DIY Birthday Zen Garden-How To Make Stress Relieving Desk Decor

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9 Weird Ways To Sneak Stress Relievers Into Class / Anti Stress School Supplies

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Hey Guys!Welcome back to my channel.Today I will show you how to make a birthday zen garden.In this I include cake house,tiny gift boxes and cards,rake,mini cake and part hats.All the 6 projects are easy and cute.

# 1
I started with DIY mini gift boxes. I am in love with these tiny cute gift boxes. To Make these you will need 2 papers of different size(measurements are in video), and ribbon. Just two things to make these awesome gift boxes.

# 2
Next idea is mini cards. Now you can make any card you like, any color, design anything.I make 2 cards of same measurements. To make these you will need paper, glue stick(optional) and pen.

# 3
Birthday without cake? No!
I added DIY mini cake out of air dry clay. If you don't have watch my this old video to know to make it.
You just need few different colors of air dry clay. Patch them together let it dry and done.
Tis is most easy DIY tutorial in this video.

# 4
I think there's no birthday without birthday caps or hats. So I decided to add this also. To make this you will only need 2 different color papers, scissors, glue stick, hot glue.
Cute tiny caps. I love them. :)

# 5
This idea is inspired by idunngoddess. i.e DIY cake house. To make is piece of cake ;) you will need cardstock, glue gun or double sided tape and tissue paper. Super easy and cute DIY.

# 6
DIY rake-this is another super easy project for this zen garden. To make this is you will need popsicles, toothpick and glue. You can paint any color you like.

I really hope you like this projects. Be sure to like this video, share and subscribe. I will see you in my next video bye :)

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