Top 5 Linux Distros for 2018

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One of the biggest problem that a new user to linux faces is choosing the right linux distro from thousands of available linux distros out there. Your choice is extremely important because if you choose the wrong linux distro especially at the beginning, you may end up disliking the entire linux platform. In this video, i will give you my list of top 5 BEST linux Distros for desktop. If you think that some other linux distro that deserves to be in the list, kindly mention that in the comment section below.

Useful Linux Applications | What You'll Need To Get Things Done

Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. It's free, secure and fun! I take a look at some of the more popular applications for the Linux desktop. USEFUL LINUX APPLICATIONS Browsers: Chromium Firefox Google Chrome E-Mail: Evolution Geary Thunderbird BitTorrent: Transmission Chat: HexChat Pidgin Text Editors: Gedit Kate Nano Pluma Vi Office: AbiWord Gnumeric LibreOffice CD Rippers: Asunder CD/DVD Burners: Brasero K3b Audio/Video/Music: Amarok Banshee Clementine Rhythmbox VLC Audio Editors: Ardour Audacity Ocenaudio Audio/Video Converters: Handbreak SoundConverter Video Editors: Kdenlive Lightworks OpenShot Screen Capture/Webcasting: Cheese GUVCView Kazam OBS RecordMyDesktop SimpleScreenRecorder Vocoscreen Visualization: Gnome Boxes VirtualBox VMware Photo/Graphics: Blender Eye of GNOME/Image Viewer GIMP gThumb Inkscape Shotwell SimpleScan Utilities: Archive Manager BleachBit Disks Document Viewer Grsync Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a 'Like' on Facebook! Thanks! Check out and for more about Linux.

Linux is Easier than Windows - Even your grandma should use it!

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Why Is Linux Mint So Popular? - the History of Linux Mint

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Top 10 Free Windows Utilities

Free Windows utilities for media playback, drive management, file recovery -- and other things! Links to all of the utilities on my list are as follows (and no peeking until you have watched the video!): VeraCrypt: NoteTab Light: Etcher: SD Memory Card Formatter: Macrium Reflect Free Edition: MP3Tag: AngryIP Scanner: VLC Media Player: Irfan View: Recuva: All of the above links are provided in good faith as legitimate download sources, but you should always exercise caution when downloading and installing free applications. You may also find useful some of my other videos as follows: Top 10 Free Windows Applications: Top 10 Free Video Editors: Drive Cloning & Imaging (demos Macrium): VeraCrypt Encrypted USB Drive: More videos on computing-related topics can be found at: You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at: #FreeUtilities #FreeWindowsSoftware #ExplainingComputers

This video is my personal top 5 linux distros for the first half of 2018. I am not considering desktop environments, and will look at that next week. These are my tops:

5.) Peppermint:

4.) Debian:

3.) Ubuntu:

2.) Manjaro:

1.) Linux Mint:

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