DIY + HOME DECOR 2018 - Cozy Bohemian Vibes | Larissa Dsa

Published on Jun 2, 2018 598,364 views

The much awaited DIY video is here! This was so much fun to do, plus it all turned out to be so aesthetically perfect, I can't wait to see all of you re-create these!

Pillow cushions, jute mat, pouffe, and throw from @aa.living 😍♥️☀️

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  • Preksha Jain
    Preksha Jain Год назад Larissa ur voice is very similar to the voice of swara bhaskar..
  • Sumit Agarwal
    Sumit Agarwal 2 месяца назад Whose name have you taken 😣
  • Bharti Jain
    Bharti Jain Год назад U are so hardworking n creative ... 😘 It has been years dat I'm watching your every video more than 10 times ... I'm going to make d same tea table ... D rope vla part seems difficult but let's give it. A try ... Ilysm😘 ... Let's make it to 1m soon 😍😘 u are d best 😘 #larissa Squad😘
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    Thoshima Год назад You are a living-walking Pinterest!😍
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    Neelam Zaveri 8 месяцев назад Same here
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    Sanju Sanju Год назад Isha Singh thank you mam by the Mumbai is my favourite city in India what's urs??
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    Isha Singh Год назад Sanju Sanju you're a fantastic person. Have a lovely day ahead ❤️
  • Sanju Sanju
    Sanju Sanju Год назад Hope both of your dreams come true very soon😊😊😊
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    Ramya Год назад haha me too !
  • Trisha Narayanasamy
    Trisha Narayanasamy Год назад Sunday morning started with Larissa’s video
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    Micro biologist 4 месяца назад Trisha Narayansamy today is Sunday and I'm watching this in the morning
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    shagandeep Kaur Год назад your morning started so late
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    Ruchika Bose Год назад I think Larissa does the most amazing diys in India.Hit Like if you agree
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    Saranjeet Kaur 5 месяцев назад Ruchika Bose has yg
  • Ruchi Mehta
    Ruchi Mehta Год назад Have you intentionally stuck the circular pieace on the tyres tilting more on one side... cz its not in the centre... i loved the pink colour u used for the wall and balcony
  • Derp Ina
    Derp Ina 11 месяцев назад Ruchi Mehta Hahaha this was bugging me too! 🤣🤣
  • Venus Kumar
    Venus Kumar Год назад I love the whole vibe of your place 😌 so cozy and pretty 😍
  • Suvarchala Sampath
    Suvarchala Sampath Год назад You should have coloured the tyres instead of covering with yarn
  • pratima sharma
    pratima sharma 6 месяцев назад Come they were looking beautiful😍😍
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    Shivani Mehta 9 месяцев назад Suvarchala Sampath no it's looking more nice
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    Milly Moitra Vlogz Год назад I would sooo wife you 😍😍😍💕💕 Such gorgeousness and such simplicity. I'm feeling some type of way seeing the finished balcony. Its like NYC with a Mediterranean twist or something. Loved this Larissa 💖💖🌷🌷🌺🌹🥀🌷⚘🌻🌻 p.s. sunflowers are my favourites 😺
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    Larissa DSa Год назад chaitrashree gowda 😍😘😘😘
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    Little Girl Год назад Larissa u r vids r always fabulous
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    nikita taneja Год назад It's true that you take time. But whenever you post a video it's BOMBBBBBB 💣🔥 ❤❤❤❤
  • Shreenidhi Kulkarni
    Shreenidhi Kulkarni 1 месяц назад I have watched this video 5 times at least. This is my favorite video of yours and your decor style suits my aesthetic! I love watching this video.
  • Irshita Brahmachary
    Irshita Brahmachary Год назад A have picked up your earlier room decor idea for my room...thank u
  • Irshita Brahmachary
    Irshita Brahmachary Год назад Larissa DSa thank u for ur videos...its very useful
  • Larissa DSa
    Larissa DSa Год назад biswanath bramhachary im so glad♥️
  • Santu sahu
    Santu sahu 3 месяца назад Larissa, you are such an innovative human being..!..love love love u!❤️
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    Flying Cupid 4 месяца назад Beautiful makeover.. and I also love that corner and balcony the most 💞😍😍😍😍
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    Nahid Irshad 6 месяцев назад OMG ur balcony turned awesome....n d view is just sooooo amazing 😘
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    Neetu K Год назад You are damn creative bebo. How i mean how one can be gorgeous & talented at the same time. 😘😁😍 Loads of love n puchchis 😘💋
    DIGVIJAY SINGH CHAUHAN 10 месяцев назад This video is amazing .i mean simple and in your budget ( that's the main part). Keep up the good work . I am your big fan now😊😊🤘. Stay blessed , stay happy and keep smiling😊