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Table Manners - Ultimate How-To Guide To Proper Dining Etiquette For Adults & Children

Published on Feb 9, 2018 2,462,464 views










The Importance of Learning Proper Table Manners -

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Table manners are actually something your parents taught you but are actually far more important as an adult. First of all, your table manners speak volumes about your refinement and it's often interpreted as a sign of character. It's not at all about being snobby or showing off but much rather show respect, your host and your dining partners will greatly appreciate your manners.

It's very important to keep in mind, proper table manners aways help you and never hurt you. The good thing is they can be learned and its never too late to do so.

So what are table manners?

I suggest you turn your cell phone ringer off when you enter someone else's home and put your phone in your pocket when you're with the guests. Don't leave your phone on the table because you are much more likely to pick it up and look at it which is impolite In the presence of other people.

If the table is all set, you don't just walk in and sit down. Wait to be seated or wait for the queue of the host, or if they sit, you can sit as well.

Ideally, want to sit up straight but comfortably, don't slouch, or cross your arms, or sit as you would on your couch while watching a football game.

Don't expect to sit next to your partner and follow the lead of the hosts. Traditionally, couples were always mixed up to sit with different people.

If there's a napkin on the plate or next to a plate, put it on your lap right away. If the host or hostess wants to say grace, accept the gesture for what it is and move along.

Two, let's take a look at the place setting. In the Western world, an informal place will always have at least a plate, a knife, and a fork. If dessert will be served, you'll find either a little fork or a spoon on the top side of the plate. If soup is served or anything else that requires a spoon, you will also have a spoon. On the top right of the plate, you'll likely find a water glass which is always filled and a wine glass which is empty, to begin with. Sometimes you also find beer glasses; if you prefer that, if that's what's served with a meal. If you see little plate with an extra knife on a top left to your plate, that's for bread and butter. When you're done with the course, you place the fork and a knife at a four to five o'clock angle that means you're done.

Three, now it's time to serve the food. Most informal dinners are family-style meaning there are bowls or platters where food is served from. For formal dinners, courses are usually plated but we talk about the intricacies of that in our formal dining etiquette video here.

With bowls and anything at the table, the cardinal rule is, don't reach over anybody else and don't touch them. To start, pass the bowl around the table from the left to the right when you get the bowl you hold it and you serve yourself then you pass it on to your neighbor on the right. Always use the serving utensils and never your silverware that's on your place setting. Of course, if the host or hostess has a different idea, go with what they do.

Four, finally it's time to eat. You should only start eating when everyone else has been served and a host or hostess starts to take their fork and take the lead. It is very impolite and sometimes even rude to just dig into your plate of food while the others are still empty-handed.

#tablemanners #diningetiquette #notsponsored
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Gentleman's Gazette

  • Tommy Noble
    Tommy Noble Год назад The "Don'ts" in this video are hilarious. Your "unrefined face" is incredible.
  • Sean Pflum
    Sean Pflum 3 дня назад Who's chair is that? Not my chair; not my problem.
  • Jackson Helsloot
    Jackson Helsloot 1 месяц назад Sooo noble of you !! LOL!!!!!
  • Sancty Nichtcool
    Sancty Nichtcool 1 месяц назад @SeikiBrian as alsways trolls on the internet :D you are one you clearly dident read my contribution to that video :D but as a nice person i writ it a second time > over extendet < tabel manners are useless ;) they just make you a creep around normal ppl but i asum you are an american so i dont expect that you under stand anything i write
  • SeikiBrian
    SeikiBrian 1 месяц назад @Sancty Nichtcool If you feel that table manners don't matter, you ARE the wrong people.
  • Sancty Nichtcool
    Sancty Nichtcool 1 месяц назад if you realy need extensiv tabel maners you are with the wrong ppl
  • The Heartfelt Kid
    The Heartfelt Kid 2 месяца назад I find it interesting how the "don'ts" make him look so much younger. Goes from 33 to 23 real quick
  • Ruple Thaker
    Ruple Thaker 2 месяца назад (изменено) They really are, I'm cracking up!! Even the commentary in general is making me laugh.
  • João Nunes
    João Nunes 2 месяца назад lets hope some people dont mistake them for
  • Ophiax
    Ophiax 5 месяцев назад I laughed so much
  • Eτέrnal L
    Eτέrnal L 5 месяцев назад Haha, yes! The don't were extremely amusing! I absolutely loved this video! I wish the men in my family practiced the do's!
  • Michael Devine
    Michael Devine 5 месяцев назад Tommy Nob
  • Celestte Azulse
    Celestte Azulse 6 месяцев назад No me gusto su vestimenta riquillo muy lavadito de no,,
    MARGARET CHELLAPPAH 6 месяцев назад .
  • Caroline Lala
    Caroline Lala 6 месяцев назад I found him subtly funny as well.
  • Trinayana Kaushik
    Trinayana Kaushik 6 месяцев назад I know right.
  • Nacira Nacira
    Nacira Nacira 6 месяцев назад Haha I agree
  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart 6 месяцев назад Don't fart real loud at the table......Don't wipe your mouth on your sleeve.......don't take the last piece of 'possum......... don't eat stuff off the other guys plate when he ain't looking.........Don't run your toes up the girls dress across from you. Someone will smell your feet. Don't stab anyone in the back of the hand when he's going for that last 'possum leg........don't stick food in your pocket to take home and eat later......And last but not least, don't blow your nose on the table cloth.
  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 6 месяцев назад The chewing like a 🐽 pig noises was hilarious.,😂
  • Saja 09
    Saja 09 6 месяцев назад Is there a channel like this for women?
  • Sugarplum K
    Sugarplum K 6 месяцев назад Russell Hawkins Yes but a bit stiff. Real gentleman don’t have the appearance of trying so hard. Unless someone wasn’t brought up with manners it can seem very awkward.
  • Tsar
    Tsar 6 месяцев назад I died man!!! i wasnt sure if i was drunk or not, i had to check the comment if its only funny to me or other people too
  • Margy I Phillips
    Margy I Phillips 7 месяцев назад 900th like. I need my medal😅 Great video.
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    Martin Fluke 9 месяцев назад Pond life.....
  • Russell Hawkins
    Russell Hawkins 9 месяцев назад The presenter is quite the gentleman...
  • Nitika
    Nitika 10 месяцев назад Tommy Noble ...seriously so funny all donts...ha ha ha
  • Carlington Silburn
    Carlington Silburn 11 месяцев назад I agree
  • ingrid
    ingrid 11 месяцев назад Yes they are hilarious indeed!
  • Lincoln Paul
    Lincoln Paul 11 месяцев назад Tommy Noble nothing wrong with good manners and no. one on the list of good manners is don’t hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Dr. Safety
    Dr. Safety Год назад Tommy Noble : I am still laughing. I have very bad table manners obviously but I will learn everything he just taught!!!
  • Junaid Ali
    Junaid Ali Год назад Yeah enjoyed watching the negatives.
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    shard 1 месяц назад biryani is to be eaten with the hands
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    Amardeep s pradeep 1 месяц назад Sakin Ahmed exacty ...ex you can't eat soup with fork and noodles with hand
  • Amardeep s pradeep
    Amardeep s pradeep 1 месяц назад AMAL V ROY well not actually
  • 1misanthropist
    1misanthropist 1 месяц назад Is it ok to eat pork chops with bare hands, or only with a fork and knife?
  • Master_Ryu
    Master_Ryu 1 месяц назад Who the heck eats biryani with a fork lol. When in Rome, do as romans do. :) There are things and times when you ought to use a fork , spoon etc and things and times you aren't. Cheers
  • Mujtaba Gangji
    Mujtaba Gangji 2 месяца назад @shaam solanki the cardamom ends up in your mouth when eaten by hand anyway and then we make that face
  • Sam End Demon
    Sam End Demon 2 месяца назад Oh just use a spoon.
  • Melodie Montes
    Melodie Montes 3 месяца назад @Phil O'Tellic Yes, I believe that's one of those things that you'd have to tell your host first.
  • Paban Chakma
    Paban Chakma 3 месяца назад Thats so sick 😐
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    Shaantubes 3 месяца назад I know
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    shaam solanki 3 месяца назад @AMAL V ROY only if you want your mouth destroyed by pepper bombs and cardamom shells
  • Sakin Ahmed
    Sakin Ahmed 3 месяца назад @AMAL V ROY Bro, different foods are better eaten different ways...just bcz you can do that doesn’t mean it is the best or right way to do that.
  • Shaantubes
    Shaantubes 3 месяца назад @AMAL V ROY i guess he was being funny.
    AMAL V ROY 3 месяца назад You can actually eat a biriyani with a fork and spoon! !! The fork can help you tear apart the chicken and stuffs!!!
  • Shaantubes
    Shaantubes 3 месяца назад (изменено) Hilarious 😂😂😂. They told you gently with love get out
  • Misbah Saeed
    Misbah Saeed 4 месяца назад Hilarious! :-D
  • Sachin Subhash
    Sachin Subhash 1 месяц назад (изменено) Don't start eating untill someone else starts to What if everybody thinks so
    SULAIMAN ANSAR Неделю назад Starve 😝😝
  • XxLoneWolf21
    XxLoneWolf21 2 недели назад In a proper setting, the host will understand that his guests will wait for him to begin eating before they begin, or for him to give them permission to begin eating. Though I think the latter may be less polite, and in the wrong setting it may reflect poorly on the host himself. I've really only ever seen it happen in informal, working class settings at friends' homes where the meal is being served by their mothers. Mothers, I've noticed, often insist that their guests begin eating as soon as they wish. At large formal events where there may not necessarily be a host or the host is disconnected from your table, it seems that typically people will wait until everyone at the table has been served. Weddings and balls are examples that come to mind, though these events may also have a designated indication, some sort of ritualistic activity perhaps, after which it is clearly indicated that the guests may begin eating.
  • Kawaii Edgelord
    Kawaii Edgelord 2 недели назад Someone's going to break, don't let it be you.
  • Roman Z
    Roman Z 2 недели назад continue conversing casually
  • Hebu Dileep
    Hebu Dileep 3 недели назад It's a deadlock then. Sitcom drama
  • Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas
    Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas 3 недели назад The host is supposed to start eating so if the host does not eat nobody eats only pay attention to the host. XD
  • Tidosan Tide
    Tidosan Tide 3 недели назад HUNGER GAME
  • Halariel
    Halariel 3 недели назад @Dan Saunders the true hunger games right there
  • Dan Saunders
    Dan Saunders 3 недели назад STALEMATE! SUDDEN DEATH BEGINS
  • 무군
    무군 1 месяц назад We eliminate obesity. Everyone wins.
  • Webster
    Webster 1 месяц назад Sachin Subhash I think he said when they are served, if they are you can just wait for the host
  • Areed Khalid
    Areed Khalid 1 месяц назад I wondered the same when he said that...
    HARUNO HAZUKI 1 месяц назад The host must stat it first then
  • Yaku
    Yaku 3 месяца назад the most important table manner would be to not react negatively if someone does something that you perceive as bad table manners.
  • Ramon Sauls
    Ramon Sauls 5 дней назад Thats one of the things that irritate me about some people, whom just don't seem to have that table manner
  • neitherlink
    neitherlink Неделю назад Sajan Panchal it doesn’t matter what your culture is, when you go to another country or house, you should respect the culture of the host. It’s said quite bluntly in the video to be always aware of the costumes of the country you are visiting and to follow them.
  • Trill English
    Trill English 2 недели назад If some classless oaf does anything not to my liking, I fold my napkin into an origami crane and promptly leave.
  • Nicholas Hughes
    Nicholas Hughes 3 недели назад Chewing with the mouth open makes me visibly angry
  • Hasna Hashim
    Hasna Hashim 1 месяц назад @Help Me Uh oh! Need to edit my comment🤪
  • Help Me
    Help Me 1 месяц назад Hasna Hashim what about loud farts?
  • Hasna Hashim
    Hasna Hashim 1 месяц назад I can stand anything except "LOUD burrrrps"!!!!
  • Sajan Panchal
    Sajan Panchal 1 месяц назад (изменено) Great comment. It's so common to see people jumping to conclusions without understanding another person's culture. Keep calm and eat your food!
  • Simmy Sharma
    Simmy Sharma 2 месяца назад Great comment. This is the first "table manner" everyone should learn.
  • Ruple Thaker
    Ruple Thaker 2 месяца назад I'm afraid I cannot do that. My face says it all without saying a word.
  • Talib Ali
    Talib Ali 1 месяц назад I showed this to a homeless down the street he is my boss now.
  • Reabetswe Iman Moabi
    Reabetswe Iman Moabi 1 месяц назад 🤣
  • Knight Time Gaming
    Knight Time Gaming 1 месяц назад Lol
  • 拿铁绿茶
    拿铁绿茶 1 месяц назад this looks too fancy i think i'll just stick to my chopsticks
  • Tung Ha
    Tung Ha Неделю назад @neitherlink it's not about the country, I can be in the US and still follow my Asian etiquette just fine if I'm eating with my fellow Asians. However if I'm having dinner at a (white) friend's place with his/her family then of course I will try my best to follow their way of doing things.
  • neitherlink
    neitherlink Неделю назад DanDan 0815 Asians have their own etiquette, but that doesn’t mean that they should just ignore our etiquette when coming to our country, and the same can be said for us. For example, here, you leave your utensils in your plate when you finish, but doing so with chopsticks and a bowl in Asia is extremely rude.
  • DanDan 0815
    DanDan 0815 2 недели назад Operator 9037 yeah, quite the opposite of what this video is trying to show, cuz literally no asian that I met has ever closed their mouth when eating. Ay but I love chopsticks, that‘s for sure
  • Operator 9037
    Operator 9037 2 недели назад Chopsticks have there own etiquette.
  • Shane Grimes
    Shane Grimes 3 недели назад Thats what i am thinking
  • sharran vishvanath
    sharran vishvanath 3 месяца назад "If you ever have to leave the table, make sure it's for a maximum of 5 minutes, otherwise it's very impolite and rude" Apparently, nobody at Brazzers is aware of this
  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast 1 месяц назад ...and don't do a Borat and bring back your poo to the table in a plastic bag!
  • Wasted FYI
    Wasted FYI 2 месяца назад Hahaha
  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 2 месяца назад Man of culture I see 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏽
    RED PILL SOCIETY 2 месяца назад sharran vishvanath someone needs to say something, they can’t go on in this way. It simply will not do!
  • Daniel Cele
    Daniel Cele 2 месяца назад Best comment ever 😂😂😂😂😂
  • teppi sekasi
    teppi sekasi 3 месяца назад @Mr. Cosmic Rays ewww
  • Mr. Cosmic Rays
    Mr. Cosmic Rays 3 месяца назад Pervert
  • Merciless 9
    Merciless 9 2 месяца назад I'd like to thank my parents for their patience and beautiful education cause I didn't learn a single thing in this video
  • Dubai Silk Route
    Dubai Silk Route 1 месяц назад Merciless 9 Neither did I, but I know someone who needs to see it.
  • Ian T.J Brodrick
    Ian T.J Brodrick 3 месяца назад The "Cut the food and then put down the knife" is a very American phenomenon, in Europe we hold our knifes for the entirety of the meal.
  • Kragh50
    Kragh50 4 дня назад That's why he said the American way and the Continental way...
  • Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas
    Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas 3 недели назад The European style is more practical i will stay with it.
  • Eric Walker
    Eric Walker 3 недели назад More of continental man myself
  • Darth Musturd
    Darth Musturd 3 недели назад We do the knife thing in the south US too, we separate ourselves from northern tradition naturally
  • Criz Nluv
    Criz Nluv 1 месяц назад @NEWLAROEKOE 😆
  • Criz Nluv
    Criz Nluv 1 месяц назад @Veggie Jack's Garden 👍🏽🇺🇸😍
  • Criz Nluv
    Criz Nluv 1 месяц назад 🙄
  • Annie's Mom
    Annie's Mom 1 месяц назад Ah, but not everyone can handle chopsticks!
  • Michael Jesus Pedro
    Michael Jesus Pedro 1 месяц назад Americans eat like 5 year olds.. They don't even know how to cross the road, dress themselves..manners is something that is rather foreign to them..
  • Furchant ::-OS
    Furchant ::-OS 1 месяц назад (изменено) @UnLimitedSkillX i remember when the teacher was so angry beacuse we ate chicken thights with knife and fork. It was so groce to eat it with my hands but we had to. Is eating chicken thights witch knife and fork a bad table manner?
  • W Wsn
    W Wsn 1 месяц назад @NEWLAROEKOE chopsticks can handle everything, from steaks to hamburgs to noodles to vegetables
  • bob
    bob 1 месяц назад I always used the “American method” without even knowing it was a “method” 😅
  • abc abc
    abc abc 1 месяц назад Not true.
  • bobbybrainstorm
    bobbybrainstorm 1 месяц назад Lol, I thought it'd be the other way around
    NEWLAROEKOE 1 месяц назад As Asian I eat my soup by lifting the bowl to my face and cut the steak with my teeth
  • my dick is small, but
    my dick is small, but 1 месяц назад In Asia we just don't use knives
  • Led Zepper
    Led Zepper 2 месяца назад That's a funny fact, him being German and all. 😏
  • Veggie Jack's Garden
    Veggie Jack's Garden 2 месяца назад Here in America we like to keep our gun hand free as much as possible, in case a fight breaks out at the table.
  • Andrew Buhman
    Andrew Buhman 2 месяца назад We Americans are quite versatile.
  • Ian T.J Brodrick
    Ian T.J Brodrick 2 месяца назад @UnLimitedSkillX I remember those days, we had a dinner lady called Ms clunder. We used to say "miss clunder farts like thunder". :D
  • UnLimitedSkillX
    UnLimitedSkillX 2 месяца назад if in school you don't hold the knife the teacher comes and puts it in your hand in the right way until you stop xd
  • Danny C. Jewell
    Danny C. Jewell 2 месяца назад I was on a date and the woman cut all her steak Myself aware of the manners issue > i ask here why , She said she used to do it for the kids,so she could eat in peace
  • Sam Creel
    Sam Creel 2 месяца назад Yes, it’s true. In Latin American we do it the same as in Europe.
  • Justine
    Justine 3 месяца назад Yeah, I would not call it a ‘method’. 😂
  • Wolfie Densetsu
    Wolfie Densetsu 3 месяца назад Hunters spear the meat with the fork, and bite off chunks.
  • Mozz Jonas
    Mozz Jonas 3 месяца назад The first step is to unbutton your jacket before you sit.
  • Marker TTfl
    Marker TTfl 3 недели назад @SeikiBrian I think it is quite rude to assume that I'm going to stab someone when I'm eating with them.
  • SeikiBrian
    SeikiBrian 1 месяц назад @Oz Media " I was shocked at how people...switched hands and ate with the fork only. I always thought how uncivilized and uncoordinated it was." Actually, switching the fork from hand to hand requires a good deal of coordination to do so elegantly. And holding your knife throughout the meal like you're ready to pounce on your tablemates and stab them is what's uncivilized. ;-)
  • Oz Media
    Oz Media 1 месяц назад When I moved to North America from the UK, I was shocked at how people sawed their food, switched hands and ate with the fork only. I always thought how uncivilized and uncoordinated it was. Still do but, in such a multicultural society, I've seen far worse.
  • ben peter
    ben peter 1 месяц назад @The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con You're sitting inside, and it is not really a factos
  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con
    The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con 1 месяц назад What if it's cold
  • ben peter
    ben peter 2 месяца назад Stupido
  • jrh11254
    jrh11254 2 месяца назад Reminds me that, when he moved to CBS, David Letterman insisted on wearing double-breasted jackets with only the inside button fastened; the rest of his jacket left to flap like a flag. It looked ridiculous. And don’t get me started on his loafers and white/light-colored socks!
  • kim hasan
    kim hasan 2 месяца назад Not necessary to unbutton your jacket. It's your own wish, whether you do that or not. You must look presentable and not shabby, that's it.
    RED PILL SOCIETY 2 месяца назад roni karlsson you are correct my good sir, it is true that a double breasted suit jacket, while normally elegant and refined, can be an atrocious looking thing when worn unbuttoned.
  • roni karlsson
    roni karlsson 3 месяца назад He's wearing a double breasted jacket. It's actually good etiquette to have it buttoned while sitting. Single breasted jacket, on the other hand, should be unbuttoned while sitting, you're right there.
  • Fawad Bilgrami
    Fawad Bilgrami 3 месяца назад It’s funny how people wanted to break the culture and found rule breakers cooler. Now everyone has lost the manners, we’re back to square one and learning them once again to look cool.
  • Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas
    Juan Camilo Espinosa Rojas 3 недели назад Indeed.
  • Waqas Haani
    Waqas Haani 2 месяца назад Very true 😊
  • Gplus sucks big
    Gplus sucks big 1 месяц назад In Greece, if you're invited at 8:00pm and you actually be there on time, your host probably hasn't gotten out of the shower
  • neitherlink
    neitherlink Неделю назад Gplus sucks big same in Argentina.
  • Hitsugix
    Hitsugix Неделю назад @jenidalley In Germany you would be expected at 8:00 pm. Arriving earlier or later is considered rude.
  • jenidalley
    jenidalley Неделю назад In Tanzania too
  • Nick Dikeoulakos
    Nick Dikeoulakos 2 недели назад Σωστοοοοοοοοοος
  • DanDan 0815
    DanDan 0815 2 недели назад Hahahaha I‘m ayrab and that‘s, well, pretty much everytime I meet someone. We always say „let‘s meet at 7“ wich means were meeting at 8:30
  • Александар Матић
    Александар Матић 3 недели назад Serbia as well - I really don't like it. I am always at a place right on time, in minute. If I see that I'll arrive sooner than I should, I slow down, take a detour. If I happen to be late, even for a minute or two, I make sure that people know it. And anything more than 5 minute delay is simply unacceptable unless there was some unforeseen event, like a car accident on a bridge and you are stuck in traffic. As herr Flick would say "Do not be late. Do not be early. Be PUNCTUAL!" :)
  • Sanim Saosan
    Sanim Saosan 3 недели назад in Bangladesh too😂
  • Sahid Carrasco
    Sahid Carrasco 1 месяц назад That also happens in Mexico
  • Shreela Tambe
    Shreela Tambe 8 месяцев назад Watching this while I eat roti and dried fish with bare hands 😋
  • Youthoob Gamer
    Youthoob Gamer 1 месяц назад You don't need to ask for validation everywhere you go... Go tell this to other friends of yours tol
  • stine watson
    stine watson 1 месяц назад what is roti??? enlighten mw
  • vansh prajapati
    vansh prajapati 1 месяц назад It's Indian way. The only cutlery is a spoon. Sometimes fork. No knife. Non.
  • Bima Le Beau
    Bima Le Beau 1 месяц назад It suppose to be use by hand -_-
  • AM4N
    AM4N 1 месяц назад Sounds tasty dude,I want gosht and roti 😋
  • AM4N
    AM4N 1 месяц назад tektyger1 shut up fam.u probably eat burgers with a knife and fork 😂
  • Lol
    Lol 1 месяц назад jackforpresident22 it is the governments fault not theirs
  • Lol
    Lol 1 месяц назад jackforpresident22 western is full of racists btw
  • Lol
    Lol 1 месяц назад tektyger1 god gave you hands use them not metal stuff.
  • vinodztube
    vinodztube 1 месяц назад dried fish?
  • Ronita Chandran
    Ronita Chandran 1 месяц назад @jackforpresident22  and you have more ghettos and prescription medication addicts and school shoot outs than us. Its sad actually. If only your government was less corrupt and cared about you. Pointing out facts(as you call it) to generalize a whole population whose culture you have no understanding for the sole purpose of shaming them is being a racist.
  • Sean Hein
    Sean Hein 1 месяц назад @tektyger1 "3rd world" food is the most delicious food for everyday meals. Roti > your subway turkey sandwich.
  • water strider
    water strider 1 месяц назад @Paras Phoenix cool dude are you in a circus?
  • Paras Phoenix
    Paras Phoenix 1 месяц назад You guys eat with your hands? So gross. My culture use our feet.
  • water strider
    water strider 2 месяца назад Our foods can't entirely be eaten by spoons or fork
  • Isha Saran
    Isha Saran 2 месяца назад @Jose Vargas I get what you are saying man. But eating with grace is also very important. If one can eat roti with bare hands but with manners, I am more than happy to eat with them. So in essence, this video is more about how to not be rude rather than making you a puppet.
  • Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor
    Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor 2 месяца назад Wait till I mush up puran poli in milk or katachi aamti and sluurrrppp it up😋
  • Rizki Wibowo
    Rizki Wibowo 2 месяца назад Hindi
  • raj mishra
    raj mishra 2 месяца назад (изменено) @[Stylish Briton] see your calling it a 'third world hellhole' still signifies that may be the ancestors have long gone but the sense of superiority over other still remains. This pride in the superiority of West over the "hellhole rest" is the colonial legacy that still runs in your thought. Thanks you proved my point. And also name me a country which destroyed the economy of other on the scale as did the British. Stop taking the pride in saying ' the sun never set in British Empire' because this shows that you were the plunderers and looters in every corner of the world.
  • Shubham
    Shubham 2 месяца назад @jackforpresident22 get a life dumbfuck grow up.. how immature you're
  • Catniss Everdeen
    Catniss Everdeen 2 месяца назад @jackforpresident22 hahaha! You are hilarious. With the facts that you have and your preconceived notions which are utterly racist and stereotypical, you are the mystery behind how Donald Trump became the President. Go Jack! Make America great again!!
  • A K
    A K 2 месяца назад According to me,eat Indian food in an Indian way and western food in a continental way.I am not telling you to eat noodles with chopsticks as it needs a lot of practice.Period.
  • Esh11_WOTB
    Esh11_WOTB 3 месяца назад @111danish111 Chole Bhature and chilled ThumsUp . Most satisfying meal ever !!
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    fedoanuja 4 месяца назад I am proud of you
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    welderhelper79 4 месяца назад 🤮
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    Anonymous person 4 месяца назад Chawal bhi to
  • damlurker
    damlurker 4 месяца назад I eat roti with curry using a fork and spoon drives my parents crazy lol
  • Giantqtipz
    Giantqtipz 4 месяца назад honestly if you think this video is pretentious, youre not taking into account how this is all situational and varies by culture. Im Indonesian and obviously we eat with bare hands at home and casually. But I live in NYC, and if Im invited to an event, especially for work that calls for this kind of situation, sure this guide is helpful. Do I really care? nah not really. I mean there are basic etiquette that people follow in every day life anyway, even at home. Like not wearing pajamas to work. Offering drinks and food to guests. Not invading peoples privacies. Like I said, this video is situational. You dint havr to follow it. People complaining here are just people with anger inside and looking for something to complaim about.
  • won ton min
    won ton min 4 месяца назад Only at home tho... right!
  • Pradnya Kshirsagar
    Pradnya Kshirsagar 5 месяцев назад @jackforpresident22 are u American??