Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Bed Sheets | Price Points: Home | Architectural Digest

Published on Aug 6, 2018 455,823 views

In this episode of 'Price Points: Home', Bedding expert and Founder of Buffy.co Leo Wang guesses which one of two bed sheets is more expensive. For each round of bed sheets, Leo looks at material (fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, etc), thread count, and weave, before guessing which set of bed sheets costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Wang explains why a specific set of bed sheets costs more and how to make the different bed sheets. Furnished by Feather, France & Son.

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Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Bed Sheets | Price Points | Architectural Digest

  • Timothy Kim
    Timothy Kim 10 месяцев назад His voice is calming af
  • Be1smaht
    Be1smaht 7 месяцев назад I know... I want him to read me a bedtime story
  • Romeo Irvin Dosdos
    Romeo Irvin Dosdos 7 месяцев назад Timothy K. He cute too
  • Störung
    Störung 8 месяцев назад Haha I was thinking the SAME THING! I felt like I was at the hairdresser having a scalp massage. “Amber, is that lilac I smell?” “No, Hun, it’s actually lavender... You were close!” Perhaps it was a subconscious effect of him speaking about sheets. 😝
  • Olivia H
    Olivia H 8 месяцев назад He sounds like Tom Ford
  • alice333
    alice333 9 месяцев назад I could listen to him four hours I'm super sleepy right know soo calming
  • Metalli Coustic
    Metalli Coustic 10 месяцев назад Asmr right here
  • Justin
    Justin 10 месяцев назад Dude loves his sheets.
  • Timothy Kim
    Timothy Kim 10 месяцев назад • • yes. Yes he is.
  • Fuzzybucket
    Fuzzybucket 10 месяцев назад calming in a queer eye way
  • Ben P
    Ben P 10 месяцев назад And he's hott
  • Drunken Master II
    Drunken Master II 10 месяцев назад soothing that's the adjective
  • Timothy Kim
    Timothy Kim 10 месяцев назад Altenarian same... I had a good night’s sleep that day.
  • Altenarian
    Altenarian 10 месяцев назад Yeah I really wanted to watch it and ended up falling asleep because his voice was so calming..
  • res20stupid
    res20stupid 10 месяцев назад Except when I opened up the video, hoping to watch it and dose off to sleep, hearing him say his name in his accent really woke me up.
  • Beck
    Beck 10 месяцев назад He's also impressively eloquent
  • Anon1993
    Anon1993 10 месяцев назад My mom just walked in on me blowing on my sheets.
  • GiveMePlur TV
    GiveMePlur TV 2 месяца назад lmao
  • Pretty Guardian
    Pretty Guardian 3 месяца назад He wasn't testing the thread count.
  • Evil bred
    Evil bred 7 месяцев назад You'll want a lose woven natural fibre to absorb the seminal fluids.
  • twinklytwo
    twinklytwo 9 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • RiptideV10
    RiptideV10 9 месяцев назад willy adam not you
  • willy adam
    willy adam 9 месяцев назад Jennifer Pearson guess who's your new daddy
  • Curly McJensenpants
    Curly McJensenpants 10 месяцев назад Anon1993 At least she didn't walk in on you blowing something else...Lol
  • NShores
    NShores 10 месяцев назад Could have been worse! LOL!
  • Jenn Pearson
    Jenn Pearson 10 месяцев назад Anon1993 Hahaha!!!!
  • duy
    duy 10 месяцев назад Unintentional ASMR
  • Minami(BeautifulWave)
    Minami(BeautifulWave) 2 месяца назад r/subsyoufellfor ?
  • Cameron Chambers
    Cameron Chambers 10 месяцев назад Wow, he’s so passionate and knowledgeable about bed sheets. Good for him🙌🏽
  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Instantly, I can tell that his voice has a higher thread count, with a smooth timbre and a lotion like flow through my ears. It also sounds like it may have a higher quality cotton, with soft stops and round inflections. I think I would be more comfortable with his speech, having a percale weave vocabulary and long fibered sentences.
  • Sugar & Spice
    Sugar & Spice 3 недели назад Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Max Jerome
    Max Jerome 1 месяц назад Nicholas Martinez I was about to make the same comment. This guy could make me switch teams...LOL
  • Ann Mwangi
    Ann Mwangi 1 месяц назад He is so cute!
  • TheAmazingFred
    TheAmazingFred 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • elly p
    elly p 3 месяца назад Nicholas Martinez 🤣🤣🤣
  • Pickles Pickleton
    Pickles Pickleton 3 месяца назад If this was reddit, you'd get gold.
  • vaan oct
    vaan oct 5 месяцев назад best of comment here
  • MultiChristyk
    MultiChristyk 5 месяцев назад This is poetry.
  • Donya Lane
    Donya Lane 7 месяцев назад Best Comment Ever! LOL
  • blairbushproject
    blairbushproject 8 месяцев назад Any man who can fold a sheet and has a voice like that wah wah wah
  • Antonio Benavidez
    Antonio Benavidez 8 месяцев назад This comment wins! lol
  • curlyswirly
    curlyswirly 8 месяцев назад So much yasss
  • Störung
    Störung 8 месяцев назад HILARIOUS!!! So awesome!😂😂
  • vigspark
    vigspark 9 месяцев назад Amen
  • twinklytwo
    twinklytwo 9 месяцев назад Nicholas Martinez ....😂😂😂😂😂 You're right. His voice sound very expensive!
  • Mpumelelo M
    Mpumelelo M 9 месяцев назад yep! what he said.
  • Nathan Acabal Ibale
    Nathan Acabal Ibale 10 месяцев назад Someone was listening attentively haahhaa
  • loveit loveit
    loveit loveit 10 месяцев назад Nicholas Martinez 👌👌👌👌👌👌 that was amazing, the 1500.00 set type amazing😂😆🤗
  • Calida
    Calida 10 месяцев назад Nicholas Martinez best comment 😂😂😂👍👍👍
  • Hänschen Klein
    Hänschen Klein 8 месяцев назад I mean, I'm a straight male, but I guess everything is negotiable.
  • Max Jerome
    Max Jerome 1 месяц назад Hänschen Klein I feel the same!
  • Jay Dobbins
    Jay Dobbins 4 месяца назад LMFAO!!
  • Kara Red
    Kara Red 4 месяца назад Absoloutely
  • Jelisha Johnson
    Jelisha Johnson 4 месяца назад Hänschen Klein 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • 5850terry
    5850terry 10 месяцев назад Guy is really hot.
  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave 1 месяц назад @Mason Army is EVERYWHERE.
  • Mason
    Mason 4 месяца назад Army found
  • Boya_Life
    Boya_Life 5 месяцев назад Was thinking of the same thing
  • PiranhaJaw22
    PiranhaJaw22 7 месяцев назад no
  • ACoustaDC
    ACoustaDC 9 месяцев назад It kinda doesn't matter his sexuality. He is brilliant at his craft. Very attractive, and has other qualities that make him appealing, like his voice and manner. I bet he is greatful that all genders are attracted to him.
  • kevinmsft
    kevinmsft 9 месяцев назад I can't stand the gayness... and I am gay.
  • Zeus Sniper
    Zeus Sniper 9 месяцев назад 5850terry Then cool him down
  • crv
    crv 9 месяцев назад Even better.
  • no, i don't want no slugs
    no, i don't want no slugs 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Lechiffresix six - He's delicate and dainty? To me he looks like a strong, chill dude. But I agree with you that our concepts of masculinity should be diverse. Pigeon holing masculinity or femininity is certainly dangerous.
  • E.R Azriel
    E.R Azriel 10 месяцев назад I wanna have alot of sex with him
  • Gmork13
    Gmork13 10 месяцев назад wolf335599, <<<--- look who I found...."That jealous guy"
  • E.R Azriel
    E.R Azriel 10 месяцев назад He's beautiful!!!!
  • Don’t mind me Ghosts
    Don’t mind me Ghosts 10 месяцев назад gisforgary gross why is an incel here? Go somewhere else
  • Ka Kei Yeung
    Ka Kei Yeung 10 месяцев назад Literally what I wanted to say lol
  • Laura Some Number
    Laura Some Number 10 месяцев назад +
  • leftyla
    leftyla 10 месяцев назад Yes! Omg...He's totes cute.
  • gisforgary
    gisforgary 10 месяцев назад Margaret D A hypergendered guy -- like the Jersey Shore guys.
  • Chen Calvin
    Chen Calvin 10 месяцев назад well he is a bedding expert
  • Margaret D
    Margaret D 10 месяцев назад gisforgary - what's a Chad?
  • Lechiffresix six
    Lechiffresix six 10 месяцев назад sweerie, calm down , nobody is comparing him to white dudes, only you. first we can tell he has a bit of mixture in him.second we already know that when it comes to asians , the next person you guys automatically compare them with are whites and always whites. Relax. lastly i don't know for sure that he gay, but he is a delicate and dainty porcelain doll. there is a diversity of masculinity . He is more suitable for the british upper crust set. and not the american plebs .
  • gisforgary
    gisforgary 10 месяцев назад He is Leo Wang, he is the CEO of Buffy, they make comforters, and Asian cultures have a very different concept of masculinity, calling someone gay because they aren't a Chad is kind of tacky. Ironically Asian Chads are usually gay.
  • Sunjie Torres
    Sunjie Torres 10 месяцев назад Olivia Lee who is he?
  • Lechiffresix six
    Lechiffresix six 10 месяцев назад livia you know this how ?.
  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee 10 месяцев назад He doesnt like chicks tho
  • wolf335599
    wolf335599 10 месяцев назад And really gay
  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 10 месяцев назад I like his eyes!
  • First born unicorn
    First born unicorn 10 месяцев назад 5850terry he’s cute!
  • The Helpful Assistant
    The Helpful Assistant 10 месяцев назад I really enjoy this series of learning from experts. I also could listen to his voice all day!! LOL so relaxing!
  • Fuert Neigt
    Fuert Neigt 3 месяца назад Yeah the host is very unique and soft spoken, he also has a good vocabulary
  • sjjs3189
    sjjs3189 9 месяцев назад Check out epicurious, they have this series, but mostly with food experts! It's also really entertaining!
  • Nathan Levis
    Nathan Levis 9 месяцев назад I started falling asleep because i got so relaxed listening.
  • RandiPoitras
    RandiPoitras 9 месяцев назад Omg yes i love his voice lol ❤️🇨🇦
  • KerryRussellRN
    KerryRussellRN 9 месяцев назад The Helpful Assistant your voice is like silk...
  • Jeff Biddle
    Jeff Biddle 10 месяцев назад His voice has a very high thread count. It’s cool and feels like lotion
  • njuta
    njuta 10 месяцев назад Maybe he'll see this and start an ASMR channel to help people sleep/relax
  • rulzzzzzz
    rulzzzzzz 10 месяцев назад gisforgary His voice is definitely trained to be that way. A good trained voice is meant to sound natural like in this video.
  • dnyalslg
    dnyalslg 10 месяцев назад Yes, his voice, his manner of speech and cadence... it’s so relaxing. OMG, I would totally buy from his store.
  • gisforgary
    gisforgary 10 месяцев назад he has sincerity in his voice as well, i really don't know why people prefer trained voices over natural voices.
  • Oliver Reeve
    Oliver Reeve 10 месяцев назад This man is so fine. He's passionate, he incredibly knowledgeable, he has such a wonderfully soothing voice and cadence, and he's just straight up physically attractive. I'd price him at out of my league cause goddamn.
  • MarlaSingersCancer
    MarlaSingersCancer 1 месяц назад Not one of us could afford to sleep on this man's bed.
  • RUBB3Rman
    RUBB3Rman 4 месяца назад I'm in love.
  • blognewb
    blognewb 4 месяца назад @Fuzzybucket the thirst is real jfc
  • Fuzzybucket
    Fuzzybucket 7 месяцев назад yeah he's a total high class gay. you gotta get on his level to get some of his D
  • Aditee Parmar
    Aditee Parmar 7 месяцев назад Oliver Reeve same 😫😭
  • Mattias Forsman
    Mattias Forsman 10 месяцев назад Omg. Can someone give Leo his own show or something, can't get enough of this.
  • Ti Co
    Ti Co 10 месяцев назад Lol how excited the $1450 sheets got him :D
  • Paola Mura
    Paola Mura 1 месяц назад @Taylor Campbell Thanks for specifying. I live in Italy and I have to be honest, what I have bought from Frette I've bought on sale...and some articles are never on sale!!!
  • Taylor Campbell
    Taylor Campbell 1 месяц назад @Paola Mura Frette's sets go for much more than 1450$, some of their products run into the 3500$ mark per set. They do have some options down in that relm but when you get to their 600tc an up jacquard sets they range well over the 1500$ mark. My family is in the manufacturing of fine Italian linens as well and we have a single sheet that sells for 1579$ per sheets and that is at wholesale price, in a retail setting they should sell for about 3500$ per sheet.
  • Wingmantx
    Wingmantx 5 месяцев назад Yea. more expensive than my mattress!
  • Paola Mura
    Paola Mura 8 месяцев назад Must have been Frette sheets!
  • Yessy Mariana
    Yessy Mariana 10 месяцев назад But it really really pretty.. If I am rich, I will buy that sheet.
  • Brianna
    Brianna 10 месяцев назад I want this guy to talk to me all the time, I love him
  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave 1 месяц назад When I hit thumbs up it went 666. I think I'm going to take it off.
  • roxanneworld11
    roxanneworld11 10 месяцев назад Brianna lol!! 😃😍🤣😄🙃😆
  • Nice Nelly
    Nice Nelly 9 месяцев назад My friends are out partying. I am learning about bed sheets.
  • Long N
    Long N 4 месяца назад Bed sheets will bring the party to you, trust me.
  • HoneyedHylian
    HoneyedHylian 6 месяцев назад I'm drinking coke and rum alone, watching videos about bed sheets.
  • Evil bred
    Evil bred 7 месяцев назад Welcome to adulthood.
  • Claudia Leopold
    Claudia Leopold 8 месяцев назад It is 9 o clock Saturday night eating jello and wanting expensive sheets.
  • Akeeyuki
    Akeeyuki 10 месяцев назад does he come with the sheets? i just want to lie on a 300 thread count sheet while he talks me to sleep...
  • ScreamToASigh
    ScreamToASigh 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Say Soun It depends on the sheets. I just ripped my favorite sheets, after 7 years (accidentally cut them on the edge of something while moving my bed, It wasn't from use). They kept their colour (duck egg blue) and are crazy soft, and created to have less wrinkles without chemical addictive. They were $70 from QVC. I have two other sets. To me that's a bargain. I've spent way more and way less and it's still the best sheets it's ever had. And I'm rough on using them and washing them (I'm bad at following the instructions). So it depends on the quality, but yeah after 600 count sheets I'm not going back to 300. I personally find only bamboo is ok at 300, and it's not my favorite feel.
  • Say Soun
    Say Soun 7 месяцев назад @BrooklynBoy206 Because 300 thread count is just fine and won't blow most people's budget.
  • futasupastah
    futasupastah 7 месяцев назад lmaooo
  • BrooklynBoy206
    BrooklynBoy206 8 месяцев назад Why 300? Why not 600?
  • Alan C
    Alan C 10 месяцев назад Wow, this video deserves way more attention. The host was smooth, charming and incredibly knowledgeable. He was tested on fabrics that weren't all crazy differentials like what Epicurious pumps out. I actually feel informed and not just intrigued by what I watched. Good job AD.
  • Jacob Morgan
    Jacob Morgan 4 месяца назад Wait...this isnt an epicurious video??? Where am i?
  • Y Whispers
    Y Whispers 9 месяцев назад I feel like maybe he meant there was only one real point of comparison on each set, e.g thread count, weave, material, rather than a combination of them.
  • Duke Wheeler
    Duke Wheeler 10 месяцев назад What do you mean “no crazy differentials” there was over $1000 price difference on one comparison
  • logan
    logan 10 месяцев назад I want him to read me a book before I sleep
  • Kenneth Lim
    Kenneth Lim 10 месяцев назад His voice has such a high thread count ❤️
  • Nate Amaro
    Nate Amaro 10 месяцев назад Guess who's my new daddy!
  • Mimi G.
    Mimi G. 10 месяцев назад He's hot, articulate and charming. I'd insert some inappropriate joke here about "bedding expert" and/or "between the sheets" but honestly, I am now too embarrassed since apparently my sheets are not even good enough to bed a homeless leper. 😬😬😬
  • Diana A
    Diana A 8 месяцев назад Mimi G. Your comment made me laugh cry 😂 I can’t
  • D R
    D R 10 месяцев назад His title is “bedding expert” I was expecting so many immature jokes... good job internet
  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave 3 недели назад But we all THOUGHT IT.
  • Guido Salducci
    Guido Salducci 2 месяца назад His voice is so soothing that I quite literally started to fall asleep watching this video... in bed.
  • Ada K.
    Ada K. 7 месяцев назад He's really knowledgeable, gentle, and charming.I think he deserves more than that.
  • Aditee Parmar
    Aditee Parmar 7 месяцев назад D R I’d definitely see him for my bedding issues.
  • bbbnnnlll
    bbbnnnlll 8 месяцев назад LOL, I scrolled through the comments because I was thinking of making one myself.
  • Dorcas Malahlela
    Dorcas Malahlela 8 месяцев назад We're all too busy listening to him to double those entendres