Paging facilitates gradual on-demand data loading from a local or network data source, allowing apps to work with large data sets, including support for RecyclerView. See what the main Paging Library components are, how you use them and how they fit into your app’s architecture.

Read more about the Paging Library here → https://goo.gl/Jw5Q8A
Take a look at the codelab → https://goo.gl/v8qr8N
Sample apps → https://goo.gl/9AzUSz

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  • Kris B
    Kris B Год назад I understood practically none of this. I understand what it's trying to do but I'm not sure if I could implement it.
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Год назад Agree, metoo. Hope there is a good tutorial on google page. It seems very overengineered.
  • Liran Barsisa
    Liran Barsisa Год назад They have links in the description.
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад I made Realm work with it, and if you can make Realm work with it, you can make anything work with it. :o
  • Caio Vitor
    Caio Vitor 7 месяцев назад It's really complex. I didn't understand anything
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад Jetpack only when I buy a new PC (8GB+ RAM )
  • M.A. Zaki
    M.A. Zaki Год назад LOl..im thinking jump into MacBook soon.
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад M.A. Zaki Yes, my plans is to go from MacBook too. This year I plan to learn iOS development so...
  • M.A. Zaki
    M.A. Zaki Год назад Pedro Massango from Mac to.... Windows?
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад M.A. Zaki from Linux to Mac
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад It is very expensive in my country. Maybe I need to work 6 months to buy it. Until then, maybe buy some 8GB RAM is the best choice :)
  • M.A. Zaki
    M.A. Zaki Год назад Pedro Massango yes so do my country. 8Gb is preferable. I mean, you can run simulation smoothly. If you can afford a PC, that would be better too.
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад M.A. Zaki Yes while collecting money to a new pc I will buy some RAM.
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Год назад 16GB minimum for efficent work
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад Lothar Scholz Yes but unfortunately it is very expensive here, so...
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Год назад RAM is expensive everywhere :-(
  • Pedro Massango
    Pedro Massango Год назад (изменено) Yes, good news, my notebook, come with two slots, so I run to market ad bought a 4gb RAM, now I have 8 (4+4), Android Studio + Emulator now run very smoothly.
  • homelesshobo
    homelesshobo 7 месяцев назад This library is honestly terrible. Here I was looking for an easy-to-implement EndlessRecyclerAdapter only to sift through crap documentation and find out that this is an incredibly messy alternative.
  • Basanth Verma
    Basanth Verma Год назад Great set of videos! Please improve your indentation on the slides or use an IDE.. It's easier to process something new if it's well indented..
  • Prabin Shrestha
    Prabin Shrestha Год назад Please make tablelayout support in recyclerview :)
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад You already can! Just plug in your own custom LayoutManager and you're good to go
  • Prabin Shrestha
    Prabin Shrestha Год назад Zhuinden i mean official one :)
  • Aegees Aegees
    Aegees Aegees Год назад Well, finally you did it, after 5 years. Better late than never. Respectuha
  • Jessie Sasser
    Jessie Sasser Год назад Am I the only one that watches every single video android releases but still has no idea what are we gonna dooo. I seriously don't know how to use android I just use Google to copy and paste the functionality I want.
  • Jack Zhang
    Jack Zhang 4 месяца назад Read the docs dude. They aren't perfect, but they are much more detailed than the videos. You shouldn't expect to understand these things just from these videos, these are just overviews.
  • Tarry Masters
    Tarry Masters 6 месяцев назад Developers, when we understand that developers are allowed uses. it become more famiiar with Androids are being used.
  • Liran Barsisa
    Liran Barsisa Год назад Some questions: 1. Will this work even with 2 sided paged RecyclerView? Meaning loading extra data at the top and/or at the bottom? 2. What is "pageSize" ? What if it's unknown, and the app just needs to take what it's given? Meaning that each time when I give it a bulk of items, it should show only them? 3. What can I do to put items at the top and bottom (edges of the current page), to show that it's loading, in case the user has reached them ?
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад For the 3rd, you can use a BoundaryCallback.
  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 11 месяцев назад how to force the data source to refresh data and start requesting from the beginning ?
  • Areeb Jamal
    Areeb Jamal Год назад Best addition along with Navigation Component
  • Cengiz BAYRAK
    Cengiz BAYRAK Год назад Areeb Jamal how did you manage to send message 5 days ago, to video uploaded today?
  • Areeb Jamal
    Areeb Jamal Год назад Cengiz BAYRAK I saw all of these on 10th May. They were uploaded but unlisted
  • Mudassir Zulfiqar
    Mudassir Zulfiqar Год назад This is so complex I guess
  • Vikas Pandey
    Vikas Pandey 10 месяцев назад its pretty how she use hand gesture for 1st case and second case for datasource.
  • Vikas Pandey
    Vikas Pandey 10 месяцев назад what is the presenter name?
  • Sandy Theodorus
    Sandy Theodorus Год назад please use both java and kotlin for the code example...
  • jazz
    jazz 9 месяцев назад Sorry friend, Google really hate java and want to avoid it like the plague.
  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh Год назад It really is one of the best new features in these new tools
  • nayan dhabarde
    nayan dhabarde 4 месяца назад When my app loads for the first time, onZeroItemsLoaded is called and the sample says I should request data and save it into the database. But If I save it into the database, the sample does not show how to update the livedata with this new value
  • Jim Pekarek
    Jim Pekarek Год назад Yay Kotlin! The slides would be way easier to read without the giant font size though. When you split what belongs on one line of code into 4+ lines, it makes it really hard to parse.
  • datapluscode
    datapluscode 6 месяцев назад (изменено) To understand this I need to learn Kotlin. But by the time I have learnt Kotlin, I suspect most of what is in this video will have changed or been made obsolete. Since Kotlin solves none of my present concerns about Android, I think I will look at Flutter and see if that makes app development fun again...
  • Y2Kvids
    Y2Kvids Год назад Does it bring anything new than endless lists on various Libraries available for recycler view?
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад (изменено) Considering it loads asynchronously and seamlessly shows them without having the whole dataset in memory AND observes changes in the underlying dataset, I'd say yes. Only thing that comes close is Realm, but Realm is 100% lazy-loaded instead of loading pages, and data access is synchronous (evaluation of data set is async).
  • Aleksandar Stefanović
    Aleksandar Stefanović Год назад A nice integration with other architecture components, as well as ensured development, since it's backed by Google, I guess...
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Год назад Well every app already has something like this. It need to be a bit more generic if you don't want to rewrite everything for iOS. They should really think about it, all serious apps have a shared C++ core (accessible from C#, Swift and Kotlin)
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад Now if only Apple cared about its developers, instead of just breaking XCode every patch and breaking Swift every 1-2 months :D
  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz Год назад Don't use a language before it's 5 years old. I think after this WWDC i will start switching to Swift. Has matured enough.
  • Zhuinden
    Zhuinden Год назад Good news! Kotlin is 7 years old
  • Mijael Viricochea Parra
    Mijael Viricochea Parra Год назад 7 Years... Boom m***********!
  • Y2Kvids
    Y2Kvids Год назад Mijael Viricochea Parra yeah but they need 8 years for that senior position.