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  • Ali
    Ali 4 года назад hoarder houses are best ones, it's usually unused house, 1/2 people living in it, as long as there is no human or animal waste in the house it's diamond in the rough!
  • Michael L.
    Michael L. 4 года назад Great point!  Thanks for sharing this simple but valuable tip...:)
  • Laura Ward
    Laura Ward 3 года назад Hi Phil, your favorite home inspector and termite inspector here. If you have subterranean termites in your area, don't let your landscapers put bark chips (cellulose) or irrigated plants right next to the foundation. :-)
  • B Perez
    B Perez 1 месяц назад Laura Ward what do you recommend instead ?
  • Maker Mark
    Maker Mark 2 года назад Also the interview angle doesn't work. Like it better when you talk to the camera.
  • Flat Mls
    Flat Mls 3 года назад It's always best to get information from seasoned investors on what to fix and what needs to be fixed. in order to make the most profit. Great Information!!!
  • Jaime Armenta
    Jaime Armenta 2 года назад Just bought my first duplex in Burbank, Ca. Been watching tons of your videos, and I've gotten many ideas. Kinda nervous about jumping into it and excited at the same time, but tomorrow I start repairs. Just wanted to thank you for your videos, Phil.
    KOOLNERD Год назад Jaime Armenta over a year later, how has the investment been?
  • Robert Fernandez
    Robert Fernandez 11 месяцев назад Jaime Armenta How did it go?
  • Peter Hsiao
    Peter Hsiao 10 месяцев назад Jaime Armenta would like to know as well how the duplex investment in Burbank has been doing. Hope it's generating some positive cash flow for ya!
  • whoknew
    whoknew Год назад This was like watching a magic show. The transformation done to the sunk-in room outside of the kitchen. 😍 👍
  • Phil Pustejovsky
    Phil Pustejovsky 4 года назад
  • Point Green Home Solutions, LLC
    Point Green Home Solutions, LLC 4 года назад Thanks @Phil Pustejovsky 
  • Ally Lo
    Ally Lo Год назад Nice to see before & after.
  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 2 года назад Love this guy... Very informative... Sub'd
  • tre styles
    tre styles 4 года назад What did it cost? What's the ARV? NEED A THOROUGH VIDEO ON THE REHAB.
  • Phil Pustejovsky
    Phil Pustejovsky 4 года назад Bought it for $32,000. Put $32,000 into it. Sold for $140,000. Closed in August 2014.
  • Brian McAdams
    Brian McAdams 4 года назад I think its better when you talk to the camera
  • Remrie Arrie
    Remrie Arrie 4 года назад Thank you for the update of this home.
  • William Jia
    William Jia 4 года назад Thumbs up, Phil.  thanks for the tips.
  • Mark Dockter
    Mark Dockter 4 года назад Hello Phil. This was a great video. Very informative. I am getting myself ready to start becoming a real estate investor. Thank you for your knowledge. Cant wait!!!!
  • sol life in japan
    sol life in japan 3 года назад The best video ever !!!
  • oferavisar
    oferavisar 4 года назад Great video ,How can I contact you in order to be my mentor?
  • Luis Rosales
    Luis Rosales 3 года назад Thanks for all the videos you have been put up lots of information.I will definitely continue learning from this videos. To get strong on doing this deals.
  • Camz Decasa
    Camz Decasa Год назад I amazed this strategy,thanks a lot.
  • AMP. Property Preservation P&P VLOG.
    AMP. Property Preservation P&P VLOG. 3 года назад I am about to get into the business of flipping houses. I am going to check out your videos. Thanks for the tips.
  • John Wassink
    John Wassink 2 года назад If you watch his videos, you may not get into the business of flipping
  • Leopeter Alvarez
    Leopeter Alvarez 3 года назад I love your videos and I'm inspired by your tips. I'm considering getting in to the business really soon, but I live in NYC. I notice that people in the city tend to pay extremely high prices for rents, therefore they expect a little more when it comes to renovations. I probably wouldn't be able to afford investments in the city at first, however, even in the near suburbs the rents are still pretty high so long as it is traveling distance to the city. Would you recommend implementing the same strategy for fixing up a house for renters near NYC?
  • Phil Pustejovsky
    Phil Pustejovsky 3 года назад +leo alvarez Oftentimes we do retail wholesale flips in areas with very high price points like NYC