WINDSOR KNOT: The BEST video on how to tie a tie by the expert

Published on Jun 3, 2011 10,212,103 views

Detailed instructions on how to tie a windsor knot. Slow step by step instructions! Hope it helps! Please like my video or comment if it helped you! Thanks!

  • Keith Bolton
    Keith Bolton 3 года назад Thanks sir. I spent 20 years in the Army and never learned to tie a tie or swim. Well now I can tie a tie. LOL I still can't swim though.
  • Curtis Foster
    Curtis Foster 3 года назад Well you're in luck... I used to coach swimming (pause for the fat jokes) and I was pretty darn good at it, lol.
  • Laetitian Madhatter
    Laetitian Madhatter 3 года назад (изменено) +Curtis Foster More like floating instructions, amirite, uptooooop. [He asked for it. >.<]
  • helle marc
    helle marc 3 года назад +Keith Bolton They don't teach to swim in the Army ?... It's actually easy to learn. The water will carry you, like it carries ships. Don't be afraid of it, let yourself float. To begin, learn the movements out of the water (there is certainly a video that shows them); then, in the water, you can use a styrofoam roll or plank, hold it in your hands and paddle with your feet. Later, when you feel safe enough, just leave the roll and do the movements with your arms first, then with the feet... It's like riding a bicycle, once you've learned it, you never forget and you do it without even thinking. You'll see, it's fun. :)
  • Keith Bolton
    Keith Bolton 3 года назад Thanks for the pointers helle marc. I'll surely give that a try. 
  • R2Mintus
    R2Mintus 3 года назад +helle marc Thanks. It's rare to have people give instructions based on their experiences and with analogy everyone experienced before. To contribute: How to teach someone to drive: I think the biggest hurdle is this: learn to get a feel of steering-wheel-to-tires orientation. Get this part down and driving is a piece of cake.
  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall 3 года назад +Keith Bolton you can't swim because your...bone density is to high bahaha. you thought i was going to say black LOLZ what a stereotypical thing to assume!
  • Laetitian Madhatter
    Laetitian Madhatter 3 года назад @Christopher Hall I do not see how that would have been stereotypical for you to say. White Trash does not confuse "your" with "you're".
  • Ken JondoeYT
    Ken JondoeYT 3 года назад +Laetitian Madhatter He used the correct your. It's not you're (you are).
  • Laetitian Madhatter
    Laetitian Madhatter 3 года назад Read his joke again. The assumption he suggested the readers would have could only have worked if he had switched his object for a sub-clause with its own verb. Which would have been "are". In case you cannot follow, I am referring to the: "[...] you are black." part in his theoretical sentence.
  • Ken JondoeYT
    Ken JondoeYT 3 года назад But he did not say you are black he said your bone density. So just because you assumed what he was going to say does not make you correct.
  • Laetitian Madhatter
    Laetitian Madhatter 3 года назад Are you suggesting that the implication his joke was based on was not "because you [are] black", but something else? Because I cannot think of a sentence that would sound even remotely natural. And the point of the implication was to make us think he was going to say it. So it would have to be the sentence that first comes to your mind for the joke to work. Don't know about you, but when I first read it, I did not think the sentence was going to be: "You can't swim because your ethnicity is not that of Western civilisation."
  • Ken JondoeYT
    Ken JondoeYT 3 года назад Your implications do not matter. You can't tell someone their sentence was wrong because of what you thought they were going to say. 
  • Hero Yui
    Hero Yui 2 года назад black folks don't swim.
  • Lien Kim
    Lien Kim 2 года назад +Hero Yi
  • PloofPliff
    PloofPliff Год назад Keith Bolton Heck, im trying to make my tie for the uniform i have to wear for ROTC... Ive watched so many videos yet my tie comes out like crap.
  • Elmer Elmtree
    Elmer Elmtree 11 месяцев назад Well, good thing you didn't become a Navy Seal then. 😤
  • Diego Martín-Montalvo
    Diego Martín-Montalvo 8 месяцев назад Now, I can tie a tie when I am swimming. It´s amazing!
  • CallOfTheAsians
    CallOfTheAsians 6 месяцев назад In Canada it's mandatory to know how to swim and pass the basic swim test. It isn't hard at all unless you fill your combats with rocks.
  • Gerard Adriaans
    Gerard Adriaans 2 года назад This is like the only actual video that knows how to explain this slow enough
  • beshj
    beshj 2 года назад its too slow
  • \_/\_[0_0]_/\_/
    \_/\_[0_0]_/\_/ Год назад beshj nah its good for beginners :)
  • Bob Castanon
    Bob Castanon Год назад Perfect. Thanks. Just the right speed.
  • Mark Lehmann
    Mark Lehmann Год назад i know right
  • Creative Art
    Creative Art 6 месяцев назад Excellent way
  • Md. Fakhrul Alam
    Md. Fakhrul Alam 4 месяца назад Hafez Monwar
    OPAL-YTPLAYZ Yea Неделю назад A bit too slow
    OPAL-YTPLAYZ Yea Неделю назад beshj ikr
  • James G
    James G 3 года назад (изменено) The internet is an amazing place. Could you imagine a few decades ago if you needed to know how to tie a tie for an event and you didn't know how? Thank you for the tutorial.
  • Daniel Pichardo
    Daniel Pichardo 3 года назад @James G you would ask your dad...
  • Apotiker
    Apotiker 3 года назад @Daniel Pichardo my dad is dead so that's a problem
  • Eduardo Soares
    Eduardo Soares 3 года назад @Daniel Pichardo unfortunetly like many others my dad is a dumb fuck and i don't even know where he is, i don't know nothing in 21 years and i have 23
  • Agustin Vazquez
    Agustin Vazquez 3 года назад +James G Dude, hop off the internet's tip. Gah!
  • Lawrence Wong
    Lawrence Wong 3 года назад +James G Do what I did 3 hours before trying this and ask someone who knows how to tie a tie (preferably a older person but when you're only 13 that's most people)
  • Kubboos
    Kubboos Год назад really
  • Vin Nguyen
    Vin Nguyen Год назад Vu nhom
  • C-Dog A
    C-Dog A 5 месяцев назад (изменено) You would just look ahead and plan ahead. That's how people did things before cell phones and before the world got so busy.
  • Manishaudi10 Manish
    Manishaudi10 Manish 5 месяцев назад Hrifgtfih o
  • Reymo Tamano
    Reymo Tamano 4 месяца назад Sir thank you also for the tutorial on how to tie a tie
  • John Hamway
    John Hamway 2 года назад thank you. job interview tomorrow
  • eueu
    eueu 4 года назад After hours of failing, I finally made it. Thanks to this video. I tied a motherfucking tie.
  • Craftsman 1963
    Craftsman 1963 2 дня назад thanks man helped out well
    OPAL-YTPLAYZ Yea Неделю назад This kinda helpful but also maybe do a voiceover nxt time...
  • hamstrman
    hamstrman 3 года назад I can never remember. Job interview for the first time in a while. Thanks so much for the slow and thorough description! Also, I never noticed that mark on my tie!!
  • Sanath Kumar
    Sanath Kumar 2 года назад You just saved my interview tomorrow. Thank you!
  • Brian Savi
    Brian Savi Неделю назад I have watched a lot of these This was the best and simplest Thank you so much great job
  • Michael Lechner
    Michael Lechner 4 года назад Thank you. My first tie in 55 years. I always had someone else do it 
  • Jacob Conny
    Jacob Conny 4 года назад Thanks for the video... I am going to the capitol today and i want to look good! So thanks soooooo much for this video!
  • SnackRelatedMishap
    SnackRelatedMishap 5 лет назад thanks for the tutorial, I get married in 7 hours.  probably should know how to a tie a tie by this point in my life...
  • SnackRelatedMishap
    SnackRelatedMishap 5 лет назад (изменено) Just as a follow-up, everything went smoothly, and I looked DAMN good.  Thanks again!  :-)
  • vaniila
    vaniila 4 года назад @SnackRelatedMishap got that fine booty
  • Raf
    Raf 4 года назад @SnackRelatedMishap Congrats. Hope you and your partner have a wonderful life together.
  • SnackRelatedMishap
    SnackRelatedMishap 4 года назад thanks man!  much appreciated.  so far so good...  lol
  • Shane Flacco
    Shane Flacco 4 года назад @SnackRelatedMishap Nothing has helped. no one has good instructions. :(
  • ClearVisionTV
    ClearVisionTV 4 года назад Congratz  c:
  • Pavle Gartner
    Pavle Gartner 4 года назад lol @SnackRelatedMishap, im getting married tomorrow and also watching this. Well thanks for great tutorial!
  • zo1dberg
    zo1dberg 7 месяцев назад It's been 4 years now. You still married?
  • Dallas Brubaker
    Dallas Brubaker 4 месяца назад @SnackRelatedMishap still married?
  • SnackRelatedMishap
    SnackRelatedMishap 4 месяца назад @Dallas Brubaker no, actually. She passed away after we were married 6 month from a blood clot in her lung.
  • Dallas Brubaker
    Dallas Brubaker 4 месяца назад @SnackRelatedMishap so sad
  • Rebeljake25
    Rebeljake25 1 месяц назад @SnackRelatedMishap yo wtf
  • Shafer Hart
    Shafer Hart 2 недели назад @SnackRelatedMishap was it a, *ahem*, snack related mishap?
  • Kevin Valverde
    Kevin Valverde 4 года назад thanks brother, In a few minutes I´ll have an exposition in the college, greetings from Ecuador
  • Zachary Heng
    Zachary Heng 4 дня назад great tutorial :D now i can tie my school tie thanks for this slow tutorial
  • Michael Fallis
    Michael Fallis 3 года назад thanks man this is the best video for this...I got laid haha
  • Benjamin Rivera
    Benjamin Rivera 4 года назад Thanks Man !!! This is a good video on how to tie a tie. I thank you for ur time. I think I got it down now !!! :)
  • Rayoody2012
    Rayoody2012 5 лет назад a life saver
  • Donmarie Barradas
    Donmarie Barradas 4 года назад You rock! I have to wear a tie to work as a bartender. This video made it so easy!!
  • Zachary Cruz
    Zachary Cruz 2 года назад I don't wear ties very often, but when I do I always refer to this video. You have saved my ass many times. One of the best how to videos for tying a tie with a Windsor knot.
  • Donald Tumbo
    Donald Tumbo 3 месяца назад I known how to tie