Top 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distro 2017

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Know How... 5: Resurrect an old PC with Linux

Hosts: Iyaz Akhtar and Leo Laporte Get the know how to take your old PC and give it a new life. There a multitude of Linux distros out there, but today Leo & Iyaz took a look at Ubuntu and Puppy Linux. Instructions: Pick a Linux distro and download an ISO. We featured Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux, and Puppy Linux. Install your ISO to a bootable device. How to create bootable CD: Mac OS X Instructions | Windows 7 Instructions. How to create a bootable USB key: There are two easy options to create a bootable USB key and both are free. We recommend UNetbootin, which is cross platform, but we had issues with the OS X version. Alternatively, there is the Windows-only Pendrive Linux. Boot your PC into Linux by accessing the boot menu. You might have to click F12 or something similar. Enjoy your distro. Download or subscribe to this show at Contribute to our show! Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail at 408-800-KNOW (408-800-5669). We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show.

Seven Linux Distros

Linux distro comparison of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Slacko Puppy, Lubuntu, Zorin OS, and Debian Jessie with the Raspberry Pi Desktop! All distros were downloaded as an ISO image and written to USB media (for testing and/or full installation) using Etcher, which is available from: The different distros featured in this video can be obtained from the following links. Please note that all of the below are provided in good faith, and that testing and/or installing a new operating system should be done with care. Testing a distro from a USB drive should not delete files or otherwise damage your computer. However, actually installing a new operating system will replace your existing one unless you decide to dual boot, and this can cause issues . . . Linux Mint: Ubuntu: Debian Jessie with Raspberry Pi Desktop: Manjaro: Slacko Puppy: Lubuntu: Zorin OS Core (scroll down): You may also be interested in my video “Linux Mint Week” – in which (well, OK, you can probably guess that this video is about): More videos on computing andrelated topics can be found at: You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at:


Have you heard or read the term KDE, GNOME, XFCE , LXDE etc and wonder what these terms mean? Well these are some of the popular Desktop Environment of Linux. A Desktop Environment consists of Icons, Window Manager, Folder, Wallpapers, Widgets and other functionality like drag and drop etc. Unlike other OS like Windows or Mac OS X, Linux gives you the power to choose your own Desktop Environment. This video covers Desktop Environment of Linux in following parts : 1) What is a Desktop Environment? 2) Features of Four popular DE i.e KDE, GNOME, XFCE and LXDE. 3) LIVE DEMO on How to Install Multiple Desktop Environment on your Linux 4) How to Delete it if in future you decide to get rid of it. In this video, I will demonstrate installing CINNAMON Desktop Environment on Kali Linux. KALI LINUX uses APT Package Manager. To Know more about PACKAGE MANAGERS, Check out my previous video by clicking the link below:

The Truth About Linux

People are accusing Linux content providers, such as myself, of "lying about Linux." Well, here is the truth about Linux as I see it in late 2018. Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. It's free, secure and fun! Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a 'Like' on Facebook! Thanks! Check out and for more about Linux.

My top 4 Linux Distros for the New User..

In today's video I talk about what I like about my top 4 choices of Linux distros that I feel are new user friendly. Hopefully this video can help lead you in the direction of the distro that will make you happy with Linux. But keep in mind, there are lots of Linux distros to choose from, this is just 4 that I feel comfortable recommending to people just getting their feet wet in the world of Linux.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distro 2017

A lightweight Linux distribution is a Linux distribution that uses particularly few sources, which can also bring about overall performance enhancements specifically on vintage computer systems with slower CPUs and much less RAM.One big issue that determines the useful resource utilization and velocity of a laptop distribution is the laptop environment it makes use of. Lightweight Linux distributions that you could use to your older PC.

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