Garden Transformation

Published on Aug 22, 2012 93,281 views

The stages of my garden transformation

  • Voiceov Reason
    Voiceov Reason 2 месяца назад Absolutely beautiful! I love how you added dimension by creating angles and clean lines. The little raised garden beds are just perfect for the space too! Excellent video!
  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios Groupie Неделю назад Nice job, you get what you pay for and have chosen well.
  • Maria Salete Grecco
    Maria Salete Grecco 2 дня назад Beautiful!!! Good job!!!👏👏👏🙋‍♀️
  • JustMe
    JustMe 6 лет назад awsome job it looks amazing
  • DarkAryen
    DarkAryen 6 месяцев назад Very beautiful, great attention to details, good plan of color schemes and materials!
  • Rony m
    Rony m 2 месяца назад Buen video no tengo casa!! Pero me gustaría hacer algo parecido cuando la tenga gracias por compartir
  • 82Doogie
    82Doogie 2 года назад Fantastic job. Love the planter boxes.
  • Steve Inczedi
    Steve Inczedi 6 месяцев назад Beautiful, well done, one criticism ( and it’s just my preference, I’d have had more curves on the path than the zigzag effect) not keen on straight lines in natural settings, but other than that good. Plenty of colour and you kept a tree. 👍 well done.
  • Markus Puetz
    Markus Puetz 3 месяца назад Nice job, but sad for the palm trees that you chopped off. Would have left them and used more curved path.
  • piperben
    piperben 2 месяца назад Was only 2 bedroom house and needed more indoor space, we now have another project to do but might not get to the outside for a year or so yet!
  • Sue Bradford
    Sue Bradford 2 месяца назад @piperben Oh no! You did all that beautiful work and you're now moving! Pity! Great job, a really pretty garden.
  • piperben
    piperben 3 месяца назад In reality the garden wasn’t that wide and the palms took up all the space ( needed room to kick a football with my son) . I didn’t cut them down I dug them out and sold to a landscape gardener who used them on a project. Never done paving before so wasn’t too confident in doing curves! Maybe when I redo the garden in my new house I will incorporate some, cheers for the compliments Markus 👍
  • Garry G
    Garry G 3 года назад very nice indeed :)  I am just making a start on my very poor condition garden, just looking for a bit of inspiration ha ha, take a look at mine, how would you fancy taking this on lol
  • 无痕踏雪
    无痕踏雪 2 года назад How much does it cost all?
  • piperben
    piperben 2 месяца назад In truth it cost me more in skips to get rid of the earth than it did in materials! Sorry it was a while ago but all in including waste removal it was about £1600. read to think what the labour cost would of been if we payed others to do it!
  • Chuck SCHULD
    Chuck SCHULD 3 месяца назад Very nice 😀
  • Susan Kelley
    Susan Kelley 2 месяца назад Before. It. Looked. Like. Bowling. Alley then. You. Did. Magic with movement. Soo cute. Plant. Boxes be. Proud. Of. Hard. Work
  • PA TV
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  • maganalia
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  • PA TV
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  • maganalia
    maganalia 3 недели назад Love what you did with the yard and glad you kept one of the palms.