In this weeks video I break down a piece of clothing thats extremely versatile and will keep you warm throughout the year!

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  • NotTheReal Lucas
    NotTheReal Lucas 2 года назад i didn't learn anything
  • Akshay Surjudeen
    Akshay Surjudeen Год назад NotTheReal Lucas then u werent listening
  • HmbV15
    HmbV15 Год назад (изменено) New generation bringing back old generation styles. As a kid, I got mines at the flea market 😁. Even nowday I see my kids or other kids wearing skinny jeans or ripped jeans and I always ask them where the style comes from and they won't know thr answer but just say everyone wears it because it's a trend. I tell them back in the 80s it was the trend and style for ROCK n ROLL.
  • SeanZraft
    SeanZraft 8 месяцев назад Gosh the rock n roll gave me cringe and gossbump At least compare to the 80s the skinny jean and pant look better now skinny jean pant back then literally look like coming from women wardrobe becuz of high waise but now it improvised and look more fit ishh
  • DarkEclipse
    DarkEclipse 2 года назад Hey, do you know what is the link for the black bomber you are wearing?
  • CharlesMLGx
    CharlesMLGx 2 года назад Wat size is dis? xDDDD
  • Mriskol34 Mris35
    Mriskol34 Mris35 2 года назад l have one by foot locker
  • Mizushima Yuiitsu
    Mizushima Yuiitsu Год назад wear condoms for safe
    *GENERALFELDMARSCHALL* *ROMMEL* 8 месяцев назад No sex,no childs
  • storm squad
    storm squad 2 года назад GAP has bomber jackets for $35
  • CtrlAltDiabetus
    CtrlAltDiabetus Год назад 2:45 he put up four fingers after naming three stores
  • Great Clasher255
    Great Clasher255 Год назад Dj Ascendance lol true
  • demon slayer
    demon slayer Год назад The 4th one is for others/ he said so many more
  • SpC Kiro
    SpC Kiro 2 года назад But what jacket is that tho!?
  • D'Anthony Hughes
    D'Anthony Hughes 2 года назад SpC Kiro bomber jacket
  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey 2 года назад "so guys the fall season is in full swing" -Justin Yee, CMA Class
  • Yaikhomba Mangsatabam
    Yaikhomba Mangsatabam Год назад (изменено) What size of bomber jacket ur wearing right now?
  • JustinYee
    JustinYee Год назад Yaikhomba Mangsatabam XP Channel size small
  • James Robert
    James Robert 8 месяцев назад what t shirt should i wear if im gonna wear a navy blue jacket?
  • JustinYee
    JustinYee 8 месяцев назад James Robert i’d go with gray
  • James Robert
    James Robert 8 месяцев назад thanks dude
  • James Robert
    James Robert 8 месяцев назад JustinYee do you mean color gray?
  • KingEmZ
    KingEmZ 2 года назад Dope video bro!
  • JustinYee
    JustinYee 2 года назад Thanks!
  • Someone, Somewhere.
    Someone, Somewhere. 2 года назад people be sleeping on pull&bear im telling you!! . imma get their olive green patched bomber next saturday .
    HARENDRA GUPTA Год назад Hey Justin I m stuck between 2 bombers- black and burgundy.According to u which colour should I cop? I m from India and I love this video
  • JustinYee
    JustinYee Год назад HARENDRA GUPTA i️ personally think the black will be easier to create outfits with, but a burgundy would definitely be more unique
    HARENDRA GUPTA Год назад JustinYee OOO then I will purchase black one and leave the burgundy one for next year.Versatality is the most important thing to me. Thanks and pls make more trend videos
    HARENDRA GUPTA Год назад Hey I bought the black one.it's price is 1000 rupee(14 dollars).do u think it is expensive??
  • Chris Baxter
    Chris Baxter 2 года назад Where did you get the jacket you're wearing?
  • JustinYee
    JustinYee 2 года назад Zara
  • Kambree Speth
    Kambree Speth Год назад You can find them at pacsone
  • Jason Huynh
    Jason Huynh 2 года назад can u link what bomber jacket ur wearing right now?
  • Jason Huynh
    Jason Huynh 2 года назад whats the specific name of it
  • Western Gulag
    Western Gulag Год назад YamaTV it's called a bomber jacket
  • Bank
    Bank Год назад JakePaul It's From H&M
  • Great Clasher255
    Great Clasher255 Год назад BankTheFinesser how do you know? No offense
  • Bank
    Bank Год назад Great Clasher255 Just Look At The Thumbnail
  • Ryan Yee
    Ryan Yee 4 месяца назад No
  • Suraj Singh Rajput
    Suraj Singh Rajput 5 месяцев назад Bro please share the link of Jacket you are wearing
  • ferkco
    ferkco 3 месяца назад Bomber jackets back in the day which was the 80's was a product of the skin head movement which was punk and maybe New Wave. If you were hardcore it was all about punk, shaving your head, jack boots or Dr Martens I forget what else. I was more into New Wave but hanging with skin heads was kinda kool. The hung at this place called Olde World in Huntington Beach. The newspapers thought youth had turned into Nazi's. It was actually a fashion statement since the middle sixties on had been about long hair. It was kool all us long hairs hanging with the skin heads and making the scene at Surf City and all those skinny bikini clad girls. People say fashion is not interesting. Peace..