Super gloss carbon wrap film on Ebay: http://goo.gl/oUMCor

Lacquer carbon wrap film (5D carbon) can be used in car interiors to decorate. The glossy sheen of the film will add beauty to your car's interior.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

Old LQ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMzNt2...

  • Parjesh R
    Parjesh R 2 года назад "dont over do it" wraps air vent wraps side pillars
  • orangejuiceJoe 1
    orangejuiceJoe 1 2 месяца назад Wraps steering wheel lol
  • Don Jones
    Don Jones 2 месяца назад (изменено) @orangejuiceJoe 1 wrap headlights & tires
  • anil2
    anil2 2 года назад You're supposed to take the panels off and then wrap it!
  • Al Gniazdowski
    Al Gniazdowski Год назад Wish you made the carbon lines match. Same direction. Would look more professional
  • Richiesaurus_Rex
    Richiesaurus_Rex 2 года назад And this my friends is going "over the top" with the wrap...
  • André Baumgartner
    André Baumgartner 2 года назад How about actually removing the parts and doing it the proper way rather than half assing it and making cuts into the material?
  • Fortnite Frenzy
    Fortnite Frenzy 2 года назад Not every car has removable panels separate from dash, some are made look separate.
  • p pizzle
    p pizzle 2 года назад im going to have to disagree.. if there is trim it can most definetly be removed. how would you possibly make a whole dashboard with "wood" trim out of one whole piece of plastic? that would be terribly difficult for the manufacturer and most likely more expensive. i doubt youve ever seen a car being put togther, but when they do, they put major pieces like the dash center console and all....then slap on the trim
  • Si James
    Si James 2 года назад André Baumgartner I have a mark 2 focus and the centre console trim is bonded to the centre console. it cant be removed so to wrap it is have to do what this guy does in the vid. not all trim is removable
  • Will Higgins
    Will Higgins 2 года назад Unless its a showcar or in magazines what does it really matter?most can't be seen either way you do it.what's the point in ripping you car apart for a 20 dollar roll of wrap that you'll remove in a year or two.Logic!!!
  • Moses bmt
    Moses bmt Год назад Very helpful
  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright Год назад (изменено) You can pay off the national debt, cure cancer, and how's the homeless, there's always some naysayers going to criticize how you do it, it's a freaking car it looks good, doesn't seem like it's a show car, plus we don't know if you're getting paid for this and somebody wants to take the less expensive route, so from the information posted here what we know from the video, excellent job, thanks for sharing
  • 15 DurangoRT
    15 DurangoRT 8 месяцев назад The patterns don't match! 😃
  • Antonio Verrilli
    Antonio Verrilli Год назад For a better finish, you should remove interior trim strips - most easily pry off. More importantly the Carbon fibre pattern should all be running in the same direction - having it in all different directions looks bad! Remember less is more, otherwise it looks like amateurish.
  • Selvyn Quijada
    Selvyn Quijada Год назад I remember my young days trying to impress girls with this stuff, it was fun; now all I do is work.
  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 3 недели назад Selvyn Quijada probably the most relatable comment I seen today... I should’ve saved all I pissd away... Honestly it’s probably why prostitution is illegal tho. People would buy a $100 whore opposed to all the consumer products
  • 15 DurangoRT
    15 DurangoRT 8 месяцев назад You could have wrapped the pillars on the outside with one piece. Duh?
  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 2 года назад why not alleviate the risk of cutting and damaging the original car, and improving the chances of getting a first rate finish by removing the parts from the vehicle and doing it PROPERLY?
  • Jason T
    Jason T 2 года назад People this is a perfect example of how NOT to do this. Turrble.
  • EAbraham.R
    EAbraham.R Год назад Jason T why?
  • Bernard Poindexter
    Bernard Poindexter Год назад ok Chuck
  • Attila Marcibál
    Attila Marcibál 11 месяцев назад because the strips are not paralell... idiot made... omg, by the door is also terrible, you need to hold min. 0,5mm to reserve and push below the gumi, and first of all, you need to clean the surfaces so clean as you can... by buying a premion quality vinyl, then you can restore easily the factory default, without any damages, or sticky surfaces...
  • Celtic Wind
    Celtic Wind 7 месяцев назад Im a novice what did he do wrong? And to the not cleaning comment why would he record himself cleaning it, id assume thats a given youd clean it first.
  • paul chitonu
    paul chitonu 6 месяцев назад @Attila Marcibál and what a waist! To remove more than 50% is a crime!
  • Nupe Playlist
    Nupe Playlist 4 недели назад I know why Jason t. It’s cut the professional wallets going this route. It saves a hellava lot of money and beside a car is made to ride in not live in
  • richindex96
    richindex96 1 месяц назад Good video man! Personally I don't like carbon look wrap, I'd just use gloss black for a more classy look. But each to their own! Nice one man
  • ター坊
    ター坊 5 месяцев назад 上手いのか下手なのか分からんぞ😵
  • 강상훈
    강상훈 10 месяцев назад 자막이 왜이따규에요??
  • 버디버디버디버디
    버디버디버디버디 2 месяца назад 똥 자동차가 고급차 만들어도 똥차 입니다...
  • JxG
    JxG Год назад Whats with the carbon wrap anyways? Always looks so fake. Ain't gonna turn a Toyota into a Pagani.
  • Are You Mad?
    Are You Mad? Год назад JxG Nothing will turn a Toyota into a Pagani. And you can't turn a Pagani into a Toyota either.
  • segocarib
    segocarib Год назад XD
  • clayton dorland
    clayton dorland 5 месяцев назад I think it adds about 50 hp
  • nara aakkingyo
    nara aakkingyo 2 месяца назад 翻訳はチャイナクオリティー!
  • MatthewinGA
    MatthewinGA 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Did that dumb dumb waste that whole big piece on that small part??? And, he had the pattern going-in different directions.
  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 2 месяца назад His money
  • Anthony Woods
    Anthony Woods 2 месяца назад Good effort man, Thanks for sharing. So many negative people. 🤘
  • philippe maes
    philippe maes Год назад un vrais travaille de cochon et gaspillage de matérielle
  • bull shiyot
    bull shiyot Год назад HAHAHAHAHA!!! NIGGA YOU IS RIGHT! My father who is French would say the exact same thing verbatim. Then he would end it with either imbecile ou con..