WORKSHOP: Arctic King / LG window unit: quick & dirty maintenance

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How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner The Easy Way Becky shows you how to take apart and clean your window air conditioner. Then she shows you how to put it back together.

How To Refill Window House AC or Portable Air Conditioner with R134a + Tips + What I've Learn!

NOTE: All the Links - Parts - How to... BELOW !!! July 2018 - Here is another Video after 2-1/2 years later about my AC Refill with R134a. This is a followed up Video, what I've learned this past 2+ years. Some of these are just tips... But you can find the " Original " Video on HOW TO DO IT BELOW! CORRECTIONS FOR THE ORIGINAL GAS: R22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: You can just get the " Adapter Only " if you already have the Hose (Car AC Refill Hose Kit), or borrow from a friend. If not, then go to your Auto Store they have them or even Walmart Or check this out on Ebay for $1.98: R12 R22 R502 Screw to R134A Fast Conversion Adapter Valve 1/4'' to 8v1 Thread - Ebay Item: 172714410258 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT INFO ON TUBINGS: Before you buy, measure your " Refill Tubing First " to see which on you have... Then buy the item(s) that " FIT " your needs below! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARTS LIST: Here is what you need if you or your friends doesn't have the R134a Adapter (Car AC Refill Hose). ----- If you have the R134a Adapter (Car AC Refill Hose), then you will need just the fitting (R22 M/F) around $2-$3 Bucks. Check this out on Ebay for $1.98: R12 R22 R502 Screw to R134A Fast Conversion Adapter Valve 1/4'' to 8v1 Thread - Ebay Item: 172714410258 1- You will need the Meter Gauge called: " Safe Can Tap R-134A to R-12/R-22 System 19" Can Tap with Gauge " $14.00 - eBay item number: 291953959760 2- Measure your refill " Tubing / Line * " and get the one correspond to your needs! * A - BPV31 SUPCO Bullet Piercing Valve for 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" Tubing eBay item number: 302708662463 * B - BPV21 SUPCO Bullet Piercing Valve fits 1/2" and 5/8" Tubing eBay item number: 161864862052 3- Go to your Auto Store: Get a Can of R134a ($8-$10) NOTE: At Walmart R134a is only $4.88 (2018 Price) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL VIDEO JUNE 2016: TITLE: DIY - AC Window Air Conditioner Refill with R134A - All Steps Video Merged Original Date June 2016: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE VIDEO JULY 2018: TITLE: $5 Bucks House Window Air Conditioner Refill - Recharge - R134A - DIY AC Long Version Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Channel Disclaimer: These Video(s) on my Channel is mainly for entertainment purposes only and due to factors beyond of my control, I cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. I assumes no liability for any property or personal damage that may arise from doing a Repair or your DIY Projects or Vehicle after watching any of my DIY or Repair Video's. No information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. NOTE: Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of tools, equipment's, or the information contained in this Channel / Video is the sole responsibility of the User / Users. 1- DO NOT LINK or COPY WHOLE or PARTS OF THE VIDEO 2- DO NOT POST THE VIDEO WITHOUT PERMISSIONS 3- THIS IS A COPYRIGHT VIDEO. This Video is for Entertainment Purposes Only! :D

Air con Cleaning Guide / LG window type 1HP / TAGALOG

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Arctic Air Conditioner Unboxing and Review

This is the 52-quart, 24 volt unit. My boss and his guests were complaining about the heat back in the cabin area of the King Air B200. These airplanes are notorious for not having very strong a/c. We had been using the B-Kool air conditioner which you can actually see up against the wall of the hangar in some shots. The little guy did a stellar job but it was just too small for our larger cabin on a hot day and within 30 minutes, all of the ice in it was just water. Furthermore, it looked ugly... its just an ice chest with fans sticking out. The Arctic Air looks much nicer and has a larger capacity for longer periods of use. I also like that it has a drain tube so that I dont have to constantly place and replace it in the plane. Just drain and refill. Done. I don't like that it only comes with a 6' power cord. Sportys will try to sell you a 42" extension cable (which I think is actually an elongated 4-pin ATX connector commonly used in computers) for $25 each. No thanks. I bought one 5 meter and one 3 meter 24 volt car cigarette lighter extensions which I will just run from the cockpit outlet, between the wall and the seats, all the way back to the baggage compartment. The extensions were just $20 total on ebay. I couldn't find them at walmart or bestbuy. To buy the appropriate amount of ATX extensions from Sporty's would have been about $75. So without those extensions, it will have to sit on the divan as shown in the video and reduce our passenger capacity from 8 to 6. My plan is to always have it in the baggage compartment and run the power back to it. A little electrical tape to hold the extensions together probably wont hurt. I only put 3 bags of ice into it for the test run but it looks like it'll swallow 5 or 6 of them! On a flight day, I will connect the plane to the ground power and blast the arctic air for at least 40 minutes prior to go-time and report how it did. While researching Arctic Air, I called their sales line. None other than their owner/inventor picked up and was a delight to speak with. He offered to bring me a unit at no delivery cost if we flew into Tifton, GA. He also said that he will give you an air conditioner for FREE if you book a stay at one of his properties in the Bahamas. So that deal could save you a lot of $ if you are planning a trip out there. Just call the sales number listed at and ask for Mr. Turton. Check out Nutnfancy's great review on my knife here: I'll update with more videos as we get to use the Arctic Air in the field. Stay cool!

How Does An Air Conditioner Work? — Appliance Repair Tips

Air conditioner not cold enough or leaking water? This video provides information on how a window air conditioner works and offers troubleshooting tips to assist you in diagnosing and repair. Here is a list of the most commonly replaced parts associated with each air conditioner symptom: Air conditioner not cold enough: air filter, compressor, thermostat, thermistor Air conditioner fan not working: drive motor, fan motor, relay board Air conditioner compressor won’t run: thermostat, control board, overload Air conditioner compressor won’t turn off: thermostat, thermistor, relay board, control board Air conditioner is loud or noisy: compressor, drive motor, fan motor, fan blade, fan, blower wheel How to disassemble your air conditioner: For more DIY videos including part replacement and help finding your model visit the repair help section of our website: Click here to purchase replacement air conditioner parts: All of the information provided in this window air conditioner troubleshooting video is applicable to the following brands: Amana, Electrolux, Fedders, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Hampton Bay, Kenmore, LG, Whirlpool RepairClinic has millions of replacement parts for appliances, lawn equipment, power tools, and heating & cooling equipment including washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, lawn mowers, snowblowers, furnaces, and air conditioners. Our customer care team is available to help by phone or live chat, seven days a week: 1-800-269-2609. We guarantee the fastest shipping possible—all in-stock parts ship the same business day. Return any part for any reason with our generous 365-day return policy. In addition to providing replacement parts, offers free online troubleshooting information and DIY repair videos. Use our website to choose from a series of problems to discover the likely causes and the correct replacement part(s) for your particular model. Once you’ve determined the solution, our expertly-produced video tutorials will guide you through every step of the repair. At RepairClinic, we make fixing things easy! Connect With Us! Join our free VIP email list for discounts and money-saving tips: Check out our blog: Don't forget to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our channel!

It's July 17, it's 96°F today, and the forecast is calling for almost 100°F next week. We're not interested in ridges and 200 mb jets, we want to stay cool. So air conditioner maintenance is on the schedule for today. The Arctic King unit shown here was new in July 2014 and hadn't been serviced yet. Look how dirty they get after one year! The LG unit belongs to a friend. It was in worse condition and hadn't been serviced since 2011. It was working okay, but was leaking out the front due to the condensation drain being blocked by junk (filter not cleaned often enough).

There are radiator fin cleaners you can use for this kind of job. I didn't have any of this cleaner on hand, so I went with just basic water and a little detergent (not filmed) this time around.


In Texas Weather, Tim Vasquez (former Air Force meteorologist) breaks down the weather piece by piece. I'll give this a shot as a series and see where it goes... if you like it please like, share, and subscribe and I'll keep cranking them out.


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