Is Nike More Successful Than Adidas? Shoe / Apparel Company Comparison

Published on Dec 13, 2017 2,079,740 views

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Is Nike really more successful than Adidas? How did both companies start? Which one is popular nowadays? Let's Find in this episode of Nike vs Adidas

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  • Álvaro Lopes
    Álvaro Lopes Год назад (изменено) I stopped watching Hentai for this. Just kidding, I have it on my second monitor.
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    Jay Nguyen Hai 3 недели назад Álvaro Lopes my man
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    Phoenix is a Bird 1 месяц назад What a legend
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    TheReaper 2 месяца назад How did this comment got 2k likes for putting He*tai
    RK TITIREACH 2 месяца назад The heck
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    Hazard Potato 3 месяца назад Weird flex but ok
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    Cianna Calara 7 месяцев назад Álvaro Lopes eww I just looked it up 🤮
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    **i d r e e s** 7 месяцев назад 2SIK ICE dont google its anime porn
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    Just Yuri 9 месяцев назад Álvaro Lopes same ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Alphanator Proton 9 месяцев назад Hentai isnt porn, its anime porn, Not just anime porn, but anime rape porn
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    Obscurit_y Год назад Álvaro Lopes On your second monitor you should have a notepad of some original jokes.
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    *_[Level 100] Clorox Bleach_* Год назад Álvaro Lopes Porn Anime!
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    captain cronch Год назад I have three. One for this, one for porn and one for 10 hours, you like jazz?
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    Read my logo Год назад Álvaro Lopes disgusting
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    Laffy Taffy Год назад Very funny and original. Let me look down further to find the "I stopped watching porn for this" comments. Should only take a few seconds.
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    2SIK ICE Год назад What's hentai
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    Zechs Merquise Год назад Álvaro Lopes I just jacked a heavy one watching august Ames R.I.P. to her!
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    Timothy Naidoo Год назад lol
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    Flaxlinwill Год назад Álvaro Lopes Anime in all forms is something that needs to be eradicated.
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    RŷË øÄt Год назад Wait so you fap while watching this? Tf?
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    xDTuber MLG Год назад Álvaro Lopes weabo
  • Useless Kapi
    Useless Kapi Год назад Have u watched futabu???
  • Tony Shades Ferguson
    Tony Shades Ferguson Год назад Álvaro Lopes lol
  • Antonio is a common name
    Antonio is a common name Год назад Álvaro Lopes I stopped watching hentai when I was like 14 doesn’t do nothing for me anymore
  • SD Josh
    SD Josh Год назад Not sure if I should look that up... JK you should see my dvd collection :)
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    Iyob Yulius Год назад Ah
  • Jayyysuun Sss
    Jayyysuun Sss Год назад Álvaro Lopes tf😂
  • Airball _
    Airball _ 3 месяца назад (изменено) So we gonna forget Michael Jordans role in Nike's success?
  • WolfPlayz
    WolfPlayz 2 недели назад NIKE MADE JORDAN...LOOK AT AIR JORDANS..
  • Ruairí Keating
    Ruairí Keating 2 недели назад (изменено) In Europe it was people like ronaldhino MJ didn't have any influence here.
  • Erl Espina
    Erl Espina 3 недели назад Thomas Lam No because nike was desprate after a star and MJ wanted to go to adidas but than MJ gave it a chance they told MJ they would make him his own shoes which they did and Nike became very popular.
  • BigP
    BigP 4 недели назад I was thinking the same thing man!
  • Thomas Lam
    Thomas Lam 1 месяц назад Faris Wrong. Nike was on top of the game well before they acquired Jordan. MJ only helped to cement Nike’s legacy.
  • Faris
    Faris 1 месяц назад Actually, MJ was the main reason of success for Nike!
  • Michał Żaba
    Michał Żaba 3 месяца назад Exactly! If adidas didnt refuse MJ, nike wouldnt become so succesfull.
  • xXBlue DivaXx
    xXBlue DivaXx 3 месяца назад Ikr!
  • Josh Finney
    Josh Finney 3 месяца назад INR he was a the Icon with Nike
  • GrumpyMonk
    GrumpyMonk 3 недели назад (изменено) Nike: best in sportswear Adidas: best in lifestyle
  • Beach doggo
    Beach doggo 2 дня назад @THE KINGSLAYER yeah I do own a SK8 Hi but you cant do some stuff with it that Adidas can
    THE KINGSLAYER 2 дня назад @Beach doggo Um rocking buy SK8 Hi for 3 years
  • Beach doggo
    Beach doggo 2 дня назад @THE KINGSLAYER Adidas is better for durability than Vans
    THE KINGSLAYER Неделю назад @Dantes Inferno SK8 hi is awesome
  • Dantes Inferno
    Dantes Inferno Неделю назад @THE KINGSLAYER vans are the worst low key
    THE KINGSLAYER Неделю назад Nike: Best in Sportswear Vans: Best in Lifestyle
    THE KINGSLAYER Неделю назад @DudeGetTheCamera TM lol no
  • DudeGetTheCamera TM
    DudeGetTheCamera TM 2 недели назад Nope, adidas better at everything
  • DominationNinja
    DominationNinja 1 месяц назад Adidas are the winner in my opinion I just love them
  • Tropical Bread
    Tropical Bread 3 месяца назад Adidas gang where you at!?
  • Beach doggo
    Beach doggo 2 дня назад Cloudfoam: PRESENT
  • Pro Star
    Pro Star Неделю назад Yee boii
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    Kingdom of Dacia Mapping Неделю назад Cloudfoam ultimate sup
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    Ninja Monkey Неделю назад I’m here
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    Meme Komrade Неделю назад Cyka blyat
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    aiman.k_b_e _ 2 недели назад Tripaloski
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    Eclipsezz xd 2 недели назад Hey
  • jaun city
    jaun city 2 недели назад Here
  • Taina Fernandez
    Taina Fernandez 3 недели назад Adidas will always be my favorite
    LIQUID_MEMES 3 недели назад Yup
  • Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
    Truth is Stranger Than Fiction 3 недели назад Three stripes ! Sup !
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 3 недели назад Here
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    Maxim Reich 1 месяц назад Tropical Bread here
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    ____ iamchetnik 1 месяц назад Hard Bass Adidas
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    Maliki07 maliki 1 месяц назад Right here u already know bruhhh
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    Kevin-roblox gameplays 1 месяц назад Sup
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    Ralf Cambodia 1 месяц назад Here Ma boi
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    FredrikFFA 1 месяц назад here narhui blyat
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    Ouroboros PvP 1 месяц назад Tropical Bread me here bruh
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    big bite 1 месяц назад here
  • teppi sekasi
    teppi sekasi 2 месяца назад adidas 4 life
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    Gameralisan 2 месяца назад (изменено) Here
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    M Cald 2 месяца назад Ultraboost here
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    XxRobloxgamerxX 21 2 месяца назад Sup
  • and i oop-
    and i oop- 1 день назад I just wear it all mixed up. A nike hat with a under armour hoodie with adidas joggers with jordans. Cause why tf not.😂
  • Marcus Chong
    Marcus Chong 1 день назад (изменено) Okay you know what? I gotta put respect so I choose both!
  • Jasko Hodzic
    Jasko Hodzic 2 дня назад I prefer adidas to nike.. 1: adidas 2: reebok 3: New balance 4:under armour 5: asics 6: nike NIKE almost made my top 5
  • Trina Swinson
    Trina Swinson 2 дня назад Nike has Lebron, Kyrie, KD, Kobe, Nike has the basketball gang
  • sidney !
    sidney ! Год назад Watching this while wearing nike socks but adidas shoes and a adidas jacket over a nike shirt
  • WarriorsFan101 1111
    WarriorsFan101 1111 2 недели назад Bro I'm wearing foking Dame Lillard 3
  • Lydia Dimock
    Lydia Dimock 10 месяцев назад Alex Kurbiel Wanna lie any more?
  • Lydia Dimock
    Lydia Dimock 10 месяцев назад Haha
  • Dankest
    Dankest 11 месяцев назад +Alex Kurbiel no one cares about some stupid clothes
  • Barque Obama
    Barque Obama Год назад How dare you
  • Istvan Raduka
    Istvan Raduka Год назад Alex Kurbiel Lmaoo,you mean of you are hypebeast you are beautiful???Lol mate i have 25 bucks jeans,5 buchs t shirt 30 bucks shirt and probably look better than 90% of hypebeasts... I also have air force 1 white shoes but that are only expensive thing on me...Hypebeasts have about 2 hoodies and 2 pants while i have hundred for a way lower price...
  • Abu bakr al baghdadi
    Abu bakr al baghdadi Год назад Tracksuit
  • Swapnil Kabir
    Swapnil Kabir Год назад I'm wearing Nike Air Flight Ones, $5 socks, a Nike shirt, and $990 Gucci Acetate jogging pants. Your fit is weak!
  • NeoPlayz
    NeoPlayz Год назад Gucci and supreme just sucks. my opinion. And louis vuitton
  • Bobby Sinclair
    Bobby Sinclair Год назад Ye sound like women
  • Buckeyebrat 97
    Buckeyebrat 97 Год назад I'm wearing adidas pants. Shirt with a polar bear. And ye
  • Idrcbrob 402
    Idrcbrob 402 Год назад Yesterday I was wearing adidas head to toe
  • Kone
    Kone Год назад DatCat pretty shitty style
  • Kone
    Kone Год назад I have ma 3€ pants 0,50€ socks and 1€ T-shirt
  • 委誕Trap
    委誕Trap Год назад sidney 666 likes illuminati
  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird Год назад 666 likes. Illuminati confirmed
  • Arif M
    Arif M Год назад sidney Iii
  • Mohammed Elhalangi
    Mohammed Elhalangi Год назад I always do that expect the socks I didn't even know Nike socks existed
  • Chiillxer
    Chiillxer Год назад Alex Kurbiel im wearing only a rubber
  • Pierre Odendaal
    Pierre Odendaal Год назад sidney You monster!
  • Lil James.-.
    Lil James.-. Год назад Jacob Peters Spending money on overpriced stuff doesn't make you cool
  • Berda
    Berda Год назад (изменено) Wearing Nike elite Socks Nike pants and adidas jeresey (nba)
    CEONHD Год назад sidney You're so racist
  • muhd sazlly
    muhd sazlly Год назад (изменено) Im wearing under armour shirt and shorts. My shoes are adidas, while my jacket and cap is nike. Sry for my my nad english.
  • Nahsradus
    Nahsradus Год назад I am watching this without clothes. 😂😂
  • life of mike
    life of mike Год назад DatCat lol legit tho u want to buy some supreme!
  • sidney !
    sidney ! Год назад Big Smoke lmao no. I'm a black girl. Stop assuming shit
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Год назад sidney i can already tell your a filthy mexican
  • henk baksteen
    henk baksteen Год назад Idiot
  • Ram Kaucha
    Ram Kaucha Год назад I'm wearing undies .... step yours game up
  • leif mitchell
    leif mitchell Год назад Alex Kurbiel im wearing a nike shirt and adidas shorts
  • Owen McGill
    Owen McGill Год назад sidney slav
  • m Y b R o D d A s K n O w De WaE
    m Y b R o D d A s K n O w De WaE Год назад Im wearing crocs, 2$ Jeans and shirt and 1$ Socks from second hand shop. YOUR FIT IS WEAK AF!
  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side Год назад I sport that same combo
  • Jacob Peters
    Jacob Peters Год назад im rocking eminem x carhartt air Jordan 4, stance socks, lucky jeans, Louis Vuitton belt, back supreme box logo hoodie, supreme new era head band. you're fit is weak
  • Alex Kurbiel
    Alex Kurbiel Год назад sidney rocking Nike tech fleece, off white “The End” socks, Adidas NMD Japan Triple Black, Gucci Tech Shorts Black, off white peace Tee, Gucci Wolf Work Shirt. Your fit is weak.
    Shev BLINLADA 3 недели назад I like adidas more, cos that’s Gopniks no.1 choice blyat
  • LJDubb 24
    LJDubb 24 Неделю назад Nike is better For Sportswear etc Adidas is better for Clothing
  • wtf Star
    wtf Star 1 месяц назад every Russian at least owns 10k worth of adidas goods from black track jacket to black track jacket with yellow stripes
  • Fro_ozo
    Fro_ozo 1 месяц назад Nike's wore out way to fast, Adidas focuses on support and strength for the shoes. So im mostly would rather have Adidas than Nike's. (Also Adidas style is betterrrr)
  • DudeGetTheCamera TM
    DudeGetTheCamera TM 2 недели назад Yeah man
  • Anxrchy
    Anxrchy 2 недели назад @VoidSir - sike
  • Fro_ozo
    Fro_ozo 2 недели назад @VoidSir - proof?
  • VoidSir -
    VoidSir - 2 недели назад Nike style is and always will be the best.
    VORTEX ZR 5 дней назад Slav where you at!?!
  • The Dude
    The Dude 3 месяца назад adidas. BOOST is life (and I like their stuff)
  • Viktor Royal
    Viktor Royal 4 месяца назад Why Americans can't pronounc adidas
  • No Name
    No Name 3 дня назад I am even more triggered when they pronounce Porsche as Porsch
  • TheVariableConstant
    TheVariableConstant 5 дней назад @Viktor Royal the Germans pronounce Nike wrong. It is pronounced Ny-key. So you are laughing that Americans pronounce adidas wrong but your country does the same -.-
  • Harris
    Harris Неделю назад Wallybeagle kp everyone in America pronounces it ny kee. The company is from America
  • Wallybeagle kp
    Wallybeagle kp 4 недели назад @Justin1k R its supposed to be neek ee
  • Slipshod
    Slipshod 1 месяц назад Ah-Dee-Das
  • Maliki07 maliki
    Maliki07 maliki 1 месяц назад @Viktor Royal bro true I say addidas all the time
  • FredrikFFA
  • ZAS Media
    ZAS Media 1 месяц назад @r011ing_thunder adIdas not adeedas
  • Rishi Sappidi
    Rishi Sappidi 1 месяц назад @Fabio Bulferi actually the CEO of nike himself pronounces Nike that way
  • Miloš Stanić
    Miloš Stanić 2 месяца назад Because they're not SLAVS!
  • I like apples
    I like apples 2 месяца назад @エスパダ4th Sarcasm
  • XxRobloxgamerxX 21
    XxRobloxgamerxX 21 2 месяца назад Stereotypes wow
  • エスパダ4th
    エスパダ4th 2 месяца назад Why cant YOU spell?
  • Zlay33r SHADY
    Zlay33r SHADY 2 месяца назад Viktor Royal well we have a different accent so I guess that we’ve just grown up with saying thats
  • Justin1k R
    Justin1k R 2 месяца назад @r011ing_thunder That is how everyone pronounces it... But considering the name is taken from the greek goddess Nike, the pronunciation should be NEE-KAY.
  • r011ing_thunder
    r011ing_thunder 3 месяца назад Uh Dee das Ny kee That's how you pronounce it
  • Markoman TE
    Markoman TE 3 месяца назад @Viktor Royal naik🌚
  • Viktor Royal
    Viktor Royal 3 месяца назад @iiMYS007 no in Germany nobody pronounce nike like him
  • iiMYS007
    iiMYS007 3 месяца назад Well, that's how you pronounce Nike (Nhy-key)
  • Viktor Royal
    Viktor Royal 3 месяца назад @Fabio Bulferi but every American pronounce adidas wrong
  • Fabio Bulferi
    Fabio Bulferi 3 месяца назад You're worried about that? They pronounce Nike as Nhy-Key
  • asad mah
    asad mah 1 день назад Adidas is the best.
  • mars.
    mars. Год назад Y'all heard of Crocs?
  • TheVariableConstant
    TheVariableConstant 5 дней назад Fragid will become the next Nike in 10 years, y'all heard it here first!
  • WarriorsFan101 1111
    WarriorsFan101 1111 2 недели назад Bruh more like dg shoes
  • Gopnik Boi
    Gopnik Boi 1 месяц назад Im wearing crocs adidas
  • Ryan Jin
    Ryan Jin 2 месяца назад @Jäger J Hey, that was about to say, no fair.
  • Jäger J
    Jäger J 2 месяца назад yall heard of North face
  • Ryan Jin
    Ryan Jin 2 месяца назад @Miguel Guzman dude im literally famous at my school for wearing crocs and Skechers. even my writing teacher likes to make fun of them (not in a mean way, though).
  • iiBunny :3 #Swag
    iiBunny :3 #Swag 2 месяца назад Yes
  • Dino Boy
    Dino Boy 2 месяца назад XD
  • MR.T PLAYZ!!!
    MR.T PLAYZ!!! 2 месяца назад yea,why???????????
  • miamimo
    miamimo 2 месяца назад Lelly Kelly
  • LilBig Nate
    LilBig Nate 3 месяца назад exactly that nike is not number one crocks is
  • Deep Jaws
    Deep Jaws 3 месяца назад Nah its twinkel toes light up your night✌
  • Kloingk
    Kloingk 4 месяца назад @mars. You’re a genius
  • jason
    jason Год назад mars. You caww
  • ExotikAU
    ExotikAU Год назад AYYYYYYYY, What about flip flops?
  • oshiwot
    oshiwot Год назад Noh
  • KS
    KS Год назад Have you heard sum FILA ya know what I say
  • DBoy 37
    DBoy 37 Год назад Miguel Guzman *Skechers
  • Pablo Duran
    Pablo Duran Год назад ImanolGuzmanAmezcuaDoesVlogs you got shaq's yes my boy that's what im talking about.
  • ImanolDoesGaming
    ImanolDoesGaming Год назад Ok I have but have not ever worn it
  • ImanolDoesGaming
    ImanolDoesGaming Год назад No I have not
  • Pablo Duran
    Pablo Duran Год назад nah du is all about them shaq's best of basketball
  • dong9
    dong9 Год назад Nope
  • Just GioG
    Just GioG Год назад Of course
  • Strawbreevee
    Strawbreevee Год назад Nah fam. It's definetly simon says schoil sneakers
  • Miguel Guzman
    Miguel Guzman Год назад Nah bro, its all about light up sketchers.
  • Malacki 655
    Malacki 655 4 месяца назад Adidas squad where you at?
  • Meme Fox
    Meme Fox 3 недели назад OwO blayt
  • Sнагк LфL
    Sнагк LфL 1 месяц назад me cheeki breeki
  • Mr Hut
    Mr Hut 1 месяц назад Malacki 655 sup