LG Dual Inverter AC 2018 1.5 Ton ||Save Energy|| 3 Star BEE Rating

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how to use LG dual inverter ac remote

A quick video about functions of lg dual inverter ac remote

LG - Split-System Installation Video (Tips & How-to)

Whether youre creating a quiet, comfort-controlled room, or simply want to heat or cool an area without expensive ductwork, LGs duct-free systems set a new standard for efficiency, great looks and comfort. Duct-free systems are much simpler and economical to install because they only have three basic parts: an outdoor condensing unit, an indoor unit, and the components that connect the two. Duct-free systems are ideal for home or office additions, to replace unsightly window units, and for renovations or retro-fits where its important to preserve the buildings original appearance. Please visit ComfortGurus.com for the best pricing on LG equipment and accessories or call us at (866) 519-2461. This video is intended for use by licensed HVAC professionals. The contents of this video may not reflect the exact equipment you are dealing with and should not be used as a substitute for classroom instruction on the use and care of air conditioning equipment. Always refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions for the equipment you are installing. Always follow best practices associated with safety and craftsmanship, following industry accepted practices. LG or ComfortGurus.com assumes no responsibility for any injuries connected to the installation and/or service of this air conditioning equipment.

How to Save AC Electricity Bill | How To Save Electricity In AC

How to save AC electric bill ? In this video I give you some mandatory tips to save electricity in AC. After watching this video you will get knowledge about how to save your energy from your air conditioner. Buy on Flipkart - http://fkrt.it/S6I8GLuuuN Buy on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2HrMU8y Share this video with your friends :- https://youtu.be/2FsPAPCVSx0 Want to get more videos like this ? Click this link- https://goo.gl/VmGZvg SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL:- https://www.youtube.com/c/JustForYouchannel ------ SOCIAL LINKS -------- Follow On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/justforyouchannel/ Follow On Twitter : https://twitter.com/justforyou_2016 Follow On Google plus: https://google.com/+JustForYouChannel Follow On Linkedin : - https://in.linkedin.com/in/justforyouchannel Follow On Pinterest :- https://in.pinterest.com/justforyou2016/ Follow On Website : http://justforyouchannel.blogspot.in/ ___________________________________________________ just4you,just for you,justforyou -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hitachi 5 Star Inverter ac Review 2017 (Diffrence Between Kashikoi 5200i , 5300i, 5400i) Hindi

Hitachi 5 Star Inverter ac Review 2017 (Kashikoi 5200i vs 5300i vs 5400i) Info about Hitachi Kashikoi 5200i inverter ac full review by "technosir" and basic difference between Hitachi kashikoi 5200i and 5300i and 5400i Ac Showing in video HITACHI 1.5 TON KASHIKOI 5200I RAU518AWEA INVERTER SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER http://amzn.to/2pBtjKj some other good inverter acs Hitachi 3 star inverter http://amzn.to/2rzq6zw O General http://amzn.to/2qOwyhH Daikin carrier full details on this website... http://www.jci-hitachi.in/productdetail/Kashikoi-5200i Subscribe Now for Tech help/unboxing / Gadgets Reviews / Videos SUBSCRIBE On Youtube goo.gl/UO4qD Follow On . Google+ goo.gl/2FygZS . Instagram goo.gl/ddqq6P . Twitter goo.gl/5QpQZC . FACEBOOK page goo.gl/yHrhFF ---Latest 3 Videos--- 1.hitachi 5 star inverter ac review* https://youtu.be/iZEIyvsyLiY 2.Blue Snowball iCE usb Mic Unboxing || How To Connect to pc? https://youtu.be/xfFNSZRgnBE 3.Sony Wireless Earphones MDR-AS600BT Review and how to use..* https://youtu.be/xcKAjQqB77A -----Suggested Videos || Recomended videos-------- (.) Products Unboxing and reviews . Blue Snowball iCE Unboxing and how Connect to PC* https://youtu.be/xfFNSZRgnBE . hitachi 5 star inverter ac review* https://youtu.be/iZEIyvsyLiY . Home Theater 120 inch Setup First Look* https://youtu.be/pRXyczvzNmU . Philips Bluetooth Speakers BT64 Full review* https://youtu.be/MRDJyYDq7ss . Sony Wireless Earphones MDR-AS600BT Review and how to use..* https://youtu.be/xcKAjQqB77A . Samasung Galaxy j7 Prime 2017 [32GB, RAM 3GB) Full Review https://youtu.be/fl8gm6FUTcw . Samsung Galaxy j7 prime 32gb unboxing 2017 https://youtu.be/g6HuujKYO84 (.) Youtube related . How to Hide Number of Subscribers On YOUTUBE channel https://youtu.be/rLeEkFpQ_wQ (.) Other Tech Videos . Screen mirroring https://youtu.be/_kF-bPDgNf4 . free computer screen recorder and video streaming software for windws,mac os,linux https://youtu.be/cR2wnBkq-Po . Switchoff or restart your phone if touch screen stopped working https://youtu.be/Nj26CRh8aNc . Inverter ac vs Non Inverter ac Full Explained [Hindi] https://youtu.be/8oFWa5mOvMo . Increase RAM of LAPTOP in easy steps || Laptop ki RAM kaise badhai https://youtu.be/YZyWq-yhu2I . How inverter ac works in hindi https://youtu.be/vapara8cbDo ....Some usefull Shopping links... . FLIPKART APP DIRECT link http://fkrt.it/5DbJkTuuuN . FLIPKART Shopping http://fkrt.it/e2xPs!NNNN . AMAZON Direct Link http://amzn.to/2rP25kw ---Youtube Channel Gear--- . Phone :- Samsung A5 (Camera & Mic) http://amzn.to/2piR62E . Mic 1. Blue snowball iCE(best for voice and youtubing) http://amzn.to/2rvdqup 2. Shure sv200 (Voice over) (old mic) http://amzn.to/2p3Dzis . Tripod :- http://amzn.to/2ocwLuH . Phone holder (for tripod) : http://amzn.to/2ocxFr2 . SSD (samsung 850 Evo) For fast video editing processing . http://amzn.to/2ocfMZC

My Electricity Bill Before And After Installation Of Inverter AC

In this video I am showing you my electricity bill before and after installation of Inverter AC. . . LG Inverter AC- https://youtu.be/NWC1EaP32G0 . . Link to buy- http://fkrt.it/hvQqFnuuuN

LG Dual Inverter AC
1.5 Ton AC
Save Energy Save Everyday
3 Star BEE Rating
Link to buy- http://fkrt.it/hvQqFnuuuN
How to do AC Servicing- https://youtu.be/_7fXB5gnDgk

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