me? AM I THE ONLY ONE?
  • Kanzaini
    Kanzaini 3 месяца назад @χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ No
  • χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ
    χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ 3 месяца назад Yes
  • Noobyz
    Noobyz 4 месяца назад I love windows 10
  • Kanzaini
    Kanzaini 4 месяца назад Yeah it works perfectly for me as well
  • Saba Gamer
    Saba Gamer 7 месяцев назад Same
  • Alex
    Alex 7 месяцев назад hopefully
  • Toastee
    Toastee 9 месяцев назад I have literally no issues with it and the UI is so much cleaner than windows 7 and 8.
  • SlimeBuildingBlocks
    SlimeBuildingBlocks Год назад I like it
  • Random YT Channel
    Random YT Channel Год назад there are always a bronze tier on all games.. they are called window 10 users or just some dumb minecraft players.. or just people that is stupid asf to chose the worst then they can have better things..
  • Master Ejura
    Master Ejura 2 года назад You aren't alone. I only use Linux on my secondary machine.
  • Ayush rawat
    Ayush rawat 2 года назад Puff man Bob no I m quite happy with windows 10.No problem till now!!
  • Ayush rawat
    Ayush rawat 2 года назад rexydallas8D actually Microsoft made it clear why they are giving free updates.They said most of their profit comes from Bulk of keys taken by Laptop OEMs.So they dont get much profit from individuals buying.And they said most of them pirated it leading to bad image of the software.Therefore they made it free for limited time.And they sending data is that it actually just anonymous data telling which feature is used and which not.Also crash report data and general performance data.Actually they use your data for just improving windows 10 experience not selling it.Microsoft top execs. have said it before.
  • rexydallas8D
    rexydallas8D 2 года назад (изменено) @://ReaperReaper   I've seen a video of someone unable to disable all of the settingws, and I have seen a video of it contacting multiple microsoft-related servers while all of the settings were off. Also, they still wouldn't be that desperate to give something away for free (even putting it as a recommended update, and making the close button mean "yes" in the upgrade dialog) unless they had another way to profit. Tracking is the only other way they could profit.
  • ://ReaperReaper
    ://ReaperReaper 2 года назад @rexydallas8D God, you're one of those tin hat morons that did no research into it other than a knee jerk article by a company that isn't reliable for tech news, assuming you did any research. Microsoft offered Windows 10 for free as a publicity stunt, and to remove the user base for operating systems that are now wastes of money to support. Microsoft also made clear that they intend on putting focus more onto their services, and offering Windows as a service for those that don't want to buy a license for the price. It all can be disabled. Home users have to visit the registery for some options that exist in every modern operating system, but none of it is mandatory. There is no keylogger. If there were, the EU would not allow the operating system in any European nation, same with most Asian and Southern American countries, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
  • rexydallas8D
    rexydallas8D 2 года назад (изменено) @://ReaperReaper  It can't be disabled.. Some of the settings are locked unless you're an enterprise user. And yes, there is a keylogger. Windows 10 still sends your data to microsoft even if you disable those settings. Plus, you can't disable updating, and they used some pretty underhanded tactics to upgrade users. (windows 7 automatically updating to windows 10, anyone?) Why would they disable updating, and why would they use such underhanded tactics, risking the reputation they took so long to get? Also, why would they offer it for free unless there was another way to get money? Tracking is another way to get money.
  • ://ReaperReaper
    ://ReaperReaper 2 года назад @rexydallas8D There is no keylogger, the only information collected in anonymized, and it all can be disabled.
  • rexydallas8D
    rexydallas8D 2 года назад (изменено) @://ReaperReaper There's a difference between (disablable) cookies on a browser on your website and a (undisablable) OS-wide keylogger and tracking...
  • ://ReaperReaper
    ://ReaperReaper 2 года назад @rexydallas8D Unless you're saying you hate anything tied to Google, including YouTube, you fall into the category of people that are actually being actively tracked by a corporation.
  • Mir AlmAs HosSain
    Mir AlmAs HosSain 2 года назад no buddy ... i like it also :D
  • rexydallas8D
    rexydallas8D 2 года назад Yeah, you're one of the few people that enjoy tracking and keyloggers! :DD
  • CrusaderMC
    CrusaderMC 2 года назад No
  • ://ReaperReaper
    ://ReaperReaper 2 года назад @Peter Leconte Someone prefering open source doesn't mean they'll automatically want to try one OS at the risk of corrupting another one that already meets their needs, just for the sake of it being open source, especially if the open source OS doesn't have a decent equivalent to a Windows program.
  • Peter Leconte
    Peter Leconte 2 года назад It was a quick comment. The last one, duh!? Windows get used more so it has more of everything. Doesn't matter what... And still Linux has 90% programs for it, is open-source. Except steam and skype etc but I mean directly ment to Linux. I replied to a comment that said he liked open source and thats why he never tried Linux before. That doesnt make any sense...
  • ://ReaperReaper
    ://ReaperReaper 2 года назад + Peter Leconte Most Linux distros worth a damn have some propietary coding thrown in the mix, and the selection of open sourced software available to Windows natively is more than that to any software available to any single distro.
  • Ludwig
    Ludwig 2 года назад Many people don't care about privacy, so no, you're not the only one
  • Peter Leconte
    Peter Leconte 2 года назад Linux is open-source. Windows is closed. Your comment made no sence...
  • H Koizumi
    H Koizumi 2 года назад It's a great OS. Best I had since Windows XP to be honest. Aside from disabling the telemetry services, the OS is light weight and performs nicely. It's a shame people would stick with buzz words and judge this OS.
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 2 года назад I prefer open source, and since I've never tried Linux, that's probably why I prefer Windows 10
  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 2 года назад I like it
  • Melanie Jason
    Melanie Jason 3 года назад love it
  • Zugidor
    Zugidor 3 года назад Same here, it's perfect for me apart from the occasional (and by that I mean 1 in every few hundred launches) game crashes
  • Alexander Larsen
    Alexander Larsen 3 года назад but we already have a "task view" it's called Alt-Tab
  • Alec Martinez
    Alec Martinez 2 года назад +Cyortonic if you hold alt after tabbing (since 7 at least) it shows all your open windows
  • Cyortonic
    Cyortonic 2 года назад That just changes your work window.
  • LewickiT
    LewickiT 2 года назад failfish
  • Greenberet
    Greenberet 3 года назад WIndows 10... powered by NSA.
  • Mikosch2
    Mikosch2 3 года назад Windows 9 wasn't skipped, it was called Windows 8.1. 8+1=9!
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Год назад quick math
  • Luigi And Yoshi
    Luigi And Yoshi Год назад Mikosch2 wel windows 9 was scrapped
  • Krisztian 08
    Krisztian 08 Год назад finally some smart people -_-
  • Mikosch2
    Mikosch2 3 года назад +Heaven Of course it is! 3+6+2+8+8+0 = 27. 2+7=9!
  • Heaven
    Heaven 3 года назад +Mikosch2 No. 8+1 surely isn't 362880
  • Arkio 5896
    Arkio 5896 3 года назад +Mikosch2 lol
    LBYINCHINA 3 года назад The reason they skipped Window 9 naming scheme is to prevent confusing people of windows 95/98/9x
  • J Frye
    J Frye 3 месяца назад so mother F*cking true Brainiac maniac
  • Knight Lunaaire
    Knight Lunaaire 2 года назад +Eating Flashbang lol kid not everyone gets this information from the places you do
  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 3 года назад yeah, I read about that
  • Ruo Q. Zeng
    Ruo Q. Zeng 3 года назад Actually, Windows 7 8 9
  • TommyScaletta
    TommyScaletta 3 года назад LEMMiNO?
  • The Stickmann
    The Stickmann 2 года назад "Edge finally supports extensions!" 1 year later The Windows 10 Anniversary update now adds extensions to Edge
  • Christopher Fernandes
    Christopher Fernandes 2 года назад 2017: Phishing attack vulnerable to Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are safe.
  • l soup family
    l soup family 2 года назад edge has pretty bad security, but if there is a website you go on edge that looks dangerous, open google and see if it blocks it or not also dont forget that your ram will be gone after that
  • John McClane
    John McClane 2 года назад Edge offers everything but security I have been trying to find (for a year now) a legit review that compares security it's odd that I cannot find one after all this time. But since I work in a pretty successful pc repair business we deal with not only most I.T. companies in our city but sometimes we work with law enforcement and it's astounding aside from their dislike for Windows 10 but on how they all agree 100% how bad Edge is when it comes to security. Also it is probably the reason why google chrome since its inception has now finally surpassed Microsoft's browsers as the #1browser.
  • Kristaps Berziņs
    Kristaps Berziņs 2 года назад C
  • Skeet Seinfeld
    Skeet Seinfeld 2 года назад We got there eventually.