Bachly Construction - Elegant, Contemporary Luxury Home

Published on Sep 10, 2014 2,231,299 views

Take a virtual tour of this stunning 5,800 sq.ft. modern home in Oakville, Ontario. Built by Bachly Construction's Custom Homes Division. Visit www.bachly.com for more amazing projects. CHBA Custom Home of the Year Finalist. #bachlybuilt

  • Forever and ever I swear!
    Forever and ever I swear! Год назад When u cant afford it you just watch it..
  • orangejuicerox
    orangejuicerox 3 года назад I always thought i didnt like modern interior design but i guess it was because i never seen one done right. The interior is stunning, spacious but still cozy, simple yet still colorful. The exterior has modern edges but seamlessly blend in with the surrounding. Amazing home!!
  • vimublue
    vimublue 2 года назад Allright no more unemployed life, I'm going to start a business
  • Caleb J.K cook
    Caleb J.K cook 3 недели назад vimublue it's been 2 years, how's the business?
  • Soniyah Manley
    Soniyah Manley 3 месяца назад vimublue hows it working, bud?
  • Richard Parungao
    Richard Parungao 10 месяцев назад I just read your comment, 'tis been a year ago. How's your business doin' or do you have any lol
  • SGFluxsa
    SGFluxsa Год назад vimublue any luck yet bro?
  • Lord Remuru
    Lord Remuru Год назад vimublue how's that business going?
  • courtney bryant
    courtney bryant Год назад You are correct build your business credit and get into real estate you will be buying this in no time bruh good luck to you
  • Fadrian
    Fadrian Год назад vimublue hows it going?
  • Theguy 12
    Theguy 12 Год назад Caped Cod That's 8 years of medical school, though.
  • Caped Cod
    Caped Cod Год назад Or you just become a surgeon and move to Seattle some plastic surgeons make 600k a year also the avarage wage for a plastic surgeon is 450k a. Year
  • ronalda padit
    ronalda padit 2 года назад Agent not necessarily. Some of the wealthiest people in the world aren't celebrities. They are creative/innovative or business minded
  • OfficialAfflection
    OfficialAfflection 2 года назад Agent nah, I mean it Will be hard but If you get a nice degree and work your way upwards in for example the finance business, then this home easily can be yours. But it requires very hard work!
  • Agent
    Agent 2 года назад vimublue Lol.. The only way to have this house is become a celebrity!
  • sniperrrish
    sniperrrish 2 года назад Awesomeness lol, but that doesn't tell me anything sir
  • Addy
    Addy 2 года назад sniperrrish Too busy to reply to your comment.lol
  • sniperrrish
    sniperrrish 2 года назад would like to know where ya at in your business now lol
  • James Newkirk
    James Newkirk 2 года назад (изменено) vimublue that's the good way, the right way, the capitalist way, republican way. Because you are actually trying to EARN something unlike the filthy democratic socialist way of sitting on ur ass all day waiting for tax money to go buy a Big Mac. I am truly proud of you
  • James Brunt
    James Brunt 2 года назад i don't think they have enough wine.
  • dshchurov
    dshchurov 2 месяца назад This is a trick to sell a house. This is not owners' stuff. In no one house. Houses are never sold with owners' wine or pillows. This particular house is surrounded by trees. So, such amount of wine will help to attract those who want to escape. imho
  • livinglifeasachinese communistincanada
    livinglifeasachinese communistincanada Год назад James Brunt LOL u will get drunked and destroy this expensive house you just bought
  • Will Fultz
    Will Fultz Год назад James Brunt my last home had 3 (2 full size and a bar/kitchen in the basement) and I actually found it to be very convenient
  • Karensa Brady
    Karensa Brady Год назад Twilightblue7 lmao you have so much water you could own a blue whale and never find it
  • Twilightblue7
    Twilightblue7 2 года назад LOL Well one thing, you damn-sure won't get thirsty living there.
  • Naomi
    Naomi 4 года назад I love using these ideas for my sims homes
  • veipunii lana
    veipunii lana 4 месяца назад What is Sims Iam sorry I sound dump
  • Hicks Hicks
    Hicks Hicks 5 месяцев назад Naomi omg samme
  • Its_MaddieTheUnicorn
    Its_MaddieTheUnicorn 5 месяцев назад I use these for bloxburg 😂😂😂
  • Caca Koala
    Caca Koala 5 месяцев назад Naomi i am here for buissness and u r here for sims kids these days *i am a kid btw
  • CinBad 278
    CinBad 278 5 месяцев назад Yo I came here JUST FOR THAT 😂😂💀
  • Its_MaddieTheUnicorn
    Its_MaddieTheUnicorn 6 месяцев назад For me it's bloxburg
  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 10 месяцев назад Lmao!
  • BlueBerry Girl19
    BlueBerry Girl19 10 месяцев назад Naomi But I don’t think it’s gonna work...
  • BlueBerry Girl19
    BlueBerry Girl19 10 месяцев назад Naomi Imma try to build this on Roblox Bloxburg 😋
  • Zinetha
    Zinetha Год назад Me too!
  • YGK Kitchen Cabinets and Design
    YGK Kitchen Cabinets and Design Год назад Maybe video tour from Sims house?
  • ST
    ST Год назад Same, except there's not that much customization.
  • Karensa Brady
    Karensa Brady Год назад Cookie Tube1914 i managed to build a nice house i found online and it looks great. However this house didnt work out so good :P lol.
  • xXEmmaTube1914 Xx
    xXEmmaTube1914 Xx Год назад Karensa Brady mhm but I keep on failing
  • Karensa Brady
    Karensa Brady Год назад Cookie Tube1914 lol same
  • xXEmmaTube1914 Xx
    xXEmmaTube1914 Xx Год назад Hey It's Naomi I Use It For MINECRAFT ideas
  • Hareka Tysiri
    Hareka Tysiri 2 года назад omg! I'm not the only one!!!
  • Karynna Hill
    Karynna Hill 3 года назад +Ricky 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😩
  • RICKY †
    RICKY † 3 года назад lol
  • MaXi
    MaXi 2 года назад This literally motivates me to study
  • EpicfaceMcepic
    EpicfaceMcepic 3 дня назад Addy yeah vascular surgeons definitely cannot afford that with their salary of like 300-400k
  • Hiro
    Hiro 4 недели назад No i think you have to study hard and get stressful 9-5 jobs for the rest of your life. Dont listen to others, they are definitely wrong.
  • Jeffrey Washington
    Jeffrey Washington 1 месяц назад The only way to get that house is Powerball or or a Hollywood plastic surgeon
  • Phil Conway
    Phil Conway 1 месяц назад @Addy Bad advice because there's too many college degrees to narrow your down your blanket statement. If you're nearing a 6 figure salary, you can most certainly afford something like this after a few years of solid saving.
  • Marion Sabandal
    Marion Sabandal 1 месяц назад the most important things in life....are not things
  • Irrational Pancake
    Irrational Pancake 2 месяца назад First time I’ve ever heard that sentence
  • Alejandra Baltazar
    Alejandra Baltazar 2 месяца назад Me too! Not a degree but the stocks market!!
  • Edrian Nala
    Edrian Nala 2 месяца назад That's god but it won't make you that reach tbh. We need to be business minded and apply it to reality because the no 1 richest on earth are businessman and businesswomam. Unless you are a scientist, but what is the point if you are living on space.
  • Victorianne Castle
    Victorianne Castle 2 месяца назад @Addy You're one of those anti-college people. Actually, it varies. If his degree is from Silicon Valley, there is a chance. Doctors and lawyers can also make that much money.
  • malicalik 13
    malicalik 13 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Here is another deal breaker from me: even if you make it as a millionaire you will be nearly or maybe more than 50 years old. Humans tend to notice there are more important things in life than working for material things in those ages, which I guess is a tough dilemma of life itself.
  • Caca Koala
    Caca Koala 5 месяцев назад I am really lucky to have my parents as doctors and one day i will live that life
  • J L
    J L 6 месяцев назад MaXi, don't listen to these commenters. Some are on track; yes, but most... Not so much. School definitely CAN get you here in some cases. Source: my wife and I are working with Bachly construction at the moment to build something similar to this home here. And guess what? I am an oral surgeon & my wife is an orthodontist..... No business owners here :) Not saying it's a bad thing to start a business! I'm just proving that you can get to high financial levels through studying!
  • m nur
    m nur 6 месяцев назад @reshi p he's got a point tho aside from his business thingy which I get the vibe he is selling. Degree won't do you jack in the real world long term wise. Even if you look at statistic of people who have wealth none would say they got it thanks to a degree or even worst a job. Even a doctor eventually learns the game is rigged so he opens his own clinic or hospital. You can't rely on job it's too unstable and not so secure.
  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 6 месяцев назад Hope u studying about investments.
    EVANDER 6 месяцев назад MaXi just rob bank..problem solved
  • reshi p
    reshi p 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Detchas stfu idiot....good luck with your shitty business idea when you have no technical skill Degrees and experience are vital for most non superstar businessmen
  • Rickey Murray
    Rickey Murray 8 месяцев назад Brooo me too
  • Detchas
    Detchas 9 месяцев назад College degree won't help you . Be self employed or have a business . As a business owner you'll have the chance for a home like this
  • Vineet Maheshwari
    Vineet Maheshwari Год назад What ever required in our lives,we should convert in to our Business as per our capacity.
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Год назад Jeff Reeds actually he’s right, we’ll both of you are…you can’t get to the top purely off “hard work” you gotta work smarter not harder if you expect to get anywhere. Use your brain and body to take full advantage of the world around you improve you’re self mentally and physically all the time strive for knowledge and there’s really nothing you can’t bring to life but the whole college degree is a money scam proven time and time again and will now in this age most likely get you out on the streets rather than how much a college degree used to be worth.
  • Jeff Reeds
    Jeff Reeds Год назад Awesomeness if you think working your way to the top is outdated then you need your ass whipped first of all, then you need to realize that with your mentality you won’t be achieving much in life.
  • mrfoltz
    mrfoltz Год назад I agree... if all it took was just hard work, I'd be a multi millionaire! Because, working 12-14 hour days and only getting paid for 8, thinking it would somehow pay off one day... for other people's dreams, I've help make a few assholes very rich indeed and now suffer physically for it and just got crapped on as thanks for all my effort... :P
  • xtropix
    xtropix Год назад MaXi trust me a 9-5 will get you nothing but a headache i’d steer away from it these people are actually telling you some real stuff
  • kanyo lo
    kanyo lo Год назад a secure job is need to provide adequate and stable income in order to follow the "dreams", i think there is no free lunch and money will not fall from the sky.
  • Addy
    Addy 2 года назад (изменено) You either graduate to work for other people's dreams, or you work for your dreams. But only one can get you there. If all it took was just hard work, we would both see wayy more rich people than we normally do. Don't you think? "get college degree, get a job, and work your way to the top".. is kinda outdated. now it's more like "have the guts to follow your dreams or get a 'secure job' to live a mediocre ass life" Your Choice!
  • MaXi
    MaXi 2 года назад Awesomeness You can get this life with anything if you work hard enough "Hun". Gtfo
  • Addy
    Addy 2 года назад Oh Hun, You're not gonna get this life with college degree
  • Golden Kappa
    Golden Kappa 2 года назад MaXi Same!
  • Xox ~w 💕
    Xox ~w 💕 3 года назад Growing up in a below middle class neighborhood with a single parent, I can only dream of having something like this! I will do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true
  • BeerKa007
    BeerKa007 2 месяца назад You will have a waaaaay better home!
  • A D
    A D 7 месяцев назад Cool , so its been 3 years now .. got the house yet ?
  • BlueMoon Builds
    BlueMoon Builds 10 месяцев назад Just go build it on Roblox
  • abdelaziz zekra
    abdelaziz zekra 10 месяцев назад Would you kill someone to get what you want?
  • Deep Motivation
    Deep Motivation 11 месяцев назад don't worry about it. believe in LAW OF ATTRACTION it will happen just learn how that thing works
  • S E
    S E 11 месяцев назад tadra jaka_Roblox and more there's no shame in that. I pray for your family that you one day will be able to have high income so your family can enjoy even more nicer life with less struggle. Freedom.
  • S E
    S E 11 месяцев назад star wars reviews may GOD BLESS YOU!💚
  • S E
    S E 11 месяцев назад (изменено) OTNOROT 416 Hip Hop work smart not hard. Hard work is doing work that is grueling imho. Good work is doing work that is rewarding and satisfying while also being effective and successful and providing a win win for all involved. Hard work is doing roofing in 100 degree weather or having to be a security guard standing in one spot for 8 hours a day 6 days week for 💩 money. Respect. That's hard.💚🙏
  • S E
    S E 11 месяцев назад Aladdin Qouqazeh I respectfully disagree in regards to chasing. Chasing is what one does when they're trying to catch something trying to flee. Fleeing is what occurs when a person or an animal is running away from something because something is prompting them to flee. You see. Now. Imho I believe with GODs love and our faith and right action and living a humble life filled with gratitude and compassion etc, their is no need to chase. Because with GOD by ones side imho we can MANIFEST and ATTRACT what it is that we desire once we understand that it's because of GODs loving will that an individual chooses to allow to enter into their spirit essence. Most people unfortunately have become their own god hence why they seem to constantly chasing the newest gimmick, magic, astrology, superstitions, etc because they are trying to manipulate the very natural laws that GOD has so perfectly put in place. If a caveman is able to attract fish to his fishing hole thru right action and proper wisdom rather than having to scheme and plot on how to catch the fish that are constantly fleeing why would anyone to waste their precious energy and resources chasing something or someone who is fleeing from ones grasp. Just my two centd💚🙏
  • S E
    S E 11 месяцев назад Xox ~w 💕 May GOD BLESS YOU WITH YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COMING TRUE. I can relate. It's been a hard rough life so far but I'm still very grateful. "What you seek is seeking you." -RUMI💚🙏
  • Everlark Stars
    Everlark Stars Год назад Xox ~w 💕 same here
  • Baron1250
    Baron1250 Год назад Lottery man, it will make even the dumbest people rich in a second.
  • Helloo
    Helloo Год назад Xox ~w 💕 you’ll probably have this house if you’re successful and probably around 27 - 37 year old to became this music secession unless you’re a celebrity
  • Fay Morr
    Fay Morr Год назад BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song I’ll join ya babe me and my mate have made a pact that if we don’t own a big house by the time we are 25 we are gonna go to stripping or the lady of the night
  • livinglifeasachinese communistincanada
    livinglifeasachinese communistincanada Год назад Xox ~w 💕 same i live in a neighborhood with old houses i can only dream
  • star wars reviews
    star wars reviews Год назад I am a artist and my dream is to build and own and also live in a modern house,it will be the first modern house in the town that I live in.
  • XxmidnightxX
    XxmidnightxX Год назад Xox ~w 💕 i feel u bro and ya i would to and i am when i get older that is
  • Smart Cat Collar Project
    Smart Cat Collar Project Год назад @Justin White exactly... sad, but true.
  • Justin White
    Justin White Год назад Joe Bolanos Actually, doing it right now!
  • joyusa 31
    joyusa 31 Год назад +Justin White just build the house your self make it just the way you dream it
  • Justin White
    Justin White Год назад Lots of bullshit advisers.... no matter how much you save, you’ll never be able to get a place like that on a regular salary. Education, hard work, saving, etc....you will NEVER get there. There are ways though, either be born rich or get lucky. Make connections with right people, tap in onto governmental budgets and still away legally! Then you’ll be there. Not only that, you’ll be able to afford to keep it too!
  • YGK Kitchen Cabinets and Design
    YGK Kitchen Cabinets and Design Год назад Actually market goes to contemporary/modern style and right now many solutions which more affordable and very attractive! I have couple projects like this. Maybe I have to make new video about it.
  • Thetruely undeadgamer
    Thetruely undeadgamer Год назад lucky my family is lower class we live in low income housing
  • SuperOkkas
    SuperOkkas Год назад YOU CAN HAVE IT! Maybe in a smaller scale, but remember, what you think is what you do, what you are, hapiness is around the corner, i am in the same situation as you, and i want to built a house like this, but smaller and be happy with it... best wishes for all of you, greetings from Mexico.
  • Δημήτρης Χαφακιας
    Δημήτρης Χαφακιας Год назад Xox ~w 💕 And when you will have all these. You will not be able to get the pleasure of it.You will not want to ruin it . How beautiful it is , let it keep it this way ... ( i will say ).
  • Klaus Ojjih
    Klaus Ojjih Год назад Ahnaf Ahmad true,habibi
  • Ahnaf Ahmad
    Ahnaf Ahmad Год назад (изменено) Klaus Ojjih she said education not school. She's doesn't mean degree man
  • Blox
    Blox Год назад Xox ~w 💕 same
  • Klaus Ojjih
    Klaus Ojjih Год назад Shama Hashmi not really. A degree doesn't guarantee you financial success
  • Nery Borrayes
    Nery Borrayes Год назад Xox ~w 💕 you will Xox,many of those, not just one. Bless!
  • Shama Hashmi
    Shama Hashmi Год назад Education is the first key to make your dreams come true. All the best.
    Rahul SURESHKUMAR Год назад Xox ~w 💕
  • OTNOROT 416 Hip Hop
    OTNOROT 416 Hip Hop Год назад Work hard
  • Wouter De Wolf
    Wouter De Wolf 2 года назад You'll work so hard that you won't have time to enjoy your house. :) Just find a job you like, and buy the nicest home you can afford with your wage. It's a much happier life. :)
  • masud alvi
    masud alvi 2 года назад There are several components to doing a pro job. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Rohon home build (check it out on google) definately the no.1 course i've seen. look at this incredible website.
  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 2 года назад No one needs this.
  • 阿星-
    阿星- 2 года назад baby ~~you are cute
  • aggi999
    aggi999 2 года назад I grew up in very similar conditions, middle class, my mother being a teacher and my father the CFO of the national police department, I've now managed at the age of 21 to buy my own apartment for approx. 230.000 dollars after working and saving up entirely. I can see I might be able to have something like this in the future. The key to saving up, is cutting down on your unnecessary spendings!
  • patrick scarafone
    patrick scarafone 2 года назад I loved those words :)
  • dunya aeesha almohandis
    dunya aeesha almohandis 2 года назад Philippines house for sale
  • iiCactai
    iiCactai 2 года назад Xox ~w 💕 me too ;) I ❤️ this 🏡 so much
  • Desmond Anderson
    Desmond Anderson 2 года назад Xox ~w 💕 I wish "us" the best of luck to reach that dream home of our.
  • biusydgbifd xyzzhjfkjs
    biusydgbifd xyzzhjfkjs 2 года назад @I' baćckkk I'm not lower class, but I have the same dream.
  • Boe Reh
    Boe Reh 2 года назад +Xox ~w 💕 wow my family and I are lower class and my dream was buy a house like middle class :D
  • biusydgbifd xyzzhjfkjs
    biusydgbifd xyzzhjfkjs 2 года назад Age?
  • BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song
    BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song 2 года назад Well, I'll have to take out myself and the three of you.
  • Xox ~w 💕
    Xox ~w 💕 2 года назад @BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song mhm
  • BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song
    BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song 2 года назад Bu-bu-but then I'm gonna have to sell as on the street by myself?!
  • Xox ~w 💕
    Xox ~w 💕 2 года назад @BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song Nah. I'm getting it. I'm working on my business so.
  • BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song
    BEEP BEEP BEEEP gta song 2 года назад I'm sorry but you're gonna have to sell ass on the street for this.
  • Aladdin Qouqazeh
    Aladdin Qouqazeh 3 года назад +James Swadling then you get up and chase it because life get hard and only hard so we must adapt and if you really step out of the box and see your surroundings i bet youd be more hungry for it just imagine your self in this house if not then a better one dream big but keep your focus a bit bigger
  • James Swadling
    James Swadling 3 года назад I am exactly the same I want to live a dream
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад ive got 2$, can I buy it?
  • Dee-Tee
    Dee-Tee 1 месяц назад Levi Barros sorry it's $3.50
  • veipunii lana
    veipunii lana 4 месяца назад What wrong with this guy😊
  • LazyChlo `
    LazyChlo ` 11 месяцев назад Wow talking to himself.
  • SmashFocus
    SmashFocus Год назад mooooderrrrrn
  • 77 Victors
    77 Victors Год назад What is this style called?
  • xHazel
    xHazel Год назад Levi Barros Wtf
    ABDALE ALI Год назад theycallmericky 😂😂😂😂
  • Extreme Destroyer
    Extreme Destroyer Год назад Levi Barros sure
  • Duck 123
    Duck 123 2 года назад you funny
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 2 года назад @#PCMASTER RACE all for the love man :P
  • Vincent Hodges
    Vincent Hodges 2 года назад @Levi Barros lmfao
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 2 года назад @#PCMASTER RACE see? some ppl can understand if they just accept common logic. i no its hard, but if u think like me you will find wisdom.
  • Vincent Hodges
    Vincent Hodges 2 года назад @Levi Barros phew i thought you where fucked right there for a min. FALSE ALARM GUYS.
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 2 года назад not sick. just drank tea with a dead goat and then cut myself with a sharpened credit card. not sick.
  • Yankat
    Yankat 2 года назад +#PCMASTER RACE he need some milk
  • Vincent Hodges
    Vincent Hodges 2 года назад @Sqorck quick! Bring some chiken soup
  • Sqorck
    Sqorck 2 года назад I think he's sick!
  • Vincent Hodges
    Vincent Hodges 3 года назад +Levi Barros are you ok?
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад @Radu Riccardo im enjoying this new home, wow :3
  • RICKY †
    RICKY † 3 года назад you are talking to yourself. dude,wtf?lol
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад +Levi Clays Cool, thanks for the directions. I'll be there on tomorrow's yesterday, before 3.
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад +Levi Clays It's like, around the corner, off to the left of that one building down the street, and then towards the hill on that patch of land to the right of that one tree.
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад +Levi Clays YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! Where is it at?
  • Levi Barros
    Levi Barros 3 года назад +Levi Clays SOLD! To the man with only 2$!
  • Nina Nad
    Nina Nad 2 года назад Now this is my kinda porn.
  • Macapado Pundoma
    Macapado Pundoma 2 недели назад Ew
  • veipunii lana
    veipunii lana 4 месяца назад Ahhh cum on me
    EVANDER 4 месяца назад Nina Nad Im cumming😂
  • bocaJ930
    bocaJ930 3 недели назад No one: Absolutely no one: Music: Eeeeee! Mmmmmmmmm!
  • DWriteLambily
    DWriteLambily 4 года назад Goals. This home is simply perfection
  • larry Phillips
    larry Phillips Год назад DWriteLambily this house has to be at least $10 million.
  • Isra
    Isra 3 года назад ikr
  • FormlessYeti4
    FormlessYeti4 3 года назад @D_Lambily i agree
  • Tokyoo Cox
    Tokyoo Cox Неделю назад Teachers: "Alright children, you should know the alphabet by now, what comes after D?.... Nobody: Music: Eeeeeee 🙄
  • NobodyKnowsAnything
    NobodyKnowsAnything 3 года назад Mmmmm... All the warmth and coziness of a hospital, with twice the alcohol.
  • peter curtis
    peter curtis 5 месяцев назад Your wrong actually :) @Karynna Hill
  • Scyber_Sounds Of The Future
    Scyber_Sounds Of The Future 2 года назад Plot twist: it really is a hospital, which is why it has 3 kitchens.
  • Lockonese
    Lockonese 2 года назад NobodyKnowsAnything must be a nice hospital where you are....
  • hong trinh
    hong trinh 2 года назад BaKheru lol that's the first time u heard that word where u been
  • BaKheru
    BaKheru 2 года назад Fucktard..I love it! Do you have a patent on that word or can anyone use it? LMAO
  • sk n
    sk n 2 года назад haa haa haa. i like your sense of humor and observational skills
  • NobodyKnowsAnything
    NobodyKnowsAnything 3 года назад @The Sniper "Get with the times"? Are you kidding me?! If you think big, empty rectangles and glass walls are NEW then I suggest you look up what year it was when Frank Lloyd Wright DIED. ....Ignorant little fucktard sitting here talking to me like he fucking knows something.. Pfffttt! Take your "Sims" architecture knowledge and gtfo my face, kid.
  • Karynna Hill
    Karynna Hill 3 года назад Dude, get with the times....we're going forward, not backwards
  • jl dotson
    jl dotson 2 дня назад Gorgeous Gorgeous Home 🏡!!!Number 1 out of 3 my favorite
  • hong trinh
    hong trinh 2 года назад I will buy out this house one day...
  • Imesh Udana
    Imesh Udana 1 месяц назад Its already sold out lol
  • BeerKa007
    BeerKa007 2 месяца назад You will have a better one! 😀
  • Useful Video
    Useful Video 2 месяца назад Me too
  • Chandiwira Nyirenda
    Chandiwira Nyirenda 3 месяца назад @Gerrid Caldwell gggyt
  • veipunii lana
    veipunii lana 4 месяца назад @NJgamer you are going Doing well
  • Gerrid Caldwell
    Gerrid Caldwell Год назад U bill gates? U a rapper? U an actor? U own 30 businesses?
  • Gerrid Caldwell
    Gerrid Caldwell Год назад HA
  • mijo Ponte 1.10
    mijo Ponte 1.10 Год назад hong trinh me too
  • secret soneclar
    secret soneclar 2 года назад That's a lot of bloody alcohol
  • aohige
    aohige Год назад Zombies may not kill you, but the liver failure will!
  • mrfoltz
    mrfoltz Год назад Zombie apocalypse preparation? LOL!
  • ronald black
    ronald black 2 года назад I find your lack of Pinball disturbing.
  • Marco Martínez
    Marco Martínez 2 года назад And I was looking DIY ideas for making my own coffee table 😰😂
  • Jon Lenin
    Jon Lenin 4 дня назад Shouldn't your kind already be good at DIY's?
  • A2Kaid
    A2Kaid 4 года назад Everything about this house looks spectacular, except for the water containers inside the walk-in closet, that was so odd.
  • Mariati A.halim
    Mariati A.halim 2 года назад A2Kaid too modern..n surely the pantry look like closet..😃😃😃😃..omg..thats what i meant...n waste money to buy that huge place...when get older..everything bcome boring space...
  • Dolly Madeson
    Dolly Madeson 2 года назад It is a pantry, not a walk in closet....you put your canned foods and serving pieces and cookie sheets in there, y'all. Also silver or crystal water pitchers, vases, yada yada and yada.
  • vanesha zega
    vanesha zega 2 года назад ya
  • Lisa Lampros
    Lisa Lampros 2 года назад A2Kaid that was the Pantry in the kitchen not a walk in closet! I was confused at first also!
  • Isra
    Isra 3 года назад so do I I HATE ALCOHOL WEATHER IT IS... WHATEVER!
  • ERIE Berry Marshall
    ERIE Berry Marshall 3 года назад +A2Kaid and the wine cellars. like I hate any type of alcohol and there's so much space for them so... yeah
  • Xyrene Kate Dela Torre
    Xyrene Kate Dela Torre 3 года назад +BachlyConstruction wow ... is this home for sale? or can i ask the price range?
  • A2Kaid
    A2Kaid 3 года назад +BachlyConstruction Thanks for pointing that out. On second look I do see it is a pantry.
  • BachlyConstruction
    BachlyConstruction 3 года назад +A2Kaid That's actually a pantry in the servery, not a walk in closet for clothes.
  • limak-kam
    limak-kam 3 года назад Beautiful both song & house 😍
  • Julia Kendall
    Julia Kendall 8 месяцев назад limak-kam not the song