How to Repair the Thermostat in a Room Air Conditioner : Air Conditioning

Published on Feb 14, 2014 186,424 views

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Repairing the thermostat in a room air conditioner will require you to clear the device of all debris. Repair the thermostat in a room air conditioner with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: When working with an HVAC system, it is always important to make sure you are taking a number of safety precautions. Get tips on air conditioning with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.

  • chai mavet
    chai mavet 3 года назад Thanks so much for NOT showing me how to repair the thing
  • Lim H Foon
    Lim H Foon Год назад Split units
  • florentino guiling
    florentino guiling 9 месяцев назад chai mavet 
  • nhobxnhieu
    nhobxnhieu Неделю назад We love this little a/c. It started cooling our bedroom immediately and we also got a deal on it from Amazon warehouse deals.>>>nub.best/0x9n If we leave our bedroom door open it actually helps cool other parts of the house which is nice. We live in FL so a/c is a must all year round. It looks really nice in person and was easy to assemble if you can get your hands on a drill.
  • seriously? really?
    seriously? really? 4 года назад That wasn't a "repair" !!! that was a how to clean off the thermostat demonstration! So if the thermostat is broken, how can you tell and how do you replace it with a new one?(or can you???) factory installed probably means the unit doesn't have a replacement part that can be wired back in by consumers. BTW, so why not clean that gunk on the front of your AC like a good boy before you put the cover back on? There is suppose to be a filter screen over the coils to catch all that lint and dust
  • Monika Sahoo
    Monika Sahoo 2 года назад h baker
  • Chad Murrell
    Chad Murrell Год назад Nag
  • thugnasty75
    thugnasty75 8 месяцев назад My man..that did trick for me, thank you for posting video!
  • Sword and words
    Sword and words Год назад Ladies and gentlemen and that was red neck style. Now show us how to fix one thing with out breaking 3 on the process. Thanks.
  • 08ilovebeer
    08ilovebeer Год назад Omg it's fixed, you made my time at home worth living there, thank you so so much, I've cleaned this thing allot, before this video I was about take the A.C. out of the wall that it's plastered into, keep up the good work:)
  • Edison Manuel
    Edison Manuel 6 месяцев назад Thank you bro...helped me a lot.
  • Xavier Phoenix
    Xavier Phoenix 3 года назад thanks man. you save me from sweltering heat!
  • parth kumar
    parth kumar Год назад hello sir my ac problem is continuous cut my ac compressor start for 6 minutes and than cut for 3 minutes . this is happen continuous, i check voltage this is ok. blower fan working continuous. i adjust ac temp. on 18 - 30
  • Shawge .
    Shawge . Год назад parth kumar check the thermostat. clean it first if it didnt help then maybe its bad .
  • Brandon Napier
    Brandon Napier 2 года назад Any tips on AC/Heat window units? My Friedrich heat & air unit is blowing but the air is cool, not warming. It's only 7 months old.
  • Dustin Bausch
    Dustin Bausch 2 года назад my ac keeps reading really low wont kick on to cool unless i heat up sensor using a hand warmers or something else
  • Top Line
    Top Line Год назад Dustin Bausch cvvw
  • butchtropic
    butchtropic 3 года назад Just because it comes on does not mean it's working properly. You should have cleaned the coils on that unit, they were filthy, your compressor has to work a lot harder to overcome this issue.
  • Axel Ahlstrand
    Axel Ahlstrand Год назад Hilarious
  • K Tech
    K Tech 2 года назад Thanks very much man this fixed my proplem immediately 👍
  • Usha Goel
    Usha Goel Неделю назад Window ac cooling to kar raha hai par pani nhi tapak rha
  • Darlene Adams
    Darlene Adams Год назад I need to know how to fix a damn knob.. thanks a lot buddy. No helpful
  • Destiny Hilty
    Destiny Hilty 3 года назад Help please I have a new Frigidaire a/c I got last summer worked great for me till now it is stuck on econ mode at 90°
  • Dav Har
    Dav Har 10 месяцев назад Thank you for the video
  • Eric McCullough
    Eric McCullough Год назад I have an old type window AC unit. It heats and cools. Then it stopped heating. It will still cool with the compressor cutting on but won’t heat. I tried putting an ice cube on the thermostat with no luck. Could it be the element? Do these have elements?
  • Computer Crap plus
    Computer Crap plus Год назад most of them do not have ellements they have a reversing valve to make it heat with the freon, but it could be some of them do but not likely. what i would do is open it up and see.
  • Dan Webster
    Dan Webster 2 года назад (изменено) If you want to see if its shuts off the compressor after cleaning to test fire it up and let it get to cooling a tad then dip the probe into a glass of ice water. The compressor should shut down after the on board logic calculation detects a change in resistance within the probe. If it fails to do so, its not that hard to replace it is quick a quick disconnect part. Thanks for posting.
  • cassie m
    cassie m Год назад fix the problem thanks
  • Gary Ray
    Gary Ray 1 день назад This video did not show how to replace thermester only where it is and a very simple way to clean , where do you find how to replace one ?