Wayne Edelman President of Meurice Garment Care share with Martha Stewart the secrets to proper suede and leather care. For cleaning tips and tricks visit our site http://www.GarmentCare.com or follow us at http://www.twitter.com/clothesdr

  • maverickjohn923
    maverickjohn923 Год назад So what's with all the bottles on the counter when all you're using is a baby wipe and a brush.
  • Justin Dunn
    Justin Dunn 5 лет назад Trying to find video to clean suede shoes. This was unhelpful.
  • Tony Wheeler
    Tony Wheeler Год назад What do you mean? He gave an example - use a suede brush. If the stains are too much, you should seek out a professional.
  • rickyboy1947
    rickyboy1947 5 лет назад well Martha babe....I tried it, and my very expensive leather jacket turned white, like a polar bears fur....nice, great....thanks a lot Martha.....Stuff your butt with tissue paper!!!!
  • 56Beauty
    56Beauty Год назад What did you try that turned your jacket white? After all, the advice on this video came from the guy. So, why are you bashing her?
  • Roger Dias
    Roger Dias Год назад rickyboy1947 @
  • Renad Alghamdi
    Renad Alghamdi 11 месяцев назад Did your baby wipes have alcohol in them? If they did, thats why. I once faced the same problem with my purse. They told me I should've used non-alcoholic baby wipes.
  • Hanna Maresfin
    Hanna Maresfin 1 месяц назад The power of "smart" person who only know how to follow but without knowledge. I used baby wipes to clean my leather stuffs, but its not expensive ones, only from Aigner, Michael Kors, and such brands. Also, i am not as "smart" as you, so I always make sure that I buy non alcohol baby wipes. As I never even use it for my own skin. If you ruin you jacket because of other ingredients mentioned in this vid, didn't you hear him saying do test in the corner part which he did in the inside part of the jacket.
  • 12Alforja
    12Alforja 5 лет назад Thank you so much for your video. How can eliminate deep and tough creases in my delicate and fine black Florsheim shoes? Can I also use some kind of lubricant such as Vaseline, Pledge foam for furniture, Foam for those leather car seat, etc? What is your recommendation? Any person to watch this video and have the answer, I will be so glad to read his suggestion. One more time thank you so much for your video and I will be waiting for your answer.
  • Jeannie Bonetpels
    Jeannie Bonetpels 6 лет назад This was very informative. Thank you.
  • Mauricio Lozano
    Mauricio Lozano 6 лет назад This is great knowledge
  • Parrotluver2
    Parrotluver2 6 лет назад this is the best suede care n cleaning video iv'e found out of a lot of them thnx
  • Jason Cortes
    Jason Cortes 6 лет назад I Have this hat, its brown suede but one spot on the bill seemed like it got wet but i never worn it outside besides once but i brushed it with a random brush and maybe that was the mistake but any ideah how i can remove that? Help please
  • frizzzzzzal
    frizzzzzzal 7 лет назад watching martha stewart while taking a dumpski, wowski
  • Christopher Lace
    Christopher Lace 7 лет назад Newspaper? In europe they use full shoetrees.
  • Meurice Garment Care
    Meurice Garment Care 7 лет назад @maneb91095 That's a really tough one! The dyes in suede are not very fast, and it's very easy to cause them to run. When you clean them, they really need to be sprayed with a black dye and oil combination to remain the same shade.
  • maniijuan
    maniijuan 7 лет назад How bout black suede , ive had black suede shoes in the past and when i clean them the color seems to go away , what can i do so i can clean them and still keep the color
  • Wormhole Times
    Wormhole Times 2 года назад ass wipes also work
  • Amelia B
    Amelia B Год назад Isn't that the same as baby wipes?
  • dylansy123
    dylansy123 8 лет назад 2nd comment
  • Christi Lang
    Christi Lang 3 года назад This was very helpful! Thank you!
  • MMID303
    MMID303 4 года назад GOOD leather thrives being drenched in rain.
  • sandra grudzen
    sandra grudzen 2 года назад What about a food grease stain on a pair of suede shoes?
  • kakuella
    kakuella Год назад sandra grudzen probably same idea can be applied. I clean the oil with water downed gentle dish soap, damp the area until oil stains are light and wet the rest of shoes to even it out. Once im done, i stuff them with papers and dry it in cool dark space. once it's completely dried, brush the sued to see if it worked or needed to be done more. I'm not a professional so can't tell if this was a bad idea or not but I save two pairs of suede heels with this method so I'm happy with the result.
  • Amelia B
    Amelia B Год назад There is a white chalk you can buy. It helps absorb oil. They used to sell it at Woolworth's and it lasts a long time. Not sure which stores carry it since I haven't bought any for a long time. You apply it (stick form) to the oil stain on clothing or suede. Let it sit. Brush it off. Redo a few times if needed. There used to be suede sprays to help keep suede from getting water spots (water proofed the suede a bit). Great for boots and hand bags. Some shoe departments sell this or purse shops.
  • Diabolik771
    Diabolik771 4 года назад You never clean your Lederhosen!
  • Rich Belfiore
    Rich Belfiore 4 года назад I want to protect a new suede jacket I haven't worn it can I just spray it with scothguard or have it done Professional ?
  • Tony Wheeler
    Tony Wheeler Год назад Never use scotch guard on suede. Or anything, really. But especially suede.
  • Christina Silva
    Christina Silva 3 года назад Does anyone know how to stretch Coach Sueded Winter Boots?
  • F T
    F T Год назад +1 Good Question -- I'd like to know the answer to that one too from Wayne Edelman -- who is just SUCH a PRO...! Thank You for these great tips/advice Wayne... :)