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  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Год назад I watched this video in 144p to get that distressed look
  • Prince The Omega
    Prince The Omega Год назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Adrian
    Adrian Год назад W
  • Sneakers4Life
    Sneakers4Life Год назад Fye
  • maxcarnage 10
    maxcarnage 10 Год назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ansun
    Ansun Год назад LMAOOOOO
  • Evo
    Evo Год назад WWWWWWW
  • Micah from Waipahu
    Micah from Waipahu Год назад Double U
  • Gekke Mitta
    Gekke Mitta Год назад HAHAHA
  • Brandon McNeill
    Brandon McNeill Год назад W
  • ToosiieYT
    ToosiieYT Год назад Bruh your my dad now no homo tho
  • ttv_ kirkylurk
    ttv_ kirkylurk Год назад Sniper Sanchez omg dude that made my day. Ya hear that word too much on YouTube
  • Jeremy Zeeky
    Jeremy Zeeky Год назад Every time Richie doesn't mention an items price you can assume it expensive AF
  • K24
    K24 Год назад Because the black and white bomber jacket in the thumbnail is 2,000$ from Saint Laurent
  • JustinTheGreat YT
    JustinTheGreat YT Год назад 900th like
  • fiddy
    fiddy Год назад It's probably because with the palace and bape pieces, you can't really say retail since you can't buy those exact pieces retail anymore and resale on them ranges.
  • Anonno Islam
    Anonno Islam Год назад TN MUSlC Yea we from the US bro. Are you tryna say that the SLP Teddy is $2,550.00??
  • Isaac Luvs Coochie
    Isaac Luvs Coochie Год назад TN MUSlC wtf is “2.5k and 50 dollar”
  • Carti Goat
    Carti Goat Год назад Maybe
  • Official T.N
    Official T.N Год назад SLP Teaddy jacket is 2.5k and 50 dollar. Kinda cheaper Alternative to that given is made in Italy is Neil Barrett Varsity Jacket for 1.6k and 70 dollar. Givenchy is 1.4k and 95 dollar.
  • Jeremy Zeeky
    Jeremy Zeeky Год назад jake garcia funny thing is I wasn't even talking about the Ysl teddy jacket
  • jake Joseph
    jake Joseph Год назад Yalll talking about that teddy without even watching the vid im assuming it's that
  • L L
    L L Год назад alexei pichardo yup, i meant resell
  • alexei pichardo
    alexei pichardo Год назад Lol Lol i have one bought it retail it does not depends on size, the price depends of color in a ysl store i don't know re-sale
  • L L
    L L Год назад alexei pichardo yesss, it’s between 1-2 grand, depending on size etc...
  • alexei pichardo
    alexei pichardo Год назад It is like 2 grand
  • Lee Marshall
    Lee Marshall Год назад Honestly I wish he would say the price
  • X
    X Год назад preach
  • Glo Fusionzz
    Glo Fusionzz Год назад Riche is finna wear a distressed suit to his wedding
  • Xanaqin
    Xanaqin Год назад Richie the type of guy to not clear his throat for that distressed sound
  • Linkovic
    Linkovic Год назад Why Richie wearing big boy Johnnys crewneck??
  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed Год назад Linkovic I'm deceased
  • potatochipsdoe
    potatochipsdoe Год назад makes him look wider lol
  • doggyfizzle719
    doggyfizzle719 Год назад Crewnecks look better baggy imo
  • Presbian116 Tier1
    Presbian116 Tier1 Год назад Linkovic lol
  • Fly With Johnny Thai
    Fly With Johnny Thai Год назад Richie finally modeling and not looking constipated 😂 great video Richie!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants Год назад Fly With Johnny Thai yeah but don't say shit like that, makes you seem like a person who tells them horrible ass jokes
  • Fly With Johnny Thai
    Fly With Johnny Thai Год назад Carlos Fuentes let's face it we all comment on Richie's video. Just trying to support people I look up to
  • Carlos Fuentes
    Carlos Fuentes Год назад Fly With Johnny Thai stfu you lame! Always commenting on his shit
  • Gallopingfish
    Gallopingfish Год назад Richie always talks about not wearing too much hype, but wears Adidas Calabasas with a BAPE hat
  • Javi Finstralian
    Javi Finstralian Год назад Where’s the Olive green Bomber?! 😱What has this world come to...😰😂
  • mj crewsneakers
    mj crewsneakers Год назад That shii played out
  • pride
    pride Год назад played out for fashion nerds only
  • jlid55
    jlid55 Год назад The Finstralian played outt
  • Mela t
    Mela t Год назад Top 5 winter shoes?
  • PyllyNalleBoiii
    PyllyNalleBoiii Год назад Paljain jaloin
  • Bryan Mendez
    Bryan Mendez Год назад Get some timbs b
  • lilm1cro
    lilm1cro Год назад Timbs and Jordans (Just go full New York)
  • ヅReimy
    ヅReimy Год назад Suomi muotigledjut Timbs
  • -Goyard Brazy-
    -Goyard Brazy- Год назад Air Force 1's 11's 12's 4's Timbs
  • Chris 414
    Chris 414 Год назад Suomi muotigledjut socks
  • ahmad fontenot
    ahmad fontenot Год назад Birkenstocks
  • Dirty Mota
    Dirty Mota Год назад Suomi muotigledjut wear timbs
  • Tubby
    Tubby Год назад Suomi muotigledjut fly knit trainers
  • Tubby
    Tubby Год назад VRTNN No one finna wear them emo things
  • ur momma is a llama
    ur momma is a llama Год назад Ultra Boost ATR Mids
  • Will James
    Will James Год назад Suomi muotigledjut fucking nazi
  • Mark Ding
    Mark Ding Год назад 1. Timberland 6 Inch Construction Boots 2. Jordan 1 3. Any Lebron 4. Jordan 12 5. Foamposites 6. Uptmempos
  • Acronym
    Acronym Год назад Hipzterz I was just about to comment that lol
  • James J
    James J Год назад Air forces, Timbs, Jordan 12s, Jordan 11s, and Foamposites
  • Mela t
    Mela t Год назад Evan Amado I'm not
  • dpasa
    dpasa Год назад Juu
  • Jail
    Jail Год назад Roshe’s
  • Mela t
    Mela t Год назад Perkele muitaki suomalaisii tääl
  • dpasa
    dpasa Год назад Jumalauta
  • Teo Virtanen
    Teo Virtanen Год назад Hipzterz dr martens*
  • Hipzterz
    Hipzterz Год назад Suomi Fox 1.Timbs 2.Timbs 3.Timbs 4.Timbs 5.Timbs
  • Guled Mohamed
    Guled Mohamed Год назад Damn u a nazi?
  • Evan Amado
    Evan Amado Год назад Are you a Nazi
  • Crix
    Crix Год назад Schönes Bild mein Kamerad
  • Teo Virtanen
  • I P
    I P Год назад Suomi Fox perkele
  • Vice Versa
    Vice Versa Год назад Fellow broke boy here
  • Juventus Fan since ronaldo left Madrid
    Juventus Fan since ronaldo left Madrid Год назад Vice Versa yh yh
  • Vice Versa
    Vice Versa Год назад Razor Bans wassup
  • redbaron16_
    redbaron16_ Год назад Vice Versa Sup
  • Andrew Cazarin
    Andrew Cazarin Год назад Do a hoodie video
  • not an op
    not an op Год назад I’m from Toronto none of those jackets are keeping me warm
  • erhis
    erhis Год назад Do top 10 shoes for winter!!
  • Light Iverson
    Light Iverson Год назад Riche the type of dude to take a friend from overseas to a thrift store and call it the “distressed outlet”
  • Yung Boat
    Yung Boat Год назад Jose the type of Zuniga 🤦‍♂️wrong page🤦‍♂️
  • Griffin Dodds
    Griffin Dodds 8 месяцев назад Underrated Comment
  • asap joseph
    asap joseph Год назад don’t need jackets in Southern California
  • mxrkvr
    mxrkvr Год назад Don’t you ever look at a comment and be like why didn’t I think of that
  • Daroji Hopk
    Daroji Hopk 3 недели назад I’m doing it right now
  • JeremyGamer
    JeremyGamer Год назад GlitchyGamer all the time
  • Joey crab cakes
    Joey crab cakes Год назад GlitchyGamer no
  • joseph h
    joseph h Год назад Soon, Riche gonna make the cheaper alternatives to his merch video
  • mathew jo
    mathew jo Год назад Is the target jacket supposed to shine a lot under the light cause I got one and it seems to shine way more than urs
  • Big Baller Johny
    Big Baller Johny Год назад (изменено) I am happy that you exist