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  • A Louise
    A Louise 2 года назад so elegant, so stylish. shukr 💗
  • Giniaalan
    Giniaalan 4 года назад Beautiful video. But in the words of my four year old grandson, " why are they cutting off all their heads?". All of your models are certainly in the parameters of  Islamic propriety.  Certainly Allah made the beauty of each face a gift for all of us, and viewing faces is not haram. Please give these people back their faces. With Salaams to all at Shukr, and thank you for your wonderful Islamic clothing. We love them.
  • Abigail Trumbo
    Abigail Trumbo 3 года назад Assalamo aleikum sister....I think they might not want to show faces because some Muslims feel that depicting the face of a person is not permissible, similar to making icons or statues. It could be that Shukr is keeping this in mind so that they are accessible for Muslims of this persuasion. Jezekallahkhayr.
  • balmytigeress
    balmytigeress 4 года назад Salaam - Where is the coupon code? 
  • SHUKR Islamic Clothing
    SHUKR Islamic Clothing 4 года назад Sorry for the trouble. The coupon code appears at 1:40 and 3:40. Make sure your Annotations are set to ON in the youtube settings.
  • zarina kumandan
    zarina kumandan 4 года назад Assalaamualykum,mashallah very beautiful,only please  include the stunning hijab you have for women on your video as their are none of these  hijabs on your website
  • SHUKR Islamic Clothing
    SHUKR Islamic Clothing 4 года назад WaAlaikum Asalam and thanks for the kind words! We will keep that in mind for our next video inshallah.
  • Imam Ali Siddiqui
    Imam Ali Siddiqui 4 года назад Masha-Allah, a great presentation. What a subtle introduction to Muslim fashion at the same rekindling the vision of Andalucia. Tabassum's team has done a wonderful job in presenting modest designs in the background of Al-Casaba. Shukr is providing a great service by designing and marketing modest clothing. May Allah give you success. Ameen!