Winter Warmth | Winter Layering System

Published on Feb 9, 2010 166,190 views

Learn how to stay warm in cold conditions by using the NOLS layering system. As your environment and level of activity change, so will your clothing needs. Join the layering discussion at the NOLS blog: http://bit.ly/layering

  • BeastCoast
    BeastCoast 3 года назад Did a winter hike, it was 2º at the top of the mountain, 3" of snow. Top: Polar baselayer, Patagonia Down Sweater on top Bottom: Polar baselayer, waterproof Columbia zip off pants 1 pair of socks, Carolina waterproof work boots. 1 pair of waterproof gloves, although they got crazy sweaty and froze over, so i needed to change them for another set halfway through. 4 hours of hiking, worked great
  • Miago Rako
    Miago Rako 5 лет назад HELPED so much now i know exactly what and what not to wear for ski
  • Petra Govind
    Petra Govind 2 года назад She reminds me of Jennifer Garner.
  • Thomas Linton
    Thomas Linton 3 месяца назад Polypropylene? Really? Hardly available since replaced by wicking polyester years ago. Layer OVER replaced layer UNDER over a decade ago. Needs serious update, NOLS!
  • martincho8002
    martincho8002 2 года назад Thanks again faultroy. By windbreaker (the one you use) do you mean the kind of wind breakers like Montbell Tachyon for example? I get a feeling you do not mean the Gore Windstopper membrane kind...
  • Daniel Caron
    Daniel Caron 4 года назад Great video, thank you.
  • Frank Harris
    Frank Harris 5 лет назад Informative video, AND Katamari Damacy background music? My lucky day.
  • RedWhite&Blue 78
    RedWhite&Blue 78 5 лет назад Hey donkey try using asphalt instead of concrete,or try using wall insulation it feels so good on your skin
  • quercus417
    quercus417 5 лет назад Great video.I enjoy surviving.
  • cowfish234
    cowfish234 5 лет назад OMG SAMURAI CHAMPLOO (not quite seleah)
  • johnny102marvin
    johnny102marvin 6 лет назад what did the eskimos wear?
  • bander87
    bander87 6 лет назад 6 upper body layers and 4 hand layers? Is that overkill?
  • davidloveco
    davidloveco 7 лет назад good video, interesting choice of clothing to wear for a outdoor clothing shop video tho.
  • IntenseAngler
    IntenseAngler 7 лет назад Excellent video! Thanks!
  • combinatoric
    combinatoric 8 лет назад Well done! Tremendous wisdom succinctly presented. Nice work!
  • Thomas Linton
    Thomas Linton 3 месяца назад Down is death in active use in NW and back east.
  • Nikki Finn
    Nikki Finn 2 года назад (изменено) Excellent overview of what's important in keeping warm! Finally have to courage to stop wearing the old heavy 'Michelin Man's wife' look and moving toward more comfort and breathability.
  • überguy
    überguy 3 года назад lol, you don't even need half of those layers if you choose the right surface!
  • Holly Marie
    Holly Marie 5 лет назад So I'm going to Svalbard this spring and am a little confused about the layering system. This is probably a silly question but when wearing a hard shell waterproof jacket and a down jacket which one goes on top? I assume the hard shell jacket? :/
  • In the North Woods, Life of a Career Adventurer.
    In the North Woods, Life of a Career Adventurer. Год назад Yup, excellent information. What are your thoughts on the winterwalker method of a cotton anorak to cut wind but also avoid flammability? I know the old mantra of cotton kills, but in extreme cold cotton freezes and creates a windproof layer that does not catch fire around a campfire. May be outside your scope and not necessarily LNT.