How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Linux Lite 2016

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Installing Linux & Windows in Dual Boot: CORRECT PARTITION SCHEME & BOOT LOADER SETUP

In this video, I will cover two important steps of Installing Linux alongside your windows OS. 1) Choosing the correct Partition scheme 2) Setting up your Windows Boot loader to boot to Linux instead of Linux bootloader (e.g : GRUB) During a standard Linux installation, a user do not have to worry about this. But when you are trying to install Linux in separate partition, keeping your current OS, it gets little trickier. If you do not configure these two options correctly, you might end up corrupting your bootloader or previous OS installation. I will also show how you can add your Linux os option to the Windows 8 bootloader using BCDedit. This is important so that in case in future if you decide to get rid of Linux OS, your computer boots normally without any issues.


One of the biggest problem that a new user to linux faces is choosing the right linux distro from thousands of available linux distros out there. Your choice is extremely important because if you choose the wrong linux distro especially at the beginning, you may end up disliking the entire linux platform. In this video, i will give you my list of top 5 BEST linux Distros for desktop. If you think that some other linux distro that deserves to be in the list, kindly mention that in the comment section below.

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Look @ Linux Lite 3.6 - More Of The Same Solid Goodness

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Make Bootable USB video Link :

in this video i will show you how to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Linux Lite

for this you have to know how to make Boot-able USB or DVD from ISO file in your Windows 8.1 computer

i already make tutorial on this topic , so if you don't know how to do this

then please check out my video here :

After making boot-able USB you should know how to boot your computer from USB stick.

For Dell computers press F12 to go to boot menu and select USB drive , and it will boot your computer from USB
Or you can go to BIOS setup by pressing F2 and in boot section change boot order to boot from USB.

Or if you are on other computer then press Escape Key or F12 or F11 , or may be F8

And for Bios Setup you can press either F1 or F2.

Ok now , installation steps are very simple ,

First we need to create empty partition for our Linux Lite from C drive or any other drive that has enough space in it

After this we will insert our DVD or USB drive into computer and restart our computer

After this we will boot our computer from USB or DVD

And then We will install our Linux Lite

And at the end we will verify that both Linux Lite and Windows 8.1 are working fine.

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