♡ 7 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket ♡

Published on Sep 6, 2013 310,812 views

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  • Amber Scarlet
    Amber Scarlet 2 года назад I like how the jacket just comes out of no where xD
  • Monica  Rama
    Monica Rama 3 года назад Love it"
  • Людмила Федотова
    Людмила Федотова 5 лет назад Очень понравились наряды!!
  • Luna102572
    Luna102572 5 лет назад Hi,, I love all of them.. Thx for your time ... I have a question what color is your pans?? Thx again(:-
  • BecomeUrBestVersion ** Nykia
    BecomeUrBestVersion ** Nykia 2 года назад All outfits bomb!
  • Yessenia Mora
    Yessenia Mora 5 лет назад i love all of them
  • Yuliana
    Yuliana 5 лет назад Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)
  • Alyssa Kaitlyn
    Alyssa Kaitlyn 5 лет назад Great video!!
  • Yuliana
    Yuliana 5 лет назад Awe, thanks doll! :)
  • not-genesis
    not-genesis 5 лет назад Thanks so much! ❤ kisses from Chicago! We love you!
  • Yuliana
    Yuliana 5 лет назад I actually used the same jacket in all of the looks :) I got it from Target a couple of weeks ago, so it should still be available!
  • not-genesis
    not-genesis 5 лет назад Loved it! Um, where do you get your denim jackets? I went to Charlotte Russe and there are only vests there.
  • Yuliana
    Yuliana 5 лет назад Thanks! Which one is your favorite?
  • Yessenia Mora
    Yessenia Mora 5 лет назад love it
  • Khola
    Khola 3 года назад RIP Roger Lyons... My unoffical, late Godfather. Responsible for the amazing Black and White Levi's 'Laundtrette' commercial. Rest in peace dear Roger and Love and Light (with utmost respect) to all the family! (Grampy's unerpants! heheh!) D
  • charissereyes
    charissereyes 4 года назад Look 2,3 & 6 was the best for me. :)
  • Sofia Carlström
    Sofia Carlström 5 лет назад Super cute stylings!
  • Primped and Primed
    Primped and Primed 4 года назад Loving the editing ~ awesome outfits too 
  • carlos elizalde
    carlos elizalde 2 года назад muy hermoso
  • sarah sumesh
    sarah sumesh 3 года назад OMG what is the name of the song
  • glenious gamuzaran
    glenious gamuzaran Год назад sarah sumesh same question here. lets wait the answer. 😀