[LIVE] How To Downgrade If Windows 10 Doesn't Give You The Option

Published on Oct 31, 2015 555,506 views

Going live with this one and breaking it down on how to downgrade Windows 10 if Microsoft doesn't give you the option. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/bjtechnews

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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech Год назад (изменено) I hate windows 10 Like if you agree if you agree and do not like you cant install windows 7
  • Ranso
    Ranso 8 месяцев назад Haha?
  • shanique smith
    shanique smith 5 месяцев назад Heat it
  • Unknown gaming
    Unknown gaming 4 месяца назад The best laptop is 💻 🖥 MacBook and imac
  • Acim 009
    Acim 009 4 месяца назад No it isn't
  • Its_Kenzy_Keen YT
    Its_Kenzy_Keen YT 3 месяца назад agree d
  • Black Foxy
    Black Foxy 1 месяц назад I love it but win10 doesn't work anymore
  • jay ortega
    jay ortega 2 года назад i hate windows 10
  • North American
    North American 2 года назад Agreed
  • Cahjo Game
    Cahjo Game 2 года назад Me too, also if you know. WIN 7 SYSTEM USE:500MB AND WIN 10 SYSTEM USE 200MB OR 500 MB i have 1,7GB and 1,2 usable on win 7. In win 10 i have 1,7 GB and 700MB usable. WHERE IS 500MB!!!
  • Tris
    Tris 2 года назад i sadly have to agree, even though i really want to like it. Because cant pay anything, because of this bugcheck bullshit.
  • MeanNerd
    MeanNerd 2 года назад yes because minecraft dont work :)
  • Pria Lama
    Pria Lama 2 года назад @The MeanNerd Actually i've created a list what games wont work on win 10.. -Lost planet 2 -Crossfire Eu and Na -Metal gear solid 5 Etc..
  • North American
    North American 2 года назад lol
  • Huytran tran
    Huytran tran 2 года назад Dude crossfire na work for me on win 10...so this listed are actually lies and it becuz your fcking processor are old and fcking cheap in the store.
  • Pria Lama
    Pria Lama 2 года назад @Huytran tran oh is that so? cheap and old? i have money you silly boy. Here: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz GeForce GTX 680 1920x1080, 60Hz 12,0 GB RAM 64-bit or 84 bit windows 7 ultimate Windows 7 is more stable than 10 you jerk. why don't you go to work and spend some money on gaming PC? (Oh wait, you're POOR) lol
  • Stylianoulis
  • Dan Mondey
    Dan Mondey 2 года назад +Pria Lama Your setup really isnt much to brag about bro your cpu is 2.6ghz and you have a 680...
  • Nevves 96
    Nevves 96 2 года назад yes
  • Pria Lama
    Pria Lama 2 года назад I promise I'm not gonna eat this whole chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting on my birthday. Whoop! There goes that promise. I promise I'm gonna workout afterward to make up for it. Whoop! There goes another promise. I promise I'm gonna sit here, veg out and do nothing all day. Wahoo! I achieved one. Third time's a charmer
  • Stylianoulis
    Stylianoulis 2 года назад lul
  • Dan Mondey
    Dan Mondey 2 года назад @Pria Lama Hey, thats pretty good....
  • Toad
    Toad 2 года назад ikr i cant pirate on windows 10
  • Luhmero
    Luhmero 2 года назад +Zachman Make sure it's compatible. Every single one of those you said didnt work, works for me.
  • Pia Williams
    Pia Williams 2 года назад (изменено) Stupid system compressor takes too much of my CPU
  • Lorenzo Istrate
    Lorenzo Istrate 2 года назад Me too
  • Uchiha Shisui
    Uchiha Shisui 2 года назад WINDOWS 10 IS BULLSHIT
  • Nathan The Hedgehog
    Nathan The Hedgehog 2 года назад Same. They should have give us Windows 8.1 for free instead of windows 10
    JHAVA ONE 2 года назад I'm with u on that
  • Thunder CreeperZ9
    Thunder CreeperZ9 2 года назад im with u too
  • devlin1314
    devlin1314 2 года назад me too
  • Melkisedek Cendana
    Melkisedek Cendana 2 года назад ahreed but the games perfomances seems good
  • 원승김
    원승김 2 года назад same cuz there s alot of problem than window 7
  • Melkisedek Cendana
    Melkisedek Cendana 2 года назад my spec 15@3.00ghz intelhd 2500 ddr3 4gb
  • Melkisedek Cendana
    Melkisedek Cendana 2 года назад my minecraft is lag help and when i boot the strtscreen is freezing i cant touch anything iwill hard reset to win 7
  • Melkisedek Cendana
    Melkisedek Cendana 2 года назад i got the win10 pirate and i get fficial update from microsoft
  • popsingerstar
    popsingerstar 2 года назад so do i
  • popsingerstar
    popsingerstar 2 года назад i dont know if i can get windows 8.1 back :(
  • nienie tan
    nienie tan 2 года назад ME TOO BRO
  • TheTriplet
    TheTriplet 2 года назад same@
  • popsingerstar
    popsingerstar 2 года назад i got my computer im using now 4 christmas & it has shitty windows 10 :( my computer said i can't downgrade back cuz it was updated more than 10 days ago :( i think im stuck with it & i hate it too
  • MysticalJosh
    MysticalJosh 2 года назад its not that I hate windows 10 it also did not speed up my computer BTW I had windows 8.1
  • MannieJ
    MannieJ 2 года назад same
  • XxRich GamerxX
    XxRich GamerxX 2 года назад jay ortega same!!
  • SingleLift IGR
    SingleLift IGR 2 года назад same
  • johnpaul sobremonte
    johnpaul sobremonte 2 года назад yup its bullshit..
  • R4eWclan
    R4eWclan Год назад the only thing i like about it is that i can stream xbox one to my pc at realtime so i can listen to music on my pc and hear my xbox games at the same time
  • Ressnoz
    Ressnoz Год назад johnpaul sobremonte ikr
    ΜΑΙΡΗ ΠΕΣΤΡΟΒΑ Год назад +jay ortega me too! One time i got a bsod when i was creating something on ROBLOX Studio because windows 10 is very slow! >:(
  • Владица Алексић
    Владица Алексић Год назад I agreed!
  • SingleLift IGR
    SingleLift IGR Год назад yep
  • TheGeektrick
    TheGeektrick Год назад Acer E5 575 It's pre-installed with windows 10 home and I want to install Windows 7 ultimate 64bit on it, I've checked Acer's official website there are no drivers for windows 7 but there are drivers available on driver pack solutions site not sure if those will work anyway now how do Install Windows 7 ultimate, BIOS and get the correct drivers?
  • Samurai Warior
    Samurai Warior Год назад me too so laggyy
  • YEHA56
    YEHA56 Год назад That's your PC. ROASTED (kainda)
  • Super Luigi Bloxxer
    Super Luigi Bloxxer Год назад Leonor Nunez this is a virus I did it in my old computer and I got one don't download it people
  • aaronadam 76
    aaronadam 76 Год назад i try to play gta 5 on windows 10 but it is slow is heck
  • Борислав Иванов
    Борислав Иванов Год назад jay ortega we all do
  • Damian Ulrich
    Damian Ulrich Год назад yeh me 2 my videocard isnt compatible
  • Noobvs ProTV
    Noobvs ProTV Год назад Indeed bullshit interface
  • Fuck Fortnite
    Fuck Fortnite Год назад Nobody even use windows 10
  • Clayton Green
    Clayton Green Год назад Agreed
  • Dark_Waves
    Dark_Waves Год назад North American I got a virus and I can't reset my computer which it used to work fine on windows 7
  • Chirsanov Lucica
    Chirsanov Lucica Год назад Agreed
  • Real Jeffy Paul
    Real Jeffy Paul Год назад Agreed
    TARGET PROMASTER Год назад jay ortega go get life
  • Axyll Picardal
    Axyll Picardal Год назад On that, I agree
  • Rahaman Shaik
    Rahaman Shaik Год назад Me too 😀
  • AMA BD
    AMA BD Год назад Me too
  • ZRC ZombsRed
    ZRC ZombsRed 11 месяцев назад my windows 10 deleted my audio plz help me
  • Stormi Simmer
    Stormi Simmer 11 месяцев назад me too
  • Betik Production
    Betik Production 10 месяцев назад same... windows 10 sucks everything is broken cause of it damn why did i install that fricking shid
  • SOS Brigade Chief
    SOS Brigade Chief 10 месяцев назад It's filled with restrictions and spyware, Microsoft lost its way.
  • DipeFrie
    DipeFrie 10 месяцев назад but u can play minecraft window 10
  • Minecraftpc - Minecraft and MOREE!!
    Minecraftpc - Minecraft and MOREE!! 10 месяцев назад YUP!! I AGREED!!
  • Lucas Beiber
    Lucas Beiber 9 месяцев назад jay ortega same
  • Yong Jun Hao
    Yong Jun Hao 4 недели назад Agreed
  • Uchiha Shisui
    Uchiha Shisui 2 года назад (изменено) i hate window 10
  • Rahul
    Rahul 2 года назад ikr
  • DerickTMG 12
    DerickTMG 12 2 года назад me too
  • TheTriplet
    TheTriplet 2 года назад me too
  • jasper the dog 26
    jasper the dog 26 2 года назад me too
  • Jaguarek62
    Jaguarek62 2 года назад me too
  • Kyoko Lim
    Kyoko Lim 2 года назад me too
  • Dr Gaster
    Dr Gaster 2 года назад same
    ΜΑΙΡΗ ΠΕΣΤΡΟΒΑ Год назад same
    ΜΑΙΡΗ ΠΕΣΤΡΟΒΑ Год назад me too >:(
  • Ennard TV
    Ennard TV 4 месяца назад it made my wlan go away
  • A Google User
    A Google User 2 года назад You made a mistake, it should say "How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7"
  • Weird_Os
    Weird_Os Год назад true....win 10 suckss to the core...reply who agree with mee
  • Marjorie Asenas
    Marjorie Asenas Год назад +Weird_Os agree such a hassle
  • noobthea
    noobthea Год назад downgrade*
  • Deactrals
    Deactrals Год назад ikr
  • Eeybui Vee
    Eeybui Vee Год назад Yeah.
  • ZeddKing _
    ZeddKing _ Год назад yeah i agree! when my asked which windows update u want? i thought windows 10 must be the best, now i cant play csgo, minecraft, battle field or other games! now i realize how wrong i was!! how can Microsoft be so dumb
  • Majmunko
    Majmunko 10 месяцев назад no liar it should say "How to downgrade windows 10 to windows 7"Cause windows 7 is older version not newer!
  • Cyber Animations
    Cyber Animations 9 месяцев назад Ludi Šumari Clearly you didn't catch on to the joke (but its also the truth)
  • Kamic J
    Kamic J 8 месяцев назад A Google User no he is right
  • OdieTheGreat
    OdieTheGreat 7 месяцев назад /8.1
  • Hari Sankar
    Hari Sankar 7 месяцев назад bro when you go from 7 to 10 is called as upgrade and downgrade is called when degrading from 10 to 8.1,7,xp etc
  • [][][][] RAV
    [][][][] RAV 7 месяцев назад noobthea woooosh
  • Goodie Loodie
    Goodie Loodie 3 месяца назад @Majmunko r/wooosh
  • Sanquo
    Sanquo 3 года назад I don't mind wiping my whole drive
  • MusicPvP
    MusicPvP Год назад Wiping all out of the porn? hehe...
  • Onyx. idrxp
    Onyx. idrxp Год назад how did you know
  • Omino dell'ergastolo
    Omino dell'ergastolo Год назад Backup dud
  • GuyFromLag - Uploading everything i want
    GuyFromLag - Uploading everything i want 3 месяца назад You just need to format C:\. Of course if you put everything in it you gonna lose it in windows.old, So get your data into D:\ or other partition and only windows gonna wipe down
  • Blue Nova
    Blue Nova 3 года назад Windows 10 is tooooo trash!!! I really need to downgrade.
  • CannonFodder
    CannonFodder 3 года назад +Blue Nova upgrade...win 10 is to shit to be considered an upgrade so going to an earlier version is an upgrade...fuck win10
  • Minecraftpc - Minecraft and MOREE!!
    Minecraftpc - Minecraft and MOREE!! 10 месяцев назад Yup I Agree that!
  • Štěpán Háva
    Štěpán Háva Год назад Windows 7 was best. On windows 10 while gaming i got 30 fps.
  • Torchite the Fire Hedgehog
    Torchite the Fire Hedgehog 5 месяцев назад I got -2 Fps.
  • ctrlshiftqq
    ctrlshiftqq 2 месяца назад I was pushing 70FPS with windows 8.1
  • BoomSquad G-Shock
    BoomSquad G-Shock 1 месяц назад i can only have 20 fps
  • Jerry Fernace20
    Jerry Fernace20 1 месяц назад I had 8GB RAM when i didnt upgrade to windows 10. Now i upgraded to windows 10 and my RAM is only 4GB WTF?
  • MarcOnYew TV
    MarcOnYew TV 1 месяц назад Jerry Fernace20 try cleaning the bloatware
  • mohammed haddad
  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 3 года назад I have the same problem
  • jameson huang
    jameson huang 3 года назад +mohammed haddad me too
  • Luke Matuza
    Luke Matuza 3 года назад +Seahorse will this wipe my hard drive?
  • Seahorse
    Seahorse 3 года назад @Luke M. i dont think so
  • BowDaWolf Legends
    BowDaWolf Legends 3 года назад +mohammed haddad same
  • Josh74000 MC
    Josh74000 MC 3 года назад same
  • mooble
    mooble 2 года назад You're only option is to get a new copy of windows 7. The problem is Microsoft doesn't sell windows 7 copies anymore. You need one from the internet. Or you can deal with it. I mean windows 7 is losing support in about 3 years.
  • Hacker Gamer
    Hacker Gamer Год назад me too
  • DoctorProctor3000
    DoctorProctor3000 Год назад Its because the option is only available for a month after you upgrade! Thank me later
  • Jericho Deleon
    Jericho Deleon Год назад mohammed haddad me too
  • Jacob Harrington VGCP
    Jacob Harrington VGCP 10 месяцев назад Me too
  • thathoodguy76
    thathoodguy76 9 месяцев назад same
  • yaski lawai
    yaski lawai 2 года назад Please like if u have this problem hmmm ... "this option is no longer available because your pc was upgraded more than 10 days ago" Anyone can help me????
  • CHΛR
    CHΛR 3 года назад Thank you for this, i will be downgrading within the next hour. Win10 broke a lot of stuff that i find necessary in my PC gaming experience.
  • TechvitalCompitar
    TechvitalCompitar 3 года назад Maybe u need fix your hraphics
  • Dullboy
    Dullboy 3 года назад +CHΛR same
  • Phaxtolgia
    Phaxtolgia 3 года назад +SamuelOng Minecraft Please. It broke all recording applications too.
  • Jason 405
    Jason 405 3 года назад Yeah me too, I have GTA Vice City running slow because I don't have its default screen resolution which is 640x860 and my screen resolution in my windows 10 are only two, 1366x768 and 1024x768, this is horseshit.
  • SoulGamingHD
    SoulGamingHD 2 года назад I had display driver crashes, I need to downgrade to Windows 7 aparently because ATI Radeon isn't compatible with Win 10.
  • Jabzz Gaming
    Jabzz Gaming 2 года назад ME THE I CAN'T Play roblox anymore
  • pengwino
    pengwino 2 года назад samez.
  • ouvv
    ouvv 2 года назад roblox works with windows 10
  • Neziq
    Neziq Год назад roblox is bad
  • KifahPlayz!
    KifahPlayz! Год назад Yes and the graphics are so good..
  • Ricardo Amado
    Ricardo Amado Год назад me too...I can't play most of my games cause windows 10 is not letting them run properly
  • TJ Z
    TJ Z Год назад It broke Minecraft for me
  • Haruki Yoshida
    Haruki Yoshida Год назад Teejay 12 It broke a lot of simple games for me... Roblox, Sims 4, 3 and 2, Doki Doki and Yandere Simulator. When I play them, they’re slow, buggy and even shut off after 20+ minutes.
  • Ada -
    Ada - 3 года назад (изменено) Seriously dude, I've been watching and reading so much stuff and none of it worked.. Thank you for making this super easy. I now have windows 7 again!
    BTNHD 3 года назад +My Frödén no worries. I'm happy you are back up and running.
  • Maskared
    Maskared 2 года назад if i do this do i lose all my games and programs..etc?
  • IGameSometimes
    IGameSometimes 2 месяца назад fake
  • xdrdx
    xdrdx 2 года назад I LOVE WINDOWS 7 HATE WINDOWS 10
  • MarcelGoodTuber
    MarcelGoodTuber Год назад WINDOWS 7 WINDOWS 7 I MISS GADGETS
  • Amber Mature
    Amber Mature Год назад Windows 10 haz no: gadgets, photo viewer, multicolour customize, edit command, animated start button, animatedd sttarrtupp,, bhard boot, serchh view more result, profil pics, 32bit app,, xMexory10124(5s) startt, gest account, NO ANYTHING!!!!! NOT EVEN A BIT FANCY!!!!!
  • ZeddKing _
    ZeddKing _ Год назад i see
  • Android 27
    Android 27 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Amber Mature lets not forget NOTHING BUT TRUECOLOR >:/ I wanted to see what it would look like in only 16 bit color, BUT NO! Windows forgot, i can't hate windows, but they can be pretty dumb at times, but can be pretty good and cool, kinda like a child
  • Ivan Corvea
    Ivan Corvea 4 месяца назад 28th like because agreed.
  • Galaxy dude
    Galaxy dude 1 месяц назад Well too bad Windows 7 will end of support next year in Jan 14 2020 so upgrade windows 8.1 or 10
  • Dolphin
    Dolphin 2 года назад great, I'm never going to be able to use my headphones on my computer again, that's great
    BTNHD 2 года назад have you tried updating the audio drivers for your machine?
  • Dolphin
    Dolphin 2 года назад that's not the case though, it says it might be corrupted or missing (Code 39)
  • Kostya Makedonas
    Kostya Makedonas 6 дней назад widows 7 is the best one man
  • Kataping
    Kataping 2 года назад I hate windows 10 and i cant get rid of it its like a virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTNHD 2 года назад You have to get use it because Microsoft is eventually going to stop supporting Windows 7 soon and then Windows 8
  • Kataping
    Kataping 2 года назад Oke
  • Lolo chan
    Lolo chan 2 года назад whaaat :( that's too bad
    FAKE LOVE Год назад BTNHD when that's going to happen?? Because my graphics driver does not support windows 10 and also my display driver support!!!😨😨
  • iSynced_
    iSynced_ Год назад Vinod M Windows 7: January 14, 2020  Windows 8.1 (8 is gone already): January 10, 2023
  • PokeBlade27
    PokeBlade27 3 дня назад hate windows 10, please is there a way to install windows 7 without losing the files that are already in win10?
  • Zeqquh
    Zeqquh 1 месяц назад (изменено) hey, i use a lenovo laptop thet runs windows 10 where would i find thw product key (not on the back but there is one with 14 characters) what do i do (laptop) it does run windows 10 but im use to windows 8.1 edit: anyone can tell me and the model is 81H5
  • Yash Khare
    Yash Khare 3 года назад will that do a clean instal ? i mean will it erase my personal files like downloads and all ? i am a 64 bit windows 10 user going to windows 7 64 bit ....
  • KhanDaPwner
    KhanDaPwner Год назад first of all, windows 10 doesn't run well on older systems, or you just have so much malware
    TITAS SHOW 18 часов назад i like windows 10 but i like 7 more and XP more than 10 and 7