Boyfriend Makeup Battle

Published on Apr 16, 2019 2,413,851 views

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  • Raeleigh Skidmore
    Raeleigh Skidmore 1 месяц назад Is nobody going to talk about how beautiful Morgan looked with her makeup! Her eyes are so pretty!
  • Kaelyn McCorkle
    Kaelyn McCorkle 1 месяц назад and how ryland was actually telling her she looked bad and it made me angry. Like let the girl live, we all have a little crusty foundation here and there. She looks beautiful no matter what.
  • Sharleen W
    Sharleen W 1 месяц назад Raeleigh Skidmore ikrrrr
  • Kirsten Bronakoski
    Kirsten Bronakoski 1 месяц назад YES!!! I wish she’d do a tutorial on her eyeshadow she did😭
  • Evie Whatling
    Evie Whatling 1 месяц назад Her eyes were beautiful with her eyeshadow
  • Edward Quijada
    Edward Quijada 1 месяц назад Raeleigh Skidmore she gave me Tana Idkhowtospelllastname vibes
  • Blue pie Tiger
    Blue pie Tiger 3 недели назад THE Gaming BOSS she prettier then you boo
  • Abbey Hatcher
    Abbey Hatcher 3 недели назад Bitch she looks gorgeous without makuep
  • alyssa.
    alyssa. Неделю назад Kaelyn McCorkle when
  • Candy Girl
    Candy Girl 5 дней назад I mom Morgan looked awesome I love it
  • maeva makeup17
    maeva makeup17 3 недели назад No one: Not a single soul: Literally no one: Ryland: SiCkEnInG
  • amanda kelley
    amanda kelley 1 месяц назад no one: ryland: “jaclyn x morphe hill”
  • mm44jesus
    mm44jesus 6 дней назад amanda kelley ikr! I was lmao 😂 totally!!!! Morphe Hill then Morgan said it correctly
  • Tina Pham
    Tina Pham 3 недели назад Ryland: drags everyone Also Ryland: “sTop DrAgIng mE”
  • Alexandra Feleo
    Alexandra Feleo 1 месяц назад I love how they're asking Shane for makeup advice🤣
  • Ara Marie
    Ara Marie 3 недели назад Hes becoming a real beauty guru and I'm so proud.
  • It's all good man!
    It's all good man! 3 недели назад I know right! I LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE THEM ALL..but I feel ryland is so materialistic..like did u see him in any/all the vids with jeffree, where he's shamelessly hinting how he loves the expensive sht (can't afford it) & basically wants them to buy it all 4him just cuz he's Shane's girl.
  • Peach Flavored
    Peach Flavored 1 месяц назад Morgan is actually drop dead gorgeous y’all sleeping on her.
  • Rado Satur
    Rado Satur 1 месяц назад Morgan is an illiterate leech.
  • Patty Bob
    Patty Bob 1 месяц назад ur gorgeous
  • Saturn Official
    Saturn Official 4 недели назад @Rado Satur She's not a leech, she's Ryland's sister and best friend... what's with the hate?
  • tragic.
    tragic. 3 недели назад I thought this comment said “y’all sleep with her” for some reason shsjs
  • Gillian Gipson
    Gillian Gipson 2 недели назад I was literally about to post this exact same thing! Word for word. Seriously tho...girlfriend is smokin!
  • Hadassah E
    Hadassah E 2 недели назад just made it 2k 😩
  • Matthew Flores
    Matthew Flores 2 недели назад @Rado Satur your an egotistical botch
  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 2 недели назад Peach Flavored she is and I hate everyone sees it, but her.😞
  • Jacob Preh
    Jacob Preh 2 недели назад She really is!
  • Eknoor Kaur bawa.
    Eknoor Kaur bawa. 2 недели назад You’re really pretty too
  • Eknoor Kaur bawa.
    Eknoor Kaur bawa. 2 недели назад Like actually gorgeous
  • Brittany Sullivan
    Brittany Sullivan Неделю назад 100% agree with this
  • thatshitcrayable
    thatshitcrayable Неделю назад Honestly
  • Be Mindful
    Be Mindful 6 дней назад @Rado Satur dude she's neither of those things why are you bitter?
  • Chris E
    Chris E 4 недели назад Ummm ok MORGAN!!!! freaking gorgeous! These looks came out sooo good! Love u guys!!!
  • Camu Lopez
    Camu Lopez 1 месяц назад Shane has gotten so good at make up it’s scary. Ps: your mom is such a queen, love her.
  • Laura
    Laura 5 дней назад His mom is such a mom!
  • Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn 1 месяц назад I loved all the lewks but I’m not gonna lie if I had to pick one for me to wear I would choose Morgan’s
  • FlowerPlayz:DD
    FlowerPlayz:DD 2 недели назад AHEM! You mean, fIaNcEe makeup battle!
  • Marisa White
    Marisa White 2 недели назад well morgans hands down the most skilled but the boys are catching up! morgans like actually just honestly a natural
  • XxVampiregirl17xX
    XxVampiregirl17xX 3 недели назад "Sickening.." "Yeah, which disease?" 😂😂😂😂
  • Zoey Brunelle
    Zoey Brunelle 4 недели назад It's so funny how Ryland talks like he's a professional makeup artist
  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 2 недели назад Zoey Brunelle I know, but yet he is God awful at it.😂 Shane and Morgan actually know how to apply makeup and Ryland is the only one who can’t, even when he actually tries hard. Very strange. You’d think Shane would be the one who looks like a science project gone wrong, but it’s always Ryland.
  • Love M.
    Love M. 3 дня назад "Jaclyn x morphe hill"
  • Itzia Padilla ふわ
    Itzia Padilla ふわ 4 недели назад 10% = The actual video 90% = Ryland’s ring
  • Luke Morgan
    Luke Morgan 3 недели назад More like 99%
  • ace
    ace 2 недели назад It’s cute tho😂💖
  • MadiRoseHATESLIFE Jk
    MadiRoseHATESLIFE Jk Неделю назад Tᖇᑌᗴ ᔕIᔕ
  • mm44jesus
    mm44jesus 6 дней назад Itzia Padilla ふわ he needs to say “sparkle sparkle sparkle “ when he shows it off Every Single Time!! 😂 😝
  • D'Koda Jane Ridding
    D'Koda Jane Ridding 1 месяц назад Shane honey don’t let ANYONE tell you how to do your makeup It’s a personal preference xx
  • T r u s t_ _S u n f l o w e r
    T r u s t_ _S u n f l o w e r 1 месяц назад D'Koda Jane Ridding xD so right XDDDD
  • momo bb dd
    momo bb dd 1 месяц назад yyyeeeess giirrll
  • Kim 12345
    Kim 12345 1 месяц назад Yasssss
  • Somnusソムヌス
    Somnusソムヌス 1 месяц назад (изменено) Just dont let Shane get a boob job and look like a hillbilly
  • Sillencee Official
    Sillencee Official 1 месяц назад It is a personal preference but it’s best to learn and practice with different ways to do makeup. If no one ever told me different ways to do my makeup I would still have raccoon eyes and shitty foundation every day.
  • Addison Howard
    Addison Howard Неделю назад YAAAAAAS. (also i accidentally unliked your comment but i didn’t mean too :4(()
  • Stephanie Centeno
    Stephanie Centeno 3 недели назад Rylands engagement ring is so loose😩 I'm scared of him losing it.
  • Brandon Eberhardt
    Brandon Eberhardt Неделю назад Eh it's just a ring
  • Stephanie Centeno
    Stephanie Centeno Неделю назад @Brandon Eberhardt True, but just for the sake of losing it, he should definitely get it sized right just to be safe.
  • hunnttymeez
    hunnttymeez Неделю назад Uhm stop
  • hunnttymeez
    hunnttymeez Неделю назад Think of their feelings not yours
  • Stephanie Centeno
    Stephanie Centeno 6 дней назад @hunnttymeez ???
  • Keri Lynne
    Keri Lynne 4 дня назад Stephanie Centeno i was thinking the same thing. I mean it sucks to get it fitted just cuz you’re without it for a few weeks but it’s better than losing it down the sink.
  • Rachel Smet
    Rachel Smet 4 недели назад Morgan is so beautiful with and without the makeup like how tf
  • Cameron Jenkins
    Cameron Jenkins 1 месяц назад anyone else realize how he put “BOYFRIEND” in the title u gotta get goin w the fiancé title ryland😂
  • Soner Kamer
    Soner Kamer Неделю назад I guess “Boyfriend” is a more popular and trending tag rn, so he tries to take that advantage😅
  • Bethany Sangra
    Bethany Sangra Неделю назад Shane, we love when u do makeup! However u wanna do it. Like gurl u can layer that foundation fifty layers high and we'd still stan so much
  • S JEE
    S JEE 1 месяц назад I know they're learning. but I would say Morgan looked the best
  • Ligitopia
    Ligitopia 1 месяц назад All morgan did for eyeshadow was put on 1 colour, not blend it and put a wing on it in tbh
  • Elizabeth Adair
    Elizabeth Adair 1 месяц назад Ligitopia ok salty bitch
  • Chimchim 95
    Chimchim 95 1 месяц назад Elizabeth Adair chill
  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn 1 месяц назад Y’all this comment section is proof that we have entered the beauty community ☕️
  • Natalia Williams
    Natalia Williams 1 месяц назад then again, morgan does her makeup regularly !!
  • Natalie Dool
    Natalie Dool 1 месяц назад I think Morgan looked the best because she was smiling and talking like a normal person😂😂
  • Carley Whitney
    Carley Whitney 2 недели назад Ligitopia if you used your eyes you could tell that she actually didn’t just use one color. she used several colors and it’s quite obvious if you have ever used your eyes