The Future Of Residential Housing - Zero Energy Housing

Published on Oct 26, 2011 6,436,986 views

The concept of insulated panels has previously been used in commercial building projects only. Bondor has now developed an insulated panel InsulWall® specifically for residential applications. Together with the already popular roofing product SolarSpan®, InsulWall® is expected to revolutionise Australian housing design and construction.

Australia's new 6-Star Energy Efficiency requirement for new homes will demand significant advancements in the choice of materials for Australian residential construction practices.

Insulated Construction Australia will demonstrate how uncomplicated the system can be to build an aesthetically pleasing home that meets and exceeds thermal performance requirements. Using technology that enables people to save on future energy bills by providing an affordable energy efficient family home of the future which requires significantly less construction time.

  • Cougar Land
    Cougar Land 3 года назад Unfortunately, a month after it was finished, the Big Bad Wolf stopped by and blew the house down. Just kidding guys, take it easy.
  • MrTeff
    MrTeff 3 года назад How are the electrical and plumbing installed? I want to see the details.
  • weasel peniz
    weasel peniz 1 час назад electrical by channels inside the panel, plumbing is underfloor
  • John C. Jenkins, II
    John C. Jenkins, II 1 месяц назад @ron dill be careful how you make wisecracks like this...somebody will believe it and be quoting you, LoL.
  • ron dill
    ron dill 3 месяца назад Septic, Water and Electric are WIRELESS in these Houses.. It ALL works like Wi-Fi ..... Hahahahahahahahahaha
  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby 5 месяцев назад Extension cords and garden hoses
  • Pokemoneuro
    Pokemoneuro 3 года назад Wait... If that wall can be lifted by 2 men HOW IS THIS TORNADO-PROOF??
  • I Am The One Who Knocks
    I Am The One Who Knocks 4 недели назад Cough, It's NOT!
  • mihai preda
    mihai preda 4 недели назад ai proiect si autorizatie de constructie? Cine ti la facut?
  • Angelo Maiorana
    Angelo Maiorana 1 месяц назад @paul joe I don't believe the way it's secured to the ground is adequate. It's not my system or design. I personally would still prefer a stronger steel frame structure for tornado/cyclone prone areas. Yes, this would make the whole building much more expensive, but imagine the extra security once the panels are directly attached to the frame. There would also be the extra cost of having to line the interior with plasterboard. The original design doesn't require plasterboard, simply finishing off the interior as if it was plaster board. The panels are quite strong. Basically the same stuff is used to build coolroom.. My other concern would be how long it would last in the Australian sun, or other parts of the world where it would have to cope with extreme cold of winters and hot summers.
  • paul joe
    paul joe 1 месяц назад @Angelo Maiorana steel ? Thin sheet metal ,secured with brittle little screws . Entire roofs are lifted off houses in hurricanes but that protruding roof and screws through sheet metal will hold up huh ?
  • paul joe
    paul joe 1 месяц назад In florida ,you get a discount for having a hip roof , this roof looks like a sail ,ready to take off in the first category 2 hurricane . In our house in Florida in a cat 1 the shingles where striped off .
  • paul joe
    paul joe 3 месяца назад @Angelo Maiorana its bolts going through a foam panel .
  • paul joe
    paul joe 3 месяца назад Just like a mobile trailer here in the states , ripped to pieces .
  • tenj00
    tenj00 3 месяца назад Except this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prdpHYelN9o
  • Angelo Maiorana
    Angelo Maiorana 9 месяцев назад It's a fireproof foam layered with steel for both interior and exterior. They're designed to interlock. Frame on concrete is secured onto concrete. Panels secured onto channel. Corners secured eith another angle. Topped with another channel and secured. Roofing secured to steel channel.
  • Richard Quinones
    Richard Quinones 3 года назад +Tanner Travis wrong a house of concrete will withstand a tornado or hurricane
  • Paul Langford
    Paul Langford 3 года назад My Dad used to build houses that could withstand hurricanes. But those places never seemed to have tornadoes. Mind you, we did lose 4 m of guttering off one in Cyclone Bola, on the most exposed corner of the house..
  • FullSpectrum Survivalist
    FullSpectrum Survivalist 3 года назад +Tanner Travis Not true, you just got to know what you are doing, I'm designing one now that is.
  • Tanner Travis
    Tanner Travis 3 года назад No house is tornado proof
  • J S
    J S 3 года назад Sorry that was sarcasm.
  • Pokemoneuro
    Pokemoneuro 3 года назад @s6juggs It's still gonna lift it up... Or at least destroy it...
  • Joker Toker
    Joker Toker 3 года назад +Quenten Schoonderwoerd Probably because you save enough money to build a underground tornado shelter.
  • J S
    J S 3 года назад +Quenten Schoonderwoerd Those 1/2 inch screws on the bottom...
  • Brandon Heath Shaw
    Brandon Heath Shaw 3 года назад wonder if repairs and maintenance will be a hassle down the road with the specialty items needed
  • carmichael moritz
    carmichael moritz 2 года назад brandon s. ,, keep it painted and use the proper sealants when needed and it will last many lifetimes
  • Matthew Woodfield
    Matthew Woodfield 2 года назад There is heaps of companies doing this modular walling type. You will find it a lot in fencing. its not going any were. Similar to freezer construction.
  • Bewildering Truth Seeker
    Bewildering Truth Seeker 2 года назад yes... I too am curious about these special items.. from what I saw, there was nothing special about it. Pretty much everything you saw would go into a normal house... the only thing I could see cost a lot is if the Insul-Living brand went out of business and you needed a replacement wall panel... then what? other than that, looks pretty straight forward.
  • Eric jones
    Eric jones 2 года назад what specialty items?
  • dihskursiv
    dihskursiv 3 года назад Did I miss how the electric was installed in the walls?
  • charles hetrick
    charles hetrick 7 месяцев назад No you didn’t. Electrical and plumbing race ways and stub outs are pre fabricated into the panels and cannot be changed by the builder or the owner without ruining the structural integrity of the panel.
  • Cameron Harper
    Cameron Harper 2 года назад dihskursiv 0 energy.....
  • King T
    King T 2 года назад I am curious how do you run electrical wire n do the plumbing on those wall
  • Nathaniel Robinson
    Nathaniel Robinson 2 года назад Now just add solar panels and for the final touch.
  • Jiang Crystal
    Jiang Crystal 2 года назад Yes,it's a good idea @Goaticorn
  • Goaticorn
    Goaticorn 2 года назад Right? Try to make it environmentally friendly when its made from Styrofoam. "Look, we know we don't particularly care about the environment but HEY we put solar panels on top!"
  • Jiang Crystal
    Jiang Crystal 2 года назад add me please +email:shunda-crystal@lksdjx.com +whatsapp:0086-15908902908
  • Mon Gol
    Mon Gol 2 года назад how about the strength? lets say horrizontal wind loads?
  • 101perspective
    101perspective 2 года назад I suspect this would work great in some locations but suck in areas where you might have high winds, etc. I mean, it is held together with screws after all. Small screws at that.
  • Philip Aiken
    Philip Aiken 3 года назад The walls have metal studs between the foam just like the studs used for most commercial buildings. Each 10 foot stud weighs about a pound but is just as structurally sound as wood framing.
  • David O'Donnell
    David O'Donnell 2 года назад they don't have metal studs between the walls I built some in Darwin northern territory Australia four years ago and still standing it's cyclone area .cyclone Tracy.
  • N. Barrett
    N. Barrett 3 года назад Most likely the studs you're talking about are aluminum. Even if they were made from thin steel, they aren't full studs if they're hollow. They will twist. At least a wooden stud can last for a couple hundred years. Aluminum, hollow studs are only used to hang drywall, NOT to support the weight of the building.
  • Stop And Think
    Stop And Think 3 года назад i missed the part about how wiring and plumbing is installed.
  • roundedges2
    roundedges2 4 месяца назад +james salcido No way to treat wife, mate.
  • j lane
    j lane 5 месяцев назад me too
  • HardTimes
    HardTimes 7 месяцев назад UM STOP AND THINK. for real tho stop and think about it. the irony.
  • So Cal Bengal
    So Cal Bengal 8 месяцев назад There's electrical chases built into wall in which wife is pulled thru. I build huge freezer boxes for Costco, Sam's, etc. Same exact principal. And when built, the structure is solid.
  • Roy Sheaks
    Roy Sheaks 11 месяцев назад Just glue it on...
  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales Год назад Maybe the walls have a small slot like the ceiling.
  • F De Mascio
    F De Mascio Год назад At the time of the slab pour, there was no roughed in plumbing. There were a couple things stubbed up, but none big enough for waste. I guess they like port-a-johns.
  • Adam Hampshire
    Adam Hampshire Год назад If you look at part of the description in the later part of the video it tells you about how they install the electricty/plumbing etc. Basicly decide where you want it before you build...or use candles😃
  • Stop And Think
    Stop And Think 3 года назад @s6juggs i suppose we are to guess.
  • J S
    J S 3 года назад +vengencefrom1979 That's the first thing I thought of when they were erecting the outside walls. Then later in the video, BAM an electrical outlet... HOW?
  • Hal P.
    Hal P. 3 года назад I did not see any of those panels with cut out for electrical
  • CGSeever
    CGSeever 3 года назад +Hal P. Agreed! I'd love to have seen electrical & plumbing installed.
  • Chris Beckwith
    Chris Beckwith 2 года назад cause Styrofoam is excellent for our environment...may cost 34% less to the buyer, but 300% more in environmental damage.
  • Tomáš Sepeši
    Tomáš Sepeši 2 года назад Exactly. And it says "Greener" under their logo. FML
  • calthmlikiseethm
    calthmlikiseethm 2 года назад waiting for a new bug to appear that loves styrofoam
  • Mike Redding
    Mike Redding Неделю назад They're called carpenter ants !
  • Mark Sandy
    Mark Sandy 2 года назад @Terry Mashburn Almost every house in the USA is too weak for a tornado. For a tornado there is no difference between wood and styrofoam. I bet this one is more solid than a wood hut.
  • Terry Mashburn
    Terry Mashburn 2 года назад Possibly the new Tornado magnet, watch out Trailer parks their out to steal your rep.
  • Mark Sandy
    Mark Sandy 2 года назад Any other house built would disappear same way (except sold brick houses, maybe). I think there is no difference between a wood house and this, except that this one will not burn as fast.
  • TekReviews
    TekReviews 2 года назад You mean a bug named a Tornado, this thing would disappear faster then a termites lunch.
  • carmichael moritz
    carmichael moritz 2 года назад well actually ,, the bug would have to eat threw the tin first ,, the foam is inside two tin surfaces
  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 1 день назад I live in Florida and I can only imagine the first hurricane this house would experience.
  • bleeckertb
    bleeckertb 3 года назад what kind of wind loading can it withstand, and how is the sound proofing? i would thing that this should have a quiet interior
  • Robert Helmick
    Robert Helmick 7 месяцев назад Styrofoam is being marketed as a fix all in the construction industry these days. I've been doing tile for over 20 years now, and there are many manufactures using foam for backing materials such as wall board, curbs, neiches, and even benches. I've read the data, seen it tested and I just won't use it. Idk maybe I'm wrong, maybe there's something I just don't get here. But I won't sacrifice a job over this till I see the true longevity of what foam can produce. Sometimes it's better to say don't fix what ain't broken. But who knows, maybe in time foam will surprise me.
  • SUCH Developments
    SUCH Developments 9 месяцев назад Hurricane, it is all about tie downs back to foundations
  • JackJumper X
    JackJumper X Год назад I've slammed into these walls at around 5mph with 2000lbs pallets. They are plenty strong. Maybe not hurricane strong without special brackets, and in no way would they ever withstand a tornado.
  • Mo Lind
    Mo Lind 3 года назад +tincanboat no its not. took a min to load all the way up but it is there
  • Tim Jeter
    Tim Jeter 3 года назад +tincanboat - Just tried both links again and they appear to work just fine. They are both at least 2Mb+ PDF files, so you may have to let it load for a bit. :-)
  • bill lee
    bill lee 3 года назад +Tim Jeter it is blank.
  • No use for lazy people None.
    No use for lazy people None. 3 года назад +bleeckertb I was thinking the same thing,,,when a high wind comes along, say 65 MPH,,what happens to this structure. I know Stick built can stand a lot more. And like Stick Built houses,,,that have a life expectancy of 90+ years, and most of the time, more,,what is the life of these houses?