Highly Ingenious Workers That You Need To See ▶7

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  • Cameron Grover
    Cameron Grover 4 месяца назад I dont get it...its just people doing their jobs with completely normal techniques and procedures, nothing "ingenious" about it at all, except for you littering your videos with ads and stretching all your videos out to 10 minutes...
  • ICA509
    ICA509 Неделю назад @ManDogVlog yep, you're 100% right)) And he/she even left comments, that helped to promote this video and for the channel holder to get more $ Same as we did by the way)))))
  • osmacar
    osmacar Неделю назад well with the idiots of today, breathing involuntarily is seen as ingenious, we need a clense of the stupids... or put them to menial labour as that'S all they can do
  • Isabelle Heuvel
    Isabelle Heuvel 1 месяц назад I know right
  • Ella Banana
    Ella Banana 1 месяц назад Cameron Grover i didnt get any ads?
  • Guillaume Sailé
    Guillaume Sailé 2 месяца назад @Niku GAMES Coucou
  • John Armenta
    John Armenta 2 месяца назад I for one have never seen many of these processes before, and I find it fascinating. To the Publisher: Please carry on; Continue producing videos like this. Thank you!
  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix 3 месяца назад Ever notice how tv is like that? Couple of minutes of "news" and its back to watching ass hats howl at the moon, juggle shit and do nothing more than show you a car and a price? No info on WHY you should pick that one over any other dealer.
  • tylerbrousil
    tylerbrousil 4 месяца назад The most heinously criminally misleading video I’ve seen in years. This channel is corrupt, stupid and SAD
  • toot tall
    toot tall 4 месяца назад ditto, that last tool wasn't even a good idea, old tech actually.
  • Jessie Hawes
    Jessie Hawes 4 месяца назад Exactly what I was thinking
  • Tom Mit
    Tom Mit 4 месяца назад The title rather says genius. I think it's mistranslated
  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog 4 месяца назад @Jesse Sargent uhmmmm. Yeah.
  • Jesse Sargent
    Jesse Sargent 4 месяца назад @ManDogVlog I didn't watch it. I knew what it was by the title and the screenclip. And the real genius is the engineers and inventors. channel is likely owned by someone from previously socialist country. And many people in the third world a lot of which is socialist countries could find this vid really valuable to help them break the slavery that is socialism or islam for that matter. Here's to Liberty! Liberty requires responsibility and freedom of knowledge. While in America such compilation videos are sort of pathetic as we're use to 40+ minutes spent on every aspect of each of those fields or whatever, it just isn't practical everywhere. We're very fortunate and very spoiled. Most vids in a compilation vid like this aren't even the way we do it here, very primitive tools and methods by comparison.
  • Jesse Sargent
    Jesse Sargent 4 месяца назад @Samantha Bonnie good to see y'all here then.
  • Jesse Sargent
    Jesse Sargent 4 месяца назад @Coy good to see y'all here then.
  • fo
    fo 4 месяца назад Der_Baum where can I get an Adblock for youtube because I always download Adblock but it doesn't work for youtube ?
  • Coy
    Coy 4 месяца назад yeah some nigga from the hood like myself never seen this shit!
  • Samantha Bonnie
    Samantha Bonnie 4 месяца назад Interesting for those that don't get to see these things done first hand
  • _.thilo
    _.thilo 4 месяца назад @Der_Baum hab AdBlock net aufm Handy. Nur am Laptop. Trotzdem wurde mir am Handy gezeigt das es Werbung gibt. Hat sich bei mir automatisch übersprungen
  • da very best
    da very best 4 месяца назад Ya but the techniques are still cool bitch
  • Cameron Grover
    Cameron Grover 4 месяца назад @Kebab Bln what's that supposed to mean?
  • Kebab Bln
    Kebab Bln 4 месяца назад Modern technology from an US perspective
  • Xeno Player
    Xeno Player 4 месяца назад Click bait, sadly enough we all took the bait.
  • Niku GAMES
    Niku GAMES 4 месяца назад Salut
  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog 4 месяца назад Still watched it didn't ya... $ made..
  • Ron Swartz Anonymous
    Ron Swartz Anonymous 4 месяца назад Agree. A very boring video.
  • Der_Baum
    Der_Baum 4 месяца назад @qwer zxcv Ad-block :D
  • qwer zxcv
    qwer zxcv 4 месяца назад Ads? lul
  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown Неделю назад Click bait headlines for a video with not a single "Highly Ingenious Worker". You are the reason not everyone should be allowed access to the internet.
  • KEK-19 M
    KEK-19 M 4 месяца назад click bait ?!?! on another lvl ? where ? ,,normal ,, workers who do just thier job ... Auf einem anderen Niveau ? Wo? Einfach nur Arbeiter die ihren job machen ...
  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One 1 месяц назад Your comment was also click bait.
  • Jennifer Rara
    Jennifer Rara 1 месяц назад KEK-19 M
  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 2 месяца назад @Xiaomi Xiaomi 5 .. .
  • Sergio Martinez
    Sergio Martinez 2 месяца назад Just their work...
  • Rosa Villanueva
    Rosa Villanueva 3 месяца назад Even if it’s just a normal work, is still amazing
  • Xiaomi Xiaomi 5
    Xiaomi Xiaomi 5 4 месяца назад Здорово земляк ты че на чужбине заблудился😂
  • Ghostshield
    Ghostshield 4 месяца назад Ähneliche Muffen musste ich auch schon anfertigen, da geht man ganz normal nach Anleitung, ohne abzuweichen oder sonstiges. Sonst haftet der arbeiter für Fehler.
  • Pete Brown
    Pete Brown 4 месяца назад Of course. The entire channel is click bat.
  • SickoChicken ok
    SickoChicken ok 4 месяца назад Ohne witz....
  • Hydra Inarms
    Hydra Inarms 2 недели назад And now we know what we already knew . Everything is expensive cause it takes so god dam long to make.
  • King Neptunes
    King Neptunes 6 дней назад Why... WHY DOES THIS POP UP IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS
  • Bleart Hasani
    Bleart Hasani 1 день назад King Neptunes right
  • Antarhexis
    Antarhexis 2 дня назад Not sure using highly specific quality tools for the job makes the workers ingenious. They do their job pretty damn well though
  • robizzlor
    robizzlor 4 месяца назад No idea why this trash was recommended. Half of the stuff is useless.
  • arcflashed
    arcflashed 3 месяца назад @Garras Porgratix You've obviously never spliced high voltage cable
  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix 3 месяца назад @arcflashed OMG!! My life has been so meaningless without these things! I must run out and buy 2 of each to complete my life.
  • Fran
    Fran 4 месяца назад Totally agree. useless shit depicted.
  • Лариса Мишина
    Лариса Мишина 4 месяца назад lmao
  • Viva El Español y La Hispanidad Mundial
    Viva El Español y La Hispanidad Mundial 4 месяца назад China thinks too highly of itself
  • PewpyButWhole
    PewpyButWhole 4 месяца назад yeah well there is a thing called learning, it is a funny thing but it is cool to know more than what you need just for facts and social use
  • arcflashed
    arcflashed 4 месяца назад The cable splicing tools were good.
  • me me again
    me me again 4 месяца назад leave it out fella!.. im following you!.. stop winding people up!.. stay off the Internet for a while,.. well at least till your medication kicks in
  • penghuni surga
    penghuni surga 4 месяца назад https://youtu.be/aQIvINRhVyM
  • rytram prophet
    rytram prophet 4 месяца назад especially that last one. holy shit what a useless piece of equipment. that thing is a giant waste of effort. id just use a fuckin bansaw. the tire thing. i could think of a few ways to make that easier and faster.
  • penghuni surga
    penghuni surga 4 месяца назад @Carl The ACTOR sub me
  • Carl The ACTOR
    Carl The ACTOR 4 месяца назад robizzlor like you
  • penghuni surga
    penghuni surga 4 месяца назад https://youtu.be/feESPNONKRw
  • Turbo Charged
    Turbo Charged 4 месяца назад its for people from the third world countries who dont have simple technology...
  • Kyle Sorrell
    Kyle Sorrell 4 месяца назад half the stuff more like all the stuff
  • Steveo Gregg
    Steveo Gregg 4 месяца назад TRUE
  • dan
    dan 4 месяца назад Yeah I don't either
  • Farming Simulator 17
    Farming Simulator 17 4 месяца назад Same
  • Mediocre Hero
    Mediocre Hero 4 месяца назад Wow. This biggest waste of time in 2019 so far. Do better.
  • rishi kashap
    rishi kashap Неделю назад lolzz
    PETRI DREAMS 3 недели назад I thought the first one was by far the most fascinating
  • Absolute Punjabi
    Absolute Punjabi 4 месяца назад Love you brother and thanks for giving me way to live Good life
  • SarachoSpikes
    SarachoSpikes 4 месяца назад Sub to me I'm currently doing giveaway ok
  • Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah 4 месяца назад Just because they have way better jobs then u doesn’t mean it’s stupid
  • ツZERO_YT1
    ツZERO_YT1 4 месяца назад Mediocre Hero fr
  • It's me FORTNITE
    It's me FORTNITE 4 месяца назад Biggest waste of time you're right
  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 4 месяца назад @Cardovia Reid wtf
  • Cardovia Reid
    Cardovia Reid 4 месяца назад Yuiijkgmoiuhjikkttjmk ?!polio opinion km look nihil pi uhjjkukll Kliokjjkklu Jijnj!think hokku in 😰:-P :-( :-) :-) :-( O:-) :-[ :-( 👌😟😟😟😟😟🌳🌳🌴🌳🌳🌹🌹🌹🌸🌹🌽🌹🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌹🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌹🌽🌽😟😟😟😟😟👌😟👌😟👌😟😟😟👌
  • Of Legend I Am Born
    Of Legend I Am Born 2 месяца назад Ingenious? And you include tire retreading? LOL.
  • Edwin Berumen
    Edwin Berumen 1 месяц назад Tire video begins, immediately start up early 2000s hip hop instrumental
  • Tyclone
    Tyclone 4 месяца назад (1:20) Cutting vinyl stickers isnt really what I would call "ingenious" ... But you do you man.
  • Cole Brown
    Cole Brown 1 месяц назад @Simon Ruszczak NO YOU DUMBASS
  • Mellon Mellon
    Mellon Mellon 4 месяца назад (изменено) and they showed this twice
  • joe noor
    joe noor 4 месяца назад EXACTLY NOT INGENIOUS AT ALL
  • fortwoodmisery
    fortwoodmisery 4 месяца назад as someone that does this for a living I agree, he did it completely wrong and broke like 3 rules that would of got him fired if he worked for me, lol
  • thetruthrover
    thetruthrover 4 месяца назад You mean CarbOn F1ber.
  • Simon Ruszczak
    Simon Ruszczak 4 месяца назад And he could have cut two out of it, instead of one.
  • Scooter Grant
    Scooter Grant 4 месяца назад Plus the glass isn't ingenious as there are more efficient ways of doing it
  • Scooter Grant
    Scooter Grant 4 месяца назад I agree that most of them aren't ingenious as it is part of their job. great to see someone with logic!
  • Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan 12 часов назад Anjirrtt KomentarNya Orang Luar Semua🤣
  • Rudi Ralla
    Rudi Ralla Неделю назад Was für ein Bockmist. Solltest öfter die Sendung mit der Maus ansehen...
  • Carla Hernandez
    Carla Hernandez 4 месяца назад I wouldn’t say this is “ingenious” it’s just a normal persons job that they would do on a normal day
  • Darragh O Sullivan
    Darragh O Sullivan 3 месяца назад Having not worked in these industries, i'm impressed!
  • Francesca Sergi
    Francesca Sergi 1 месяц назад Darragh O Sullivan a
  • William Coley
    William Coley 1 день назад Glass cutting has always amazed me.
  • Terry M
    Terry M 1 месяц назад First guy might be talented but he could do with cutting his fails. Yuk
  • Андрей Грабовский
    Андрей Грабовский 4 месяца назад Строители чего? Автор названия ролика-идеальный МУДАК.
  • [H.P] Werdasliestwirdaussterben
    [H.P] Werdasliestwirdaussterben 4 месяца назад Скорее всего это просто кривой перевод, т.к. канал английский.
  • Сергей Есенин
    Сергей Есенин 4 месяца назад Мудак нового уровня 😂😂😂
  • macforme
    macforme Неделю назад The retread guys: No respirator to protect their lungs and a lot of these people could benefit from eye protection too. I was pretty impressed with the cable splicer.
  • Wong Jacinta
    Wong Jacinta 2 дня назад (изменено) 美国人的努力职业精神是值得学习的。