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H&M Interview - Sales Advisor 3 A former H&M sales advisor talks about the interview process, interview questions, how to get a job and what its like to work for H&M.

What to Wear to a Wedding - The Video Style Guide - REISS

In What to Wear to a Wedding, Reiss’ Head of Menswear Design, Alex Field, shows you how to dress for a big day in three very different ways. Shop the Video: View the Series:

A-Z of Beauty Together

i-D and Sephora present Beauty Together, a new film celebrating the beauty rituals of an eclectic mix of girls and boys – including the likes of Rowan Blanchard and Amandla Stenberg - who represent different scenes and styles from all corners of culture. From Health Goths to Pin-ups to Voguers and more, each letter of the alphabet spotlights a different tribe of real people with a unique beauty identity, showcasing each group's process of getting ready and perfecting their looks. Ultimately, the A-Z of Beauty Together tells a story of how, no matter who you are and what you look like, we all beauty together. ALL PRODUCT PROVIDED BY SEPHORA Director: Danielle Levitt Producer: Stephanie Porto Director of Photography: David Raboy Producer & Assistant Director: Laura DuBois Editor: Timothy Arnold Stylist: Megan Gray Make Up: Georgi Sandev Hair: Amy Farid Music: Calvin McElroy feat. vocals by K Rizz Camera Assistant: Aly Migliori 2nd Camera: Zander Fife Gaffer: David Gettens Best Boy: Balz Biellmann Key Grip: Scott Sousa Grip: Greg Antonopoulos, George Matsuo, Rome Petersson Production Design: Lauren Bahr for Anne Koch Studios Casting: Starworks, Gitoo for The Pull Art Department: Chloe Park Sound: Andrew Yip Boom Operator: Michael Moote Color and Titles: Suite Sixteen, Tim Ferro Sound Mix and Music Supervision: Ian Christopher Noel Styling department: Jillian Amos Make Up department: Bailee Wolfs, Carolyn Brennan, Dawn Nicole, Sierra Min, Beau Derrick, Mami Iizuka Hair department: Kira Stuger Production Manager: Tracy Rivas Production Department: Casey Hollister, Anthony Payne, Sean O'Loane, Eric Chiriboga, Matthew Small, Jesse Miller Gordon, Natalia Mantini, Justin Ross Catering: My Kitchen Witch Equipment: Hand Held Films, Village Caterer, Root Drive-In, Gotham Sound, Lentini Communications, Kits & Expendables, Picture Cars Danny Choy Animals Courtesy: Chateau Stables, Dave Cohen, Thomas Kay Boardman, Dese Escobar, Jenny Moreno i-D Team Executive Producer: Tom Punch Creative Producer: Amanda Kim Global Group Director of Video: Ravi Amaratunga Head of Creative: Bunny Kinney A - Advanced Style: Debra Rapoport, Beatrix Ost B - B Ballers: Cecilia Salama, Allison Clark, Andrea Bergart, Jenny Lee, Liz Hopkins C - Cheerleaders: CC Cheer Camp: Toniann Scuderi, Melissa Edmonds, Gabby Sargenti, Brittany Benanti, Jasmine Johnson, Kasey Bronstein, Brielle Bellew, Sydney Connolly, Karina Miesner D - Dog Lovers: Jenny Moreno, Dese Escobar E - Earthy Girls: Amandla Stenberg, Leedabee Armoogam, Ruqayyah Albaari, Thembi Hanify, Rachel Trachtenburg F - Freckles: Julia "Apple" Encalada, Yasmine Blaoui G - Gypset, Domonique Echeverria, Reign Apiim, Lizz Jardim H - Health Goth: Marcel Pawlas, Lindsey Jones, Jovel Ramos, Alees Yvon I - Instagirls: Rowan Blanchard, Emily Knecht, London Ziloh, Kimi Selfridge J - J Sette: Emerald Ladies, Sharlee Felton, Tatianna Footman, Destiny Debrosse, Sunae Williams K - K Pop: K Rizz, Sally Oh, Rebekah Seok, Sylvia Kim L - Lolita: Ashley Sabol, Kat Imperial, Alula Samundap, Xiaoyu Duan M - Metalheads: Ellen Alberts, Kathleen Rushford, Axel Cucho, Don Berger, Jose Gutierrez N - Nail Maids: Holly Falcone, Myiako Bellizzi, Tamara Santibanez, Natalia Mantini P - Pin Up: Bunny Buxom, Mallorie Carrington, Amanda Lensink Q - Queens: Stephanie Parra, Brooke Demetri, Taylor Yaeger, Danielle Harloff R - Riot Grrl: Jillian Mercado, Kay Kasparhauser of The Prettiots, Lulu Laurette Prat of The Prettiots, Charlotte Wimberley of Surfbort, Dani Miller of Surfbort S - Size Doesnt Matter: Diana Veras, Paula Magyar, Dounia Tazi, Minahil Mahmood T - Tomboy: Grace Ahlbom, Gia Seo, Mikey Burns, Samantha Robles U - Urban Cowgirl: Sonia Khmara, Olivia Moriarty, Olivia Basil, Emma Ferniano, Nicole Shneyder, Bleu Parks, Farrell Seger V - Valley Girl: Lena Greene, Qiana Roberts, Elizabeth Englander, Emily McHugh, Coco Campbell W - Wet Look: Patricia Pinto, Tracy Rivas, Nick Bravante X - House of Xtravaganza: GrandFather Hector Xtravaganza, Jose Disla Xtravaganza, Mother Gisele Xtravaganza, Father Jose Xtravaganza, Angie Xtravaganza, Derek Huggins Xtravaganza, Alexia Garcia Xtravaganza, Gerardo Felix – Xtravaganza, Chealsea Rivera Xtravaganza, Jeremy Xtravaganza Z - Z Racers: Leneia Vinarao, Mara Balagtas, Elle Woo, Linda Nguyen, Michelle Cortez Follow i-D: YouTube Twitter Facebook: Pinterest: Tumblr: Instagram: Soundcloud: More videos from the VICE network:

The Sound of COS

Experience the sound of COS and explore our collection in a short film by Lernert & Sander…

Fashion collection inspired by architecture, sculpture and painting

Fashion collection inspired by architecture, sculpture and painting Hi again! Thank you for leaving me comments on my videos. I am so happy when I receive messages and likes from you guys because this means I am on the right path and I should continue filming my videos. I am so happy that you find them useful and that I see so much interactivity in my channel:) I am almost done with all your comment requests and here we are today, making a special collection for all of you who asked to see an architecture, sculpture and painting inspired collection.I decided to play a little game with you, if you are willing to try it. At the end of each of my videos I will present you up to 10 inspirational pictures on the same topic. For example, this time I will post some architecture, sculptures and modern paintings for you to get inspired. What you will have to do is to make 3 to 5 sketches and send them to me on my email: and I will give you a personal feed-back to each of you and then present it on my next video.So, the challenge starts today, and you will have to create 3-5 garments inspired by the pictures at the end of this video. All this, until next Thursday. Waiting for your emails:) And now, let's enjoy the video:) As always, I started by sketching in pencil my fashion sketches. First I searched on Pinterest and Google and I was inspired by some modern buildings and interior decorations. I always search for interesting forms because otherwise, if the form is too simple, the costume will look poor and not attractive, nor interesting. It is nice to create minimalist outfits but for that, I will do another video when finishing these series. So, as I said, try to decompose what you see in small pieces. Is it the structure that inspires you? Or a glass surface of a building? The fact that if you turn upside down the image you will see other things that could inspire? Try them all and play with the source of inspiration. Also, there is no need to explore all these parts in all your drawings. Only one element could be enough but don;t worry, even if you overcrowded a dress, you could always sketch it again and simplify it. I am not interested in the color now because structure is construction is all i need. The color and textures, you can add them later. Going to the next theme, the modern sculpture helped me to imagine big and asymmetric volumes. The holes can be replaced by patterns or folding or they can be left as holes if you want. For the second drawing I was in love with the wrinkles and dynamic forms of the sculpture. I immediately thought of a nice ivory dress exploring the foldings. For the upper part i imagined tridimensional volumes but for the lower part i thought of just using lines to create graphic flat and fake folding. I considered adding volume everywhere could be too much, so I reduce it and left it only in the upper part of my outfit. For the third costume, I said i could use Pierre Soulages abstract paintings. Soulages is a French painter, engraver, and sculptor who was called "the painter of black"- the reasons are obvious, i guess.The stripes inspired me to create a costume by overlapping stripes in multiple directions: diagonals, verticals or horizontals. Going to my next 3 sketches, once again I used an Pierre Soulages painting. I had to add the beautiful blue because this is in fact what a sketch does. If you will look at it in a few years, you should remember even the source of inspiration. I had to capture the blue, so I choose to add colors on this sketch. If you will decide later what colors should have your outfit, there is no need to add it right now. The second outfit was inspired by and abstract sculpture that reminded me of a Romanian sculpture, Ovidiu Maitec. The holes and the organic shapes were something that I had to explore and use. As about the last one, the stretched fibers and draping and also the color inspired me to create a vibrant dress in a fine transparent material. Hope you enjoyed my video and now, see the images for my challenge for next week. Also, if you did not subscribed yet, please do. Thank you and take care:)

Creative Director Vicky Lawton of Hunger Magazine takes inspiration from the Reiss AW15 collection for this exclusive fashion film.

Vicky says “The collection is inspired by Pierre Soulages prints. I wanted to bring that thick brushstroke element to the film along with the interesting use of colour. The stark, white setting provides a contrast for the vivid colours. The models are free to interact with the paint and each other.”

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