Car wont start but cranks? Learn how to fix a car that turns over but wont start. I also show how to fix a car that has been sitting for a long time! I go though 5 quick steps on how to find the reason your car doesn't start!
Every engine needs Fuel, Air, Spark, Compression and Timing.

Tools and Products I used:
Battery Charger: https://amzn.to/2pEs8ft
Spray Fogging Oil: https://amzn.to/2pGSkpL
Mechanic's Stethoscope: https://amzn.to/2C0ugW4
Spark Tester: https://amzn.to/2y4k0t8
Good Compression Tester: https://amzn.to/2Rw2c2c

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  • Mustafa Oguz
    Mustafa Oguz 8 месяцев назад (изменено) The 26 dislikes are the staff from your neighbors Mechanic 😂 Great Video as always
  • Zajaka
    Zajaka 4 дня назад there's 2.3k dislikes now, wow people really dont like Chris.
  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 2 недели назад Mustafa Oguz wow I’m shocked that there’s even 26 members at ah mechanic shop that not one of them could get the car to start that’s why I repair my own cars and I help out anyone that needs my help
  • Iamdreamsfpf3
    Iamdreamsfpf3 2 недели назад Mustafa Oguz LMFAO 😂😂
  • yagız öksüm
    yagız öksüm 3 недели назад Türkler heryerde
  • JJ Samson
    JJ Samson 4 недели назад I don't think the staff from mechanics shop gives a sh-t they screwed the original civic owner out of thousands of $$$ in parts and labor costs and still didn't fix the car, Idiots!! Chris Fixx awesome video and troubshooting techniques!
  • Double Repo
    Double Repo 2 месяца назад The local mechanic has hired 2178 staff, that's a huge company
  • NicholasGREEN 69
    NicholasGREEN 69 2 месяца назад 2,1 k dislikes wow sad
  • John C
    John C 2 месяца назад LMFAO 🤣 True Story
  • Jason
    Jason 8 месяцев назад Fair enough if the mechanic struggled to diagnose it at first but to jump straight to a new ecu is criminal.
  • Mert Dede
    Mert Dede 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Ana Türk çıktı la SA bilader.
    HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOP 8 месяцев назад (47 DOWN as of 538am EST)
  • Skry Ghosty
    Skry Ghosty 8 месяцев назад @drink15 That almost happened to me. I had an engine light in my car so I went to get it checked and the "mechanic" came to me saying they couldn't figure out why the light was on so they needed to change the CPU to "figure out" the codes since it wasn't giving them. They said they would change it for $180 and it would take 3 days to be done. Spider sense started tickling and went to Auto-zone to get a check. Got the diagnose in less than 2 minutes and it turned out to be my catalyst converted that went bad. And that's why I watch Chris videos so I can learn to do fixes myself, save money and save myself the hassle of dealing with idiots like them.
  • 小子火锅
    小子火锅 8 месяцев назад 47 now
  • FuckmeM8
    FuckmeM8 8 месяцев назад drink15 yeah they try get as much money out of you
  • DefcoTheOne
    DefcoTheOne 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Yes, seriously, he(or they) should have admitted that he does not have a clue whats wrong, and instead made the owner buy a lot of expensive parts?!!?
  • Charles Putt
    Charles Putt 8 месяцев назад That mechanic needs to be called out. Talk about not having a clue. He can't even help the owner keep the car maintained. That crankcase is ridiculous.
  • drink15
    drink15 8 месяцев назад They should have started with the basics, but they changed the cpu....really?
  • Tre Bucketz
    Tre Bucketz 8 месяцев назад Lol
  • Highlights Manufacturer
    Highlights Manufacturer 2 месяца назад Mechanic: This car is dead for good Chris: Hold my torque wrench
  • Nate Davis
    Nate Davis Неделю назад You mean “hold my loctite”
  • GermanCoaster Fan
    GermanCoaster Fan 2 недели назад (изменено) "hold my microfiber towel"
    ATMODEPTH 2 недели назад Great Comment!
  • dimitar rakov
    dimitar rakov 2 недели назад nice one man :D :D
  • HellTide_ Brock
    HellTide_ Brock 2 недели назад Lmao
  • VortechBand
    VortechBand 3 недели назад @Adrien Frey Well, to be fair, it might have been one of the things the original mechanic replaced, but they forgot/didn't know to check the timing also. So, not perfect, but might be sort of legit.
  • VortechBand
    VortechBand 3 недели назад Breaker bar*
  • william bloss
    william bloss 3 недели назад chris: Hold my soapy Wooder
    Sub to PEWDIEPIE NOW 3 недели назад Highlights Manufacturer nice funny
  • Hayes Lee
    Hayes Lee 1 месяц назад What??
  • PK Gaming
    PK Gaming 1 месяц назад Hold my camera
  • Adrien Frey
    Adrien Frey 1 месяц назад @Oh yeah yeah The one in the video is obviously a fraud. Most mechanics do not even know what an engine is made of. Theyr just know how ot plug the computer into the car let it run his diagnosing stuff and they order the part that is said defective.
    ABO TURKI 1 месяц назад This channel Is Retired I’m dead 😂😂
  • Nissan Boi
    Nissan Boi 1 месяц назад Hold my 10mm
  • Maria Nicolas
    Maria Nicolas 1 месяц назад @Oh yeah yeah no everywhere i go they just fyck ilup my car
  • chase neal
    chase neal 1 месяц назад 😆 facts
  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 1 месяц назад Highlights Manufacturer You obviously go to a shitty mechanic! Most mechanics are reliable!
  • Michael Bender
    Michael Bender 1 месяц назад Nope not dead lives on
  • Humberto Sanchez
    Humberto Sanchez 1 месяц назад Hold my medium strength thread locker*
  • Digital Motorsport
    Digital Motorsport 1 месяц назад Awww, you missed the chance of using "Hold my soapy wooder."
  • Mr.Kovačić ツ
    Mr.Kovačić ツ 1 месяц назад Nice one!
  • Soundwave Evolution
    Soundwave Evolution 2 месяца назад Highlights Manufacturer lol. Hold my tool box 20 minutes later *slaps the mechanic*. Chris: ur a disgrace to mechanic kind.
  • ad de
    ad de 3 месяца назад can we get a video cleaning off that sludge?
  • kui5422
    kui5422 6 дней назад Is he going to make the video... would love to see it...
  • PSA 205
    PSA 205 Неделю назад (изменено) @Adam Vazquez that mess probably stuck oil feed/pressure line, if you do that! easyest way take the head off and clean it and put it back with new gasket. Btw diesel is good engine cleaner much cheaper
  • Val Bigfish
    Val Bigfish Неделю назад No mechanic in a can will ever get rid of all that garbage accumulated from lack of oil changes. You use chemicals, somehow, someway, that sludge will block up oil passages, and it will self destruct in a very short amount of time. Rebuild or get a scrap yard motor. Better yet, do your goddamn maintenance so it doesn't get to that point...
  • pauljs75
    pauljs75 2 недели назад I think one old trick was to use an oil/transmission fluid mix, and run that temporarily. Not sure if that's always advisable depending on the car, since it could kick some big deposits loose and clog something else down the line. Also makes me wonder if the guy went to the same crappy parts-chucking mechanic for oil changes? What does that oil filter look like?
  • Juan  Suarez
    Juan Suarez 2 недели назад All you do is get a bottle of motor flush . Follow the directions on the bottle then swap out the dirty oil replace with new and repeat the same steps one more time . Purchase another bottle and 1 more time and that should clean sludge.
  • autolance gega
    autolance gega 3 недели назад Can you make a video of cleaning the engine sludge.. That would be great
    PON PON 3 недели назад Great video! Step by step and explanations. Love your up beat attitude. I have one car trying to turnover, will won't start. Will use your video to troubleshoot.
  • aznnp77
    aznnp77 1 месяц назад I've seen someone run a bottle of "Totally Awesome" cleaner from the dollar tree in theirs. It works really well at cleaning grease, but he actually ran it through the engine for a few minutes (didn't drive it). There were literally chunks coming out of the drain pan.
  • Diesel Wiesel
    Diesel Wiesel 1 месяц назад Use some diesel in your oil run it nice and hot then change the oil
  • Jule Rulez
    Jule Rulez 1 месяц назад You guys are sick :)
  • Secondinsight
    Secondinsight 1 месяц назад I’d use a disposable wet vac and spray cans of brake cleaner to suck the sludge out followed by several short duration oil changes.
  • Edward Thayer
    Edward Thayer 1 месяц назад Motor Flush works great for me! Something that bad and I'd do it 2 or 3 times and let it run for half an hour. Then use synthetic oil. And reflush it every 3 thousand miles.
  • vtsarkov1
    vtsarkov1 1 месяц назад Just spray it down with some soapy wooder. Just kidding, of course.
  • KingEversProduction
    KingEversProduction 2 месяца назад Engine oil contains detergents that would clean out the engine sludge. The correct way to do it would be to do an oil change using the cheapest oil. Drive it for a hundred miles. Flush. Repeat and run it for a couple hundred miles and flush again and repeat the process. After a few changes. The sludge should clear out and you can start using the oil of choice.
  • Markj Mark
    Markj Mark 2 месяца назад I think 1gal of oil flushing will do it
  • Duong Tran
    Duong Tran 2 месяца назад Ricardo Ramos
  • MountainSide Mayhem
    MountainSide Mayhem 2 месяца назад I second that motion
  • Ricardo Ramos
    Ricardo Ramos 2 месяца назад @Adam Vazquez thanks for the feedback, man. I'll try to find it here in Brazil.
  • Enduro AiG
    Enduro AiG 2 месяца назад Fuel