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Engine bay detailing. Learn how to Super Clean your engine bay so that it is so clean, you can eat off of it! I show you how to clean and detail the engine bay in a simple 5 step process that will NOT damage your engine or electrics!

Cleaning Wipes (Tub-O-Towels):
Soapy Wooder:
Microfiber Towels:
Trim Restorer:
Spray Wax:
Pipe Cleaners:
Fabric Dye:
Metal Wire Brush:
Rotary Tool:
Paint Markers:

How to SuperClean your Car:
How to SuperClean your Windshield:
How to SuperFlush your Cooling System:

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Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix. This video was supported by Federal Process Corporation and all opinions are truthfully my own. I use their stuff all of the time when cleaning my engine bays which made it a great fit for the video!

  • Thanasis Plastaras
    Thanasis Plastaras 2 года назад MAKE A HOW TO SUPER CLEAN YOUR INTERIOR. LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!
  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 2 дня назад ChrisFix and 2 years later still waiting
  • Kango Nissan
    Kango Nissan Неделю назад What aload of crap
  • Krnjevac
    Krnjevac 2 недели назад @ChrisFix Chris it's been a year. Any news?
  • Mtber05
    Mtber05 3 недели назад marley I know
  • marley
    marley 3 недели назад still waiting brother 😩
  • Mtber05
    Mtber05 1 месяц назад Yes!
  • Maksood Khan
    Maksood Khan 1 месяц назад I love your video
    VIP_DEF 1 месяц назад ChrisFix its been a year now when are you going to make the video?
  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 1 месяц назад @ChrisFix my car needs some interior clean up, i volunteer!!!
  • Jason Delombarde
    Jason Delombarde 1 месяц назад Good luck !! Hope you find one make video of that love too see you do it?
  • Jason Delombarde
    Jason Delombarde 1 месяц назад Have been watching video more two years now you are like 👍 Jack trades.. Must be very gifted I'm sure your parents are proud of you !!!
  • Golden Gamez
    Golden Gamez 2 месяца назад Thanasis Plastaras I agree
  • jacob peña
    jacob peña 2 месяца назад Earl kevin Alipayo no vid
  • Earl kevin Alipayo
    Earl kevin Alipayo 2 месяца назад So where's the video?
  • Raymond Reddington
    Raymond Reddington Год назад Use a high pressure washer inside the car then use your microfiber towels!
  • Julio Cuello
    Julio Cuello Год назад this
  • Rbreeze 78
    Rbreeze 78 Год назад ChrisFix lol chris
  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner Год назад Thanasis Plastaras use a pressure washer
  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 2 года назад Looking for a car with a dirty interior??? Welcome inside my 1998 Mercury Villager. There is crap inside my car that I haven't touched since I was a little kid.
  • wilkesjournal
    wilkesjournal 2 года назад +Mr Charles, the difficulty of removing the carpet varies from car to car, but it's probably the most important part when it comes to getting rid of a foul odor. On a few cars, I "cheated" by cutting the carpet underneath the front of the console, so as not to have to remove the dash. This is completely concealed when everything is re-installed. I've been lucky and many of the headliners I've had to deal with were vinyl, and they wipe right off. In other cases, I've used a nylon brush and a small amount of soapy water to try and scrub them clean. Not using too much water and not scrubbing too hard is key. I've found virtually all forms of air fresheners, sprays, etc, are mostly a waste of time and money, a band-aid that doesn't last long. As I'm sure you're aware, on a 20 year old car, don't expect perfection. It's gonna have flaws, areas that are never going to clean up completely. Chris' video will probably be the best when he gets it done, but until then, there are other YT videos about how to clean headliners. Good luck and happy motoring!
  • Mr J-Charles
    Mr J-Charles 2 года назад wilkesjournal I do the same thing just never thought about taking the carpet out because looks difficult to put back in. The headliner is another issue what to do with that
  • Win Ro
    Win Ro 2 года назад i dont hv a cat but i agree😆
  • mike fernandz
    mike fernandz 2 года назад MCM did that long time ago but see different methods is nice
  • 08GSXR
    08GSXR 2 года назад ChrisFix if you do one could you talk about softening dried leather seats as just a tip if possible? That would be great!
  • nerotix
    nerotix 2 года назад My interior could using a cleaning, badly xD So if u need a car for your youtube movie ;)
  • Corey Mitchell 2020
    Corey Mitchell 2020 2 года назад Thanasis Plastaras yes
  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 2 года назад Super clean and detail, make every part of the car super cleaned
  • JCBvsFendt
    JCBvsFendt 2 года назад I have been pressure washing my vehicle for years works good no problems. This is a waste of my life to go in this detail😂 I guess I ain't in love with my vehicle. For those that care this kid goes in such great detail in his vids unbelievable!!!
  • Badr Alharbi
    Badr Alharbi 2 года назад wilkesjournal ص
  • Marcus Pitts
    Marcus Pitts 2 года назад wilkesjournal wow