Ghost Whisperer vs REI Co-Op Down Jacket-
In this video I am comparing the REI Co-Op down jacket to the Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer. I am listing the pros and the cons of each jacket so that you have make an informed decision when purchasing your down jacket.
Ghost Whisperer 800 fill w/ hood: http://amzn.to/2Dy1sDj
Ghost Whisperer 800 fill w/out hood: http://amzn.to/2mB0mi6
REI Co-Op 650 fill: https://www.rei.com/product/878094/re...
REI Co-Op 850 fill: https://www.rei.com/product/109451/re...

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  • William Burton
    William Burton Год назад I agree, no need to pay for a brand name. I couldn't justify $300.00 for a jacket. I did end up buying the ghost whisper from Amazon, new, for $179.00 because it was not a popular color! Actually that's how I buy all my gear, unpopular colors! It saves at least $50.00 per item.:)
  • Hike Oregon
    Hike Oregon Год назад Nice! I got that ugly green color for $129 because it was a color that was on sale and then I found a 40% off coupon code.
  • toonses thecat
    toonses thecat 7 месяцев назад Love it. Always look in the "ugly bin" of discount gear.... the birds and squirrels don't mind my "fashion sense"
  • Oh look Disneyland ans Star Wars
    Oh look Disneyland ans Star Wars 5 месяцев назад That's awesome!
  • Don Zones
    Don Zones Год назад Great review! Especially for us on a tight budget.
  • Kevin Frenzel
    Kevin Frenzel Год назад I got my 650 fill down REI jacket for $59 on their clearance last week! LOVE IT!
  • BrianNC81
    BrianNC81 Год назад I got my Patagonia down hooded sweater/jacket (800 fill) for about $100 last year on end of season clearance and unpopular color. Heavier weight than the GW but the fabric is more heavy duty and looks good for wearing it off the trail. (Who cares about a couple oz). I recommend it if you can get a good deal. (Full price is $280)
  • Grizz in the Woods
    Grizz in the Woods Год назад I think a lot of lightweight expensive gear is really being pushed by the ultralight community. I myself had been influenced to buy the expensive gear when I planned to thru hike the PCT. I was like wow it must be good, look at all the videos for it. I have learned over my 12 years of backpacking that it really comes down to what works best for you. Expensive isn't always better. That being said I got the ghost whisperer for $100 thru a special sale and love it.
  • Ari Kolbeinsson
    Ari Kolbeinsson 6 месяцев назад Very interesting. I got the men's version, and I have wide shoulders and a bit of extra bulk around the shoulder area, and can at least report that the men's version does not seem to have that shoulder tightness issue. Hope that is helpful to someone.
  • David Mm
    David Mm Год назад Perhaps give us an idea of your height, waist measurement, arm length, and shoulder width measurement. It might give someone who's a similar size, or close to it, a better idea of how the jackets are sized.
  • Wenzheng Wu
    Wenzheng Wu 4 месяца назад I was going to buy a mountain hardwear. Now I change my mind. Thank you.
  • Texas HIKEaholics
    Texas HIKEaholics Год назад Thanks for the comparison! I (Barbara) bought the Ghost Whisperer for $240 and have been planning on taking it back; however, I wasn't sure what to replace it with. My complaints are the loft has bunched up and caused areas with no loft and there are a lot of dark feathers which makes it look like the jacket has large black spots all over it. I have the orange jacket. And last but not least I have only used the jacket about 6 times and the stitching in the arms has come unraveled in 2 different places. I still stay warm when wearing it, but for the price I need more. I also agree completely with your analysis of the durability of the fabric. It feels very fragile. Thanks again!!
  • Hike Oregon
    Hike Oregon Год назад Thank you for telling us about your experience with the Ghost! It is great for others to read this as well!!
  • JK XTC
    JK XTC 9 месяцев назад For the price of the ghost jacket....you can get a hat and nice gloves...better with the REI ...
  • steve buch
    steve buch Год назад I always look at REI stuff before I choose a product, a lot of the time it is just as good.
  • Dave Gee
    Dave Gee 2 месяца назад The ghost whisperer is a better jacket in almost every aspect! No comparison between these two really.
  • Folma7
    Folma7 Год назад Great review. I have the REI brand as well. It’s amazing how warm it is
  • Huy Cao
    Huy Cao Год назад (изменено) Great review, Franziska! I truly believe there are a lot of jackets out there that work just as well as the Ghost Whisperer. It just got so popular because a few respected hikers said it works well and everybody else jump on board. We are fortunate that there are so many choices when it comes to gear, but it can also overwhelm the average consumer who does not want to buy a bunch of versions to find what works best for them. So they go by what everybody else is using.
  • Hike Oregon
    Hike Oregon Год назад Exactly!
  • rockytop wrangler
    rockytop wrangler Год назад Good product video, I have been backpacking since the early '70's. and sometime in that time frame I discovered REI , and have found most of my backpacking/hiking needs with them. Skilled people that understand all hikes and hikers are different. And by the way,,,I don't have boobs either....lol..
  • Nathan Rieck
    Nathan Rieck Год назад Like my ghost whisper but would never pay the full price for it, overpriced in my opinion. I waited until rei was selling last years models and a color that they were discontinuing. I paid like $120ish I think. I like it personally but the orange color is not for everyone :)
  • Karen W
    Karen W Год назад Excellent review. Thanks for pointing out all the details and clearly explaining why you liked or didn't like certain things. It really helps with the decision making process since there is a lot of money we are talking about here.
  • Hike Oregon
    Hike Oregon Год назад Thank you so much for watching, Karen!
  • Joseph Tremblay
    Joseph Tremblay 6 месяцев назад I’ve worn my ghost whisper for men’s small for 7 years and since I’ve watched this video, I’ve notice my ghost whisper doesn’t fit correctly on me with finding out that the shoulders fitted tightly and thought it was design and meant to be tight and had tons of room. I, however purchased the REI magma 850 down fill small for 100.00 when it was on sale 2weeks ago and it fits me very well with the shoulders not tight while wearing it or while hiking with my pack. Now, I’ve been wearing my REI magma 850 down fill and given my ghost whisper to a friend of mine who needs a jacket. Overall, great video of the review!
  • yakitoriPB
    yakitoriPB Год назад Don't ever say 350 for a ghost whisperer. They can be had (especially in outlier sizes) for 130-180 if you look for a bargain.
  • Jay Wanders Out
    Jay Wanders Out Год назад I own a Ghost Whisperer and a REI Coop down jacket and I totally agree with all your points. Well, I do like longer sleeves so I can tuck my hands in. Anyway with the GW I try to be super gentle with it because it feels so fragile and costs a ton of money. With the REI I feel like I don't have to worry and can enjoy other things.