Linux is Easier than Windows - Even your grandma should use it!

Published on Feb 10, 2017 169,888 views

I firmly believe that Linux is easier than Windows, and ANYONE - even your grandparents or your children - would benefit from learning it and using it.
Here's a few reasons why.

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  • EposVox
    EposVox 7 месяцев назад Alright coming in almost 2 years after release since the YouTube algorithm gods decided to start promoting this again: - Yes, a lot of these points are very over-simplified, aimed at average PC users. - The point is to get people to TRY something, not to switch their entire life to "the OS of my choice": - By all means, use whatever operating system you wish, but learning new things makes you a better person, that's all I'm getting at - Chill, it's just a YouTube video :)
  • MrJaJcenty
    MrJaJcenty 3 месяца назад ftwfsf 1
  • kapten krok
    kapten krok 4 месяца назад @None17555 Bill is that you?? Saying that i have windows specific software that and blame linux for not running it and later saying you love linux is such a microsoft managemant way of speaking rofl
  • Bayu Hyuuga
    Bayu Hyuuga 4 месяца назад For current Linux yes... But in the old times, when I install Slackware it took me entire day to install it. That is console only, for XWindow it took me a few days. We have no internet back then, we must use dial up for this with 56kbps. And then Mandrake arrive with easy to install with GUI and instructions about dependencies, try GCC a few rounds and stuck with QT and Gambas. Then return back to Windows 98. Playing with Delphi and Visual Studio 6. Now I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. MonoDevelop still far behind from Visual Studio.
  • XD-games
    XD-games 4 месяца назад @LonttuGamer I Had similar problems with bumblebee Optimus, but then I figured out how to do that and now the next problem. How to install new cuda versions on Debian stratch. There are almost no good instructions and no Debian drivers so I had to install the Ubuntu one. And it doesn't work. Blender cycles with cuda, Davinci Resolve cuda etc. do not work not work but I installed Blender on Steam and it works with cuda. Idk how but it does.
  • LonttuGamer
    LonttuGamer 4 месяца назад @XD-games agreed, the first point in this video is literally the exact opposite. On windows its automatic nowadays, but on linux mint 19 1. I had to manually install nvidia driverd and 2. They didnt work, just a black screen after install... So yeah
  • Johnnelius Concerta IV
    Johnnelius Concerta IV 4 месяца назад > ~/Desktop/jagexcache My man!
  • Party Favors
    Party Favors 4 месяца назад XD-games That’s must just your opinion because you probably had bad experience. Certainly, this isn’t the truth. If you love windows that fine but come in here crying.
  • btx
    btx 5 месяцев назад If I had produced this video 2 years ago, I would take it down, just by the reason that it is bullshit/outdated and unexperienced users could be tracked by wrong facts. Your explanations are not kind of way to use "the OS of my choice". They are definitely intended as recommendation and these are not supportable in this case.
    IRON PAINTING 5 месяцев назад Lolloll Linux is dumb and no computer comes with it lollololoollooolol
  • george gallimore
    george gallimore 6 месяцев назад how to setup linux like yours on a hard drive
  • Ateneiro
    Ateneiro 6 месяцев назад Please take this video down. If there is a part which is not obsolete then it is a lie. Gibberish at best... You clearly do not understand how it works and always try to cover it with security (which is also untrue at best). Thanks.
  • XD-games
    XD-games 6 месяцев назад (изменено) I can't agree with you. Installing drivers is horrible Linux. Windows is easier to use, but the pluses of Linux are the the customizable desktop environment (You can make Linux beautifull. windows looks like the crappiest shit when you place them next to each other.), the safety (it's harder to break into Linux and Microsoft isn't spying you.) and the speed.(There is no perinstaled spying trash slowing down your pc) Another point for Windows is the compatibility. However I still prefer Linux. (Debian is the best distro, but it is the hardest to use and the hardest to set up. )
  • Joel Weimer
    Joel Weimer 6 месяцев назад how about touchscreen support is there any for arch?
  • Shin m0h
    Shin m0h 6 месяцев назад I've installed Linux Mint to a couple of old people. They are loving it, since all they do is browsing the internet and doing some shopping. No problem whatsoever.