I TAUGHT MY MUM TO DO MAKEUP! Ultimate Mature / Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial! Makeup Dos and Donts

Published on Apr 16, 2019 42,143 views

In this video I teach my mum to do her OWN makeup as good as professional makeup artist! Can you believe she did this makeup almost on her own? The tutorial is packed full of tips that anyone of ANY age can use - but if you have a mum or aunty or grandma who you want to help feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL then this tutorial is for you! Or if you're a babe of a mature woman and you want to pick up a few mature makeup tips then this is the video for you too! Hooded eyes, fine lines, mature skin – we’ve got it ALL covered (with a few makeup dos and donts thrown in there for good measure!) We hope you love it!!

P R O D U C T S F E A T U R E D I N V I D E O (in order of appearance):
- FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filtr Foundation
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- FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filtr Powder in Banana
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- TARTE Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette http://bit.ly/2KFV2cu
- SIGMA Large Shader E60 Brush http://bit.ly/2PaVJJo
- SIGMA E25 Blending Brush http://bit.ly/2IzyEP8
- SIGMA E35 Blending Brush http://bit.ly/2Dqyqqr
- SIGMA Small Tapered E45 Brush http://bit.ly/2UBZq0x
- SIGMA L06 Lip Brush (used on eyes) http://bit.ly/2KHqrv9
- SIGMA Eyeliner Pencil http://bit.ly/2IxRohX
- COLORPOP Foundation http://bit.ly/2De1wJa
- SIGMA P87 Edge Precision Concealer Brush http://bit.ly/2PacnZH
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    Jillian Burke 1 месяц назад "You look like a psycho when you smile. Just act normal. " "I was." 😂😂😂
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    Kay Mae 1 месяц назад you're such a wholesome youtuber i love it. glad ur not fake like the rest
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    Stephanie Lange 1 месяц назад Thank you so much beautiful one!! xx
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    Gina meidell 1 месяц назад So true. Most are so fake. They use people-- young girls. Sad.
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    Beth Larkcom 1 месяц назад I don’t have mature skin and not planning to do anyone’s mature makeup, but I love watching you two ❤️❤️❤️
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    Clairessa Mack 1 месяц назад Your Mom is adorable! Come back, Nola!!
  • Lisa Clarke
    Lisa Clarke 1 месяц назад Your mum makes me laugh. And these videos are so informative for us more mature ladies. I’m Australian, 47 and have hooded eyes so I can really relate. Going to invest in some Sigma brushes as the right tools really do make a difference.
  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear 1 месяц назад Loved it!! Your mom is such a good sport. These mature make up videos are my favourite!! Thanks for sharing!! 🤗
  • Mrs10yearsafter
    Mrs10yearsafter 1 месяц назад Well in my age.. I do LOVE these 😍👌. If I would be rude I would Demand more 🙈! But I'm not 🙃❤ I found her on YT looking for advice for hooded eyes, watched one and I was hooked!!! a few years goes by so fast and she still is herself, feet👢 on the ground. 👍 I do admire that, she could've have cut corners but..No! and I think it has to do with having a loving mother like she has- she brought up a beautiful, smart, super sweet, lovely, witty business woman💕 .. She must be as adorable as her daughter's!! I'm so happy for the whole family 😭💕(happy tears!) about the Baby!! now I really get the saying "a bundle of joy"👶💓
  • Beverly Collins
    Beverly Collins 1 месяц назад I know what you mean about that. Angie Schmidt at YouTube channel hot&flashy, is a 57 year old woman who does not look her age. Watching her videos over the last seven years, she looks younger then when she started her Channel. She is very upfront about any procedures that she's had done like botox, fillers, dual fraxel laser treatment to get rid of sun damage, and ultherapy to do the same. She does makeup tutorials, but she is extremely in-depth about the best skin care for mature women. ⚠️Warning: if you don't want to hear about sunscreen, do not go. She has had skin care interviews with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner. Curology and The Ordinary have also used her profile pics in their ads. Maybe you've seen her around.
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    Mermaid ArtistQueen 1 месяц назад Stephanie Lange sooo cute I hope she gets to stay with you for a while. It’s important to have help early on. Hopefully your in laws will want to babysit a lot or you’ll find a nanny or childcare.
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    Stephanie Lange 1 месяц назад Aw my love! I bet your mum was absolutely lovely. I really believe that we are reunited with our loved ones when we pass over <3 xx