Windows 10- Solve 100% Disk Usage Problem

Published on Aug 9, 2015 375,709 views

This tutorial will show you, How to Fix100% Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10.

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  • sluge1
    sluge1 3 года назад I did the all stuff but still got 100% disk active time. The only issue that helped me was uninstall "Intel® Rapid Storage" package from "Add/remove programm". My notebook is Lenovo Z710
  • Gareth Ellis
    Gareth Ellis 3 года назад 100% disk thrashing down to zero! great video thanks very much.
  • Officer Square
    Officer Square 3 года назад "This may take 4 to 5 hours depending on the size of the disk" I shit myself
  • MoonKei
    MoonKei 2 года назад +Officer Square But did you do it ? I didnt
  • Mukesh Danu
    Mukesh Danu 3 года назад I tried all this but I'm still facing the same problem. 😭 I've host problem.
  • Roope heinä
    Roope heinä 2 года назад 100% To 1-10% thank you dude <3 ;)
  • AZiZ
    AZiZ 3 года назад I disable windows search and it now it's working fine thanks a lot but I need to solve the problem of the high cpu usage
  • Chris Thosen
    Chris Thosen 3 года назад thanks bro. U THE BEST
  • Spuffy YT
    Spuffy YT 3 года назад From 100% to 4% thank you mate! :)
  • Yelian
    Yelian 3 года назад +Itachi Uchiha good draw, you make it? :)
  • Music playlist is fun
    Music playlist is fun 3 года назад thanks you re awesome!! from Thailand Thankyou!!
  • Gerald Ventura
    Gerald Ventura 2 года назад Con el tercer paso me resulto un poco mejor, el 100% ha bajado :D Muchas gracias amigo :v
  • badaw somboy
    badaw somboy 3 года назад still not working...-_- already tried many solution...but disk transfers rate still very low at 100% usage.....
  • Clocky
    Clocky 2 года назад Thanks dude! I had always 100%! Now 8%!
  • Thundawear
    Thundawear 3 года назад Dang! Thanks. This really helped, dude. I was in a lot of trouble to start. :/
  • Praphul Eranki
    Praphul Eranki 2 года назад This is really working.... Great feeling Thanks
  • Molotov Jesus
    Molotov Jesus 2 года назад Thanks so much, this worked. From constant 99% to 40%-10%!!
  • JT Plays
    JT Plays 3 года назад what is the 3rd step actually doing?
  • Dimitri Savvides
    Dimitri Savvides 2 года назад That was awesome! Greatly appreciated ! Keep rocking those videos
  • An Autistic Rithmatist
    An Autistic Rithmatist 3 года назад If it still doesn't fix this then simply go to settings/system/notifications and actions. Here simply turn off all the notifications there. This is the only thing that i did and it worked like a charm. Best of luck!
  • An Autistic Rithmatist
    An Autistic Rithmatist 3 года назад P.S don't forget to restart after!
  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 3 года назад Fixed the problem for me! Thank you.
  • trvxzen. music
    trvxzen. music 3 года назад Thank you, man! You are my God now! :) #gg #ty #bestwin10tutorial