Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

Published on Jun 3, 2011 2,639,338 views

The making of a men's Louis Vuitton shoe in Fiesso d'Artico's workshops

  • Equilibrium
    Equilibrium 3 года назад holy shit I have never thought I would enjoy a video of a shoe that is being made....
  • Yungdaggerdick
    Yungdaggerdick 3 года назад It's so satisfying when he painted them
  • nicologomez
    nicologomez 5 лет назад It's the same how local shoe makers do on my shoes. LOL.
  • little hearts
    little hearts 3 года назад theres something so satisfying watching shoes being made
  • fetB
    fetB 1 месяц назад ye, goes for a lot of craftsman.It's just satisfying seeing hard work done effortlessly (and in a time laps/edit)
  • AllisterCaine
    AllisterCaine Год назад Watch a master craftsman do it all by hand... search for ibrahim demir, one of the best videos there is about welted shoes.
  • Maria Sidiro
    Maria Sidiro 3 года назад +nobu01 I couldn't agree more! I can watch this on repeat! lol
  • Maaz Munir
    Maaz Munir 4 года назад Can you ball in them tho
  • Elijah Lucian
    Elijah Lucian 3 года назад I like how they make it look like it's not done in a sweatshop
  • cledesma135
    cledesma135 1 месяц назад I like Brian the bookmaker vids better lol
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 2 месяца назад Arthur H who the fuck uses the word “moniker”
  • SmashGod
    SmashGod 4 месяца назад @Salman Shafie If good is easy to find then it won't be good
  • Salman Shafie
    Salman Shafie 4 месяца назад @SmashGod bullshit, good shoemaker is easy to find
  • Regal Bob
    Regal Bob 4 месяца назад Doesn't matter, Romanians are world class craftsmen as well. At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is the process, materials, and quality control.
  • børek
    børek 5 месяцев назад @SmashGod thats bullshit, you have no idea what youre talking about
  • SmashGod
    SmashGod 5 месяцев назад They are actually very well paid. Because not may people want to devolop this type of skills and they are hard to find a good shoemaker
  • ComicSans
    ComicSans 5 месяцев назад Their company their choice
  • Roland DuSon
    Roland DuSon 7 месяцев назад @qs dang...
  • qs
    qs 7 месяцев назад So EU law allows for an item to be branded made in France or Italy as long as 10% of the finish is done in the country. So for LV and most of the big brands the gluing of the heel constitutes the 10% which allows them to be labelled made in Italy.
  • Lorenzo. t.
    Lorenzo. t. 7 месяцев назад Elijah Lucian Louis Vuitton products are made by master craftsmen you degenerate.
  • Rajkisorgupta Gupta
    Rajkisorgupta Gupta 10 месяцев назад donglabong nn
  • jhony401
    jhony401 10 месяцев назад RUMANIA
  • jhony401
    jhony401 10 месяцев назад wake up !!! is 90 % MADE IN RUMANIA !! www.romania-insider.com/louis-vuitton-shoes-manufactured-romania-2017/
  • Arthur H
    Arthur H 10 месяцев назад Made in Italy is just a false moniker of quality, it is essentially “made in China” because most of the workforce comprises of Chinese migrants and expats. The quality control and the amount of time each article has for assembly is what distinguishes the shoes, obviously the materials are going to be in line with a higher caliber than what you typically find in Asian countries, but not in all cases.
  • Andrew Sal
    Andrew Sal Год назад because its not, its not adidas it is louis vuitton
  • Xiiao cks
    Xiiao cks 2 года назад 天下父母心
  • donglabong
    donglabong 3 года назад +Yung Gucci what a fatuous statement.
  • Julius L
    Julius L 3 года назад +Elijah Lucian Wake up if you would have ever bought a pair you would know they are made in Italy.
  • Thiago Faria Oliveira
    Thiago Faria Oliveira 4 года назад Any footage of the asian factory?
  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 3 недели назад @usernaames True, high fashion brands like LV, Gucci, Chanel, Dior etc... are known for their designs, they make shiny pretty things. I'm sure the quality is decent too, but you still mostly pay for the brand names.
  • Soldier Skully
    Soldier Skully 5 месяцев назад Just because you probably have the fake ones from China.
  • ryvr madduck
    ryvr madduck 5 месяцев назад Porsche Carrera, yes. It's why I buy Rolex. It is not the ONLY reason I buy Rolex, but it is definitely a deciding factor.
  • ryvr madduck
    ryvr madduck 5 месяцев назад I thought THIS was the Chinese factory?!
  • billy mays
    billy mays 6 месяцев назад @Porsche Carrera yes
  • Donna L
    Donna L 10 месяцев назад Lol You don't be silly. Made in Givenchy handbags for example cost a few thousand bucks and they are made in China.
  • samir hiddani
    samir hiddani 10 месяцев назад People from Asia can make quality stuff too.
  • giovanni pilu
    giovanni pilu 11 месяцев назад true that...............
  • Kaka Brar
    Kaka Brar 4 года назад @usernaames saint crispin's , berluti .. Few more less knowns but far far higher quality than LV or gucci or hermes or armani or any other designer brand
  • Kaka Brar
    Kaka Brar 4 года назад @usernaames so fucking true man ... Just perceived status .. Thats all .
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад @usernaames If you see the quality of their shoes you won't say that anymore. At the end you can still think whatever you wanted but just leave me alone since we have very different perspective and I don't even want to convince or argue with you. Just do whatever is right for you and leave me alone.
  • usernaames
    usernaames 4 года назад @Porsche Carrera "Do you really think people that buy LV shoes are simply only because of the brand name?" Yes, that's exactly why people buy designer labels. If they knew anything about shoes they'd spend those ~$1000 on a pair of John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green etc. instead. I'm sure Louis Vuitton outsources their production to an Italian shoe maker that makes decent shoes, I'm also sure that buying shoes directly from that shoe maker would cost several hundred dollars less. People buy designer labels because of the perceived status, and that perceived status enables designer labels to charge a huge premium for their clothes. Anyone who's actually interested in clothes and shoes and have done their homework wouldn't touch designer labels with a 10 feet stick because there are plenty of other, better, brands out there that are famous not because of their perceived status but because of their quality.
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад Don't be silly. If any LV products are made in Asia/China then the price would be totally different.
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад @Aaron B All their shoes are hand made by the best craftsman in Italy. Nothing from the stats or China.
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад @usernaames That is not true, because people won't spend over 1k for a pair of shoes that isn't "high quality made". Do you really think people that buy LV shoes are simply only because of the brand name?
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад @Theodore Griffin When the company first started in 1854 Louis was only concentrate making his trucks to the rich and royal families and shoes was presented to the world only for a decade or so. 
  • usernaames
    usernaames 4 года назад @Theodore Griffin Designer labels are not known for quality. If you want quality you're better off buying from brands that specialize in the garment you're looking for.
  • ozil
    ozil 4 года назад no china sweatshops more like roman sweatshops
  • MischievousMischief
    MischievousMischief 5 лет назад I bet he's not even payed well enough for his excellent work! Those huge margins on the products never end up in the hands of the artisans....
  • Filho Da terra
    Filho Da terra 3 недели назад trust me bro for high fashion from UE like this, he get paid very well... much more than any simple employees
  • harjindersingh18
    harjindersingh18 1 месяц назад @desert knight s 7.14 USD
  • desert knight s
    desert knight s 1 месяц назад @harjindersingh18 in dollars please
  • harjindersingh18
    harjindersingh18 1 месяц назад I agree with you, n majority of money is given as Rents for the showroom being In The prime area of any country. In Agra India there many many people like these guys who make shoes by hands. They sell the shoes just for 500 RS because they don't have a brand label and as soon as those shoes hit the premium stores in metropolitan cities they become a dream to afford for many.
  • desert knight s
    desert knight s 4 месяца назад @martinthemillwright how much?
  • martinthemillwright
    martinthemillwright 5 месяцев назад in Italy they are paid very well
  • Nightman
    Nightman 9 месяцев назад Jeffrey Jewell  They are paid, just as much as they should be paid. They sell their skills for the price they can get.
  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell 10 месяцев назад David Beckham you obviously don’t know how the majority of businesses operate.LOL 😂
  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 10 месяцев назад How do you know he wasnt get paid well? Not all employer are bad....
  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell 11 месяцев назад MischievousMischief of course he is not paid well. It’s how companies do people.
  • SpeedManga Tv
    SpeedManga Tv 4 недели назад I live in Fiesso D'Artico...never heard of Luis Vuitton shoemaking.
  • marrick
    marrick 5 лет назад A Chinese baby would have made 5 in that time in a tenth of the price.
  • Муслим Бугаев
    Муслим Бугаев 2 недели назад Зукарш
  • Carlos Felipe Rodriguez
    Carlos Felipe Rodriguez 4 недели назад Which is both unethical and illegal: child labour and counterfeiting.
  • Ciro Ciro
    Ciro Ciro 1 месяц назад Fucking brands
  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi 1 месяц назад Your instinct knows they’re a piece of shit..
  • Don Oldwell
    Don Oldwell 2 месяца назад (изменено) Mass production of low quality. We value instead the craftsmanship, the reason why the price tags are higher.
  • Agus Arya
    Agus Arya 5 месяцев назад and honestly ...i dont fucking care
  • Soldier Skully
    Soldier Skully 5 месяцев назад Lol. But no lv products are made in Italy or france
  • ceciLOVEtaco
    ceciLOVEtaco 5 месяцев назад Then why are you people so obsessed with LV the mark ?
  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell 11 месяцев назад Bahahahaha true
  • Yamato vergil
    Yamato vergil 5 лет назад 1 Ittalian guy makes one shoe for this advertisement, the rest made by china workers in some old dirty factory in china?
  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 3 недели назад Nothing is 100% made in Italy or France these days. You will have to get bespoke Italian shoes, which cost thousands of dollars. Doesn't mean everything made in China is bad though.
  • Leonadem
    Leonadem 1 месяц назад I have my own leather goods brand. I have all the handmade products. I opened a youtube channel. But I need your support and nice comments.
  • Dian Yu
    Dian Yu 1 месяц назад because you never know where and how native residents buy shoes, you dumbass@Goldie Wan Kenobi
  • Whitelavender66
    Whitelavender66 1 месяц назад i thought they were from siberia
  • Brenda Rojas
    Brenda Rojas 1 месяц назад @AJMB I checked and it says made in Italy actually. Maybe you should check...
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 2 месяца назад Dominic M because they are Communists taking advantage of capitalism Haha that’s the truth buddy
  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 2 месяца назад rainra1n nigga shut your middle class up
  • alec984
    alec984 2 месяца назад @Awd Adel Actually Louis Vuitton shoes factory is located in Italy, nearby Venice. Hence made in Italy (even if the brand is French)
  • Omid H
    Omid H 2 месяца назад @Porsche Carrera made in China is totally different than the "LV being a Chinese product". iphones are also made in China, even most of the ones in the US. Asians, especially Chinese are fast workers with very low salaries. That's why most of the Western companies, produces their products in Asia and mostly in China.
  • Munozl360
    Munozl360 2 месяца назад Who knows...maybe?
  • Saud H
    Saud H 3 месяца назад Yamato vergil Most things made in China even US brands
  • Dimas Aldian
    Dimas Aldian 3 месяца назад Their product are made in Ice land. F U ALL
  • wangshang101
    wangshang101 4 месяца назад Porsche Carrera actually, you could google it. I believe one time the ceo admitted that luv bags are made in China and send back to France and let the locals out zippers and logos on. Sadly that might be he case :(
  • juan luis Valenciaga
    juan luis Valenciaga 4 месяца назад @AJMB LV, is a brand with more than 500 stores all over the world, with a turnover of more than 7.5 thousand euros per year. You can't expect it to continue to be the handcrafted company as it was then owned by the Vuitton family, or as it is now by Hermes, which is still the favourite of the really "chic" people.
  • Neths Ki
    Neths Ki 5 месяцев назад true, everything that luxury brands manufacturers were all based in china.
  • Jesin rock
    Jesin rock 5 месяцев назад In India too
  • C.G.C
    C.G.C 5 месяцев назад Naaa... its the Americans who have factories in China
  • ElvisCedenoWorldTv
    ElvisCedenoWorldTv 5 месяцев назад Yamato vergil it’s made in Italy 🇮🇹
  • Khari Jones
    Khari Jones 6 месяцев назад Lmao
  • Soldier Skully
    Soldier Skully 6 месяцев назад AJMB those are the fake one s dumbass
  • Timothy Southerland
    Timothy Southerland 9 месяцев назад Yamato v you are totally wrong about that statement. Thuogh shoes will cost the average connoisseur about $1,200.00 to 1,800 Dollars a pair they are hand made "Sir". Someday try affordig a pair and you will see
    NARWHAL_ DEDSEC 9 месяцев назад A hidden louis Vuitton factory was found in Romania, Sibiu
  • ZONG
    ZONG 10 месяцев назад actually no, they are made in romania. I mean, romanians make the upper part of the shoe, for a ridiculously little amount of money, then they transport it to italy where they put on the sole of the shoe, with the description of ‘Made in Italy’
  • Hasan Ahmed
    Hasan Ahmed 10 месяцев назад Gian GG considering LG is french
  • giovanni pilu
    giovanni pilu 11 месяцев назад romanians r brilliant at whatever they do..................
  • Oei Rendy Wijaya
    Oei Rendy Wijaya Год назад Made in china with high standard of quality control from the original country.
  • Gabriel Giacomelli
    Gabriel Giacomelli Год назад No
  • łuki uki
    łuki uki Год назад POLAND STRONG
  • Shürhongu Kire
    Shürhongu Kire Год назад True
  • J b
    J b Год назад Yamato vergil 😀😀😀😀😀
  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy Год назад Awd Adel no they aren't
  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy Год назад AJMB it doesn't.
  • HASSAN SMITH made in america
    HASSAN SMITH made in america Год назад Gian GG I JUS CHECKD OUT DAT LINK U POSTED. ALL I CAN SAY ISSSS: NAWWWWWL! DA PRODUCTS SAY, LOUIS VUITTON made in france! DEN made in italy? NOW made in romainia??????? LIARS.
  • HASSAN SMITH made in america
  • Lord Autismo
    Lord Autismo Год назад Yamato v
  • Jakob Hagen
    Jakob Hagen Год назад Awd Adel it's made all over Europe
  • Scott's Corner of Fun and Exploration
    Scott's Corner of Fun and Exploration Год назад exactly!
  • Gian GG
    Gian GG Год назад No Italians put the sole. The rest is made in Romania where workers are paid 120 eur per month (100 dollars). https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jun/17/revealed-the-romanian-site-where-louis-vuitton-makes-its-italian-shoes
  • Goldie Wan Kenobi
    Goldie Wan Kenobi 2 года назад (изменено) I lived in China 6 years. You cant find shoes like this in China. They are ALLLLLL very low quality and cheap. I couldnt find anything and I was in a more modern city. The guys with money have friends in America send them shoes. Their dress shoes kill your feet.
  • Tony
    Tony 3 года назад @AJMB That's because it doesn't say made in China. they are ALL made in Italy.
  • Porsche Carrera
    Porsche Carrera 4 года назад @Dchen They're all hand finished in Italy and there are no LV products that are made in China not even any of the parts.
  • lgotiic
    lgotiic 5 лет назад @iluvmonay they are mostly made in europe, and yes they are only finished in Italy  
  • Dchen
    Dchen 5 лет назад @UnliHotTech  your dumb as fuck, just because it says made in italy or some shit you believe its made in italy. well your wrong it might have been finished in italy , but a lot of louis vuitton shit is made half way in china and are sent to europe to be finished...because it actually costs alot less to make these products in china than paying European workers these high salaries.
  • CodedToast
    CodedToast 5 лет назад You still couldn't afford them...lol
  • RebellisSpiritus
    RebellisSpiritus 5 лет назад @Awd Adel They are actually made in Poland lol
  • Awd Adel
    Awd Adel 5 лет назад @AJMBxDEV if it says it's made in china=fake.
  • Dominic M
    Dominic M 5 лет назад *clean Why does it have to be dirty? That stereotype isn't always true
  • AJMB
    AJMB 5 лет назад The real ones are made in China !! go to the store and check!!
  • rainra1n
    rainra1n 5 лет назад @AJMBxDEV cause your broke ass can't afford real ones? haha
  • Awd Adel
    Awd Adel 5 лет назад actually made in france.
  • UnliHotTech
    UnliHotTech 5 лет назад @AJMBxDEV its not, its made in Italy fakeshits
  • AJMB
    AJMB 5 лет назад @Awd Adel Then why it says " Made in CHINA ?? 
  • Awd Adel
    Awd Adel 5 лет назад no..
  • Irun Mon
    Irun Mon 5 лет назад No wonder why this shoes are so damn expensive!!
  • jojolikescocoa
    jojolikescocoa 4 месяца назад this is the same as how most handmade shoes are made. the real handmade not open market ones are actually made with more attention to detail.
  • Naufal Adhila
    Naufal Adhila 4 месяца назад same handmade with another country in the world
  • Tea Zidic
    Tea Zidic 6 месяцев назад To much expencive..😣😣
  • Edwin  Gonzalez
    Edwin Gonzalez 9 месяцев назад Irun Mon f
  • Butlers John
    Butlers John 5 лет назад so they are made like all the other shoes on earth. great.
  • Soldier Skully
    Soldier Skully 5 месяцев назад Butlers John mate you’re honestly too stupid. Just stfu and get lost
  • Jim
    Jim 6 месяцев назад if people are willing to pay the price why would they lower it?
  • Nightman
    Nightman 9 месяцев назад Ei  WAAAAAAAAAALMAAART
  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy Год назад Butlers John if you think this is how all shoes are made you are stupid, ignorant or delusional
  • MoonDisast
    MoonDisast 5 лет назад Does anyone know the name to the music track? Sounds real smooth.
  • Benny Duarte
    Benny Duarte 15 часов назад Uau, Perfeito!😍😍😍
  • ANZU
    ANZU 3 недели назад 4:37 covered up "ANDY" :(
  • Miguel Barroso
    Miguel Barroso 5 лет назад Well dam, if it only tales five min to make why are they so expensive???? LOL  
  • hemanth pandu
    hemanth pandu 1 месяц назад Miguel Barroso They trim A lot by stages It takes hours to make it 😁👍
  • King Codex
    King Codex 5 лет назад oh i dont know what sarcasm is? ok fine. "right" 
  • King Codex
    King Codex 5 лет назад @Hugo then you dont know what sarcasm is ?
  • Hugo Dutka
    Hugo Dutka 5 лет назад @Miguel Barroso You too :)
  • Miguel Barroso
    Miguel Barroso 5 лет назад Hugo, I guess I gave people more credit. The sarcasm is implied. Anyway, have a happy new year
  • Hugo Dutka
    Hugo Dutka 5 лет назад @Miguel Barroso That doesn't look like sarcasm at all mate :p
  • Miguel Barroso
    Miguel Barroso 5 лет назад Maybe these people are missing the sarcasm.....or maybe they pound sand for work 
  • Jesus Contreras
    Jesus Contreras 5 лет назад IQ -∞ 
  • icetech6
    icetech6 2 года назад wow that was so nice to watch, i just started getting into dress clothes after a lifetime of not caring, and i must have a pair of these one day :)
  • wei lip lee
    wei lip lee 3 года назад amazing craftsmanship
  • Fadhly Sukawidjaja
    Fadhly Sukawidjaja 5 лет назад so does many other brand, the only difference is its not a chinese man....