The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

Published on May 25, 2018 3,613,321 views

Getting your iMac Pro repaired is even harder than expected...
Update video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oceu...

Apple's new iMac Pro is a $5,000+ machine but many users are reporting that Apple Support isn't servicing them—even under warranty. They repaired ours, but the Genius Bar destroyed it in the process. What a disaster!

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  • David Jung
    David Jung 11 месяцев назад The mistake was "I purchased the $5,000 iMac Pro".
  • ThatNormalBunny
    ThatNormalBunny 11 месяцев назад (изменено) The mistake was "I supported Apple"
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 11 месяцев назад You missed the "base" iMac Pro
  • Kesem Torgaman
    Kesem Torgaman 11 месяцев назад True
  • Doubledekercouch
    Doubledekercouch 1 месяц назад David Jung il buy a 1980s apple macintosh mat
    *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* FBI OPEN UP 1 месяц назад He called it the worst designed apple product but every product is the world's re st because apple is absolutely incompetent
  • Francois VanZyl
    Francois VanZyl 1 месяц назад Dont buy Apple
  • Reddit Spy
    Reddit Spy 1 месяц назад buying apple. 5000 bucks computer. buying intel/amd/nvidia hybrid computer. 1800 for same results. rich americans require rich solutions. and this is rich.
  • spoder men
    spoder men 1 месяц назад people that hate like you are mostly the ones that want such product the most lol
  • Reddit Spy
    Reddit Spy 1 месяц назад @spoder men sir, you are absolutely right. if i was a rich bastard, i would go for stuff that shows how rich i am. a lamborgini. a beach house that i never visit. a wife filled with plastic. everyone dreams of that. under not a single other circumstance would anyone not want that.
  • Jonathan Obregon
    Jonathan Obregon 1 месяц назад @spoder men not really
  • spoder men
    spoder men 1 месяц назад @Jonathan Obregon hating on something means that you care about it, why would you bother otherwise.
  • Gender Bender
    Gender Bender 1 месяц назад @spoder men Hmm I guess that's the only possible answer because of course there is absolutely no way that you can hate something without caring about it so that means that I automatically care about Hitler and ISIS I guess.
  • spoder men
    spoder men 1 месяц назад Gender Bender yes
  • Nathan Carnell
    Nathan Carnell 4 недели назад lol YES!
  • Ligon Dese
    Ligon Dese 4 недели назад @spoder men so you support Isis
  • spoder men
    spoder men 4 недели назад @Ligon Dese yes
  • Microprod
    Microprod 4 недели назад @Francois VanZyl the fruit is nice but the company not so.
  • Tech God
    Tech God 4 недели назад Fuck you bitch
  • begone
    begone 4 недели назад @spoder men Who doesn't want a product that they hate?
  • Gender Bender
    Gender Bender 3 недели назад @spoder men Huh I guess I learned something new, that I am now madly in love with hitler and apparently spider man supports Isis.
  • Alexandria Marcoux
    Alexandria Marcoux 3 недели назад @Reddit Spy actually Linus would disagree and he has the facts to prove it.
  • Reddit Spy
    Reddit Spy 3 недели назад @Alexandria Marcoux who?
  • Jake Mann
    Jake Mann 3 недели назад yup
  • ori kes
    ori kes 3 недели назад I can get 20x insaneeeeeeeeeeeeee conupters for that price
  • Mystik al
    Mystik al 2 недели назад Shoulda just paid some Somali migrants to ass rape you for a few hours. same end result for half the cost.
  • Paul Reitberger
    Paul Reitberger 2 недели назад Why.every gaming pc for this money was so better
  • Davide Lombardi
    Davide Lombardi Неделю назад @Reddit Spy Sorry, i would never spend more to get less quality, i d rather shoot myself.
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 6 дней назад Ikr
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 6 дней назад ThatNormalBunny exactly
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 6 дней назад FBI OPEN UP ikr!
  • Dm TD
    Dm TD 5 дней назад The mistake is always Apple = Quality Trash and just marketing
  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 1 месяц назад Honestly, the fact that apple calls their repair technicians "genius's" continues to be the most hilarious thing to me.
  • GetYour Fix
    GetYour Fix 1 месяц назад They're charismatic people, but they're not geniuses... I think most of them arent even in the IT field. 😓
  • Rigor Mortis
    Rigor Mortis 1 месяц назад It's an oxymoron.
  • Monster The Kid
    Monster The Kid 1 месяц назад (изменено) I love when people take their products to the store to be fixed for a simple problem and those clowns says it can't be fixed and then the customer take it to a little shop and bam, shit is fixed in 5 minutes. I have seen so many videos of this that it's crazy. I would never own anything from Crapple because, I will be in jail if my product broke because of them... Jessica Jones story is the best when it comes to Crapple👍👍
  • Major Mittens
    Major Mittens 3 недели назад well, they are SPECIAL, as in special olympians
  • Sam Gray
    Sam Gray 3 недели назад An Apple update killed by Ipod 3 (2008), and they blamed me. It was on the charger plugged in, when I was away, my mom was at home, when I got back the phone kept thinking it was December 21, 1971, and was deleting information, and suddenly died - bricked. Apple said it was our fault, and to just buy a new one. This was a new ipod that still had a warranty.
  • Gamesux
    Gamesux 3 недели назад When i heard someone say "genius bar" for the first time i thought he was joking, like he called them geniuses sarcastically.
  • Scott Davenport
    Scott Davenport 2 недели назад I'm a certified mac tech born in the past century that has to hold my tongue when I visit that bar with a clients machine. I can barely let 'em start talking for maybe 20 seconds before interjecting my status and have already diagnosed the issue. To call any of the underpaid pukes genius's in an insult to intelligence, that's for sure. And I'd caution anyone against letting them work on your hardware unless it's covered by applecare. Real pro's don't repair imac's or pc's with electric drills...sheesh....
  • Luis Lopes
    Luis Lopes 2 недели назад (изменено) I remember how proudly Steve Jobs would anounce that Apple had the best customer care. Well done Tim Cook - it`s not lack of money, it`s not lack of creativity, it`s just bad management.
  • tyson145
    tyson145 2 месяца назад Apple is digging their own grave. Crappier products with less features and higher costs. There will come a day when Apple falls like Blackberry did.
  • Hunter McWhinney
    Hunter McWhinney 2 месяца назад Doubt it
  • Cicero 219
    Cicero 219 2 месяца назад Except blackberry is back baby and still making great phones
  • Leon Vollebregt
    Leon Vollebregt 2 месяца назад It hopefully does. Other manufacturers are copying all the bad stuf from Apple. Like glued in batteries. And non replaceable charging ports.
  • Slushie z
    Slushie z 2 месяца назад Doubt
  • Cicero 219
    Cicero 219 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Leon Vollebregt the reason you dont have non hot swappable batterys is that your ones in the new phones are more efficient, and also smaller. And you can still replace batterys
  • Dono
    Dono 2 месяца назад But the logo is quirky, and they are popular.
  • NeonFX
    NeonFX 1 месяц назад I hope so
  • Matthew McDonnell M.S.
    Matthew McDonnell M.S. 1 месяц назад I have to admit, with Cook running the show I am more likely to build a computer than buy anotehr mac. However, I have the software I need and that is what counts.
  • Victor Sosa
    Victor Sosa 1 месяц назад Well apple made a credit card so...
  • Reaber Saadi
    Reaber Saadi 1 месяц назад tyson145 it’s Tim he’s not cooking something hot
  • terriblegoatman yum
    terriblegoatman yum 1 месяц назад I cant wait for apple to die, they honestly just keep apple users having to buy new phones for more money, and apple users, being the retards they are, will just keep buying their garbage
  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 1 месяц назад Leon Vollebregt don’t forget removing the headphone jack
  • Aspirin The Stroke Medicine
    Aspirin The Stroke Medicine 1 месяц назад Except the blackberry didn't fall, it was killed by apple
  • Benis
    Benis 1 месяц назад @Cicero 219 at the cost of water resistance
  • Chris Dunbar
    Chris Dunbar 1 месяц назад Nah, Apple people are slow learners if they learn at all. Getting screwed just makes them want to give Apple more money.
  • Im Basta
    Im Basta 1 месяц назад More than 50% of our population is stupid. So that day MAY come but it won't be soon.
  • EKuality TM
    EKuality TM 3 недели назад @terriblegoatman yum when Steve Jobs died, Apple died too.
  • Von Villarreal
    Von Villarreal 2 недели назад (изменено) Hunter McWhinney how everything must end in our world
  • Sneeki Breeki
    Sneeki Breeki Неделю назад Except that iPads are still a great product
  • Sneeki Breeki
    Sneeki Breeki Неделю назад terriblegoatman yum people will still buy cause of iOS and iPads are still good products
  • Benjamin Edwards
    Benjamin Edwards Неделю назад Implying apple was good back in the day? What day are we talking? Because throughout the 200Xs they always had far inferior hardware
  • это майонез инструмент
    это майонез инструмент Неделю назад introducing apple Iass 2022 made of plastic and has a core i3... and costs only 10 grand
  • barritoo thy
    barritoo thy Неделю назад это майонез инструмент apple in 2025 will be buying a brick for $300k
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 6 дней назад Yep!
  • Leonardo Diax
    Leonardo Diax 5 дней назад That will never happen 😂
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 5 дней назад Leonardo Diax so you know the future? That’s strange, didn’t know you could predict the future. In the end nobody can tell for sure if it will or not.
  • Rusty
    Rusty 2 месяца назад when Steve Jobs was CEO: We're here for innovation. now Tim Cook's CEO: We're in it for the profit.
  • The Farter
    The Farter 2 месяца назад Why does everyone look up to Steve Jobs. He wasn't so sqeeky clean. If you read anything about him from the 80's and 90's you'll see how he was a nightmare to work for. He stole more than he innovated to get the company off the ground. They see bill gates as the monster but if it wasn't for bill gates, apple would've been under decades ago and Steve Jobs never gave to charity. There is not 1 single public record of him giving a single penny to charity, yet he's seen as the good guy
  • The Potionist
    The Potionist 2 месяца назад And Steve actually died of pancreatic cancer... PC
  • Finch
    Finch 2 месяца назад @The Farter They copied but improved the copied product. Now they "iNvEnt" but actually dont.
  • snake top
    snake top 1 месяц назад Steve was innovation and profit and crap
  • MrMistersomeone
    MrMistersomeone 1 месяц назад Old
  • NeonFX
    NeonFX 1 месяц назад Nah Jobs was innovation and profit Cock eh sorry Cook is just profit You have to say, that Apple products were always overpriced, even back in the day when they didn't sucked balls that much
  • Joey Gylytiuk
    Joey Gylytiuk 1 месяц назад if anyone says theyre not in it for the profit then theyre lying lol. steve even made it his goal to bring android to the ground.. inevitably, he failed lmfao
  • Matthew McDonnell M.S.
    Matthew McDonnell M.S. 1 месяц назад @The Farter Because in the end Steve have a shit about product and the end consumer. Bill never gave a shit about anything, he only gives for the writeoffs. He stole the OS and lied his ass off about it. Seve is more of a guy that motivated and sold. That got him the products he wanted and needed to the peoples door.
  • J Zp
    J Zp 1 месяц назад More like Tim crooks
    *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* FBI OPEN UP 1 месяц назад Steve jobs would steal and perfect while Tim cook just steals and ruins
  • Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials 1 месяц назад true af
  • Dalton Ivy
    Dalton Ivy 2 недели назад debatable
  • light saberAddiCt
    light saberAddiCt 2 недели назад @Matthew McDonnell M.S. Lol Steve gave a shit about the end consumer...He cared about the same for the end consumer that he did for his daughter.
  • Joseph Preston
    Joseph Preston Неделю назад Steve Jobs : SAME PRODUCT, BIGGER NUMBER!!!!!! Tim Cook : YEAH, WHAT THAT GUY SAID. JUST BLAME HIM!!!
  • Benjamin Edwards
    Benjamin Edwards Неделю назад Why do people pretend steve jobs was different? Do they just ignore the biographies and first hand accounts that describe him as a morally bankrupt tyrant? He wouldn't even care for his own daughter, let alone care for customers or some lofty ideal like innovation.
  • One Love
    One Love Неделю назад Nope they were always there for profit
  • Kate Argent
    Kate Argent 4 дня назад Steve Jobs deliberately selling phones without SD card slots so people are forced to buy the next phone with bigger storage space is "innovation"? Lol.
  • Adam Stock
    Adam Stock 3 дня назад @Matthew McDonnell M.S. nonsense - all accounts say he was a profiteering asshat
  • Noel López
    Noel López 10 месяцев назад The real mistake was buying an apple product.
  • Kuromeh
    Kuromeh 10 месяцев назад I was just about to comment that lol
  • ray the person
    ray the person 10 месяцев назад Thank you for speaking the truth all these asshats kiss apple ass need to know it's garbage
  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 10 месяцев назад ray the person Lemme guess, Android is better.
  • ben fuller
    ben fuller 10 месяцев назад That One Guy no android and PC are better
  • Moemin A
    Moemin A 10 месяцев назад Dab on em
  • Jonas Davies
    Jonas Davies 10 месяцев назад (изменено) That One Guy let me guess, you buy overpriced, flimsy, weak, awful devices from a company who not only talks down to you, but patronises you for using their products. People like you are the reason apple can get away with selling overpriced garbage, and yes, android is better.
  • Rick Verheij
    Rick Verheij 10 месяцев назад It’s pretty good for work and video editing
  • Jonas Davies
    Jonas Davies 10 месяцев назад Rick Verheij that's like saying "you can use gold for toilet paper" well, you can, but its overpriced and there's a better option
  • travis bickle
    travis bickle 10 месяцев назад When will people learn
  • Waldo
    Waldo 10 месяцев назад Apple can only make phones + phone gadgets.
  • dilano. A
    dilano. A 10 месяцев назад imac=trash iphone=trash apple accesiores=trash....the only decent product that apple makes are the macbook pro's because of the build quality and thin body
  • Heksi
    Heksi 10 месяцев назад dilano. A The MacBooks are trash too because of the hardware.
  • Romulo Benedetti
    Romulo Benedetti 10 месяцев назад Android and PCs are just bad in Xs spots and better in Ys, but feature IS NOT THE CASE, if you see no benefit on moving out of a company that is f%#$*$! you this is just part of the disorder, if you are so dependent that you will throw gazillions dollars on a product to stress yourself and lose more money by losing productivity because of this quality, it is a MENTAL DISEASE... This is the difference between being a addicted slave consumer of a company and being not. I would have moved out from this company for my ENTIRE life be it Apple, Samsung or any other, not to point how much I would plague them on my known circles...
    REALS 10 месяцев назад iPhone X trash, 7 trash, IPhone 6S & IPhone 8 Plus. Spectacular...
  • Grand Productions Media
    Grand Productions Media 10 месяцев назад too bad apple didnt make it though huh
  • DeadSoul#
    DeadSoul# 10 месяцев назад As a developer who codes for both platforms. And also an Engeener APPLE products are a piece of crap. Android is great. From all points of view. The only real raseon to buy an APPLE that I see is if you are so unlucky that the software you need runs only on apple. Like me I have to use an apple to compile IOS builds. Because apple does not allow any other software but XCODE to do the compilation.
  • DeadSoul#
    DeadSoul# 10 месяцев назад Now if you tell me that paying 5 000$ and not getting support is ok, it is not. You buy carappy Windows PC on a store for 200$ and if it has a problem and is not physical damage they will fix it for you no questions asked.
  • f622
    f622 10 месяцев назад There are cloud Xcode compilation services. You don't really need it to compile. You do need it for development views. Then again, there's a cloud service for that too.
  • DeadSoul#
    DeadSoul# 10 месяцев назад And keep paing for extra services... I dont need it for anything than compiling. I'am developing at Unity.
  • NoUGotEm
    NoUGotEm 10 месяцев назад Noel López lmao yea ive been gaming on a mac for about 10 years now idk how ive been doing it but i have but ive moved on now..
  • Clockwork
    Clockwork 10 месяцев назад People either have to choice to: -Buy a Linux PC (or install Linux onto one for free), which can essentially do every basic function that a Mac can, and much more. -Spend thousands on a Mac that is only slightly more visually appealing and user friendly, with only slightly better compatibility for programs
  • ray the person
    ray the person 10 месяцев назад That One Guy your damn right
  • Miguel Carones
    Miguel Carones 10 месяцев назад That One Guy yo dipshit if u cant enter a discussion with proper arguments just dont bother at all. u dont have to bring other brands to cover up for ur favourite brand mistakes u damm clown
  • Fallen Anunna
    Fallen Anunna 10 месяцев назад lol 5k pc can buy you a pc with x2 1080ti and 8700k + SSD with good mobo apple = bad only getting like 30% parts 70% logo
  • modularsamples
    modularsamples 9 месяцев назад Can Linux run the Adobe suite?
  • Robert Weaver
    Robert Weaver 9 месяцев назад DeadSoul # there is a reason why companies like Yamaha audio have yet to design their stage mix apps for Android.
  • Robert Weaver
    Robert Weaver 9 месяцев назад Mezed Society none of that does any good if the software doesn’t support it fully. For everyday editing a Mac is far superior in many ways to a PC. PCs are great for crunching, but not so great when it comes to interface and efficiency.
  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy 9 месяцев назад That One Guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Your so full of poo bear.
  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy 9 месяцев назад Jonas Davies. Android? Do they make anything remotely like the IMac? You do realize that Android is a software. Right? Please do your research Mr. Brainiac.
  • Deetsitmeister
    Deetsitmeister 9 месяцев назад Jonas Davies When you call your staff "Geniuses" and they are patronising idiotic cavemen that are so cocky they need to get their fucking heads kicked in, you know you have done something wrong as a company.
  • ItsFrederik GFX
    ItsFrederik GFX 3 месяца назад ray the person 9 year old. How does your parents let you on the internet?
  • Xander Lommen 7u7
    Xander Lommen 7u7 1 месяц назад @That One Guy ja
  • Batman
    Batman 3 недели назад I knew some idiot was going to comment this.
  • Luís Diego Morataya Barba
    Luís Diego Morataya Barba 2 недели назад at least we have money to buy an apple product and not a Nokia
  • Tech Shop
    Tech Shop Неделю назад Here the Mac Pro and iMac pro is bad and Tim Cook is an asshat company ceo
  • Jordan C. Wilde
    Jordan C. Wilde Неделю назад You got appled. Everyone, buy a PC, if it break at least you can repair it.
  • Silentype Student Producer
    Silentype Student Producer 2 месяца назад I like how they call their employee's geniuses and yet they can't get the job done without wrecking your computer.
  • The Farter
    The Farter 2 месяца назад I wish I had a 5 grand pc. It would have a 9900K, 64gb of 3200mhz ddr4 ram, 2x 2080ti's, a custom water cooling kit and another 2x pg279q displays to make a 3 multi monitor setup. It would be a beast
  • NeonFX
    NeonFX 1 месяц назад (изменено) yeah it kinda hurts to see other people burn their money... Wait they aren't even burning it... if they'd burn it, at least their house stayed warm, but with an overpriced aluminium shit piece you can't do very much...
  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo 1 месяц назад Calm down nerd.
  • El Alacrán
    El Alacrán 1 месяц назад If I had 5 grand for a pc I would build something much better than this with a three screen display and still have money for peripherals.
  • The Farter
    The Farter 1 месяц назад @El Alacrán What better do you need for gaming than a 9900k?
  • El Alacrán
    El Alacrán 1 месяц назад @The Farter better than this mac is what I meant.
  • El Alacrán
    El Alacrán 1 месяц назад Like I could have a home cockpit for this.
  • steven esquivel
    steven esquivel 1 месяц назад I will get a 16000 dollar computer more powerfull that a nasa super computer
  • FunnyLucky
    FunnyLucky 1 месяц назад In my country 5k$ is well above yearly salary so I'd spend like 600-700$ on it and it would already be incredible
  • PureMusic
    PureMusic 1 месяц назад FunnyLucky 5k above your yearly salary lmao are you living in the great depression
  • ーススペードのエ
    ーススペードのエ 1 месяц назад @NeonFX so true.
  • Givaldo Onides
    Givaldo Onides 1 месяц назад This is crazy, i earn U$400 per month, so i earn 4800 per year, help me Jesus.
  • Daniel Li CEO
    Daniel Li CEO 1 месяц назад @FunnyLucky hmm Ukraine?
  • younoob66
    younoob66 1 месяц назад The Farter Or do you want a apple pc for 5 grand with less features?
  • Philip Dragomir
    Philip Dragomir 1 месяц назад Got one similar XD i9 9900k 32 gigs ram ddr4 3400. 2 x 1080 one ok 40'' monitor XD it is a beast
  • lolp0n ok
    lolp0n ok 1 месяц назад Or a 5 times worse piece of crap that relays on tech illiterate people
  • KeoiMadBro
    KeoiMadBro 1 месяц назад @PureMusic probably just a value conversion thing
  • Izalith
    Izalith 1 месяц назад It wouldn't be beast....
  • The Farter
    The Farter 1 месяц назад @Givaldo Onides $400 a month? That wouldn't even pay the rent per month never mind gas & electrical consumption plus other bills line fuel and food
  • Givaldo Onides
    Givaldo Onides 1 месяц назад @The Farter i'm Brazilian, and i have my own home, so everything is easy to pay because i live with my family, but It still bad. Maybe i imigrate to US like my sister.
  • Pekka savo
    Pekka savo 1 месяц назад @NeonFX welcome to Apple
  • VisionThing
    VisionThing 1 месяц назад PureMusic Spoken like a true American who has no understanding of the rest of the world. The ignorance is tangible. You’re probably also a liberal.
  • Matias Ligaard
    Matias Ligaard 1 месяц назад Nah m8 you can have a screen with an inbuilt pc that can run gta at 50 fps manufactured by a company that would rather have you buy a new pc then repair it
  • Shawn C
    Shawn C 1 месяц назад It would be a beast and it would not be an Apple.
  • Cloud Rabbit
    Cloud Rabbit 4 недели назад (изменено) @Givaldo Onides No, stay the fuck where you are. Second thought, I heard Australia or maybe even Germany are really nice, much better than the US.
  • SirUnleashedFTW
    SirUnleashedFTW 3 недели назад Givaldo Onides pior ainda, venha para a Europa se vc quer liberdade e progresso
  • steven esquivel
    steven esquivel 3 недели назад @NeonFX lmao
  • Dillon Clyatt
    Dillon Clyatt 3 недели назад I'm against apple too. But that's more like a 10k setup or more
  • FunnyLucky
    FunnyLucky 2 недели назад @PureMusic not at all
  • iiShortz
    iiShortz 2 недели назад More than a beast
  • MyDonutIsOnFire ,
    MyDonutIsOnFire , Неделю назад @steven esquivel NASA computers only have Proccesers
  • ObliviousLuke
    ObliviousLuke Неделю назад i have one and trust me, after 8-12 months its garbage for running game. No cooling kit and only supports 1 monitor
  • The Farter
    The Farter Неделю назад @ObliviousLuke the Apple pc or a 5k pc?
  • cassius969
    cassius969 Неделю назад I wouldnt even spend the money for a top tier cpu and 16 gb would be fine. And SLI is barely supported. I would get a machine that runs about anything at 144 fps or 4k and then a really great monitor. Good ones dont come cheap.
  • The Farter
    The Farter Неделю назад @cassius969 mate if you want 4k at 144hz you're going to need 2080ti. A single 2080ti won't get you 144hz 4k
  • TVG28
    TVG28 Неделю назад There are tons of W I N D O W S PC setups like that.
  • mémdíler
    mémdíler Неделю назад You can even save a few bucks with an AMD Ryzen system and smaller clock speed RAM (because they aren't really necessary)
  • The Farter
    The Farter Неделю назад @mémdíler nah fuck that, if I have 5k to spend on a pc then I'm not going to go AMD and have 10-15 less frames per second. No compromises unless the new Ryzen 3000 series can whip a 9900k
  • Amistrophy
    Amistrophy 5 дней назад @The Farter Intel i9, or a AMD threadripper.
  • The Farter
    The Farter 5 дней назад @Amistrophy for gamin? The 9900k beats a threadripper in most games because games aren't yet optimized for more cores, they want clock speed and IPC.
  • Amistrophy
    Amistrophy 5 дней назад @The Farter Yeah. The 9900K is literally made for gaming. And it's cheaper than the extremely over the top threadripper.
  • Daniel Fay
    Daniel Fay 3 дня назад @NeonFX To be fair, these machines get hot enough they'd probably serve the same purpose.
  • Platano Man
    Platano Man 3 дня назад Just 4 ram?
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 6 дней назад (изменено) When you have to worry about if the people fixing your device broke it too... Apple at its finest.
  • Born Again Farm Girl
    Born Again Farm Girl 11 месяцев назад I’ve never been so excited to not have $5,000 .
  • Ƶєνєαι
    Ƶєνєαι 11 месяцев назад I wouldn't even buy it for a 100
  • Zachary
    Zachary 1 месяц назад @Ƶєνєαι I hate Apple products. I was given an iPhone X when it came out for my birthday but I still use my LG Tribute Empire
  • Onkel Ebert
    Onkel Ebert 1 месяц назад @ZacharyOk, great. I'll take the X. Since you hate it so much, you will give it for free to me, I guess.
  • I StM I Graphics
    I StM I Graphics 2 недели назад @Zachary sell it and buy an Android
  • Thomas Adelaars
    Thomas Adelaars 4 дня назад Zachary thats just idiotic
  • zivex
    zivex 5 дней назад $5000 for 60 FPS, and there's a 70 dollar graphics card that gets 60 FPS
  • Vitor Salles
    Vitor Salles 1 месяц назад "i dont know why..." It's amazing how many people are still blinded by Apple even tho we are in 2019
  • john m
    john m 2 месяца назад You should send Tim Apple an email about this.
  • Wigga Mcwiggins
    Wigga Mcwiggins 2 месяца назад Tim apple.....
  • MCRodriguez 1989
    MCRodriguez 1989 2 месяца назад Oh ha...ha... another jab at Trump on an unrelated video.
  • john m
    john m 2 месяца назад @MCRodriguez 1989 You know what I meant. I was just shorting the post to first name and company. It's just to shorten the post. I know his name is Tim Cook. Do you think I'm lying?
  • john m
    john m 2 месяца назад @MCRodriguez 1989 YouTube must have had a glitch. What I typed was Tim Cook the CEO of Apple. I know his name. I'm very good with people.
  • x _ x
    x _ x 2 месяца назад MCRodriguez 1989 cuck
  • MCRodriguez 1989
    MCRodriguez 1989 2 месяца назад @x _ x -a doodle doo
  • MCRodriguez 1989
    MCRodriguez 1989 2 месяца назад @john m I believe you, bigly
  • Aspirin The Stroke Medicine
    Aspirin The Stroke Medicine 1 месяц назад ok
  • #Switch
    #Switch 1 месяц назад @MCRodriguez 1989 irony
  • HocoPocoHam
    HocoPocoHam 2 недели назад Why email when you could fax Steve Gates or Bill Jobs?
  • Operative 6-12
    Operative 6-12 2 недели назад john m Don’t you have a sky to scream at?
  • cassius969
    cassius969 Неделю назад You know it was Tim, Apple and not Tim Apple right ?
  • jack steel
    jack steel 2 недели назад Just got a GTX 1070Ti for 290 dollars, why would you ever buy a PC for 5K dollars
  • Thomas Adelaars
    Thomas Adelaars 4 дня назад Because this Guy is obviously a morron
  • Shiro Loli
    Shiro Loli 4 дня назад How
  • Alize Quintana
    Alize Quintana 7 часов назад Because people are too stupid to realize that with 5,000 you can get the absolute best pc you could possibly get
  • The Anthropologist _Forensic
    The Anthropologist _Forensic 8 месяцев назад You lost me at "I spent $5,000+ on an Apple Computer".....
  • TheOASguy
    TheOASguy 8 месяцев назад The Anthropologist _Forensic fair fucking play
  • Chilli Godlevel
    Chilli Godlevel 8 месяцев назад This is a duesch clearly ehat kind of gooseball would do the same shit twice
  • Ethan Frasier
    Ethan Frasier 8 месяцев назад same
  • The Anthropologist _Forensic
    The Anthropologist _Forensic 8 месяцев назад @Ethan Frasier i love tech but Im basically retarded about anything outside of basic shit posting and graphic settings... And EVEN I know Apple is a total scam. My ex was the atypical pretty girl/NYC hipster Apple user and I never understood
  • Dubz2016
    Dubz2016 8 месяцев назад Hence the term "ex".
    LRZ98 GAMING 7 месяцев назад Mount. Cost $80 and has shit for screws 😂🤣 I could actually build a better mount.
  • Jacob Keepa
    Jacob Keepa 7 месяцев назад The Anthropologist _Forensic I spent $10k when I opted for the 18 core processor and 4tb ssd
  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 7 месяцев назад The Anthropologist _Forensic iMac pro
  • Peter Batman
    Peter Batman 7 месяцев назад TY same if u spend 5k it better be some super computer people love to over pay just to look hip.
  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 7 месяцев назад Exactly, so retarded, keep helping them make trillions isheep
  • FermiToll
    FermiToll 7 месяцев назад Yes good video funny to look the missadventures of these isheep hipsters, over paying thousands of dollars for a useless product just for bragging the cool logo to your friends.
  • Calin Alecsandru
    Calin Alecsandru 7 месяцев назад So if you eat 3$ frozen pizza from Tesco, do people lose you when they tell you they eat 60$ pizza?
  • WAR_Falcon
    WAR_Falcon 7 месяцев назад Meanwhile i got a gaming laptop with a 1050ti and 1 tb for under 800..... if i would have gone for a normal pc it might have been even less for more or better parts
  • Liam Steadman
    Liam Steadman 7 месяцев назад Mine was $2000
    DAN IT UP 1 месяц назад Do you know how many Hoes i can buy for $5000. Such is life to each his own.
  • spoder men
    spoder men 1 месяц назад "the genius", that always sounds sarcastic lol
  • random sonic
    random sonic 1 месяц назад You have a lot of patience my dear man, I say is time to break free from the failing Apple eco system
  • Ben Braunstein
    Ben Braunstein 1 месяц назад (изменено) Just curious Quinn. Why not run down to the local hardware store and buy identical sized screws that are stronger than the shit Apple includes ?
  • MusZico13
    MusZico13 1 месяц назад $90 not small amount of money for that shit..maybe he just mad how apple can did that to him.
  • Cloud Rabbit
    Cloud Rabbit 4 недели назад @MusZico13 So hes so mad that he repeatedly causes damage to his $5000 computer?
  • Benjamin Edwards
    Benjamin Edwards Неделю назад That's a good point they are probably standard.