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UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use -- AT&T Archives film from 1982, Bell Laboratories

Published on Jan 27, 2014 166,584 views










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The Unix System: Making Computers Easier to Use - 1982

This 23-minute film about UNIX was designed for students with an interest in engineering, math, computer science or other sciences. The film was made available to the public in December 1982. It covers different ways that UNIX could be employed practically in a computing environment. Another film about UNIX released at the same time, "The UNIX System: Making Computers More Productive," was aimed at computer science majors and corporate trainees, and presented a more detailed discussion of the UNIX system and its various applications.

Hosted by Victor Vyssotsky in a Carl-Sagan-esque turtleneck sweater, this film includes Dennis Ritchie, one of UNIX's inventors, along with Bell Labs staffers and programmers Brian Kernighan, Catherine Ann Brooks, Lorinda Cherry, Alfred Aho, Nina Macdonald, and John Mashey.

Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson started work on what would become UNIX originally in 1969. They developed it to run on a DEC PDP-7 to begin with; it would eventually be ported to other computers. By 1976, UNIX was used in more than 30 Bell Labs groups, and there were UNIX installations at over 80 universities.

Footage Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ

  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 2 года назад I have never seen so many grand wizards in one video.
  • Li Feng
    Li Feng 8 месяцев назад pure legends .
  • Год назад 9:36: Unix is not likely to be in the dictionary ever. Well it is, just checked Oxford English dictionary. Such was the lasting impact of Unix.
  • T LOVE
    T LOVE 1 месяц назад (изменено) By dictionary they dont mean a Oxford dictionary its more of a list of words
  • Leon
    Leon 2 месяца назад same for the german Duden :D
  • Fredrik Jonsson
    Fredrik Jonsson 2 года назад The nerd smile after running talkcalc 2^100 at 16:00 is absolutely priceless!
  • Chyza
    Chyza 2 недели назад @gespilk what a dumb comment, the whole point of computers is to perform the exact operations you requested, a computer guessing what you want is akin to an airplane guessing the pilot's intentions. If you want to type 2^100, use an infix calculator, if you want to type 2 100^p, use a reverse polish notation one, its that easy. And what if the computer guesses wrong and it doesn't work or the result is wrong? Would you have to type "Please kindly use infix notation, 2^100."? How is that easier than simply running the program you wanted in the first place?
  • Yordis Prieto
    Yordis Prieto Год назад She is a perfect troll, specially watching how she took the coup 🤣
  • gespilk
    gespilk Год назад To this day computers still expect you to know what they want as input. (If they expect ' 2 100p ' the human can not give them ' 2^100 ' and expect them to "understand". The human is forced to know what exactly the computer wants as input... and that demand for knowledge is increasing.). Very sad. (Why, to this day,  nobody breaches the gap between "the exact specifying of the sequences of symbols" and " the understanding of the meaning of approximate sequence of symbols" ???)
  • Pavel Smolin
    Pavel Smolin Год назад Fredrik Jonsson Is it just me or does she look like Amy from the Big Bang Theory?
  • Luiz Claudio
    Luiz Claudio Год назад Exactly! The way she grabs the mug is a true action of orgasm! Hahahahahahaahahaha
  • acex222
    acex222 2 года назад +Nyana11 please re-evaluate your priorities
  • Shortcut
    Shortcut 2 года назад Dennis Ritchie RIP, look people : a legend.
  • Andrés Abelardo Villarroel Acosta
    Andrés Abelardo Villarroel Acosta 2 года назад export PS1='i: ' alias p=cat alias lowercase='tr [:upper:] [:lower:]' alias unique=uniq alias mismatch='diff --old-line-format=%L --unchanged-line-format= --new-line-format='
  • MrCatFace 8885
    MrCatFace 8885 1 месяц назад You forgot to put all of that into ~/.bashrc
  • NoSafeSpaces
    NoSafeSpaces 2 месяца назад sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root
  • Jordan Rapp
    Jordan Rapp 5 месяцев назад ​@Todd Decker >of course, this assumes you're okay keeping this script in your home dir $ mkdir -p ~/bin/scripts $ mkdir -p ~/bin/ascripts $ mv ~/ ~/bin/scripts/ $ chmod 755 ~/bin/scripts/ $ ln -s ~/bin/scripts ~/bin/ascripts/makewords $ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin/ascripts/ You could also just symlink it to /bin but that's not best practice. This also allows you to run scripts from dmenu. I do remote desktop connections this way on dwm.
  • Todd Decker
    Todd Decker 7 месяцев назад @rvi 64 Ha! No, not normally. But, I am still an active vi (vim) user [with extensions] and frequently use vi keyboard mappings. My intent of showing 'ed' above was an homage attempt to the spirit of the video.
  • rvi 64
    rvi 64 7 месяцев назад @Todd Decker are you seriously editing in ed?
  • Todd Decker
    Todd Decker 11 месяцев назад (изменено) This might work for makewords: $ ed ~/ i #!/bin/bash tr -s "[[:punct:][:space:]]" "\n" < $1 . wq $ alias makewords=~/ $ chmod +x ~/ of course, this assumes you're okay keeping this script in your home dir
  • Charley Quinton
    Charley Quinton 4 года назад Dennis Ritchie in 1982 describes communal computing in its pure essence:  "What we wanted to preserve was ... a system around which a community could form - fellowship... to encourage close communication." [3:33-3:55]
  • downformaintenance
    downformaintenance 3 месяца назад "fellowship" says it all, great words from a great and humble man, may we still strive for such a thing.
  • David Perkins
    David Perkins 4 месяца назад Ah, so,Dennis was responsible for 'social media' :)
  • Oz jak
    Oz jak Год назад (изменено) Charley Quinton he is also creator of Latin of computer languages and when he died , almost no one talks about him on tv .. ppl were crying out for Jobs ... null
  • rRobot0
    rRobot0 4 года назад looking at those shells make me very thankful to have bash
  • Incelroni
    Incelroni 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Xaleth GNU's not Unix's not Unix's not Unix
  • Xaleth
    Xaleth 2 года назад GNU's not UNIX.
  • Rex Rock
    Rex Rock 3 года назад The music seems like Pink Floyd's music
  • Ryan Hardy
    Ryan Hardy 6 месяцев назад (изменено) The song is "New Dawn" by Francis Monkman and Francis Ironton (1978).
  • Mustafa Güven
    Mustafa Güven 5 лет назад born in 1982 back then I just should be a protein. They call me now senior programmer. Senior? Rest in peace dennis ritchie, my senior programmer.
  • David Bixler
    David Bixler Год назад These guys did more for computing than Steve Jobs could have ever hoped to, yet hardly anyone has heard of them and Jobs is revered as a god.
  • blackneos940
    blackneos940 2 дня назад @Suika Roberts "int"? Like int foo = 1?
  • gdavisloop
    gdavisloop 4 недели назад I did too!
  • Incelroni
    Incelroni 2 месяца назад They are the reason MacOS and iOS along with several other Apple products exist.
  • Dana W
    Dana W 2 месяца назад @John Smith He paid them handsomely in stock that they immediately sold. Guess what its worth now? So, where are you getting your not Chinese computer? I'd like to know.
  • Dana W
    Dana W 2 месяца назад Mac OS is Darwin Unix based.
  • Vinoth Kumar
    Vinoth Kumar 2 месяца назад Steve Wozaniak is designer of APPLE..
  • Neri Matrixx
    Neri Matrixx 3 месяца назад JOB WAS A THIEF.
  • Lincoln Sand
    Lincoln Sand 4 месяца назад Steve jobs wasn't a programmer. It was Steve wozniak that built apple. He wrote the code. Steve jobs was just the asshole who sold it
  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 месяцев назад Steve Jobs stole all of his ideas from Xerox PARC, used Chinese slave labor, and then charged a premium.
  • tony jazvo
    tony jazvo 5 месяцев назад What's even more ironic is that that they created something half a century ago, in a field that has evolved more than any other in human history and that what they created had not been improved on that much since.
  • Suika Roberts
    Suika Roberts 7 месяцев назад "If I have seen further int is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -- Isaac Newton
  • Uzferry
    Uzferry 8 месяцев назад Cuz steve was a chad
  • Doug Grinbergs
    Doug Grinbergs 9 месяцев назад But Steve got us NeXT UNIX on the Mac!
  • Bol Nyaluo
    Bol Nyaluo 10 месяцев назад Sad indeed. Its because a sick society honours the dollar above all else.
  • toy machine
    toy machine Год назад Marketing
  • Ihateurmusic
    Ihateurmusic Год назад its just the reflect of our current society :D
  • kd1s
    kd1s 5 лет назад I owe my career as a Senior Linux Engineer to these guys, well and the guys who came after them and invented Linux.
  • yvrelna
    yvrelna 8 месяцев назад @Monsieur Africain No, that's incorrect. Richard Stallman's GNU project never envisioned Linux to be its kernel, they have a different kernel called Hurd. People that uses Linux ported GNU project's userland applications into Linux so they don't have to write their own. As history shows tough, Hurd never goes anywhere and now Linux becomes the de facto best replacement of the GNU kernel. But Linux is not a GNU project.
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain 9 месяцев назад @cyanghost109 true
  • cyanghost109
    cyanghost109 9 месяцев назад @Monsieur Africain So we call it GNU/Linux.
  • Guy Withaname
    Guy Withaname 11 месяцев назад Monsieur Africain GNU is a set of utilities that runs on top of Linux, just as other applications do.
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain Год назад Linux and UNIX are different. Linux is the Kernel used in Richard Stallman's GNU project.
  • mrbrockpeters
    mrbrockpeters Год назад The world as a whole owes way too much to these guys. About trillions of dollars in value.
  • Oz jak
    Oz jak Год назад kd1s Linus started the project with very minimum piece of code..hundreds, thousands contributed the Linux project. It is not an invention though.. as you are a senior Linux developer, it is weird me explaining this
  • Geert365
    Geert365 Год назад (изменено) Don't be too harsh on yourself, or them!
  • Alexej Svirid
    Alexej Svirid Год назад Linux was the answer to marketing politics of Ma Bell owners, not to engineers work...
  • Terrence Coccoli
    Terrence Coccoli 3 года назад Legends
  • cyberneticube
    cyberneticube 4 года назад Did I just watch a dude write a spell checker that doesn't care if a word has a capital letter in it? In under 6 minutes? All the times I have had to add a word to the Windows office dictionary, only to have it marked as misspelled next time I write it, because it happened to be after a dot and therefore starting with a capital letter. Windows, you do realize this footage is from before I was even born?
  • Tim Anon
    Tim Anon 8 месяцев назад (изменено) @yvrelna technically I should have said "Unix like" Operating systems. But it's a fairly asinine point you raise that is correct but does not change the essence of my position. Linux is designed around the Unix model. Mac OSX is an actual Unix based OS. I acknowledge your correction and you are right technically. Linux was built as an open licenced Unix clone. It doesn't use Unix code because it wasn't licences to do so. But it is designed to function like Unix - only under freer licencing.
  • yvrelna
    yvrelna 8 месяцев назад @Tim Anon Linux is not a variant of Unix. It's a Unix clone and was heavily inspired by Unix, but shares none or very little code with original Unix.
  • Qiancheng Fu
    Qiancheng Fu Год назад Tim Anon what gets me upset is the driver support in Linux. Nvidia graphics drivers come broken out of the box, trouble shooting takes forever. The only really polished nix is macOS, but that's for macs only. Really wished Linux driver support wasn't so abysmal. That's one of the only redeeming qualities of windows I can think of though.
  • Tim Anon
    Tim Anon Год назад (изменено) @spiritual proteins Lol wat! Unix is the most used OS in the world, and Linux the most used variant. It forms the core operating system of most web servers. It is the core OS on every Android device. Sure Linux won't become the most used consumer desktop OS however UNIX is making ground there with Apple OS. Besides, fewer people do their primary computing tasks on a desktop pc. When you play WoW (I'm assuming that's your bag?) or whatever on your Windows desktop you may not know it but you're probably playing on a Linux server. Much of the tasks consumers commonly run from their Windows machines are now being handled on the cloud which is mostly built on Linux. Even companies that run Windows servers are usually running them on Linux based hypervisors. If you're talking about consumer desktop pcs only then you're talking about an increasingly niche market for operating systems. So yeah Windows wins the puny desktop OS market /yay Anyway if you want to do anything serious with a computer increasingly that's being done on a Linux platform. For everything else I guess there's Windows. Especially if you like malware.
  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 2 года назад telling you youre wrong isnt ad hominem
  • Saik0 Shinigami
    Saik0 Shinigami 2 года назад @Lethargic Parvalbumin You strawman'd my argument and then resorted to ad hominem. You lost the argument.
  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 2 года назад doesnt make you less wrong
  • Saik0 Shinigami
    Saik0 Shinigami 2 года назад @Lethargic Parvalbumin My tech illiterate classmates? I'm 30 years old dude, and work in the IT field.
  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 2 года назад (изменено) IOS is unix based, not linux based. Also most people dont look at "standard" computers anymore? Lol, what world are you living in? Im sorry, but your tech illiterate schoolmates dont constitute 'most people'.
  • Saik0 Shinigami
    Saik0 Shinigami 2 года назад @Lethargic Parvalbumin Considering that Android and IOS are both linux based and that most people these days don't even look at standard computers I'm gunna have to say your full of shit.
  • cssconsumer1
    cssconsumer1 2 года назад Depending on what you want to do, Linux certainly IS a "feasible everyday OS" - otherwise people - including me - wouldn't be using it as such. As I said, it depends on what you do "everyday" - for what I do, everything I need is available on Linux, including some games (in my case, I wouldn't call myself a gamer: mostly Portal 2, Half Life 2, CS:S, Minecraft). And a lot of the not-so-power-users I know just use their PC/notebook for web browsing and email - both of which you can do perfectly fine on linux.
  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 2 года назад Unfortunately, linux is still not a feasible everyday OS alternative to Windows and probably won't be in the near future.
  • cyberneticube
    cyberneticube 2 года назад (изменено) I bet Windows programmers will say "It's a feature, not a bug", haha. And I agree. Have been using linux, mostly arch and debian flavoured, for a couple of years now. However, professionally I am required to do some stuff in Windows :-/
  • cssconsumer1
    cssconsumer1 2 года назад Jep. And as the woman later showed, it doesn't actually take 5 minutes to write it, if you don't explain every step along the way. But it's really no surprise that Windows can't do that, as it originated from M$ DOS rather than from Unix. If you want a proper operating system, have a look at the various linux distributions - from my personal experience, linux is the way to go if you actually want to get work done (unless you really need stuff like Photoshop, which doesn't run on linux yet - but most "useful" software is also in some form avaliable on linux).
  • ahervert
    ahervert 4 года назад Unix is the king
  • thegougeman
    thegougeman 5 лет назад This is just plain awesome to watch....
  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G 3 месяца назад “UNIX is an example of a proper name, and is not likely to be in the dictionary ever” - Dennis Ritchie UNIX is now in almost every recognized English dictionary. Even Ritchie didn’t know how revolutionary his work would be!
  • Rafik Kouissar
    Rafik Kouissar 3 года назад I still use it everyday! Brilliant people!
  • yvrelna
    yvrelna 8 месяцев назад @Chad Mello Linux wasn't a port of Unix, it's a reimplementation/clone. And while it inherits many ideas from Unix, it deviates quite a lot in many important points
  • Chad Mello
    Chad Mello 2 года назад (изменено) Directly derived from Unix. And the language used to build Linux also came from these guys - C. Even though Linux was written from scratch, it is essentially an exact port of Unix with relatively little deviation.
  • JimmyDB -
    JimmyDB - 2 года назад I do not use actual Unix anymore... Xenix entered my life along with Linux... I use Linux every single day though... I am using it right now on multiple fronts. This is a Linux household.
  • Nullpointer
    Nullpointer 3 месяца назад Jokes on him, unix actually is in a dictionary now
  • damej elyas
    damej elyas Год назад 16:08 in her head she drops the mike , peace out
  • Darrin Woods
    Darrin Woods 8 месяцев назад The second sip is what really drove it home for me that she was stuntin'.
  • Trey Quattro
    Trey Quattro 8 месяцев назад the talking calc was extremely impressive for its era
  • Li Feng
    Li Feng 8 месяцев назад after all these experiences what made computers easy for us today .
  • Serhii Cho
    Serhii Cho 8 месяцев назад That was some scary sh1t voice
  • L3P3
    L3P3 10 месяцев назад @gespilk No, it is a programmed voice. SH used an analog chip.
  • gespilk
    gespilk Год назад damej elyas, It sounds exactly like Stephen Hawking .
  • Dan Lo Fat
    Dan Lo Fat 3 года назад 16:15 kills, best comedy bit ever!