Windows 10 - Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered

Published on Sep 3, 2015 424,642 views

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Windows 10 display error fix! For "Display has Stopped Responding And Recovered"32 bit system use only dword, 64 bit system use Qword. If you're still getting crashes with games or even small browser crashes 98 % of the time, it's your memory. Rule 1, Make sure memory is compatible with your mother board. amd phenom ll processor only read a mem Frequency as high as 1333 keep that in mind! Rule 2, don't mix your memory brands. while this doesn't always cause problems, just not worth the risk. Rule 3, make sure memory is in the right slots. your mother board manual will tell you the proper place.

  • Oseburuwachukwu Abumchukwu Ezekwesili
    Oseburuwachukwu Abumchukwu Ezekwesili 2 года назад It crashed while I was trying to watch this video lol
  • zawse
    zawse 2 года назад lol I /\
  • Budi Santoso
    Budi Santoso 2 года назад same with me.. i added it and after 10 second my PC crashed and out of signal video!! WTF
  • TheAddict Gamer31
    TheAddict Gamer31 2 года назад LOL :D
  • Paul Zamfira
    Paul Zamfira 2 года назад Oseburuwachukwu Abumchukwu Ezekwesili How did you fixed it? I'm having the same issue right now :(
  • Salma
    Salma 2 года назад Oseburuwachukwu Abumchukwu Ezekwesili you guys have he same problem
  • Rara D
    Rara D 2 года назад thank you so much for this vid, it was driving me crazy every time I played final fantasy
  • Asdf101
    Asdf101 2 года назад My PC can run TONS of games, but not ROBLOX Lol
  • SpartaH GAmINg
    SpartaH GAmINg 2 года назад I wanna play too roblox but i cannot
  • OmegaVexx
    OmegaVexx 6 месяцев назад Same here @Asddf101
  • MissieFaye
    MissieFaye 3 года назад Thank you so much! This was just driving me crazy. Now its all good...well, as good as things ever are with devil-computers!
  • Z 76
    Z 76 3 года назад FINNALY a fkn helpfull video!. god damn it
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    トミー犬ghos̸͠t͘_̨DO͜G 2 года назад plz make a fix vid doe the Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware
  • leozdnbr
    leozdnbr 3 года назад facebook webpage was triggering the error. this fix actually worked for me
  • moon light amvs
    moon light amvs 3 года назад Thanks so much bruh kept crashing on minecraft so much I was getting really mad
  • Chef's Smash
    Chef's Smash 3 года назад Thanks man! the '10' has really worked oh my god! thanks so much it worked for my lenovo yoga 2 [core i5 intel inside] (subscribed)
  • Sleepyhead
    Sleepyhead 3 года назад Thank you! ..you GENIUS!! I wish I could sub to you 100 times!
  • Yon El
    Yon El 3 года назад Great video. Straight to the point, and you supplied more information which is really nice. Thanks for the help!
  • CaPPyY RO
    CaPPyY RO 3 года назад Thanks for that video. The same i had too, but with this video i troubleshot problem. Like
  • Mike Solle
    Mike Solle 3 года назад Thank you, this was driving me insane.
  • Pocketmouse
    Pocketmouse 3 года назад Make sure you tried updating your drivers and scanning your computer for viruses and malware before using Regedit. If you decide to use Regedit, backup your current registry files with File>Export before changing them. One wrong move in Regedit can really mess your computer up. It is quite possible that some people's registry files are different from his because of different hardware.
  • Pixely
    Pixely 3 года назад (изменено) Sir, you are a lifesaver. I've been trying to find a fix for my friend's problem for hours. Thank you.
  • TSG
    TSG 2 года назад Thank you very much! (For me it worked with 10). ;)
  • daarrii
    daarrii 3 года назад Incredibly well-made tutorial. Thanks!
  • MarkoTurn
    MarkoTurn 2 года назад You my friend, have saved me from going mental. My PC didn't even give me the error message, but rather rebooted on its own. It gave me the message ONCE after a few weeks of struggle, resetting windows and whatnot. After putting that simple command into the regedit, everything runs smoothly. You have my deepest thanks.
  • Numair Haq
    Numair Haq 3 года назад wow, this really helped! thank you so much!
  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 3 года назад Thanks for quick explanation. So many of these videos are super slow paced.