Top 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distro 2017

A lightweight Linux distribution is a Linux distribution that uses particularly few sources, which can also bring about overall performance enhancements specifically on vintage computer systems with slower CPUs and much less RAM.One big issue that determines the useful resource utilization and velocity of a laptop distribution is the laptop environment it makes use of. Lightweight Linux distributions that you could use to your older PC.

Source : http://www.in.techradar.com/news/soft...

Absolute Linux link : http://www.absolutelinux.org
Toutou link : http://toutoulinux.free.fr
CorePlus link : http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelin...
Lubuntu link : http://lubuntu.net
LXLE link : http://www.lxle.net
MX Linux link : https://mxlinux.org/index.php
Porteus link : http://www.porteus.org
Slitaz link : http://www.slitaz.org/en/
Vector Linux : link http://vectorlinux.com
Puppy Linux link : http://puppylinux.org

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  • Claudio Alvarez
    Claudio Alvarez 2 года назад MX linux the best
    THEDARKONE Год назад i love dogs - so, puppy linux for me!
  • Axel Litoral
    Axel Litoral 8 месяцев назад Wooow, this is an argument!
  • treed873
    treed873 Год назад Nice list. I have been playing around with most of these on my old netbook. I have landed on Wattos, and absolutely love it! Thanks
  • Sosiyal Mediya
    Sosiyal Mediya 2 года назад bodhi linux is awesome
  • Michael Wrest
    Michael Wrest 2 года назад Glad to see you included Vector. It is a much under-rated distro.
  • yarpos
    yarpos 4 месяца назад Installed Vector on a little Acer notebook after getting frustrated with Puppy not seeing its wifi even after trolling through all the fixes I could find. Installed trouble free inc wifi. Quite snappy to use on a minimal machine , very happy with it.
  • Nissen Nordpolen
    Nissen Nordpolen Год назад I would also vote up Bodhi and Peppermint
  • icrack96
    icrack96 10 месяцев назад Which one is better? Peppermint or lubuntu for a 2gb ram macbookpro 2006
  • 01101001b
    01101001b Год назад Puppy Linux is great indeed! But LxPupXenial or LxPupArtful are even better (JWM is not for me. I prefer Lxde style)
  • FougassiX
    FougassiX 2 года назад J'utilise MX-16 métamorphosis sur ma tour principale (2-3ans) comme seul OS, ça fonctionne très très bien. Toutefois, pour des pc encore plus anciens, je conseille plutôt la antiX 16 (élaborée par les mêmes dev que la MX en collaboration), qui ne consomme que très peu de ressources ram.  Par exemple, sur un vieux coucou de 10ans d'âge (pentium 4 , 1Go ram), elle ne prend que 70-75 Mo de ram au démarrage ! Un modèle de légèreté , de rapidité,avec des logiciels à jour également. De quoi faire revivre des ordinosaures .
  • Awhol Lotta Whoopass
    Awhol Lotta Whoopass Год назад (изменено) I think im gonna have to go with Puppy for me. One big pro is it doesnt have systemd. Still strong even in 2018
  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder Год назад linux is so sick and i love it i just install linux dream studio 12.04 on a old windows 8 laptop that some one gave me it got hack and windows crash runs good i update the packs in it and was gonna update the iso butt said that it run slow if i did butt its up to date with the pack,s on it so im happy with it i thank wndows 10 try to copy linux sorry to tell windows they are out f date linux is 20 years a head of time
  • Smitty werben man jensen
    Smitty werben man jensen 6 месяцев назад i love tinycore, its amazing and i can run that into my micro computer
  • Yyy Dollars
    Yyy Dollars Год назад What is the best for gaming
  • byz88
    byz88 Год назад Windows 95
  • Juan López
    Juan López Год назад Yyy Dollars zorin i supose
  • افضل 10 اشياء
    افضل 10 اشياء 5 месяцев назад Dos 😂
  • Raj Kishor
    Raj Kishor 1 месяц назад MX linux
  • Dixie Lough
    Dixie Lough 3 месяца назад I like Tahr Pup and Slacko
  • meme gogogo
    meme gogogo Год назад in this list whats best to 8gb full installation?
  • Ken J Boyd
    Ken J Boyd Год назад Thanks!
  • Saied Fa
    Saied Fa Год назад I never tried these distribution ,in my opinion Linux mint xfce is the light and also trust able distribution for thoes people who looking for light and trust able distribution
  • Пользователь ПК
    Пользователь ПК Год назад За включение в список MX Linux - респект. На мое мнение, это реальная замена Debian и Ubuntu на сегодня. и их прямой конкурент.
  • Munsur DEV
    Munsur DEV 2 года назад wow I needed to subscribe to you cuz I quit enjoy your vids and thanks for making this one man!!! I'm a fan of linux myself
  • Captain Scares
    Captain Scares 10 месяцев назад Peppermint?
  • Axel Litoral
    Axel Litoral 8 месяцев назад TinyCORE!!!!!!