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No Concrete Fence Post Install!

I decided to use expanding foam instead of concrete to install a new fence in my backyard. There's a few tips in this video that will help you out! Some things used in this video... Sika Post Fix - or 2-part Secure Set - Milwaukee Drill - Olfa knife - Nitrile gloves - This video was filmed in August of 2016 and the fence has not moved an inch. Rock solid! Keep the lovely comments rolling in!

How To Install Nail Fin Windows After Building Wrap

Learn the proper installation for new construction nail fin windows after building wrap has already occurred. Find more detailed information at

Pella Proline Window Failure This is probably a video that Pella Window Company may not want you to watch. This video will show you what you can do to see if your Pella Proline Windows have hidden deterioration. If you have Pella Proline windows and you are still within your warranty period, you may be entitled to receive new windows. If you are within or past your warranty period, you may be entitled to sign up for the class-action lawsuit or even file your own lawsuit. It began in late 80's when Anderson Window Company introduced a Vinyl Clad Casement Sill Wood Core window. Unfortunately, this particular window had some exterior exposed wood on the lower sill that permitted water entry into the window sill vinyl casing resulting in wood core deterioration. On this particular home, you can see how easily one can push a shiskabob stick through the base of one of these Anderson window sills. Anderson was smart and quit making these windows. Pella on the other hand did not follow the same path. In the late 90's, Pella introduced the Aluminum Clad window under the PROLINE name. This was a mixed media window with an aluminum exterior covering. Unfortunately, this window design had some disastrous results due to water entering and becoming trapped within the wood frame. This deterioration usually occurs after the Pella 10 year warranty period. What I have found to work was simply spraying window washing liquid onto the window. The window cleaning liquid runs down the window and if the aluminum clad glass seal is broken, failed or delaminated, the fluid enters into, and gets behind the metal cladding where it becomes trapped. The sun cooks this trapped water and the window rots from the inside out. If this window cladding seal is still good, the water beads down and out, instead of down and in. Fourteen years later, Pella still sends out these same or similar designed windows as replacements, except some like the sliding doors now have a bead of caulk. If the window beads the water down and out and away, you have a good chance that the window frame is still good. If the window is good, you should clean all the windows and all the frames. Wait for a coupled of hot days so the window interior wood dries up and then apply a good brand or white caulking. Don't use clear caulk because it will get dirty and look bad after a couple of weeks. If you do find bad windows and you are still within your warranty time limit, call Pella immediately. It has been my personal experience that the Pella's response time is not that great. It took Pella two months before they came to evaluate my complaint on an 8 year old rotted window. Then it took Pella 2 more months to come to the home and make repairs. Their repair crew cut out the window and window flashing with an old saw blade that damaged my expensive plastic trim. They repaired the gauge damaged expensive trim with white caulking. One year later, I spent all summer trying to call Pella about more rotted windows. It took Pella 4 months to change a rotted Pella door and they charged me $550 to change one door that was only nine years old. While they were fixing the door, I showed the Pella's door repair crew 9 more newly rotted windows. Pella sent me a letter that said I was out of my 10 year warranty period and wanted me to pay for the windows. I found the 9 year old Pella receipt, called them back, and said the warranty still had 1 more months. Four months later, Pella agreed and sent me 9 more windows. The windows still need to be replaced and painted. Pella knows that removing, replacing, trimming, and painting windows cost double what the windows are worth. Pella told me they no longer replace defective windows for free. So get out your Windex and test your windows and call PELLA immediately. Please watch my other Pella and Anderson videos that show all the different ways these windows fail. This information is on my "Aluminum Clad, Vinyl Clad, Window Deterioration the Truth Pella Anderson" video or my Rotten Anderson Vinyl Clad Windows video which are both located on my Youtube Clevelandmarko channel. Please rate and subscribe. The subscribe button is located above this video. Thank you for watching. This is Marko Vovk from Marko can also reached at or on Face book. Also look under Pella, Proline, failure, series, window, windows, Anderson, Vinyl clad Aluminum clad, trapped water, leak deterioration, rot, repair, Class Action,, Marko Vovk,, Clevelandmarko, casement, warranty, bad, rotted, rotting, deteriorated, construction, contractors, double pane, casement, awning, double hung, lawsuit,

Historic Detail of Pella Architect Series Reserve Windows

With architecture, details matter. And with historic architecture, maintaining the historical appearance is extremely important. When designing our Architect Series Reserve windows, we were passionate about delivering historically accurate aesthetics, while maintaining the performance of a modern-day window. Learn more at

How to Fix Between the Glass Blinds

The built-in blind on our sliding glass door stopped working. Built in blinds are sealed within panes of glass, and when they fail, you need to re-engage the magnetic system that raises and lowers the blinds. Bob shows you how to fix your blinds, without having to break your door or call a repair man. productions and At Home Repairs are solely responsible for the contents of this video. 2018 and beyond

The Pella Windows and Doors Architectural Design Manual is one of the most comprehensive reference manuals in the industry. We've completely redesigned this architecture and design tool with a modern feel, innovative technology and intuitive digital experience. To learn more about the updated Architectural Design Manual, visit

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