Official @Oneplus 6T 3D Glass Screen Protector Installation & Review (20 Off Offer)

Published on Dec 4, 2018 49,152 views

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Today I have for a review the Official Original Oneplus Screen Protector for the Oneplus 6T. I have to say that I am surprised that they did not put a glass proctor out of the box, but i am happy that we have an option at least.
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T-mobile glass Video: https://youtu.be/xuoaknZhlGw

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  • Patrick Gagnon
    Patrick Gagnon 3 месяца назад Waisted $30 on the one plus official protector to have it start bubbling and peeling and one plus did nothing after contacting them. So I wasted another $30 and it happened again. So I bought a cheap 2 pack of tempered glass protectors from Amazon from a company called OMOTON and they are great! You get 2 in case you mess one up with an alignment tray for $8.99. never again one plus, worst customer service ever! Even rhinoshield when I told them the notification slider on the 6t crash guard didn't work that well said they are making an update and will send me the new one and also sent me a free tempered glass protector without asking. One plus you should learn something from them 😏
  • Barney Bauer
    Barney Bauer 4 месяца назад Hello guys, i tried this tempered glass out on my oneplus 6t. Very satisfied with it. The installation is not "easy" but even though im not an expert i made it without any bubble using the "bathroom" technic. It looks awesome, the 3D effect is great. The phone looks really well protected. I don't feel like it reduces the screen, it would be a no go for me but it is fine tbh. Need some patience to apply the glass but not that difficult. Good luck with it. Cheers.
  • Cory Ordway
    Cory Ordway 4 месяца назад Forget, the bathroom method is to have steamy hot water in the bathroom. Or just go in the bathroom to apply it.
  • Barney Bauer
    Barney Bauer 4 месяца назад @Cory Ordway Idk if it was really useful tbh but at least it worked...
  • Kaya Griffin Tezgel
    Kaya Griffin Tezgel 3 месяца назад Bathroom technique?
  • Ali ibrahim
    Ali ibrahim 3 месяца назад may i know what is the 3d effect
  • Carlos Javier
    Carlos Javier 4 месяца назад TK. Happy New Year papito. May this new year be filled with lots of blessings and wonderful things. A big hug to you 😉
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 4 месяца назад Thanks, happy new year to you too
  • Michael Ziminski
    Michael Ziminski 5 месяцев назад I'm glad this is the official OnePlus 6T screen protector specifically from OnePlus. Thanks for a great video.
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад Thank you for the support
  • santanu sarkar
    santanu sarkar 4 месяца назад Hi TK, Pls make a video how to apply op original tempered glass on McLaren edition. The case provided with normal 6t for installation of tempered glass not provided with this one. With Maclaren edition they provided an expensive case instead but not sure how much effective this to place tempered glass. What do you think?
  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres 5 месяцев назад I actually prefer the plastic ones, because I always break the glass but the (good) plastic ones can manage the punch very well for me. Nice video and as always liked
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад Thanks bud
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад You will like tomorrows video
  • Jaden Vivian
    Jaden Vivian 5 месяцев назад Love the dash of colloquial Arabic for the intro
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад Thanks, figured it's a good calling card. 😊
  • Jaden Vivian
    Jaden Vivian 5 месяцев назад @TK Bay it definitely is. It's a beautiful language
  • Jahid Hassan
    Jahid Hassan 4 месяца назад very nice.
  • Youtubian1790
    Youtubian1790 5 месяцев назад Can you review an Amazon one that has no border?
  • Jose Marcano
    Jose Marcano 5 месяцев назад Hello, good video.. Can i know if this new glass is a fingerprint magnet? What about the factory plastic protector on the phone itself?
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад the new on is not and one that comes on is not either, both are good in that respect, the glass one just works better at protecting your phone
  • Jose Marcano
    Jose Marcano 5 месяцев назад @TK Bay Awesome! I hate fingerprint scanners and i'm really considering to buy this device. Thanks a lot for the answer! Greetings from venezuela
  • Gc_03
    Gc_03 5 месяцев назад Great video! Was waiting for this one! Lol ill have to go with the puregear, as I said before you unlimited screens you just gotta pay the shipping! :) And I dont like the black border from the OnePlus!
  • DashDrones
    DashDrones 5 месяцев назад Awesome mate, I'll use your code when I'm ordering so I can get some accessories:) love this protector, looks smart
  • Carlos Javier
    Carlos Javier 4 месяца назад Hi TK. I just wanted to wish you and all of your love ones a Merry Christmas. 😉👍
  • Carlos Javier
    Carlos Javier 5 месяцев назад Hey papito. I was waiting for you to do this video. Good job. I had already gotten the one from T-Mobile and although my carrier is AT & T. The sales rep was nice enough to install it for me.
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад yea , they offered it to at the store and I said no that's ok I need to make a video about it for my fans. thanks for the support
  • Prajoth Prajuu
    Prajoth Prajuu 4 месяца назад Does this screen protector compatable with spigen liquid air case?
  • J P
    J P 5 месяцев назад Have you come across ANY non-glare screen protectors that you like?
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад Not yet still looking for one
  • Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh
    Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh 5 месяцев назад Got mine a few days ago, don't know if I wanna install it and just toss out the poetic junk or wait until needed.
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад so this one is different than the others they are using a stronger adhesive and honestly its better for your phone than the plastic one if a fall
  • Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh
    Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh 5 месяцев назад @TK Bay it seemed like it. Those bubbles are intense, i got bubble anxiety from watching this! Hahaha!
  • Dre S
    Dre S 5 месяцев назад @Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh Using the sharp edge of the squeegee got it out faster for me, it looks fantstic. 0 bubbles.
  • Cory Ordway
    Cory Ordway 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Dre S they advertise 9 on hardness too, so that you are guaranteed to not scratch the screen protector up during application with plastic squeegee
  • Leo H.
    Leo H. 3 месяца назад Will this work with the rhinoshield solid suit case?
  • Philipe Contreras
    Philipe Contreras 5 месяцев назад (изменено) I install 3 of this on the OnePlus 6 and when it broke on my wife's phone for the 3rd time I mest up got dust on the screen sticky area and $20 down the drain. Now I buy the off brand it's just like the OEM ," 2 per package" 3d-temper glass x$10 and a tool to install it properly in one try. Amazon has it.
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 5 месяцев назад link me please
  • Patrick Gagnon
    Patrick Gagnon 3 месяца назад OMOTON brand wass great $8.99 two pack with no stupid black boarder
  • Kevin G
    Kevin G 4 месяца назад Are you getting any biometrics issues with the fingerprint sensor since installation?
  • TK Bay
    TK Bay 4 месяца назад no more issues than before the install