Potions - AVM Shorts Episode 4

Published on Feb 18, 2018 39,860,056 views

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Outro music: "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • Rainma's Channel
    Rainma's Channel Год назад I'm loving this series so far. It's very interesting to me.
  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 4 месяца назад R.I.P Blue Cause Of Death: Overdose Of Potions
  • KevinSaidHi
    KevinSaidHi 3 месяца назад R.I.P. Red’s 12th pig Can only go super saiyan in 3 minutes
  • GeoLlama Studios
    GeoLlama Studios 3 месяца назад drugs*
  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 3 месяца назад He drunk from potions
  • Panda Billder
    Panda Billder 3 месяца назад Alcohol
  • Adversary Fracture
    Adversary Fracture 3 месяца назад A/E most celebrities
  • Juancarlos Arreguin
    Juancarlos Arreguin 2 месяца назад Roblox Gamer se cool Juan
    POKE GAMES 1 месяц назад Vou fuckin kid roblox is a shit
    POKE GAMES 1 месяц назад Vai toma no seu cu seu merdinha do Caralho
  • Marcus Rogers
    Marcus Rogers 1 месяц назад no no no Cause of death drugs
  • Xartom Plays
    Xartom Plays 1 месяц назад .............
  • Vivian GG
    Vivian GG 3 недели назад She's drunk for no GAWD D@M WEASONS
  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 3 недели назад Actually blue wasn’t dead, he was DRUNKED but R.I.P lvl 99 Pig
  • Xartom Plays
    Xartom Plays 3 недели назад ikr
  • Ari's World
    Ari's World 3 недели назад It was alcohol
  • Junior Zika
    Junior Zika 3 недели назад R.i.p Roblox gamer Motivo: ser um idiota kkkk
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    Naurato Animes 2 недели назад Roblox Gamer lol
  • Naurato Animes
    Naurato Animes 2 недели назад Blue the alcoholic
    AIRI ROQUE Неделю назад @Vivian GG he
  • Liberty Adams
    Liberty Adams Неделю назад Hey probabaly ate a damage potion without knowing what it was
  • mahad gure
    mahad gure Неделю назад FÖRSIKTIGT TIDIGT I RIFKHOFHLFOH
  • Countryball Poland
    Countryball Poland Неделю назад Lol he didnt die
  • Jackzplayin435 Yeet
    Jackzplayin435 Yeet 1 день назад Roblox Gamer grr blue will never die!
  • Evan14753
    Evan14753 5 часов назад POKE GAMES You know, you can be a real asshole
  • Jah you of downloading something
    Jah you of downloading something Неделю назад mines melons melons dont turn to slices when taken WAIT, THATS ILLEGAL
  • Jeremy Redus
    Jeremy Redus Неделю назад *cursed images
  • Shrekmas Ter3000
    Shrekmas Ter3000 Неделю назад He has silk touch hands
  • Cookie Joe
    Cookie Joe Неделю назад jumps on crops with potion of leaping WaIt ThAt'S iLlEgAl
  • Nyan_cat 101
    Nyan_cat 101 Неделю назад Your profile pic scares me...
  • CoolAsIce 10110
    CoolAsIce 10110 Неделю назад That an illegal use of sunglasses
  • The Girl With No Chill
    The Girl With No Chill Неделю назад The captions are awesome! Also, why the hell am I getting attached to a damn stickman figure? XD
  • Naurato Animes
    Naurato Animes Неделю назад I feel u
  • The Girl With No Chill
    The Girl With No Chill Неделю назад @Naurato Animes I guess they're just really likable. In a... weird way.
  • Naurato Animes
    Naurato Animes Неделю назад The Girl With No Chill Ikr ima sub to u
  • Cate Evangelista
    Cate Evangelista 4 месяца назад Red:spawns llama Red:yay! Llama:spits Others:EWWWWWW
  • IncogNito NitoIncog
    IncogNito NitoIncog 4 месяца назад Thats Uganda Llama
  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 1 месяц назад Put on captions at end
  • aeron james lachica
    aeron james lachica 3 недели назад (изменено) Game Boy OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU spits
  • Hot Taco
    Hot Taco Год назад So cute and cool!
  • Kid foxy gamer Thompson126!
    Kid foxy gamer Thompson126! 3 месяца назад Dude this pig reminds me of Reuben from Minecraft story mode ! And when you turn on the captions the red one name that pig Reuben lol 😂
  • Parurowzee Mingyee
    Parurowzee Mingyee 2 месяца назад P
  • Cailu fan 123
    Cailu fan 123 1 месяц назад Lol
  • gamerboy999dabomb jesus
    gamerboy999dabomb jesus 1 месяц назад Rip rueb
  • Clayton Rainwater
    Clayton Rainwater 1 месяц назад I LOVE REUBEN
  • Jose John
    Jose John 1 месяц назад Fing took that idea cause of the captions
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    Ninjapple Games & video 1 месяц назад Who is that
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    Jose John 1 месяц назад @Ninjapple Games & video search Ruben dies Minecraft story mode
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    Lil Pickel 1 месяц назад Kid foxy gamer Thompson! True 🤣😂😅😀
  • Xartom Plays
    Xartom Plays 1 месяц назад IKR DUD
  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 4 недели назад When I saw that say Reuben I was like OMG this is so sad
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    Flame HerobrineYT - Roblox & More! 3 недели назад flashback
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    Naurato Animes 2 недели назад That’s who the pig is
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    Welcomedrumble2 4 месяца назад 4:20 Minecraft pig for smash
  • KevinSaidHi
    KevinSaidHi 3 месяца назад (изменено) 4:20? It’s on drugs that’s what’s going on
  • [insert object]
    [insert object] 3 месяца назад @KevinSaidHi wooosh?
  • Jayden Robinson
    Jayden Robinson 2 месяца назад Agreeing with you on that
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    Yildiz Simsek 1 месяц назад A
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    whathead07 1 месяц назад 420
    Lara SCHROEDER Неделю назад Y E S
    DUN LETS GO 1 день назад Lol 420
  • Amiel Singo
    Amiel Singo 2 месяца назад (изменено) Piggys craziness starts at 3:39 The effects last 3 minutes The video length is 6:21 The effects are supposed to end at 6:39 Which one of you is lying?
  • Kiante R.
    Kiante R. 1 месяц назад And the effects end at 5:14
  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson 1 месяц назад Time skip between the pig running away and the pig finding the other 3.
  • ExplosiveDiamond Creeper
    ExplosiveDiamond Creeper 2 недели назад 6:39 3:28
  • Frog Boy
    Frog Boy 20 часов назад Amiel Singo I was on a playlist of Avm shorts and when I pressed the last one it took me to the next vid!😂
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    GREENWOLF 1337 3 недели назад alright porky, I'm on your level now. Cue the absolutely safe capsule
  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 3 недели назад 4:28 Captions Alright porky, I’m on your level now.
  • Run Zou
    Run Zou Год назад 3:59 top ten anime betrayals
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    classic diamond 3 часа назад красный:ЕЕЕ уменя есть это!! лама:хаатьфуу бляять
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    Hayk Ghazaryan 2 месяца назад 3:11 my friend finding me drunk on the floor at 3 am
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    D .B.T. 2 месяца назад XD
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    Rainbow Li 1 месяц назад Lol
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    Noah Attard 1 месяц назад XD
    DUN LETS GO 1 день назад Lol
    MARINKO RADULJ 4 дня назад Red: No my pig! Yay!(spawns Lallma) Lallma:(splits) All: Yuke that is very disgusthing!
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    Im557 1 месяц назад this was published on 2018 3:06 it says 2017
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    nicksonic 1 месяц назад You re new of YouTube
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    Im557 2 недели назад @nicksonic no I knew YouTube since 2014
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    Shinigami Kun 3 дня назад You Can Say That The Pig Went HAM On You! Did you get it
  • Blueberry Gasterblaster
  • BabySnatcher Jaguar
    BabySnatcher Jaguar Неделю назад (изменено) Me: throws berries at blue Me:nether Warts are not berries! Later Me:oh you got the lea- BLUE STOMPS ON A CROP AND IT DOESNT BREAK Me:what
  • Owen Enoc
    Owen Enoc 15 часов назад SUPLEMO!!! 4:55
  • Augusto Gaming
    Augusto Gaming Год назад When the pig started busting out karate moves I was like best video ever