Technology will change retail shopping - but it's not what you think | Taylor Romero | TEDxMileHigh

Published on Aug 8, 2016 174,458 views

The internet of things is here, and technologist Taylor Romero is first in line to bring these new advances into his wife’s barbershop & clothing store. Brick-and-mortar stores are in competition with online retail, but might the internet save his family shop? Join Taylor has he pulls back the curtain on the future of IOT-integrated retail.

Taylor Romero landed his first web gig at the age of 14 and worked several high-profile positions in the tech industry before going in a totally new direction, diving into retail and men’s fashion. He and his wife, Becca, opened Spruce, a menswear boutique and barbershop, in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Taylor is passionate about the ways technology can impact our world, and hopes to play a part in helping put Denver on the map as a tech mecca.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

  • Sarah Herman
    Sarah Herman 10 месяцев назад The internet is exactly what us millennials want - instant gratification. We have little patience since we have grown up with all this technology. I like when he talks about how inpatient we are online while shopping, but we are willing to wait in long lines for something in a store.
  • Ayten Ün
    Ayten Ün 1 день назад very interesting topic but veerryy exhausting performance...
  • Evgeny An
    Evgeny An Год назад Impossible to watch and low quality content
  • Ali Hejazi
    Ali Hejazi Год назад it was exhausting to watch !
  • Fernando Andrés Salinas Muñoz
    Fernando Andrés Salinas Muñoz Год назад Technology for pleasant consumption. Is that the way technology’s always been?
  • angeles tha P
    angeles tha P 2 года назад (: good thing. I ain't the only 1.
  • MischievousMoo
    MischievousMoo Год назад (изменено) You're not the only one doing what?
  • Jose Carlos Ramírez Vásquez
    Jose Carlos Ramírez Vásquez Год назад Well done Mr. Romero! =D
  • prettilicious
    prettilicious 3 недели назад 👏👏👏 what a great presentation! Such a good watch, both informative and hilarious, highly entertaining. 👍
  • Maher Shakhtur
    Maher Shakhtur 2 года назад truethfull I meant...a small cel w small screen doesnt help... blessu all.
  • Carl Schultz
    Carl Schultz Год назад Haha dude we should connect. You are hilarious :) I love where your heads at. Keep up the great speeches. Maybe I can stop by your business for a haircut.
    ASHRA Год назад Heading into a TECHONOLOGY Prison!
  • Bernardo Lopez
    Bernardo Lopez Год назад Now everyone on TEDx Talks wants to be an standup comedian.
  • Kyle Comino
    Kyle Comino 9 месяцев назад Bernardo Lopez It's happening in our churches too :( People just gotta be entertained
  • ska punk
    ska punk Год назад the scary thing is he's right hundred percent like the night that day is coming and as that day comes you lose your freedom the government will know more about you I for one welcome the side I don't pay taxes on certain things that will change when they turn cash into cashless I love my cash because it keeps them at my business for now
  • Sly25
    Sly25 Год назад I wish you success. I was sceptical but i love it
  • Essa Alzaabi
    Essa Alzaabi Год назад So lame, this is not a comedy show
  • Sebastián Corral
    Sebastián Corral 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Interesting POV, and many good insights. I just wonder about all those "the way it's always been" moments of the speech...that gives me the shivers LOL
  • Richard Obore
    Richard Obore Год назад Polarizing chap (see how the reviews below are split) but i enjoyed it thoroughly and had a few light bulb moments as a result. Thanks!
  • zana mou
    zana mou 1 месяц назад Loved it 😊😊
  • peep aven
    peep aven Год назад Yes.. trying too hard and so very rehearsed down to inflection and hand gestures etc..... couldn't get through first 2 minutes.. speak naturally..
  • Will Vice
    Will Vice Год назад 1:35 , can someone explain his joke about how he doesn't want to risk bringing in manufacturing
  • Taylor Romero
    Taylor Romero Год назад Hey Will! The idea behind it was that people who live without technology deserve a "tip of the hat" except, just to get the hat to my head, it required a serious amount of technology (manufacturing, logistics, etc).
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