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The Masked Magician pulls back the curtain to show you how to perform this popular Vegas magic trick as he appears to crush his lovely assistant inside a steel box...only to reveal that she's unharmed!

World's Scariest Magic Tricks - http://bit.ly/24REkEJ
Unbelievable Psychic Magic - http://bit.ly/1UVM4jy
Mind-blowing Illusions - http://bit.ly/23cpZn7
Tricky Slight of Hand - http://bit.ly/1UzYCgx
Death Defying Tricks - http://bit.ly/1UwlhOW
Amazing Escapes - http://bit.ly/24REU5r
Classic Magic Illusions - http://bit.ly/1txa4nB
Stupefying Vanishing Acts - http://bit.ly/1YsN98v

Come to our channel every Thursday to see more magic tricks and how they are performed!

Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed is a series of television shows produced by Nash Entertainment in which the closely guarded secrets behind classic magic tricks and illusions are exposed by the Masked Magician, aided by his beautiful assistants.

The enormously popular TV specials and series featured the incognito magician performing large-scale illusions and a few smaller-scale close-up magic tricks... then revealing the secrets of how the tricks were done.

  • Emily Yang
    Emily Yang 2 года назад The narrator is kinda creepy
  • meriobre lesuper
    meriobre lesuper 3 дня назад The girls are literally wearing seductive clothes. To draw attention. Wtf do u expect?
  • Michael Rawson
    Michael Rawson 5 дней назад Flat earth bollocks:... the earth is an oblate spheroid.
  • Michael Rawson
    Michael Rawson 5 дней назад Emily yang:... he's a LEGEND!!!
  • Tomik Tomik
    Tomik Tomik 4 месяца назад @Iliketoread u
  • Narinder Kaushal
    Narinder Kaushal 5 месяцев назад @MyMIXmedia m.p.h. x.a k
  • Sherloid Bai
    Sherloid Bai 5 месяцев назад @MyMIXmedia Yes! Thank you for that , it was driving me nuts thinking about who that familiar voice belongs to.
  • Menace Clan
    Menace Clan 5 месяцев назад I thought I was the only one who thought that...
  • Flat Earth Reality
    Flat Earth Reality 9 месяцев назад Emily Yang swallow more cocks
  • malhar jajoo
    malhar jajoo 10 месяцев назад Emily Yang more like a pervert
  • LalisaManoBangs
    LalisaManoBangs 11 месяцев назад Emily Yang me not Kinda Soo Creppy
  • Kamila Nahomy Hernadez Flores
    Kamila Nahomy Hernadez Flores 11 месяцев назад Emily Yang Emily es mala
  • thedarkness97
    thedarkness97 11 месяцев назад Hes Mitch Pilegi, I find him quite humorous.
  • Palmer Norman
    Palmer Norman 11 месяцев назад Emily Yang jjhjk
  • Coconut ScienceGirl92
    Coconut ScienceGirl92 11 месяцев назад He always is lmao. He always makes ridiculous comments. This isn’t even the worst of his perv compilation
  • Iliketoread
    Iliketoread 11 месяцев назад MyMIXmedia just because he’s famous doesn’t mean his comments aren’t creepy
  • MyMIXmedia
    MyMIXmedia Год назад You will regret saying this when you know who it actually is. Remember the X-Files. Its Mich Pileggi, "Skinner", yes, i bet you didnt see that one coming. Absolutely awesome actor, and great voice. No idea where you got this "Creepy" from. Nor the other 90 idiots.
  • subham sarkar
    subham sarkar Год назад Emily Yang
  • Snuggles McSquishbottom
    Snuggles McSquishbottom 2 года назад Emily Yang Magic in general is kind of creepy.
  • always got something
    always got something 5 месяцев назад 2019 anyone?? okay it is just me
  • Sony L1
    Sony L1 5 дней назад Meh
  • Red Pilled Fox
    Red Pilled Fox 4 недели назад Now make Theresa May disappear. Permanently!
  • R.G.A. Club
    R.G.A. Club 1 месяц назад Nope
  • MrRhymer GameTimer
    MrRhymer GameTimer 1 месяц назад always got something 6 am and I can’t sleep i went from Watching robot videos to this 🙄
  • Potters up!
    Potters up! 1 месяц назад Me too
  • Lance Stone
    Lance Stone 2 месяца назад Na fam, i got ya
  • 911s73targa
    911s73targa 4 месяца назад the magician had some of the hottest assistants in magic shows.
  • Azfar Hazim
    Azfar Hazim 9 месяцев назад And that's how you put a crush on a girl without breaking her heart." OMG😂
  • Sergo Pedro Khoch
  • pastel_rosyy
    pastel_rosyy 3 года назад Did he really say, "and that's how to crush a girl without breaking her heart"
  • K.D Production's
    K.D Production's 4 дня назад Yes, you herd him right.
  • Sony L1
    Sony L1 5 дней назад 👀🙂
  • arneil hangthean
    arneil hangthean 3 недели назад tanga lang ang manonood dyan tanga bobobobo niyo
  • Sammy E English 2
    Sammy E English 2 1 месяц назад Maybe he said "breaking her hard"??
  • Terisita Colinares
    Terisita Colinares 4 месяца назад ?
  • Jamera Stewart
    Jamera Stewart 5 месяцев назад lol
  • El mejor 7
    El mejor 7 6 месяцев назад pastel_rosyy yup he’s on meth
  • Ezran L
    Ezran L 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Narasimahalu Narasim
    Narasimahalu Narasim 8 месяцев назад the
  • Chuck & Lloyd
    Chuck & Lloyd 9 месяцев назад pastel_rosyy i got play roblox
  • Chuck & Lloyd
    Chuck & Lloyd 9 месяцев назад pastel_rosyy u play roblox also
  • Chuck & Lloyd
    Chuck & Lloyd 9 месяцев назад pastel_rosyy?
  • jhay jhay
    jhay jhay 11 месяцев назад wow
  • Jenna Ala-Sorvari
    Jenna Ala-Sorvari Год назад RosyRBL X yes
  • Can i get to 100 subs without videos??
    Can i get to 100 subs without videos?? Год назад RosyRBL X yep xD
  • 嗨企鵝
    嗨企鵝 Год назад very cool
  • The mario Lover
    The mario Lover Год назад RosyRBL X yes
  • Анна Плечокова
    Анна Плечокова Год назад I love your champ
  • Анна Плечокова
    Анна Плечокова Год назад Ian yes
  • Анна Плечокова
    Анна Плечокова Год назад No
  • Nishant Nair
    Nishant Nair Год назад shhh shhh shhh shhh
  • Nishant Nair
    Nishant Nair Год назад I don't like this show😪😪😪😪😪
  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson Год назад RosyRBL X no "that's how u put a crush on a girl without breaking her ♥
  • Lazar 236
    Lazar 236 Год назад RosyRBL X yes
  • _Peep_Boi_
    _Peep_Boi_ Год назад Lesley Wadey
  • sur Montoya
    sur Montoya Год назад RosyRBL X yes he did
  • Lesley Wadey
    Lesley Wadey Год назад John Currie debbieshore youtube
  • John Currie
    John Currie Год назад The Pastel Princess
  • The Pastel Princess
    The Pastel Princess Год назад RosyRBL X LoL 😂
  • Fee Bee
    Fee Bee Год назад RosyRBL X just noticed it at the end 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😱
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    ai Obio Год назад Lox
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    ZMET 116 Год назад RosyRBL X &
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    Minnie A Год назад Yea crazy right
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    Panda .Sophie14 Год назад RosyRBL X haha I think so ye 😂
  • Dariusz Zalesko
    Dariusz Zalesko Год назад Melanie Hope
  • Beverly Hicks
    Beverly Hicks Год назад RosyRBL X I wonder if he wears Thad disgusting mask in case something goes wrong?
    ÑÉKØ-ÇHÅÑ Год назад I agree
  • Melissa Creech
    Melissa Creech Год назад 😀😀😀😀
  • Holly Lorton
    Holly Lorton Год назад Neh
  • Allison S.
    Allison S. Год назад RosyRBL X he actually sad that's how to PUT a crush on a girl which doesn't make any sense
  • William Hasler
    William Hasler Год назад RosyRBL X i
  • Rooftop 8D
    Rooftop 8D Год назад RosyRBL X yes he did say that
  • gymnasticslover750
    gymnasticslover750 Год назад sadly, yes. xD
  • gvn vb Wadan
    gvn vb Wadan Год назад Piotr Kolakowski f
  • Piotr Kolakowski
    Piotr Kolakowski 2 года назад Yessssssss
  • Olivia anderson music
    Olivia anderson music 2 года назад RosyRBL X lol he did
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    علي اشلاش علي 2 года назад RosyRBL X
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    J-KIDLE Official Channel 2 года назад RosyRBL X Yeah, XD
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    jelena ruskiha 2 года назад RosyRBL X he did
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    Erice Buensuceso 2 года назад RosyRBL X IKR XD SO FUNNY
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    Fantasy Kas 2 года назад I dont get
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    Riot 2 года назад RosyRBL X Wtf...Why is that your name lil kid
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    loyal. tea 2 года назад RosyRBL X they use secret
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    Daniela Valiente 2 года назад Emily Facemier
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    Beyhan Kilicaslan 2 года назад RosyRBL X Laptop jgyg, 9
  • Kenny aka TI
    Kenny aka TI 2 года назад Technically he said "put a crush on a girl"
  • Stareye_
    Stareye_ 2 года назад Nailed it.
  • Lily Lox
    Lily Lox 2 года назад OMG XD WOW
  • Rukey Burg
    Rukey Burg 3 года назад Yes
  • Whatsmynamefam?
    Whatsmynamefam? 11 месяцев назад Why does the narrator keep bringing up the girl and her appearance?
  • stvp68
    stvp68 Неделю назад Whatsmynamefam? Misogyny?
  • Hari Purwanto
    Hari Purwanto 4 недели назад Yeah it's a sexual inappropriate comment
  • Jaclynn Grace
    Jaclynn Grace 2 месяца назад @i'mnotarealist i'mapessimist 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    MD NAZMUL 3 месяца назад u
  • morrisonreed1
    morrisonreed1 3 месяца назад hes an idiot
  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 4 месяца назад RockBandRS https://www.localandlucky.com/mobile/mature/f19/index_wel.php?s=2103878687
  • Joseph Franceski
    Joseph Franceski 4 месяца назад Please! Are you really asking that question?
  • TheJonster06
    TheJonster06 4 месяца назад He is a pervet
  • mungox1
    mungox1 4 месяца назад he is reading the script someone wrote & gave to him
  • artin74
    artin74 4 месяца назад Because the producer told him, and i think to get more viewers so.
  • Daniel Lagos
    Daniel Lagos 4 месяца назад Why not? Fkng sjw...
  • RockBandRS
    RockBandRS 4 месяца назад Because this show is from 2008. Fits the times perfectly. Also, as previously mentioned, distracting people is a big part of illusions. And it was clearly successful.
  • yi zhang
    yi zhang 4 месяца назад Cuz she fine as f
  • bobby harvill
    bobby harvill 5 месяцев назад Abobo that's a big part of magic tricks, she is supposed to be a distraction. He is pointing that out.
  • BarbadosCheeks
    BarbadosCheeks 5 месяцев назад why not, they're there for their looks
  • Obii Okanu
    Obii Okanu 5 месяцев назад I don't believe you. All I could hear was narration of the process as I was intrigued by it.
  • Pedro Mairena
    Pedro Mairena 5 месяцев назад Ha ha. Funny comments
  • abraham kwadrat
    abraham kwadrat 5 месяцев назад @Charlotte Vaialia 2
  • i'mnotarealist i'mapessimist
    i'mnotarealist i'mapessimist 5 месяцев назад @𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 "triggered" is becoming a very overused word. just because someone asks a simple question does not mean they are "triggered" - get a new buzz word - that one is getting old
  • RahulTheTechGuy
    RahulTheTechGuy 5 месяцев назад let me guess your home...femination...right?
  • Joe Gibbs
    Joe Gibbs 5 месяцев назад It's the tyrannical patriarchy
  • Gcase Case
    Gcase Case 5 месяцев назад ,,,
  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 5 месяцев назад Because they are not fat and ugly like you👍
  • معارج حسن
    معارج حسن 5 месяцев назад To make the trick, sexually attractive! Like a cherry-topping.
  • El mejor 7
    El mejor 7 6 месяцев назад Because he’s obviously a Perv
  • impossibro tv
    impossibro tv 6 месяцев назад He's horny
  • MusicalMercy
    MusicalMercy 8 месяцев назад I keep noticing it too and it's slightly annoying lol
  • Charlotte Vaialia
    Charlotte Vaialia 8 месяцев назад What a great idea
    THE RIGHT CHURCH OF JESUS 8 месяцев назад He is a man he has also seen the pants
  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 8 месяцев назад Distracts during the act. The trick is how you do illusion and the act is selling it.
  • 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
    𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 10 месяцев назад Who cares? Why do are you focused on bringing what you did? You are easily triggered by the irrelevant.
  • mounticilija
    mounticilija 10 месяцев назад Script
    HAYA FATIMA 10 месяцев назад Abobo boiiboii
  • Sunnyneko *
    Sunnyneko * 10 месяцев назад Abobo it's just how he is
  • Whatsmynamefam?
    Whatsmynamefam? 10 месяцев назад Ji Akira seems more likely than the other two explanations I got
  • Brandon Caldwell
    Brandon Caldwell 10 месяцев назад its to draw your attention away from the box to notice the modifications.
  • Ji Akira
    Ji Akira 10 месяцев назад Cause he's a pervert
  • Mary1337
    Mary1337 10 месяцев назад It's for focusing on the irrelevant.
    YOLOSWAG420 4 месяца назад "It's like she's being crushed between two soft pillows.... nice"
  • Anjayl
    Anjayl 9 месяцев назад I got the trick when I saw the lady waving the tissue with her hand on the wrong side :)
  • oliver mansfield
    oliver mansfield Неделю назад Anyone above the age of 4 should be able to understand it
  • Mdmizan Md.mizan
    Mdmizan Md.mizan 4 месяца назад @Syed Moosa www.(Nice
  • Alphabet Soup
    Alphabet Soup 5 месяцев назад Anjayl I was busy watching the trick being revealed to notice the trick of the hand until I read your comment, gosh I'm brilliant.
  • Darren  C
    Darren C 5 месяцев назад me too, they gave the trick away before even completing it oops.
  • Syed Moosa
    Syed Moosa 8 месяцев назад Anjayl zsijhgfd
  • A гсмва
    A гсмва 2 месяца назад Video egitimden gelenler burdami?
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    Gülşah D. 2 месяца назад Burda :)
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    ozan kılınç 2 месяца назад Burda :D
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    Kifayet Memmedova 2 месяца назад Burda
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    Fəqan İbrahimli 2 месяца назад +
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    Görünmez Kurabiye 2 месяца назад (изменено) Buradaaa 👋
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    Nurcan Uludag 2 месяца назад 👋👋
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    Tchad Chad 2 месяца назад 😂
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    Emre Can 2 месяца назад Vay beee
    KRONOS 2 месяца назад Burda
  • Ömer Uzun
    Ömer Uzun 2 месяца назад (изменено) reis bu ilk kutuya giren kadın oyuncu degil mi hatta hayalet sürücüdeki nikolas reisin manitası
  • SuperMrPunch
    SuperMrPunch 3 года назад The assistant was the real star of the show... Such flexibility!
  • James Curry
    James Curry 2 месяца назад @Jena Montegut AAq@1@@@111@
  • André Van Calenberge
    André Van Calenberge 4 месяца назад WWW.PRIMO.EU
  • Jena Montegut
    Jena Montegut 11 месяцев назад She didn't do anything ti show off any signs of flexibility.
  • Mombo Nyairo
    Mombo Nyairo 11 месяцев назад Power Rangers samurai
  • Itzel Ramirez
    Itzel Ramirez Год назад SuperMrPunch I could probably do that ............
  • Leo_Cerberus
    Leo_Cerberus Год назад Hung Nguyen i wouldnt say building...the boss probably thought of this just needed,the right people to do it
  • Wije Wije
    Wije Wije Год назад SuperMrPunch s
  • Wije Wije
    Wije Wije Год назад SuperMrPunch c
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    Muhammad Rafik Год назад XSuperMrPunch
  • patie zin
    patie zin Год назад Try more
  • Francis Alookaran
    Francis Alookaran Год назад SuperMrPunch
  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 2 года назад Yep. And the workers are the ones doing the building more than their boss. Too bad they are just hired to do what they need to do.
  • Silje Eikemo
    Silje Eikemo 2 года назад tøff
  • Silje Eikemo
    Silje Eikemo 2 года назад SuperMrPunch kbhh
  • Beyhan Kilicaslan
    Beyhan Kilicaslan 2 года назад howdy cowgirl ne
  • 801Milcah
    801Milcah 2 года назад What I notice is that the female assistants are the ones doing the magic more than the male magician.
  • howdy cowgirl
    howdy cowgirl 2 года назад Dark Ranger hi!
  • Boystory Fan
    Boystory Fan 11 месяцев назад Who watch this video in 2018 LOL me😂😂😂
  • Uncontrollable yet Unforgettable Sansom
    Uncontrollable yet Unforgettable Sansom 4 месяца назад 2019
  • Block Bite
    Block Bite 4 месяца назад Nope 2019
  • The Khan
    The Khan 5 месяцев назад 2019 now
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    Anna R. 5 месяцев назад And me in 2019. I am from the future
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    Anda Virsa 5 месяцев назад Alsoooo
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    Abu Sufian Molla 7 месяцев назад Boystory Zeyu my lovua
  • Flat Earth Reality
    Flat Earth Reality 9 месяцев назад who cares about you?? not even your parents, do everyone a favour and rot in hell
  • Serenity Juanne Arwino
    Serenity Juanne Arwino 9 месяцев назад Boystory Zeyu same here!!
  • Siensta !
    Siensta ! 11 месяцев назад Ruattea Ralte Darkim me😂😂
  • wardogs161
    wardogs161 5 месяцев назад The biggest secret magic will be to reveal the person behind the mask.
  • Shibby Marley
    Shibby Marley 4 месяца назад Look on you tube. ...he reveals himself
  • Vanessa García
    Vanessa García 4 месяца назад wardogs161 he’s Val Valentino look him up ;)
  • Jorge Serna
    Jorge Serna 4 месяца назад He reviled himself a while back.
  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 4 месяца назад You think so!??
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  • Mike12522
    Mike12522 5 месяцев назад (изменено) You would never think, from just looking at the woman in the box, that she would be ANY kind of a pushover.
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    AndisWorld Vlogs 4 месяца назад Pipes mite
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    infamous KING CONG 10 месяцев назад For the first time in my life I'm jealous of a plunger🤫🤭
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    Jazmin Williams 11 месяцев назад why am i so dumb? ;) love this tysm ! ♥♥♥
  • Goblin Kid
    Goblin Kid 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Bet those assistants got the magician's wand doing unexplainable tricks.
  • Goblin Kid
    Goblin Kid 4 месяца назад @kitemanmusic The magically growing wand! 😉
  • kitemanmusic
    kitemanmusic 4 месяца назад The disappearing wand trick!
  • Stacy Almira
    Stacy Almira 5 месяцев назад That's why the girl assistant are not over weight LoL . .
  • Zsófia Baróthi
    Zsófia Baróthi 3 года назад OMG! This was my favourite show as a child, when this was on TV, at least 10 years ago, and know I found it again! Loving it!!
  • Mark Flierl
    Mark Flierl 2 недели назад This was on TV like 20 years ago.
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    Brailey Brown Год назад Omlette du you spelt know wrong it’s now
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    farrypro Год назад Omlette du yes ☺
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    Sofi Panda Год назад I was 1 at the time
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    JohnTriztan Artz Год назад Same dude!
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    ΔNGEL Год назад Omlette du same here
    ESRAA KHAN Год назад Sameee From now at least it's 3 years me watching I came here to see this vid I was watching zach king's magic tricks I came here
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    Meliha Mujic Год назад Omlette du eertzdffdfjhshhfjvkfv .. b b
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    Hung Solow 3 года назад @Lisa Simao Wow you mean you are an assistance in the show?
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    Lisa Simao 3 года назад +zuogehaoren well guess what. I'm one of them.
  • Hung Solow
    Hung Solow 3 года назад +Omlette du when I was a child I loved watching it just because those sexy assistances
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