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Android Jetpack: Improve Your App's Architecture

Announced at I/O 2017, Architecture Components are one part of Jetpack. These components include Room, LiveData, ViewModel, Paging, WorkManager and Navigation. Used separately they solve common but complex architecture issues, such as managing Android Lifecycle (LiveData/ViewModel), or handling background tasks (WorkManager). Used together, you can ditch the boilerplate, build robust apps faster, and focus on the code that makes your app unique! Check out the docs and samples: Architecture Components docs → Architecture Components samples → Gradle dependencies → App Architecture Guide → Guide to Background Operations → Check out the codelabs: Room with a View Codelab [LiveData, ViewModel, Room and the architectural guidance] → Android WorkManager Codelab → Android Navigation Codelab → Android Paging Codelab → Android Lifecycle-aware components Codelab [LiveData and ViewModel] → Android Persistence Codelab [Room] → Like videos? Check out these other DevBytes: Room → ViewModel → Paging Library → LiveData → Watch more Android Jetpack videos here → Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here → #AndroidJetpack #jetpack #featured

Android Jetpack: manage infinite lists with RecyclerView and Paging (Google I/O '18)

An introduction to the Paging Library in Android Arch Components. This session will go through local (with Room library) and remote storage (with Retrofit) examples, explain the design, and how it fits together with other architecture components. Rate this session by signing-in on the I/O website here → Watch more Android sessions from I/O '18 here → See all the sessions from Google I/O '18 here → Subscribe to the Android Developers channel → #io18

Fun with LiveData (Android Dev Summit '18)

LiveData is a simple observable data holder that is aware of the lifecycle of the observers. It was designed to avoid memory leaks and null pointer exceptions between an activity or fragment and a ViewModel. However, you can also use LiveData beyond the ViewModel. Components like Room or Workmanager also expose LiveData observables, and you can make your own data sources lifecycle-aware. In this talk, we'll deep dive into patterns with LiveData such as the different types of transformations (map, switchMap and MediatorLiveData), handling events and building reactive architectures as well as common antipatterns and code-smells to avoid. Links: LiveData blogs → Samples → I/O app → Presented by: Jose Alcérreca & Yigit Boyar Android Dev Summit '18 all sessions playlist → Subscribe to the Android Channel! → #AndroidDevSummit"

Single Activity: Why, When, and How (Android Dev Summit '18)

With the Navigation Architecture Component, developers have the tools to move towards a single activity structure for their app, but they don't know: — why they should move to that model — when it is appropriate — how exactly to take advantage of that structure and migrate to it Navigation Architecture Component → Testing Fragments → Presented by: Ian Lake Android Dev Summit '18 all sessions playlist → Subscribe to the Android Channel! → #AndroidDevSummit

Paging facilitates gradual on-demand data loading from a local or network data source, allowing apps to work with large data sets, including support for RecyclerView. See what the main Paging Library components are, how you use them and how they fit into your app’s architecture.

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