DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place " /> DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place " /> DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place " />


From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place

  • Beep Bob Burrick
    Beep Bob Burrick 2 месяца назад I showed this to a fat kid He’s still fat but he liked the song
  • psycho bratt
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  • Exavion Johnson
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  • Aaron Flowers
    Aaron Flowers 2 месяца назад LMAO
  • CheySenpie
    CheySenpie 2 месяца назад Lmao wow 😆
  • Brigitte vega
    Brigitte vega 2 месяца назад Beep Bob Burrick Lmaoooo
  • Rebeca Velazquez
    Rebeca Velazquez 2 месяца назад Beep Bob Burrick 😂
  • Adam Is sus
    Adam Is sus 1 месяц назад @Exavion Johnson imagine if people just took the joke and moved on?
  • J C
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  • Nugget
    Nugget 1 месяц назад Lmao you people hella juicy
  • Daniel Hojland
    Daniel Hojland 1 месяц назад dont know why i laughed so hard at this ahahahh
  • J C
    J C 1 месяц назад @Nugget imagine calling people juicy, you must be obese
  • Nugget
    Nugget 1 месяц назад J C are you chinese?
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  • Nugget
    Nugget 1 месяц назад J C what is making my quesion racist? Im just asking
  • Aye Anna
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  • Airflake
    Airflake 1 месяц назад oh yeah yeah
  • Elizabeth White
    Elizabeth White 1 месяц назад Weren't you the one who spams comments on pewds' videos? 😂
  • k. z
    k. z 1 месяц назад lmaooooooo this one is original
  • Drake !
    Drake ! 1 месяц назад oh yeah yeah
  • J C
    J C 1 месяц назад @Drake ! imagine believing in something that doesn't exist
  • Drake !
    Drake ! 1 месяц назад (изменено) @J C ik that would be a weird thing to do!! imagine devoting your whole life to something that doesn't even exist!!! you would have to be an idiot!
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  • Schizophrenic the Tank Engine
    Schizophrenic the Tank Engine 1 месяц назад oh yeah yeah
  • maddyy 99
    maddyy 99 1 месяц назад Beep Bob Burrick take the L
  • Estrella Monday
    Estrella Monday 1 месяц назад Rude :v
  • gavvy bash
    gavvy bash 1 месяц назад greetings bruther.
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    Äɦʍǟɖ 1 месяц назад Exavion Johnson technically u stole this comment too
  • kappaman kappa
    kappaman kappa 1 месяц назад pretty sure that fat kid turned into this man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlIExbHPWtw
  • white dad
    white dad 1 месяц назад (изменено) cant believe a MaximillianMus army stole a comment
    STEVEN DOMINGUEZ-CRUZ 1 месяц назад @Exavion Johnson nigga every time someone comments something funny yall niggas say it stolen just stfu
  • King Dededinkleberg
    King Dededinkleberg 1 месяц назад Yes I liked this song
  • SpotGold
    SpotGold 1 месяц назад @J C imagine taking time off your day to comment on a stupid comment section
  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns 1 месяц назад YES!
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  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns 1 месяц назад yes
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  • J C
    J C 1 месяц назад @kliadus imagine if we could all just fucking stop
  • Benjamin Yañez
    Benjamin Yañez 1 месяц назад So funny
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  • rexatron
    rexatron 3 недели назад Comment
  • yungwaves x
    yungwaves x 3 недели назад Oh yeaaaa yeahhh
  • TrUtHz RaGe
    TrUtHz RaGe 3 недели назад @psycho bratt LMAO😂😂
  • TrUtHz RaGe
    TrUtHz RaGe 3 недели назад @J C imagine imagining someone imaginigung something but then they realize what there doing dosent make that much sence so honestly idk any wtf
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 3 недели назад I DIED BRO
  • Vazzy XXX
    Vazzy XXX 2 недели назад BluntsNBrews lmao what
  • Carl Rodgers
    Carl Rodgers 2 недели назад FIREE WOO
  • Jazzy Life!
    Jazzy Life! Неделю назад Copied
    ER2BROS 3 дня назад Daniel Hojland because it’s stolen
    DARK CLOUDZ 3 дня назад Wow u got famous from a comment that was stolen
  • Kitty Fowobaje
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  • ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ
    ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ 8 часов назад Beep Bob Burrick comments haven't made me genuinely smile in a long time but this did
  • Ivan y vienen
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  • ThanosDid NothingWrong
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  • Macro Hard
    Macro Hard 2 месяца назад +Big Chungus 👍👍👌✌✊👏👏👏👏☝👆👊✋
    TURDY_ WATER 2 месяца назад HOL UP
  • Lays Place
    Lays Place 2 месяца назад Brings me back to kindergarten
  • renj
    renj 2 месяца назад stfu
  • Binary Eros ARIES
    Binary Eros ARIES 1 месяц назад I think that's from Madagascar lmaooo
  • Alta Facha
    Alta Facha 1 месяц назад Kkkkkk
  • Vlastimil Koupil
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  • Ching Chong
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  • Lyric
    Lyric 1 месяц назад Ivan y vienen bumble bee on the sink
  • F33 j
    F33 j 1 месяц назад 20202020 vision = 420s
  • Rodney
    Rodney 1 месяц назад S-H-I-T! ;)
  • Stephen Wings
    Stephen Wings 1 месяц назад DAMN! I never noticed this detail!
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    Kratoles 1 месяц назад Let me guess you saw it on insta😂😂
  • sushigang45 ,
    sushigang45 , 2 недели назад A nother S hit S ong
  • Apo Pancakes
    Apo Pancakes 2 недели назад @Flynnster6767 hahahahhaha fu
  • Alexander LaBounty
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  • brooke
    brooke Неделю назад Ivan y vienen i. drink. shit.
  • Collin Pizzo
    Collin Pizzo Неделю назад is that a bmth reference or......
  • stella bee
    stella bee Неделю назад Bananas In Trees Chungus Heh
  • Lily'sDong
    Lily'sDong 3 месяца назад (изменено) Weird flex but OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY
  • ronaldo mendoza
    ronaldo mendoza 2 месяца назад Tanga
  • Izac Tai
    Izac Tai 2 месяца назад @ronaldo mendoza bubu
  • lil dishsoap
    lil dishsoap 2 месяца назад die yourself
  • EGG Nuggets
    EGG Nuggets 1 месяц назад Ok
  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 1 месяц назад Would of forgiven you if with was past a year but boy, this is a shit joke
  • M_xj7
    M_xj7 3 недели назад Lily'sDong 3 months later this comment cringey
  • Rhyan Sierra
    Rhyan Sierra 3 месяца назад when he said "do you look both ways when u cross my mind" omfg my soul
  • Azizaaa
    Azizaaa 3 месяца назад Rhyan Sierra can you explain what he mean with that? Because i don’t understand it
  • Alex Genevet
    Alex Genevet 3 месяца назад @Azizaaa its like when you look both ways before you cross a road to make sure its safe
  • ninz b
    ninz b 2 месяца назад Bootsy Collins also sings this line in Kali's 'After the Storm' !! I love it
  • Karizma Lauren
    Karizma Lauren 2 месяца назад ninz b yess I thought that instantly
  • Real Darth Revan
    Real Darth Revan 2 месяца назад He did not make that up though lmao
  • daddy colleen
    daddy colleen 2 месяца назад Yeah boosty came up with h the line first! Either way he can turn turn coal into diamonds lol
  • Davi S
    Davi S 2 месяца назад Same line on kendrick's 'wesleys theory' 2015!!
  • leMax
    leMax 2 месяца назад @Azizaaa This is a play on the common advice to look both ways before crossing the street—if someone didn’t look both ways, they’d be careless, which suggests the person Tyler’s addressing is reckless when it comes to Tyler’s feelings. When you cross the road, you’re checking to see if cars are coming, so Tyler may also be noting how love can hit you from any direction. It might also mean that the person didn’t know what was coming in terms of Tyler’s love. If they would’ve looked both ways, they would have known how love would unfold. It’s also possible that “both ways” may be a hint towards bisexuality.
  • Krish Kanhaiy
    Krish Kanhaiy 2 месяца назад Rhyan Sierra vista and
  • MarQuela Molina
    MarQuela Molina 1 месяц назад Rhyan Sierra it was like a angel singing I was like yes hit those notes
  • Jonas Wheeler
    Jonas Wheeler 1 месяц назад Its like bootsy collins' thing, he says it in some of his old classics, sick line tho
  • Takaî
    Takaî 1 месяц назад Ikr
  • kevs
    kevs 1 месяц назад when he said "okokokokokokokokokokokok" omg my soul
  • mel
    mel 2 недели назад lmfao u late
  • justin tran
    justin tran 21 час назад peoples mind being blown by an old pick up line xDDD
  • Luis L.S
    Luis L.S 5 месяцев назад How did tyler go from dark suicidal boy to a flower boy
  • Ben Shepherd
    Ben Shepherd 5 месяцев назад Luis L.S I think The whole Album has gotten a suicidal undertone, Even though it sounds happy. He seems to kinda try to come of as happy, like Most suicidal People do, but is dying inside. That is a theme he has gone with over Most of his musical career.
  • Al G
    Al G 5 месяцев назад Cause he finally has the money to pay white pretty boys to fuck him😂😂
  • Daniel Studart
    Daniel Studart 5 месяцев назад Came out of the closet. (Not a joke)
  • SuperDuperRyle
    SuperDuperRyle 5 месяцев назад Because he rocks, he rolls, he blooms, he grows
  • Mcpblackheart
    Mcpblackheart 5 месяцев назад Because he started hanging out with Pharell . Notice how he has a slight N.E.R.D. sounding influence?
  • King Aesthetic
    King Aesthetic 5 месяцев назад Ben Shepherd yea I think you’re understanding of the album is wrong lol
  • Lino Oliva
    Lino Oliva 5 месяцев назад rare flowers bloom in the dark
  • Lego Head
    Lego Head 4 месяца назад Because, cock.
  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 4 месяца назад Because he evovled
  • Splash Townsend
    Splash Townsend 4 месяца назад By gradually accepting himself and coming out of the closet
  • who ever is reading this has a tiny dick
    who ever is reading this has a tiny dick 4 месяца назад Because he grew up
  • Mack Demps
    Mack Demps 4 месяца назад You tell me
  • ThatsoRevan
    ThatsoRevan 4 месяца назад Success will that do that
  • Jonneh Graal
    Jonneh Graal 4 месяца назад glow up i guess
  • cop
    cop 4 месяца назад by growing as an artist
  • Dwelling Dreams
    Dwelling Dreams 4 месяца назад Luis L.S emotions man
  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez 4 месяца назад he just bloom (?)
  • AgrisBK
    AgrisBK 4 месяца назад He has boyfriend now that's why
  • k phoenix
    k phoenix 4 месяца назад Luis L.S are you referring this to emotional patrick? Omfg
  • dhriti
    dhriti 4 месяца назад progress sis
  • Doe Door
    Doe Door 4 месяца назад because of juice from cock
  • MrSpiritualDesire
    MrSpiritualDesire 4 месяца назад When he met her..
  • Honeybunesme
    Honeybunesme 4 месяца назад The EVOLUTION
  • Tryz
    Tryz 4 месяца назад He had an indentity crisis, he was a confused teenager who wasn't sure of his sexuality and had to let out his frustration on something. That thing was his music. And now when he came out he's comfortable enough to make the music he has always wanted to make and to be happy.
  • Katy Klassmeyer
    Katy Klassmeyer 4 месяца назад I think, no, could it be, a sellout
  • neubri4lyfe
    neubri4lyfe 4 месяца назад " LOVE "
  • Johnny Ross
    Johnny Ross 4 месяца назад Luis L.S I
  • Little Relief
    Little Relief 4 месяца назад He's bloomed into flower from a seed under the ground.
  • Bottled
    Bottled 3 месяца назад Video of tyler siging the muffin song on my channel
    BUNION DAAS 3 месяца назад Ben Shepherd reminds me of " I can't get over you" and " No Fun" by Joji
  • M.K.
    M.K. 3 месяца назад (изменено) When you think of comedy you think of laughter and happiness but some comedy is and overcoat to hide inner depression. So with flowers and sunshine or any type of simple happy things his also applies (the flower aspect relating to comedy.) I find that personally when I have an episode of depression I unintentionally become awkwardly comedic and do more random things. But I don't know, it is possible Tyler is really growing and moving forward in a positive way. Although this album does seem to still have a lot of his common suicidal- like undertones.
  • Upsidedown Llama
    Upsidedown Llama 3 месяца назад Luis L.S know what that’s called? GROWTH
  • aktm1407
    aktm1407 3 месяца назад @King Aesthetic well what's the "right" way to interpret the album, then?
  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito 3 месяца назад his depressed period ended
  • Dreamgirl L.
    Dreamgirl L. 3 месяца назад Because of Kali Uchis.. I love heeer!!
  • Alec Santana
    Alec Santana 3 месяца назад jaden smith
  • Shine Onn ENT.
    Shine Onn ENT. 3 месяца назад he found a boyfriend thats what happen
  • Brenda Chavez
    Brenda Chavez 3 месяца назад Luis L.S people cant change or what
  • T-Pose Kek
    T-Pose Kek 3 месяца назад Luis L.S it’s still got that edgy Tyler touch
  • vlogging Boii
    vlogging Boii 3 месяца назад Love
  • Ander Sanborn
    Ander Sanborn 3 месяца назад that's the power of the rainbow b
  • julio rodolfo padilla salas
    julio rodolfo padilla salas 3 месяца назад Cock + Kali Uchis = Flower boy 💅
  • Alex Alcaraz
    Alex Alcaraz 3 месяца назад GLOW
  • Thales Farias
    Thales Farias 3 месяца назад people grow up dude, they cant be edgy teenager forever
  • subbdubb
    subbdubb 3 месяца назад $$$$$
  • l a r i s a
    l a r i s a 3 месяца назад we all do that sooner or later..
  • Blake Cramer
    Blake Cramer 3 месяца назад Character development
  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez 3 месяца назад Ask kali
  • Lucky-Kid
    Lucky-Kid 2 месяца назад Life
  • Brick house
    Brick house 2 месяца назад Fagotry 🎩✨
  • • abby•
    • abby• 2 месяца назад @k phoenix i love me some loiter squaddd
  • Elisabeth Abeyta
    Elisabeth Abeyta 2 месяца назад character development
  • Miriam Rodriguez
    Miriam Rodriguez 2 месяца назад Luis L.S love my boy
  • Kat Beauty
    Kat Beauty 2 месяца назад Growth. 😎💯😊
  • Anonymously Epic
    Anonymously Epic 2 месяца назад Love helps
  • Miss Elana
    Miss Elana 2 месяца назад Better question is how can we all ...
  • kathy evans
    kathy evans 2 месяца назад Luis L.S L O V E
  • Bobby Tarantino
    Bobby Tarantino 2 месяца назад Luis L.S it‘s just like dat: 3:00
  • Adrolyct 2323
    Adrolyct 2323 2 месяца назад SuperDuperRyle but is no body fucking with him because of his ego?
  • A Panda
    A Panda 2 месяца назад money
  • MineFall MG - the stop motion maker
    MineFall MG - the stop motion maker 2 месяца назад He bloomed
  • Marion Thomas
    Marion Thomas 2 месяца назад It’s possible
  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith 2 месяца назад Him and Earl sweatshirt basically switched places
  • Giselle Maldonado
    Giselle Maldonado 2 месяца назад it's called growth
  • Rachel Senese
    Rachel Senese 2 месяца назад Blossomed
  • Munti H.
    Munti H. 2 месяца назад He decided to bloom
  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle Nelson 2 месяца назад He got rich
  • voodotc11
    voodotc11 2 месяца назад he sucked that dick
  • Reconman 213
    Reconman 213 2 месяца назад Luis L.S money
  • Estefania De la rosa
    Estefania De la rosa 2 месяца назад Kali uchis xD
  • psychotrip
    psychotrip 2 месяца назад Character development!
  • CXLE
    CXLE 2 месяца назад he wasnt ever really suicidal. he used to be very angry (likely about his outcast-y situation) and so he would say dark and suicidal things. now, i think hes just tired of the way he feels, which is what flower boy is mainly about
  • Matthew Barkley
    Matthew Barkley 2 месяца назад I mean it's been proved that jayden smith is a little crazy but I don't think Tyler is
  • wendyWERKKZ
    wendyWERKKZ 1 месяц назад Growth, im.happy for him
  • Jack Mitchell
    Jack Mitchell 1 месяц назад now he’s in grandpa mode
  • Carter Wildes
    Carter Wildes 1 месяц назад Ftp all day
  • Way2Dylagent
    Way2Dylagent 1 месяц назад Who dat boy ain't that old.... He still a crazy weirdo too🤣
  • That Avocado
    That Avocado 5 дней назад Money
  • Milan Townsend
    Milan Townsend 2 дня назад Ben Shepherd obviously you didn’t watch the whole video there’s a message behind everything and I’m pretty sure it’s not all happy
  • Ariel
    Ariel 1 месяц назад This is the most underrated music video in history, it literally makes me cry every time - something profoundly beautiful about the imagery that I can't really explain
  • kliadus
    kliadus 1 месяц назад 6ix9ine MV: 500M views This MV: 20M views
  • TR ObamaCare
    TR ObamaCare Неделю назад @kliadus moron this has more story. Fuck 69
  • Oisin Coulter
    Oisin Coulter Неделю назад ok nigga
  • Sam404. Exe
    Sam404. Exe 2 дня назад I agree, this is not only verbally gifted it’s also image gifted
  • Ryan Lac's Edits
    Ryan Lac's Edits 1 месяц назад (изменено) Showed this too my dog Hes a dog wtf did you expect him to do
  • ur mom's name
    ur mom's name 3 недели назад but he still likes the song tho doesnt he
  • Ryan Lac's Edits
    Ryan Lac's Edits 3 недели назад ur mom's name ofc If he didn’t he wouldn’t be a good boy
  • Prunes TheGod
    Prunes TheGod Неделю назад *to also shut the fuck up
  • AgilityDZN
    AgilityDZN Неделю назад when ur unoriginal
  • Ryan Lac's Edits
    Ryan Lac's Edits Неделю назад AgilityDZN just checked your channel out Nice channel man i subbes 👍🏻
  • Rap Slob
    Rap Slob Неделю назад Sorry beep bob berrick stole your comment
  • AgilityDZN
    AgilityDZN 6 дней назад @Rap Slob Really hope you're joking.
  • Ryan Lac's Edits
    Ryan Lac's Edits 6 дней назад AgilityDZN bahahahahhaa Idk if he saw the date they were posted
  • rachel wilper
    rachel wilper 2 недели назад me: why is rocky there? also me: shhhh don’t question it
  • NOT a YT Guru !
    NOT a YT Guru ! 6 дней назад Same! Lol
  • Ayan Melo
    Ayan Melo 6 дней назад Same! 😅
  • Denyse Alvarez
    Denyse Alvarez 5 дней назад Same 😂
  • Drill_tha Bomb
    Drill_tha Bomb 4 дня назад They’re good friends that’s why
  • Raysfan23
    Raysfan23 3 месяца назад frank ocean always sounds so good on tylers tracks