Designer Epoxy Installation

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Installing Metallic Epoxy Countertop Kit with my Hands

This countertop was done using my hands only! No tools, no rollers - hands only. Check out how easy our product is to use! [ Leggari Products - Simplifying the Industry ] Having the best epoxy and the easiest installations makes Leggari the perfect choice no matter your level of expertise! If you want to buy the best from the best you’ve found the right product! Check out our floor and countertop kits here: Subscribe to this YouTube channel to get all the latest installation techniques. Check out our brochure for more details: If you're interested in trying out epoxy before purchasing a countertop or floor kit, we have sample kits available. Click here for more info:

Piso 3D y Mural 3D - Amapolas Wonderful 3D

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Pemasangan Keramik Cair 3D pada lantai

mengubah suasana dengan memberi motif 3D pada lantai

ÜNLÜ BOYA Epoxy Masa Uygulamasi

Ünlü Boya İletişim: 0232 253 11 60 - 0533 283 36 17 Ayrıca bu ürünü dan satın alabilirsiniz.

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Designer Epoxy Floor Installation

Use Designer Epoxy (EP-E100) from Epoxy Plus ( to create these one of a kind dynamic floors.

Epoxy Plus Designer Metallic Epoxy is a three component,
high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor
coating system.
Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics.
Typically applied at a 20 mil think single coat (75 SF/gal).
This dynamic blend does not require activator to be sprayed on
the surface to obtain a uniquie and highly decorative look. Specially formulated to give the installer superior working time so that even one person can install one of these designer metallic epoxy floors by themselves as demonstrated in this video. Use for commercial, residential or industrial applications. Makes an awesome one of a kind garage floor.

Essentially odorless
• Create dynamic, exotic look
• High gloss, & color stability
• Low Viscosity
• Long pot life & working time
• Chemically resistant
• No amine blush
• Modified to to be highly ambering resistance

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