My Houzz: Kristen Bell's Surprise Renovation for Her Sister

Published on Mar 7, 2017 4,435,133 views

Watch as Kristen Bell surprises her sister Sara with a secret basement renovation, creating a beautiful and functional space for the entire family.
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  • Albert Blue
    Albert Blue 7 месяцев назад She’s definitely going to the good place now
  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 2 года назад Anyone else see the executive producer Ashton Kutcher at the end?
  • Dennis Canuto
    Dennis Canuto 2 года назад It's nice to know that just because you have a sibling that is rich and famous doesn't mean you have to mooch off of them. Kristen could have probably bought them a bigger house. It's also cool to see she is so down to earth.
  • TheSonnyjoseph250
    TheSonnyjoseph250 2 года назад even if it wasnt made for me, i cried too
  • Fazalul Bakar
    Fazalul Bakar 2 года назад Yeah happy to make someone happy
  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 2 года назад Great job! I have to say that I welled up when she called Tom her brother. So many in-laws are treated badly by siblings and family members. I've always called my brothers' wives my sisters....we didn't have any growing up....so it's an incredible honor to have them in our lives.
  • Sandra Mullikin
    Sandra Mullikin 2 года назад (изменено) I always thought Kristen Bell was sweet. I saw it here for myself. How wonderful she was able to do this for her sis and her family. Lovely. This vid made my day. Lucy, I love your new room!
  • Thornback
    Thornback 2 года назад I agree, she's been my favorite actress since Veronica Mars, she's clearly an intelligent and caring person and this only made me love her more.
  • Nick
    Nick 2 года назад I had a long and negative day and this video made me so happy. thank you everyone. ^_^
  • Adline Writes
    Adline Writes 2 года назад Nick Your profile pic made me so happy! Hope u have a great weekend.
  • jgrexx
    jgrexx 2 года назад Nick
  • Ben Allan
    Ben Allan 2 года назад ha me too. Her face helps :)
  • Stephanie Gibson
    Stephanie Gibson 2 года назад I always liked Kristin Bell. Now I am a a bigger fan. What a sweet gesture.
  • Jim-Rhonda Lancaster
    Jim-Rhonda Lancaster 2 года назад I know this is a plug for Houzz and I totally can't afford to shop on their site, but I'm a huge fan of Kristen Bell and couldn't resist watching. I'm not sure who I wish I could be more: Kristen, the giver, or Sarah and her family, the receivers. Definitely got teary along with the family!
  • Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson 2 года назад This was incredible. I don't live too far from Madison Heights so if you'd like to come to my house, my doors wide open. lol
  • Jac Ryan
    Jac Ryan Год назад “home shouldnt be a place u place u escape from, ot should be a place u escape to”. this video changed the way i looked at my home....
  • Rose Nguyen
    Rose Nguyen 2 года назад Kristen's voice is always so soothing
  • Susan Ridder
    Susan Ridder 2 года назад What a great sister and an awesome job Kristen & your so right Sara deserved it she's always doing something for all of her family. Luv it you deserved it Sara , luv your cousin Sue
  • kapuraftw
    kapuraftw 2 года назад Susan Ridder you have an awesome family.
  • Larry Huffman
    Larry Huffman 2 года назад I am a senior citizen, retired, and was never an entertainment person. I have never seen a Kristen Bell movie, but have seen, via YouTube, her appearances on the Craig Ferguson show. Those appearances told me Kristen is a very "alive," outgoing person, and I think this proves she still has those Midwest roots and grounding. (I live in Ohio, but hey, I still think she's lovely and to be admired.) Way to go. Family, in the end, is always what it is about.
  • Patricia Wilson
    Patricia Wilson 2 года назад Just loved everything about this video...the wonderful people in it, the beautiful design and the amazing results.
  • Wayne Landry
    Wayne Landry 2 года назад Please do more of these projects!
  • 소연배
    소연배 2 года назад Ashton kutcher as executive producer... Never knew! 😃
  • Debra Shelton
    Debra Shelton 2 года назад Love, love, love this, Kristen!!! You did such a great job (and you too, Tom & Melissa!). Did I get a little teary-eyed? Why, yes, yes I did. I'm the oldest of four girls, so I totally get the love-of-sister thing. My sisters are my best friends. Good on you to spoil Sara in such a beautiful way. And, nice room, Lucy! I've worked as an interior decorator and I'm about to downsize. I'll definitely use Houzz to help with the design process. xoxo
  • chimbatete
    chimbatete 2 года назад I love simple people. The family and Kristen seems very down to earth real folks. This basement design is great and totally unexpected from the house exterior (which makes it even better imho).
  • Ray Silva
    Ray Silva 2 года назад Kristen Bell is ONE great person and sister.